Sam Axe cursed as he hung up the pay phone he'd just been using. His companion turned to him with a raised eyebrow.

"If it's that bad, maybe you should ask for time off," Michael suggested. Sam grunted.

"Might just do that. Got a quarter? That was my last one."

Michael reached into his pocket and pulled out a quarter, handing it to Sam.

"Is Norah okay?" he asked, referencing Sam's current girlfriend.

"She's fine, just..." Sam grumbled. "You know women."

Michael simply chuckled as Sam inserted the coin and dialed. After a few minutes, he hung up again and turned back to Michael, seeming to have calmed down.

"Sure you can handle this?"

Michael grinned, patting Sam on the shoulder. "I'll be fine, Sam. Thanks to you, I already have a lead. In fact," he said as he glanced at his watch, "that flight to Dublin leaves in a couple hours."

"Yeah, but, Mike, this chick seems a bit... well, insane," Sam pointed out.

"All I have to do is track her down. All the reports describe her as a small, slight woman-"

"With a fetish for explosives!" Sam argued.

"I'm a spy, Sam," Michael told him. "I've already got a cover ready."


"Michael McBride," Michael said, slipping into an Irish accent. Sam frowned at him.

"Hm. Well. Be careful."

Michael shook his head, amused. "How hard could it be?"

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