The act had been impulsive but she couldn't say it was a huge surprise or something that came on suddenly to be dismissed later with an, "I don't know what came over me". No, this had been building for a while now, and if she were to be completely honest it had been building since the moment they had met. But then it would have been wrong, no matter how often the thought had crossed her mind the overwhelming nausea that would fill her stomach would quickly bring her back to her senses.

He was her husband's doctor, her dying husband's doctor. It didn't matter that their marriage had been strained for some time. It didn't matter that she had start planning an escape route from their marriage. What did matter was the fact that her husband was dying, and he needed her and most of all she needed him to need her.

Now that wasn't an issue, it had been two years since her husband had passed. Now she allowed her desires out to play. All those fantasies of him that would have her lonely nights filled with moans and her body drenched in sweat as she tossed and turned in her empty over-sized bed. All those fantasies were now becoming a reality and she couldn't help the thought that it had never been 'this' good. Not those fantasies of finally being with this man, not even all the times she had been with her husband. None of it had been 'this' good, and 'good' wasn't even a word that justified her current feelings, or the sensations coursing through her, but it was the only coherent thought she could come up with.

The initial touch of his hand upon her skin had been simple and yet seemed electric and so unlike all the other times he had touched her. His kiss had been softer than she had imagined and yet not as gentle, it was more urgent, demanding, and even bruising. Not that she would complain, not when it felt so incredible, she'd worry about the swelling tomorrow, tonight she would savor every second, every taste. When he finally entered her slowly but deeply, she had to bite back the scream that had formed in her throat. She had to will away the tears that sprang to her eyes. His size, the girth of him made her body declare war with itself. There was the part of her that whimpered and clawed at his back, the part that wanted to be free of the burning pain that tore at her womb. A pain she knew wasn't from lack of practice or experience, but due to never having someone so 'big' entering her. Then there was the part of her that moaned and mewled, the part that gripped at him to hold him close, the part that kissed him desperately, and reveled in the exquisite pain which was steadily building into something more, that she couldn't find the words to describe.

She was lost, lost to the fullness she felt with him inside her, stretching her beyond what up until this moment she had thought was humanly possible. His thrusts came faster and deeper, and she fell in sync with his movements. Her gasps and moaned harmonized with his groans and growls. Her chants of 'Fuck!' and 'Oh God!' would be finished by his chants of 'Si bon' and 'Si parfait'. The sensations had made her temporarily delirious and she lost track of time and space. She hadn't known how long they had rocked and swayed together. She couldn't recall when their position had changed but she knew it had because she was being pounded into a solid surface. Suddenly her body was hit with a sharp sensation that caused her to cry out his name as her eyes became large and aware as they locked onto his. His eyes were reassuring, and loving. She could tell by the way he was looking at her, the way he grasped her hand in his and interlocked their fingers, and the way his thrusts became less erratic and more 'sure', he had sensed the change in her. He fused his forehead to hers but maintain eye contact as his strokes became steady, longer and deeper still. When her mouth fell open and a mournful gasp came out, he kissed her and quickened his pace.

Finally her body tensed and arched up off the floor, her scream swallowed up in a kiss. After a few moments her body settled, the tremors became slight, and a lethargic peace fell over her. But she held him even closer as his thrusts became 'crazed' and his pants and grunts filled the air. His hot breath danced against the tender flesh of her neck. He half howled and half laughed when his release finally struck him. His body continued to thrust involuntarily as he spent himself inside of her. Both felt sated, both felt complete. Nothing had ever felt so perfect, so right for either of them, and they both knew that nothing would ever be better than or as good as their union. She never wanted the moment or the feelings of the moment to end. She didn't care that they were stark naked on her living room floor, or that her teenage daughter could be home at any moment. It didn't matter because, she thought, nothing would or could ruin the high she was on.

"Marry me,"

She heard the words as they fell from his lips like a silent prayer, and all she could think was how wrong her prior thought had been.


'Si parfait' ~ 'So Perfect'

'Si bon' ~ 'So Good'