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The Next Day

Emily awoke slowly to the bright sunshine penetrating through the window. Softly, she rolled over or rather into someone. Smiling, she turned over to find herself face to face with none other than Gideon. Emily eased herself out of bed being careful not to disturb him while turning off the alarm clock before it went off and woke him.

Prentiss walked to the bathroom and turned on the taps to warm up the shower. Emily stepped into the now warm shower and felt her body physically relax as the gentle flow of the water cascaded over her silky skin.

Stealthily the bathroom door creaked open and a shadow crept in. The figure approached the shower curtain and Emily emitted a shrill shriek as large, muscular arms encircled her waist. Prentiss twisted in her attackers grip and grabbed the closest object to defend herself with; a shampoo bottle. As she turned she found herself glaring at none other than a smirking Jason Gideon.

"Gideon, you jerk; you nearly scared me half to death."

"Sorry my dear, I just couldn't resist. Nice weapon by the way," Gideon remarked.

Scowling, Emily playfully hit him with her makeshift weapon before pulling him into the shower with her.

Twenty minutes later the couple stepped out of the shower panting slightly before getting dressed. After eating breakfast consisting of a smorgasbord ranging from pancakes to eggs to fresh fruit, Jason and Emily retreated to the couch to relax.

"Jason, do you think we should tell them?" Emily asked

Snuggling closer to her he replied, "Tell who what dear?"

Fidgeting with her hands, Emily responded, "Tell the team about us, about you. They all thought you abandoned them, especially Reid, He took it the hardest when you left. They'll all be mad at us, at me mostly for not telling them."

Gideon smiled and brought Emily into his lap and said, "Whether we tell them or not will be entirely your decision Sweetheart. I'll only do what makes you comfortable. If you don't want to tell them, we won't."

Emily looked Gideon directly in his eyes, "Really, you mean it?"

"Of course Emily, I'd do anything to make you happy; I love you."

And with that being said Gideon threw his arms around Prentiss and pulled her into his loving embrace, where they sat watching the clouds float by outside the window.

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