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Today was going to be my first day of school at La Push High School. It was time for me to get ready, and although I was a bit nervous I knew that the school wasn't to big, like my old one which had about 4,500 students. I was going to be a softmore, my first day as a softmore and my first school day in La Push. Big deal huh? I grabbed my favorite pair of blue jeans (the only one that perfectly fit me) and a plain red shirt and threw it on. Then I went into the bathroom and put in a ponytail to tame my dark brown curly hair while making it secure with a couple of clips. I wasn't that good at fixing my hair, and I really didn't care what I threw on or what I looked like so I hardly ever put on make-up. Fashion was not an issue with me.

"Ashley!" My mom shouted at me from downstairs.

"What?" I called back as I brushed my teeth as quick as I could and stuffed my backpack with my school stuff.

"Time for school get down here! Your dad is driving you!" She shouted.

I moaned. My dad went to work early on Mondays, and I rushed down the stairs with my backpack.

"Bye mom, love you! Wish me luck!" I said as I hugged her goodbye.

"Good luck sweety, and remember to feed your dog when you come home, me and your dad won't be back until 11pm alright? Lock the doors!"

"Alright mom!" I called as I ran out the door and into my dads new white Ford truck.

To bad I just turned 15 or I'd be able to drive myself to school.

"Hey Ashley, ready for school?" My dad asked as I put on my seatbelt.

"Not really..." I muttered as I turned the radio on and put it on loud and both me and my dad sang all the way to school.

When my dad dropped me off in the parking lot I said goodbye and when I turned I saw people stare... a little to long. I walked past everyone awkwardly, avoiding all eye contact I could. I didn't like it when people stared.

"Hey!" Oh crap, I wanted to avoid this...

I turned my head and looked at the guy calling for me with a rather pissed expression. What I didn't expect was how he looked. He was hot. Like seriously, I didn't want to admit it, and I usually never really looked at guys the way I was looking at him, but oh my god. He had dark russet skin, and dark cropped hair, and oh my god he was huge. He was six foot like five I swear and his muscles were pretty huge... (That dwarfed me I was only like... 5'7.) His face was seriously hot. His features were perfectly chiseled like a statue almost, except moving and less pale, while his eyes were a stunning dark blue.

"What do you want?" I asked rather rudely.

I don't know why but for some reason or another I always spoke badly to guys. He seemed taken aback for a moment, and I turned my head looking at a small crowd that had gathered around us in the parking lot. When I didn't hear his voice again I turned and looked to find him staring at my eyes. Full on staring, like I was the most interesting thing ever. Which I wasn't to be honest, I was perfectly plain.

"Hey Dare, is this the next victim..." Another guy almost the same height came and joined the guy, apparently named Dare, and was holding his shoulder, but when he looked at Dare he fell silent.

"I'm going to leave if your not gunna say anything." I muttered as I glared at him, but he didn't move, he simply continued to stare into my eyes.

I felt something, a tug on my heart if you will, but also I felt uncomfortable under his stare. It was like he was peering into my soul, or something like that. When he gave me no reply I turned and awkwardly left him and the crowd that had gathered, behind me.

I walked into the school and down to the office (with help from some signs) and collected my schedule for my first day. After that I wandered the halls with my head down staring at my paper. Then all of a sudden SMACK, I ran into someone.

"Hey, watch it!" I looked up and saw another one of those 'hot guys' as I found myself labeling them.

Although this one was different, well, not in looks because he had the same russet skin, muscles, height, and short dark brown cropped hair on his head, but his face was softer, and he was smiling jokingly. He was kidding around with me. I just kinda laughed at that but then I found his dark brown eyes on my hazel ones, just like that other guy earlier. What was up with these people and staring? Again I felt that strange tug on my heart and I bit my lip. This was... strange to say the very least.

"Uhm..." I was lost for words.

"I got to get to class, so... I'll be seeing ya." I passed by him and walked away really fast.

Ok, that offically made this the most awkward first day ever. I finally found my first period class, Geometry which was one grade up from what a normal softmore would be taking. I walked in and again found people staring. I was starting to get annoyed and nobody liked it when I was annoyed. I handed the teacher my slip and walked to the back of the class and sat down in one of five empty seats in the back. Everyone turned and looked at me like I was insane.

"What!" I asked loudly and then everyone turned to face the teacher.

Great now I was gunna seem like a huge jerk to everyone. Wonderful first day this was turning out to be. The bell rang and the teacher began talking when suddenly the guy from the parking lot strolls in. He didn't apologize for being late, nor did he even look at the teacher as he walked to the back of the classroom and... oh my god he was staring again. I looked at him with a lifted brow as he just stood there dumb struck.

"Are you gunna stand there or are you going to sit down?" I asked and again everyone turned and looked at me with wide open eyes.

One girl even started shaking her head at me in warning, but he just looked away and nodded.

"Yeah." He muttered and there were gasps.

Seriously? Was this a T.V show drama or something? He took a seat next to me, to my dismay. I felt his eyes on me, and I couldn't concentrate. I turned to shout at him but his eyes looked like a puppy's and I melted in my seat. I said nothing and just bit my lip as I looked at the teacher. Still, I couldn't help glancing at him every now and again. Finally about half way through class he spoke.

"What's your name?" He asked me quietly.

"Ashley." I said and suddenly I felt my seat move and when I looked I found that he had pulled my seat right next to his.

"Well Ashley, you're my new girlfriend." He murmured into my ear.

I felt his fingers on my cheek and I froze. Girlfriend? He was joking right? This guy was a huge jackas-

"Ashley!" The teacher barked at me.

"You are not aloud to-" Beside me I heard the clearing of a throat and when I looked I saw him glaring daggers at the teacher.

I realised the teacher was afraid when he nodded and pretended like he said nothing to me at all and he began teaching the class again.

"My name's Dare. You can thank me later." He whispered and a shiver went down my spine.

Was it just me or was this guy... creepy? I said nothing else to him during math and when the bell rang I practically ran for the door, but he grabbed my arm on the way out.

"Let me take you to your next class." He said but I shook my head.

"No thanks..."

"Oh come on Ashley I'm your boyfriend."

"Says you." I muttered and he narrowed his eyes.

"You don't want to be my girlfriend?" He asked with a lifted brow and a very serious expression.

"As a matter of fact I don't." I said and with that I ripped my arm out of his hand and went on my way.

My next class was English, and again this was a higher grade. Math, english, and history were my best subjects so I took classes for juniors just because they didn't have honors classes here. In this class thank god I didn't have Dare, I walked in and sighed in relief as I handed this teacher my slip and took a seat in the middle. I found out that some of Dare's friends had this class, but none of them sat next to me. Some people would glance at me, but thankfully, there were no stares. I was smiling as I listened to the teacher, so glad for this break.

"Hey." I turned my head and saw a girl wave at me.


"I'm Kim."

"Nice to see a friendly face around here..." I said with a laugh and she laughed to.

"Yeah you get used to it." She said and I smiled.

"Well thanks Kim. I'm Ashley by the way."

"Nice to meet you Ashley."

That ended my first girl conversation in La Push because the teacher silenced us with a look. Kim chuckled and I did to. At least there was something good about this place. This period went by fast and when the bell ran me and Kim left together and we began talking.

"See those guys?" She pointed to the huge six foot tall hot guys that were just in our english class.

"They're the guys to steer away from. Seriously... they could hurt you and I mean like Physically." She whispered and they looked back at us instead of continuing to play fight with each other.

They were actually quite rough for play fighting, and I saw one of the guys catch Kim's eye, she turned her head immediately, and then I saw Dare walk over to them with a serious expression on his face. He looked pissed, and then he turned and saw me. He had a dangerous look in his eye, and he smirked only slightly before he spoke to his friends.

"Let's go." She whispered and we went off quickly, that was until Kim spotted someone.

"Jared!" Kim shouted and a huge guy walked right through the crowd in the hall to embrace Kim.

They hugged for an awfully long time and I stood off to the side awkwardly until he noticed me.

"Who's this Kim?" He asked.

"Oh, sorry, this is Ashley, the new girl." Kim said and introduced me to Jared.

"Nice to meet you Jared." I said noticing that he almost look like one of Dare's friends except he wasn't so cruel looking.

"Nice to meet you to Ashley..." He said and looked at me strangely before he whispered something in Kim's ear.

"Seriously?" Kim said and Jared nodded.

They looked at each other with concern.

"Uhm, come on Ashley... let's go to your next class..." Kim said as she locked eyes with Jared and he nodded before he went on his way.

"What was that about?" I asked as I took in a deep breath and we stopped in front of my spanish class.

"Oh nothing, I'll come back and get you alright? I'll show you to your next class." I nodded my thanks and said goodbye before I went into my spanish class.

This was the only time it was quiet, there weren't any of those guys in my class so I was pretty happy. When class ended I waited outside for Kim, but instead of Kim I saw the huge guy I bumped into in the hall.

"Hey." He said and smiled at me.

Oh my god his teeth were like perfect.

"Hi..." I found myself saying shyly.

I was never shy.

"Kim asked me to come look after you. Is that alright?" I nodded and smiled at him while he smiled right back.

"Ok Cool." He said as I gave him my schedule and he looked at it.

"Oh, you have Gym with me. Nice. You good at sports?" He asked and I lit up.

"I love sports!" I said and he grinned.

"We'll get along well then." He murmured as he stared at me with this caring and loving look.

I bit my lip and nodded as I followed him to my next class. I felt butterflies in my stomach when I was next to him.

In Gym class we were playing tennis which he hated because he hit the ball to hard. He was my partner for doubles, and while the teacher was picking out opponents for all the teams I asked for his name.

"You never told me your name you know..."

"Oh right, I'm Jacob but you can call me Jake. You never told me yours..."

"I'm Ashley." I said right as the teacher assigned us our opponents.

That's when I realised it was Dare and one of his friend's that we were going to be playing. He was glaring daggers at Jake and Jake was glaring right back.

"Ready to play?" He asked me but never took his eyes off Dare.

"Yeah..." I said quietly and then the game started.

It was mostly between Jake and Dare they were just hitting the ball so hard it looked like a bullet... I stayed out of this, but when Dare shot the tennis ball back as hard as he could and too far for Jake to return it, it hit me.