Author's Note: This outtake occurs after chapter five, but before chapter six, when Zikare and Zakaira are thirteen and attending middle school. Have you ever wondered just what Jasper did to scare all of the boys away from his hosts?

Jasper's POV:

We were still living in the same town as we had been when Zikare and Zakaira were first adopted, but now I was an assistant history professor at the local University, while Alice was managing stock portfolios online. I really lucked out in getting a position at the same school that I had attended for my latest undergraduate and graduate degrees, but with all of my experience in the subject, they considered me a wonder kid and hired me without a second thought.

Alice did not actually have to be present at an office to do her job, so she was predominantly in charge of following the humans around to make sure they were safe. She was small enough to pass for a thirteen year old and enroll in school with them, but the locals already new that we had graduated high school fifteen years previously, so instead of going with them, she waited outside, hidden by the forest, and watched for any possible problems.

And since Alice watched them during the day, I took the afternoon shift and supervised all of their play dates with other humans. I tried to play the role of the cool older brother who was nice enough to give them a ride in his super cool car, because Rosalie had built me a custom souped up hotrod that both Emmett and Edward assured me was "banging."

Zikare and Zakaira's girlfriends bought my story, mostly because they all had crushes on me, but I had no such luck with their boyfriends. All of the boys in their grade were so afraid of me that they would not ask them out on dates. Not only that, but they would not even come over to our house to hang out, or be caught hanging out somewhere else when my girls were invited. So there never were any boys present on these play dates that I supervised.

The others in my family thought that the girls should have more interaction with boys and were happy and excited when boys started mustering up the courage to talk to them. The first boy that was brave enough to ask one of the girls out was a total prick. His name was Josh, and he was the only son of the richest human in town. His ancestors had actually founded this pathetic little town, and it was named after them, so he thought he owned the place. Maybe he did, but it did not give him the right to treat my girls like they were second class citizens.

Zakaira and Zikare were gorgeous princesses that deserved to be treated as such. Not only did they have the whole exotic and rich thing going on, but they were truly beautiful for humans. Their identical faces were perfectly symmetrical with high cheek bones and the straight button noises of the Chewa. Their teeth were bright white and perfectly straight, thanks to the latest invisible braces. Their lips were full, and their eyes and skin were as dark as ebony, contrasting beautifully with our own vampiric white skin.

And not only were my girls good looking, but they were geniuses as well. They were the smartest kids in their grade and were even skipped ahead in math one grade and all of their other classes were honors classes. They excelled in English and history, but math and science were their favorite. They had dreams and ambitions and were sure to grow up to leave lasting contributions to human society.

And they were not just smart and gorgeous, but kind as well. They had a gentle spirit about them that no one could help but admire. They were as perfect as humans got, and I felt that they should be treated with love and respect, especially by any potential suitors. Boys should be grateful to be in their presence and ecstatic for a chance of a single date.

They should not expect my girls to be subservient to them, like Josh thought of Zikare. He liked her because she was beautiful, rich, and exotic, not because she was smart, gentle, and kind. He was almost fourteen, and wanted a trophy girlfriend to show off to his friends in order to prove that he could have the prettiest girl in town on his arm. He wanted her to put out, so that he could have another notch on his bedpost. He wanted bragging rights.

Zikare wanted a first date with a nice boy, and maybe even a first kiss, if everything went well. So when Josh asked her to the movies, she said yes. She did mention that she would not be permitted to go alone, and that Zakaira and one of her older siblings would have to chaperone, but Josh agreed to that.

We had a family meeting on what to do about the situation, as I was freaking out, because this boy should not be permitted to be within a hundred feet of my human, much less hold her hand on her first official date. Edward read Josh's mind and confirmed that his intentions were not honorable. And my Alice saw that he planned on ditching the parental supervision after the movie and taking Zikare out into the woods.

But, Esme and Rosalie insisted that Zikare should be allowed to live her own life and make her own mistakes, so if she wanted to date this boy, she could, and there was nothing that I could do to stop it. But, they did agree that we could still keep an eye out for her and make sure that this boy did not get her into the woods. I tried to go along with the family's decision, honest.

If this boy's intentions were honorable, then Alice would have been enough to supervise the first date, but as it was, Alice and I both went inside the theater with them. I made sure to sit right next to Josh and I sent him as much fear, nervousness, apprehension, and indecision as I could without giving myself away. I was sure his stomach was swimming with butterflies and he even appeared to be having trouble keeping his popcorn down.

I also made sure that he knew that I did not like him, sending him my malice and disapproval during our greeting handshake. This boy should have pissed his pants just looking at me, but he was too cocky to notice his impending doom. He did however gulp loudly and give off panic. Close enough. Carlisle never said anything about making the boy feel uncomfortable.

I sat through what must have been the longest movie of my life and I kept telling myself that I could not harm this boy in front of the children. The only thing that kept me going was imagining scenarios in which I could harm him. He was practically a public figure, because he was the son of a rich local family, so he could not just disappear without a manhunt to find him. If it came to that, my family would have to move, and we really wanted to stay here until the girls finished high school, so his body would have to be found. But again, if his body was found after being murdered, a manhunt for his killer would ensue. It would have to look like a natural death, or an accident, or a suicide, or, maybe even an overdose.

I imagined scenarios for each of these. I could tell Alice knew what I was thinking about, because her eyes were glazed over in a vision. But, which one would work the best? The heart attack induced by an insulin overdose? The car accident when his driver's car hit a slick patch and lost control? The suicide because he was under too much pressure trying to live up to his father's expectations? The acid after having a fun night with the boys?

'Which one?' I decided to ask Alice.

"The quad accident," she replied back, whispering into my ear too soft for anyone to hear. And just like that this exercise went from a fun way to entertain myself to a plan of action.

"When?" I asked just as softly. Directly after he leaves us from the movies? Later tonight after being out with the boys? Tomorrow before school? Tomorrow after school? The possibilities were endless.

"Tonight after he goes drinking with his friends."

Ah, so he had access to a stash of alcohol. His old man probably left the good stuff out just begging for him to take. He would be so disappointed after his first date with Zikare was foiled that he would let loose with the boys and drink Daddy's Cognac. Then, he would get onto the quad that he had been given for his thirteenth birthday, which he was only allowed to ride on the grounds, and let loose some steam.

It would rain hard tonight. The tail end of a hurricane would pass by before petering out, but would drop enough water on the town to increase the odds of an accident. That combined with the underage drinking, and the humans would not even notice the lack of blood.

"They will notice. You can't bite him. You'll have to make the crash look real and break his neck," Alice whispered in my ear.

Great, no drinking him! How was I supposed to fling his blood around the place without losing control of my thirst?

"Hunt before going and hold your breath. You'll be fine: just think of Jackson."

Jackson. My son's life was at stake if Josh was allowed to hurt Zikare. I would do this for him and for Zikare, so I made up my mind not to drink the human and waited out the remainder of the awful movie with my wife by my side.

While I waited, my mind began to drift to what would happen afterwards. Carlisle had ordered me to leave the boy alone and let him be. My current plans were in direct violation of my Coven leader's orders. If he found out, he would make us move even if the humans were not suspicious.

"We won't tell," Alice's whispered, interrupting my thought process.

Alice and I would not reveal our plans to the others. We will have to guard our thoughts around Edward, but we had done it before. On several occasions we had decided not to tell our family members of my slips. If the accident was something that the two of us could cover up without anyone knowing, we would keep it between just the two of us.

I knew that I would be forgiven for my slips, and although it was embarrassing to be found weak, that was not why I hid my accidents. We had to move often enough as it was, without all of my slips added in. There were so many slips in my past that I had caused our family to move more times than any other member. I was the weak link and it was my fault we always had to move. So to minimize our moves, Alice and I would cover up some of my lesser slips. Carlisle did not understand that there was such a thing as a lesser slip.

"We'll take the girls home and then you can go over to Josh's house," Alice's whispers interrupted my thoughts again.

"Will he have friends drinking with him? I asked and she nodded. "Quading with him?"

"Yes, but it'll be dark and raining hard. At Eight thirty-two he'll be sufficiently separated from the others that they won't see. If you wait in the forest just north of the pond, you should remain hidden from sight and close enough to catch him when he's alone. I see you jumping on the back of the vehicle while it's still moving. You grab the wheel and crash it head on into a tree. You walk away unharmed, while his neck breaks. Not much of his blood spills, so you should be fine," she filled me in on the finer details of her vision.

Shortly after that, the movie ended, and with our plans for the evening finalized, we ended the date and took our humans home. I spent the next several hours thinking about my lecture plans for the next week, and grading midterms, in an effort to keep Edward out of my thoughts. I could tell Alice was doing the same because she pulled open her laptop and went to work checking her stocks.

After an hour, we announced that we were going to hunt, and no one was the least bit suspicious. I had not hunted since last weekend, and I have to cope with a lot of human interactions between my job and the pets, so I was in the habit of hunting every weekend; sometimes multiple times a weekend.

Alice and I left to prepare myself for the evening with Josh. I drank four deer, when I normally only drink three a week, but I wanted to take the added precaution of feeling extra full. After our hunt, she stayed in the woods on the outskirts of Josh's property, just in case something went wrong and I needed help.

I moved into position in the forest, by the pond, just as Alice had instructed, well before it was time. I waited there in the dark and pouring rain for twenty minutes before I heard the roar of the quads rip through the air. It was another half an hour before Josh separated enough from the other boys for me to execute my plan.

Everything went well, with Josh's neck snapping in a satisfying crunch, with his heart stopping only moments later, as the quad met the tree. But he hit a branch at such speed that it tore his jugular open, raining down blood all over me, just as I accidentally took a breath. No amount of animal blood could slake my perpetual thirst and prepare me for that smell. Alice saw it moments before it happened and began to run towards me.

I felt her panic as she approached, knowing that I had already begun to drink, but feeling her presence was enough to give me the power to stop myself mid-suck. It would not do for me to drink him dry, because this had to look like an accident. Sure there was already plenty of blood spilt on the forest floor, but there would need to be some left in his body.

So with all of the will power I possessed, I locked onto Alice's strength, and pried my mouth away from the gash on his neck. There would be no bite marks, because I had not bitten him. I had used the opening created by the tree branch to suckle his blood from his flesh. Alice reached me just as I looked up from the dead limp body. I jumped off of the crumpled quad, ran to her, and took her hand, as we disappeared into the night.

I had not drunk enough human blood to turn my eyes red and the four deer I had earlier drowned out the flecks of red from the human. My eyes may have had a tint of amber to the golden hue, but it just had the effect of looking like I had only drank two deer instead of the normal three. And Alice and I had enough practice hiding our thoughts from our brother that Edward and the rest of the family never found out that I was to blame for Josh's tragic quading accident.

Josh's accident made the front page of the local paper, and just as Alice had predicted, it was blamed on alcohol and the weather. Plus, there were four other boys in the woods that night who provided witnesses that it had indeed been an accident. The police chief did not even bother to call in forensics from the city to confirm that the quad had skidded out in the rain.

If they had, they would have noticed that there were no skid marks, and that I had had perfect control of the quad, up to and including when it went head on into the tree. But, if they had found that out, they would just have blamed it on the alcohol and underage driving. Who lets their thirteen year old drink and go quading during a hurricane? There was a serious lapse in parental judgment that would be blamed long before anyone would ever look to me or the Cullen family.

Zikare and Zakaira were devastated to learn of their friend's demise, but Alice and I took it as an opportunity to teach them a lesson about drinking and driving. The lesson was not, "Don't drink and drive or a vampire will drink you," but a more normal human warning. The twins really took it to heart, because neither of them ever drove drunk, ever.

And the next time around, when a boy asked Zakaira out, I went much easier on him. Sure I scared him off and he never came near her again, but he lived. That was a big deal for me and all that matters, is it not? Plus, I eventually managed not to scare all of the boys off once the girls got into college. Sure I could sense their emotions and knew that it was not true love, but it was human love, and Alice said that that was close enough.