Author's Note: Ok here it is the Finale! I sincerly hope that you guys enjoyed the read, I sure enjoyed writing it. I was so inspired that it just poured out of me. Usually my fics can take, sometimes, years to complete. So I've been amazed that this was fully writing in under and week, especially given the things going on in real-life for me right now. Anyway here you go, and thanks for all the support and kind reviews.

"God I hate you," Bobbie stated as she stood behind Christina who stood in front of a full length mirror staring at herself.

"Wow, that's supportive and just what I want to hear from my bridesmaid on my wedding day." Christina replied as she stared amusingly at Bobbie's reflection in the mirror.

"I mean look at you," Bobbie continued as if she hadn't heard Christina's words, her face holding a sour look. "Here you are a successful woman with two beautiful kids about to marry a drop dead gorgeous doctor." Christina's face held a smug look as she nodded her head in agreement.

"Yeah I see your point I'd hate me too, if I weren't me."

"And all of that isn't even why I hate you," Bobbie stated and Christina threw her a confused look. "I hate you because you had a baby a little over 2 months ago…2 months and you're already back down to a size what, size 2?"

"Size 0, actually," Christina corrected as she tweaked the crown on her head and then turned fully around to face her best girlfriend.

"You wear a size 'nothing'? Oh I really hate you," Bobbie's scrunched up face swiftly melted into a smile. "You look so beautiful."

"You think Tom will like it?" Christina asked and she twirled a bit and looked down at herself insecurely.

"Ssh…yeah, I bet he won't even make it from the ceremony to the reception before he's cornered you in some broom closet with your skirt hiked up, consummating your marriage."

"Oh I do like to get my freak on in broom closets," Christina teased with a smile.

"Oh you lil ho you," Bobbie teased back just as a knock came at the door.

"Come in," Christina called out and Camille popped her head in first and then entered fully closing the door behind her.

"Oh mom you look so beautiful like a fairytale princess." Camille cooed causing Christina to twirl completely around to show off her dress. The dress was a one of a kind designed creation flown in from Paris, Tom's parents had been insistent on paying for it. Though it had been Christina's choice of design from the princess cut bodice that was encrusted with crystals that dripped sporadically down to the silky fabric of the dress's bottom, which flowed out about her making her feel more like Scarlett O'Hara than Cinderella. She had picked the 'cheapest' choicest but Tom's mother paid for the most 'expensive' material, that Tom swore her never to indulge to Christina. So she stood wearing a $150,000 diamond tiara, a $500,000 wedding dress, and a pair of $25,000 satin jewel encrusted pumps, and was none the wiser. "Grandpa Jean-Luc, wanted me to tell you that they're ready to start whenever you are."

"Grandpa Jean-Luc?" Christina repeated around a smile?

"He and Grandma Anne-Marie insisted, they said I was family now by blood…through TJ, and soon by marriage. And that they planned to love and spoil me as rotten and as much as they will TJ. How could I resist that?" Camille asked and both Christina and Bobbie rolled their eyes upward and chuckled. "So you ready?"

"Yeah, all set except I don't have my bouquet."

"What…wait you don't have a bouquet. You said you didn't want a bouquet. I thought the plan was I walk you down the aisle while you carry TJ and we all stand at the alter together. It's supposed to symbolize the marriage as a merging of us into one family," Camille stated as her eyes bugged out a bit at the thought something had been overlooked.

"Yes…that would technically make TJ the bouquet, and I left him with 'you'. Where's my baby Camille?" Christina asked as she glared at her daughter slightly.

"Oh…uh…I left him in Tom's dressing room. I made the mistake of checking on Tom first and when he and Grandpa Jean-Luc saw TJ they swarmed on me, I barely made it out alive." Camille said dramatically and Christina rolled her eyes just as dramatically.

"Right, go get my son so we can get this show on the road please."

The actual wedding ceremony had gone off without a hitch, and was over in less than 30 minutes. A big difference from the original time of 2 hours; which would have entailed a carriage ride to the outdoors venue, a ceremony to give homage to Tom's Jewish heritage, which included a ketuba, a wedding canopy, and then breaking of glass. Then for Christina's African heritage they would have had the pouring of libations for the ancestors and blessings of the elders, and then finally 'jumping the broom'. The thought of baking out in the Virginia sun for two hour or more had been the deciding factor for the short and sweet ceremony and since neither Christina nor Tom were 'active' participants in their religious faiths, there had been no objections from either side.

"God I love you," He breathed into her ears as he kissed her temple. She let out a happy sigh and a smile as she kept her eyes closed and tugged him closer into her embrace.

"I love you too, so much." She huffed out against his neck.

"So Mrs. Hawthorne-Wakefield, are you happy?" Tom asked as he leaned back a bit to stare down into her glowing face.

"You just gave me 'two' massive orgasms in a five minute time frame. Oh yeah I'm very happy right now." She said with hooded eyes and a goofy smile. His laughter bounced around the small storage closet.

"Glad to hear it, but that's not what I meant."

"I know what you meant," She said as she reached up and cupped his face with her right hand and stared intensely into his eyes. "I could tell you that becoming your wife, being your wife makes me happy, but I would be lying." Her words caused the amorous smile to slip from Tom's face and he could only stare back at her with a look of fear and confusion. "Because what I'm feeling right now, it's so much more than happiness." She continued as warm tears slid down her cheeks, just as they sprang into Tom's eyes. "There's not a word in the human vocabulary to describe this joy inside of me right now. So," She sniffed back more tears and righted herself from her slanted position up against the wall, as she tugged up her panties and then pushed her dress back down, trying to smooth out any wrinkles. "I'll have to get back to you about that." He chuckled as he stepped back and readjusted himself back inside his pants and zipped up. "We better get back out there, before they notice that the two stars of the show have gone missing." She spoke as she wiped at her dampened face. "How do I look?" Tom only arched a brow and then pointed down to the crotch of his pants, which held the tell-tell signs of a new bulge emerging. Christina's eyes widened as she snorted out a laugh. "Stop that."

"Hey, it's all your fault, don't blame me." He said innocently and she giggled.

"Well you have to stay in here until it goes away, I'm going to head back out to the festivities and find Bobbie, 'cause she owes me 50 bucks."


"She bet me you wouldn't even make it to the reception before you ravished me in some closet," She replied and he chuckled. "You lasted a full 30 minutes 'after' the reception started before you ravished me." She waggled her brows and then moved to the door and opened it to exit.

"Hey," Tom called out softly and she turned to regard him. "I love you wife."

"And I love you husband," She replied around a huge smile before exiting the closet and closing the door behind her. She rested her weight against the closed door for a moment as she took a deep cleansing breath and thought more on his question about being happy. She nodded her head and decided 'yes' if that was all there was to compare the feeling to then yes she was very, very happy. But she just couldn't help thinking that 'that' word 'happy' just didn't do her feelings justice, didn't do the new journey she had embarked on justice, and so she decided she would think on it and come up with something better even if she had to make up a new word herself, and she was sure that in time she would.

The End!