Summery-Bella was never really human. She was the goddess of natures daughter. She can control the elements and other kool things. The Cullen's never came back in New Moon. What happens when they meet up 200 years later.

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Its been 200 years. 200 years since my family left me. 200 years since my supposed death. 200 years since my soul shattered. 200 years since I was Isabella Marie Swan. 200 years since the once love of my life left me.

When they left I thought my life was over. That there was nothing left to live for, and within a week that's how my life was. My mother and step father were in a car accident and didn't survive. Charlie went into depression shortly after that and cared less and less about life. I came home on night to find his body on the couch with a bottle of pills on the table. He didn't even think it was worth it to stay alive for me. He committed suicide to get away from me, and he left me completely and utterly alone. There was nothing left and I didn't care about anything. I became depressed and even changed my name to Izzy

But you see, I'm no ordinary human. I never have been. My mother sent me to live with humans to learn there ways and yada, yada, yada. So now I've been pissed at her for the past few hundred years. My mother is the goddess of nature, so I can control the elements and weather. I always have been able to and I'm also Immortal with heightened senses, speed, strength, ect. Oh, and the funniest part, I could talk to animals and plants. I'd love to see the Cullen's now. When they left, they never realized that I could kill them with one thought. One simple flame.

They were lucky I didn't lose control around them. If I get mad or if someone sneaks up on me then I cant control the dangerous and animal side of me. When I lose it my hair turns black and my eyes turn light purple. I look really cool but I am really dangerous in that form.

I've spent the past fifty or so years traveling around Texas and New Mexico. The weather was so bipolar that I would have to hide one second and go outside the next. One of my favorite things about the south, I picked up an accent. You know how everyone wishes that they could have an accent of their choice, well I've always wanted a southern one.

Right now I was running through the forest in Forks. Yeah I know I hated it here, but after a while I kind of missed it. I was lucky enough that Charlie's house was currently for sale and I bought it.

So here I am. In Forks, Washington. My own personal hell. And the worst thing about this. I had school tomorrow.

Ugh! That means homework and guys eye fucking me all throughout class. My mind started to drift and I thought of Edward. That stupid fuck. I mean, its not like I loved the guy, because I really didn't. They could have at least been nicer. To be truthful I really missed them all. But I cant see them because those fuckers left me!

I climbed a tree and sat on the branch. I really needed to calm down. I touched the tree with a gentle brush of my hand.

"Do you mind if I sit up here to relax?" I asked it. I could feel its happiness.

"Of course my princess, if you don't mind me asking, what is bothering you?" it asked me back. I mentally groaned. Why were all plants so reasonable and caring? All they wanted was for me to be happy. And why do they still call me princess? Its not like I speak to my mother anymore.

"Its okay. I was just thinking about one of my families leaving me. I really miss them" A small tear escaped my eyes and I quickly wiped it away.

"I am so sorry my princess. That must be horrible. You stay here as long as you would like" it told me before it started gently moving its leaves to catch the wind and making a calm noise. I lied down and drifted off into a deep sleep.

I woke up just as the sun was starting to rise. I smiled and sighed in relaxation. I loved being in nature. It was so relaxing and nothing to worry about...


I quickly ran back to the house and got dressed. I was wearing black skinny jeans and a red tight shirt that said 'Back off bitchez' in silver writing on the front. I also put on red 4 inch high heals. I messed my hair up a bit then put on dark gray eye shadow, black eye liner, and mascara. I had red lipstick on and a little blush on my cheeks since I don't get shy anymore so goodbye blushing.

I walked out to my black Ducati at a human speed and got on. I used to drive cars but they weren't very fun. I got to the school within only a few minutes and the second I pulled in I heard murmurs about me and I saw the guys already eye fucking me. Damn people, read the shirt. It wasn't even a minute into my first day at school and I already was the talk of the town. I heard a girl sitting on a table balancing a cup of coffee on her knee as she spoke to her friends. She had fake blond hair and loads of makeup on. She was wearing a mini skirt and a tank top that ended about at her belly button.

"Oh my god just look at her, she is such a slut. She better not steal all the guys and give them STD's and crap. For all we know she'll sleep with all the teacher for an A in class" she told them with a laugh.

I smirked over at her and made her coffee hotter then had the wind pick up. Her coffee fell of her knee and landed in her lap and she screamed. I laughed and kept walking.

I got off my bike and walked to the office to get my schedule. The guy working at the desk looked in his mid twenties. Oh this is gana be fun. I walked up to him with a sexy smile playing on my lips. His eyes looked as if they would pop out of his head. I looked him I'm the eyes.

"Hi, I'm Isabella Swan. This is my first day and I need to pick up my schedule" I said to him with another smile.

"Uh...Yes, Ms. Swan. Okay here is your schedule and if you need anything just tell me" He said really quickly for a human.

"Thanks" I said before leaving.

I looked at my schedule. I had English first so I started walking to that class. I entered the room and the class was quiet as always and you all know what the guys were doing. I walked up to the teacher, Ms. Mica I remembered her name. I gave her my slip and she signed it.

"Ah Isabella we have been waiting for you. Please introduce yourself to the class" she told me. I really hated it when teacher made me do this.

"My name is Isabella Swan but I prefer to be called Izzy" when I said that I saw someone's head snap up and my eyes met a pair of golden ones. Oh shit the Cullen's cant be here. "Uh...I'm 18 and I live alone because my parents died last year in a car accident" I finished, not really paying attention to what I was saying. I was distracted by the golden eyes of Edward Cullen.

"Shit" I whispered to low for humans to hear. He kept starring at me with shock and a longing. Why the hell should he give a crap if I'm here or not. He's the one that left me. Just then the Ms. Mica spoke up.

"Okay Isabella, Please take a seat next to Mr. Cullen in the back" she told me and I was numb. If he was here then that means that the rest of his family is here. I missed them all. I missed my family. I know they left me and that I should hate them but I missed them.

I walked over and sat down in the desk next to Fuckward fully aware that he was starring at me the whole time. I glared at him as I sat down. I decided to screw with him a bit. When I was sitting I ripped out a piece of paper and started writing. and passed it to him.

(Bold=Bella Italic=Edward)

Long time not see Eddie. What's up?

Bella, how are you alive?

You didn't answer my question

My life has sucked. I've been depressed for the past two hundred years and the family is falling apart. Alice and Jasper got a divorce, Emmett isn't joking around anymore. Rose cries all the time. the Carlisle and Esme never leave their room. Now will you tell me how the hell you are alive? What are you, you obviously aren't human anymore.

No shit Sherlock...Wow I thought Vamps were supposed to be smart, not dumb as hell

I was tired of this conversation. I looked around to make sure that none of the humans were looking before placing my hand on the note and burning the paper into ash. I hear Fuckward gasp and I just smiled I decided that I would get this douche in some trouble and have some fun on the way. I lifted my hand and made the wing gently carry the scent of ash towards the teacher then she turned around and franticly looked for the source of the smell.

"Mr. Cullen, burning object in my class will not be tolerated. Go to the office this instant" she told him with a cold voice. Just then the bell rang and I grabbed my bag.

"Later Bitchez" I whispered to Edward as he stood there starring at me in shock.

I didn't have class with any of the Cullen's yet but it was only lunchtime. I walked into the cafeteria and quickly looked around. I didn't want to sit with any of the humans and luckily the Cullen's ant here yet. I looked over at the lunch line, wow...none of that food even looks edible. For some reason I'm vegetarian now. I think its just me starting to take after my mother.

With a sigh I went outside and walked into the forest then sat down and leaned against a tree. I waved my hand over a small pile of dirt and an apple tree sprouted to full size but did' bare fruit yet. I heard multiple gasps behind me and turned around quickly while throwing fire to form a cage around the intruders. I felt my eyes and hair change color.

"Bella, let us out" someone that I recognized as Rosalie yell. Oh yeah, I forgot that fire would kill them in a second. With a flick of my wrist the fire disappeared and they were all starring at me. I was still in my dangerous form and they didn't know what to do.

"Why have you followed me?" I asked/growled at them in a deadly calm voice. Jasper growled at me to show that he didn't like me talking to his family that way but I wasn't taking that. I growled back at him in an even deadlier and menacing way that told him I wasn't having any of that crap.

"B-Bella?" Emmett said in a low scared voice. I looked around at all of them. They were all scared except Jasper who was crouched protectively in front of his family, always the fighter. I looked at Alice, my best friend, my sister. Even she was scared. I stepped back a few feet and took deep breaths to calm myself and felt myself change back. I walked over to my apple tree and touched one of the branches where an apple immediately grew. I climbed a tree and looked at them all with regret in my eyes.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have lost control like that" I told them. Jasper could feel my regret and got out or his crouch. Out off all the Cullen's he was the only one that I never hated. He had such a hard life and it wasn't his fault he attacked me. I felt a tear make its way down my cheek and I closed my eyes. I had almost killed the closest thing I have ever had to a family. I felt the branch shake as someone sat on it with me and lifted my face to look at them. Jasper had such sorrow in his eyes because he knew how I felt. He pulled me into his chest as I cried for a few minutes before pulling away and jumping off the tree.

"Not that I'm not happy to see you guys again, but what the fuck are you all doing here?" I asked. All of them eyes widened when I said 'fuck'. They only knew the sensitive and shy Bella. Not the bitchy independent one. They had a lot to get used to.

"We should be asking you the same question darlin'. And what the hell are you?" Jasper asked while jumping off the tree and joining his family. I gave them an evil smile.

"I'm exactly the same as I was two hundred years ago. Nothing has changed" I told them. That's all I said to them. I turned started to walk away but I felt someone grab my arm.

"What do ya mean darlin'?" he asked. Oh god that drawl could make even the virgin Mary swoon.

"Listen here Major, to be completely serious I cant make a dramatic exit with you talking' to me with that drawl and makin' me wana jump you right here" Wow did I really just say that. They all looked completely shocked for a second before I turned and started to walk away again. I turned back quickly and said "Wow is that why the guys are always throwing themselves at me? It's gata be hard on ya, right Jazz? Well I'm getting bored of this. Later Cullen's. See ya later Major" I gave him a little seductive smile and continued walking and none of them stopped me. They were so used to the shy I'll-be-the-nicest-person-in-the-world girl. Well now they need to get used to the bitchy sneaky and sarcastic Bella.

Lunch was now over so I started walking to my next class. I noticed that I didn't see the Cullen's for the rest of the day. They must have gone home to tell Carlisle and Esme. I wonder how they would react. When school was over I quickly left, trying to avoid the guys all asking me out.

I was tired but I had something I needed to do. I drove up to a T-shirt store that I came to often. I had a special shirt in mind to wear tomorrow. And Eddie was most likely going to hate it.

I was exhausted when I got home and decided to just go relax. I walked up to my room and lied down on the bed and let my mind wander. Was I happy to see the Cullen's? Yes I was. Was I still pissed at them? Hell yes. Did I still love Edward? No I didn't love that douche. But there was one little dilemma in my 'get back at the Cullen's plan.

I was falling for my ex's brother. This couldn't turn out very well.

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