So this turned out more like some kind of weird essay. Sorry for the block of texts. I tried.

Character: Nanao (with mentions of Shunsui)

Theme: Work

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach, or these two would REALLY be canon.

Ise Nanao's work ethic was not difficult to understand, in her opinion. She took her job seriously (almost too seriously, her captain would complain). Even as one in a position of authority, she took orders very well (almost too well, her captain would note). Her deadline was always one day ahead of the actual deadline ("Yare, Nanao-chan, take your time!" her captain would say). Her workday was always at least three hours longer than that of her colleagues'. She had a set routine; those who interrupted that routine faced the wrath of her deadly kidou.

The one exception to this rule was Shunsui. Her captain felt that her mental health would be threatened if he did not "relieve" her of her duties at least five times a day, perhaps with a drink, a stroll in the garden, or "quality time" on the couch in his office. His tactics went as far from hiding her paper work (or in rare cases, actually doing it himself) to attempting to her pin her to the wall and kiss her (earning him a little more than a slap with her fan).

But Nanao knew better than to let all of that interfere with her duties as a shinigami (or the division's acting secretary- the entire eighth division praised her organizational skills). What she did, she did well, and she liked to think that Shunsui valued her as more than an object of his ridiculous affections. She enjoyed the feeling that came with handing paperwork in on time, categorizing papers on her superior's desk, and sorting out her division's expended budget (no thanks to Shunsui's sake). She took pride in the ability to get her captain on his hands and knees when it came to the division paperwork (and had even succeeded in doing so once- "I deserve a better death than Ryuujin Jakka, please, Nanao-chan!").

It was a rare and precious treat to walk into her office and discover all of her work completed (usually accompanied by a rose sitting in an ornate vase on her desk, and a snoring Shunsui on the couch). When she gently woke him to inquire about her missing paperwork, he would smile (Oh goodness, that smile, thought Nanao) and croon about how he did all the paperwork for "his precious Nanao-chan because she is so wonderful and lovely and beautiful and- Ouch! That hurt Nanao-chan!"

On such an occasion when she was granted the time to read a nice book or spend time with Rangiku rather read and sign paper after paper, she granted her captain the smallest of smiles (after which he proceeded to squeeze her to his chest and tell her that "Nanao-chan has the most radiant smile I've ever seen!" until she threatened him with kidou to his groin) to quietly thank him.

And on the nights where she was forced to stay up through ungodly hours to complete a never-ending stack of papers, Shunsui would tip-toe into her office and bring her favorite tea. When he asked if he needed to sign something, she would shove a pile of forms in his direction without a word. When he asked if she needed help, she would snap at him to leave her alone.

Regardless of the fact that her life seemed to revolve around paperwork, Nanao took comfort in the quiet, organized surroundings of her office. The sound of pen on paper was familiar and soothing to her (as a companion to the clink of sake bottles and her captain's booming voice in the hallways of the 8th division). She smiles internally when her captain exclaimed, "My Nanao-chan's so good at what she does!" and when the other divisions praise her for being punctual. It reminded her that she was doing something right. Others may see her work as boring and unnecessary, but Ise Nanao would trade little for her position.