(For those of you who keep asking WHERE IS PART THREE? I posted Part Two and Part Three together because separately they were too short to make a decent "Chapter". I did the same with Part Six and Part Seven. This was originally posted on HD Smoochfest as one huge 26k fic, so I've been randomly breaking it up for posting here.)

Part Eight

Harry was late arriving home. There had been questions and paperwork and Veritaserum—not for Harry, but for Travers and his gang—followed by even more questions. Harry had to explain why he had been at the Manor, why he was with Draco Malfoy, and then go over the attack several times in order to appease Kingsley.

Thankfully, however, Travers had admitted to murdering Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, as well as his plotting to kill Draco once he had achieved what he sought. The house was dark, so Harry left his bedroom and crossed the hall to Teddy's room. The boy was sleeping peacefully with Draco's old wand clutched limply in his hand.

Harry removed the wand and slipped it beneath Teddy's pillow before tugging the blankets up over his shoulder and kissing his baby-fine cheek. He left the room and was just closing the door when Draco's opened.

They stared at each other for a moment and then walked into each other's arms in a simultaneous movement. Harry held him tightly and breathed in the scent of his hair before pressing a soft kiss into his neck. "Draco," he said.

Draco's arms tightened.

"Come on," Harry said. "I need to talk to you."

Draco pulled away and looked at him suspiciously, but Harry grinned and added, "This won't be like the last talk, I promise." He looped a hand around Draco's and led him back to his own room. Harry let go in order to unbutton his robes—he had borrowed a set of Auror Trainee robes at the Ministry in order to look more official. Draco crawled onto the bed and sat cross-legged to watch him.

Harry spoke as he undressed. "Travers and the others admitted to killing your parents," he said bluntly. "They will be spending some time in Azkaban until their trials and probably quite a lot more time there after that." Draco's hands clenched, but he gave no other sign that the news affected him. "Do you know what they were after, coming back to the Manor?"

Draco shook his head and Harry nodded as he shrugged out of the robes and tossed them toward his desk chair. They missed by a short margin and landed on the floor in a heap. Draco rolled his eyes sardonically and Harry grinned before he sobered.

"Apparently, Travers was hoping to become the next Dark Lord, with your father's assistance. Or with the assistance of the Malfoy fortune, at any rate. Your father refused, they fought, and your parents ended up dead as Travers and the others fled."

Harry closed his eyes, unwilling to disclose more information, such as the fact that Travers had planned his return with the intention to use more forceful tactics on Draco. Timing alone had saved him. Travers had been on the run after killing Draco's parents, knowing the Ministry sought him for questioning. He could not have known that Draco would be alone in the house for weeks with only house-elves, and an occasional visit from Parkinson or Zabini—for protection. Harry swallowed hard as he thought about what would have happened to Draco if Travers had returned to the Manor prior to Draco Obliviating himself. He would likely have been tortured and possibly killed. And Harry would hardly have cared at all.

Looking unwaveringly at Draco, Harry hoped an apology showed in his gaze, because the thought of anything happening to him now… His fingers shook as he unbuttoned his shirt.

Draco frowned and slipped off the bed. He walked forward and brushed Harry's hands aside before working the buttons through the tiny holes. Harry drank in his proximity and reached out to rest his hands on Draco's hips, slender and firm beneath the black silk of his pyjamas.

"Merlin," Harry whispered. "If Travers had gone back sooner, when you were there alone…" He pulled Draco closer and tipped his head to kiss him hungrily before adding," I might have lost you before I ever found you."

Draco's hands finished the last of the buttons and then Harry felt them touch his bare skin. His fingers trailed lightly over his waist and then looped around to slide up Harry's back—it felt lovely. Their lips met again, more exploratory than before, and Harry found it hard to breathe even with panting gasps—his lungs felt constricted.

He drew back to gaze into Draco's eyes. "I don't want you to think this is some casual thing. I don't… I don't really do casual, so if it's that way for you…"

A sardonic grin curved Draco's lips. He lifted one hand and tapped Harry's chest with an index finger and then opened and closed his hand quickly like a duck's bill quacking before raising two fingers in a V-shape. He concluded with a rasped, "…much."

The gesture was clear: You talk too much. Harry snorted.

"I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about the return of your voice. I sense the return of the snark—it might not be a good thing."

Draco made a growling noise and latched onto Harry's lower lip with his teeth. He pulled and Harry laughed at the twinge of pain and dragged Draco even closer, pushing his hardness against Draco's erection. Draco gasped and released Harry's lip, playfulness dissipating as his hands returned to Harry, this time curling into the waistband of Harry's jeans and working them open.

Harry nearly held his breath, trembling with anticipation. Not to be undone alone, he clutched at the silk of Draco's pyjama bottoms and tugged them down. A couple of quick jerks and they slid to the floor along with Harry's jeans. Harry didn't bother to step out of them, he only cupped Draco's arse with both hands and squeezed. "Fuck, I've wanted to do that."

Draco's breath huffed against his face in a laugh and he reciprocated, gripping Harry's arse and grinding their erections together. The sensation was so much better without the barrier of heavy fabric, but they still had pants to contend with. He eased his fingers beneath the fabric of Draco's pants, intending to remove them, but he paused.

"Teddy," he said.

Draco froze and his hands tightened on Harry's arse, but Harry only kissed him again. "Hang on; I just need to lock the door. I definitely don't want to be interrupted." Harry let go with his right hand, flipped his wand from his wrist sheath with a twitch, and cast a Locking Charm at the door, along with a Proximity Ward that would alert him if Teddy approached the door. Please no nightmares tonight, he prayed.

While Harry was distracted with ascertaining their privacy, Draco had been busy divesting Harry of his pants. When Draco's hand wrapped around Harry's cock, he had to fight hard not to come. Draco couldn't speak, much—although his ability was gradually returning, thankfully—but he could certainly smirk. And Harry would rather not come until they were at least prone.

To distract himself from the glorious feel of the hand on his cock, Harry pulled the waistband of Draco's pants carefully over his erection and let them fall. He looked down, wanting to see the prize revealed, but Draco's black pyjama shirt hid it from view. Rather than bother with the buttons, Harry bunched the hem in both hands and pulled it up and over Draco's head.

The movement meant the loss of Draco's hand on his cock, but seeing Draco fully unclothed was worth it. Harry had fantasized about his lean body ever since seeing him clad in only a towel, but now, with his erection waiting eagerly for Harry's touch…

Harry touched.

Draco's head fell back, tempting Harry to place a kiss in the hollow of his throat. Draco's hands lightly brushed Harry's arms, as if uncertain where to touch next, but sliding downward. Harry groaned.

"Bed," he whispered.

Draco's hands tightened briefly and then he moved away like a pale shadow. Harry paused to kick off his shoes and disentangle himself from his jeans. By the time he turned around, Draco was reclining on the bed, watching him with a lazy smile. His hands rested at either side of his head, palms up, the very picture of casual relaxation. If he was nervous, it certainly didn't show. Harry drank in the sight and let his approval show in his expression as he moved forward and climbed between Draco's legs.

He pressed a kiss to the inward curve of Draco's pelvis, intending to kiss a path up Draco's abdomen, but Draco's cock nudged against his face and Harry rubbed his cheek over it for a moment before turning his head and placing a reverent kiss there. Draco's groaning sigh was barely audible.

Harry smiled wickedly and flicked teasing licks along the hard length, until Draco was writhing and both were hands clenched in Harry's hair, neither pulling nor guiding, just holding on as though to a lifeline. It was unbelievably erotic and Harry was suddenly glad for its messy thickness.

Draco made an unintelligible sound when Harry finally slid his lips around Draco's cock and took it completely in, tonguing the underside until the tip nudged against the back of his throat. Draco quivered and Harry felt a surge of satisfaction, knowing how close Draco was to orgasm. It was a bit of a surprise to find that he was actually eager to feel Draco coming down his throat, except that it warred with his need to prolong the exquisite torment.

He sucked his way back up Draco's hardness and then released it with a smug purr and a growled, "Fuck, you're gorgeous." He returned to his original purpose of kissing his way up Draco's torso until he could capture his lips. His fingers teased gentle circles around Draco's entrance. Ragged gasps hummed into Harry's mouth.

Harry forced himself to concentrate on logistics for a moment—he seemed to have dropped his wand somewhere between the floor and the bed. He stopped lapping at Draco's mouth long enough to raise his head and look for it. Draco seemed to read his mind and let go of Harry's hair to reach beneath his pillow for his cedar wand.

Harry laughed and took it, giving a moment of thanks that his magic seemed perfectly compatible with Draco's, since the wand worked just as well for him as Draco's original, taken from him so long ago and now Teddy's prized possession.

Harry cast several spells that he had used only on himself in the past, sprawled out on this same bed with a magazine open before him. He had only ever imagined it before, and none of it could prepare him for the reality of Draco spread out beneath him, panting, hands touching him—one still in his hair and one roaming now, ghosting over Harry's face, neck and shoulders, as if uncertain where to light—his skin glistening with sweat and his lips wet from Harry's kisses. He wanted to remember every moment. Even more, he wanted to repeat it many times in the future.

Now was not the time, of course, not when his fingers were sliding into Draco's tight heat. He probed gently, ensuring he was open and ready enough. Draco arched and said, "Please." Harry couldn't wait any longer. He pulled his fingers out and gripped his cock in order to guide it. Watching Draco's face intently, Harry pushed inside.

Emotion played across Draco's face and his teeth worried his lower lip for a moment. Harry paused to give them both time to adjust. It was incredible on his part—his cock was wrapped in warmth so tightly that each slight movement seemed to evoke new sensations.

"Draco," he breathed, unable to express anything else coherently.

Draco pulled him into a bruising kiss, which was only distracting for a moment, because the pressure on his cock demanded attention. Draco seemed to be in agreement, shifting his hips and causing Harry to slide in deeper. Harry broke the kiss and positioned himself for better leverage, tucking his thighs beneath Draco's and gripping his hips as he began to move.

It was beyond Harry's expectations. Wanking and fantasizing, and even his limited experience with girls, was no comparison to this. And part of it, he knew, was simply because it was Draco, his amazing former enemy who had become so much more. Draco moved beneath him, holding Harry's wrists at first, and then shifting them to the headboard in order to provide more leverage as their movements became more frenzied.

Harry couldn't hold out. The time seemed ridiculously short, but it was simply too much. He moved his hand to Draco's cock and was relieved when it immediately twitched and pulsed in his hand. At the same time, the tightness around his cock increased even more—which he hadn't thought possible—triggering his own rushing orgasm. He tried to keep his eyes open, wanting to watch Draco come, but it was too much; the intensity was near-blinding. Tingling warmth suffused him completely as he kept thrusting, pushing into Draco and riding the wave of pleasure before falling over him in a limp heap.

The sound of their breathing was loud in the quiet room. Draco's hands ended up on Harry's arse, caressing gently from the curve of his spine down to his thighs and back again. Harry's were tangled in Draco's soft hair, probably fouling it with the remains of Draco's release, but that would only give Harry an excuse to wash it out later. The thought of soaping Draco's hair was nearly as tantalising as the thought of making love to him again.

"Am I crushing you?" Harry asked, still not quite willing to move.

"No," Draco replied.

Harry gave a contented sigh and drifted off to sleep, still sheathed in Draco's warmth.


It was still dark when Harry awakened, feeling stiff, partially chilled, and covered in sticky grime, but still feeling better than he had in what seemed like years, because his arms were wrapped Draco, whose chest rose and fell with each breath. Harry's arms tightened and he pressed a kiss into the back of Draco's neck, since he was spooned around him with his right arm trapped beneath Draco's head. It was also completely asleep, as evidenced by the sharp spear of pain and the immediate prickling feeling of thorns stabbing his cold fingers.

He eased his arm out and moved away from Draco, who only shifted and sighed a bit at Harry's departure. Harry tucked the blankets around him after leaving the bed. He stepped into his discarded pants and went to the bathroom to clean himself up, preferring a shower to quicker, but less-effective, spells.

Once showered, he checked in on both Draco and Teddy—still sleeping—before going downstairs to make tea. Dawn was breaking and it looked to be a beautiful day, in more ways than one.

Harry took his tea into the living room and sat staring into the flames for a long time, contemplating his future. His decision not to rejoin the Auror Department had taken a turn after the events surrounding Draco. The Ministry needed to make some changes and Harry would never be in a position to make those changes if he abandoned an Auror career because he was bored. He needed to stop whinging and start getting serious.

With that, he drafted a letter to Kingsley, which took quite some time due to scratching out misspellings and trying to make it sound decent.

A sound drew his attention and he looked up to see Draco standing in the doorway, fully dressed except for shoes and socks. His hair was damp and he looked uncertain. Harry shoved his papers aside and opened his arms with a welcoming smile. The uncertainly fled, replaced with something that looked like relief, and then Draco walked forward and sat on the couch next to Harry. He snuggled in closer, beneath Harry's arm, and nuzzled into Harry's neck.

"Good morning," Harry said in as seductive a tone as he could manage. He kissed the top of Draco's head and arched his back so that Draco could snake an arm around behind him. It must not have sounded as stupid as Harry thought, because Draco raised his face to meet Harry's kiss.

Harry planned to ask if he wanted tea, or breakfast, or any number of mundane things, but instead they just kept snogging. Time passed—it could have been days, for all Harry knew, until Draco was straddling his lap and Harry's hands were beneath Draco's unbuttoned shirt, and then—

The fireplace flared and Harry looked up dazedly to meet Ron's shocked expression.


"Um… Ron," Harry replied.

"Malfoy?" Ron asked. His voice resembled a sick croak.

Harry's hands tightened when Draco started to move away. Better to have Draco in his lap where their physical conditions were not visible. Draco relaxed against him and settled on patting down Harry's hair, probably thinking it was the safest place to put his hands once he removed them from Harry's crotch.

The flames rose again and disgorged Hermione. "Ron, you could have waited," she said. "I told you we—" Her words cut off with a squeaking noise.

Ron's bewildered gaze turned to her almost accusingly and she stared back with an amazed expression. Her obvious surprise seemed to reassure him that she was not in on some conspiracy, so he turned back to Harry. His face was red, but he managed to compose himself.

"So. Harry. I wanted to… um. I wanted to make sure you were okay after yesterday's attack. It was all over the Ministry this morning."

Hermione recovered faster. "Yes; and why didn't you tell us about it, Harry?" He wasn't sure whether or not she referred to the battle with Travers or his immediate companion. Probably both.

Harry finally decided his erection had subsided enough that he wouldn't embarrass himself, so he moved Draco before his hair became something unrecognizable. He kept a firm grip on the blond, however, slinging an arm over his shoulders so there would be no doubt that he fully intended Draco to remain there.

Before he could say anything, he heard Teddy yelling, "Draco! Harry, where are you?" The last word dragged out in a long howl and Harry grinned.

"Down here, Teddy!" he called.

Teddy bounced down the stairs like he usually did. Thump thump thump, and then he came racing around the corner, only to let out a happy shriek and launch himself at Hermione as if he hadn't seen her in a month.

"Auntie 'Mione and Uncle Ron!" he yelled happily.

Hermione giggled as she knelt down to return his hug. Teddy's hair went orange, as it usually did whenever he spotted one of the Weasleys. He hugged Ron next and then hurried over to climb into Draco's lap after giving Harry a loud, smacking kiss.

"Harry and Cousin Draco were smooching like you and Uncle Ron," Teddy explained to Hermione in a serious tone.

Ron made another choking sound, but Hermione only said solemnly, "We know."

"I'm not going to do any gross kissing stuff when I get big." He linked his fingers through Draco's and rested his head on Draco's shoulder. "But Uncle Harry and Cousin Draco should get married because then I can live here sometimes and we'll be like a real family."

Harry reached out and squeezed Teddy's knee, feeling his chest constrict. "You think Draco should stay here, then?" Harry asked quietly.

"Yeah," Teddy said decisively.

Harry met Draco's soft grey eyes. "So do I," he said.

Draco smiled brilliantly and Ron coughed. Harry vaguely noted Hermione giving him an elbow to the ribs, but the fact that Ron was maintaining his silence convinced Harry that his friend would come around.

"So, Draco. Will you stay?" Harry asked.

Draco's glance shifted to Ron and Harry wondered what memories flitted through the Slytherin's mind, because his smirk resembled the one he had worn when Ron's spell had backfired and caused him to burp up slugs.

"Yes," Draco said with only a hint of difficulty. "Yes, I will."

Teddy whooped and fell off the couch.