I walked to the entrance of Seiyo Academy for Academically Advanced Students with my best friends; Amu, Utau, and Yaya.

It's a boarding school for, you guessed it, really smart teens.

I'd wanted to go there for years, but it wasn't until last summer that I actually got the courage to apply. My best friends and I applied together and, as you've already guessed, we were accepted.

Oh. In case you were wondering, my name is Rima Mashiro. I'm fifteen-years-old and I'm a Sophomore.

Amu's a Sophomore, too. Utau's a Junior, and Yaya's a Freshman.

You might be asking: "Hey, how did you guys become best friends? Your ages vary."

That's very simple. We bonded due to the fact that we were the only people in our town that had guardian characters.

What are guardian characters?

They're the embodiment of who people truly are inside. Or what they lack.

Tiny angel-like creatures.

I've had mine since I was young.

I assume the same goes for Yaya and Utau, but Amu got her guardian characters (yes, plural) at a bit of an older age.

"Rima, is something wrong?" Amu asked.

"I'm just doing a narrative in my mind. Don't mind me." I replied.

"Weirdo." Amu teased, smiling.

"Did you expect anything less from Rima?" Utau added on to the teasing.

"Don't make fun of Rima-tan." Yaya defended me.

I smiled."It's fine. They're only kidding."

"So, are you all ready to step on the campus?" Amu asked.

"Amu-chi, I'm really nervous." Yaya complained.

"Don't be, Yaya. My brother goes here and he told me it's no big deal." Utau comforted.

"Yeah. Everything'll be fine as long as we don't get ourselves noticed." I said.

"Be confident." Amu added.

We all held hands and walked on to the campus, squealing with excitement and nervousness.

We were all taking deep breaths, when we heard other girls squealing.

We laughed, assuming that they were nervous too. But when we looked around, we saw the real cause of the squealing.

There was a group of five boys walking through the entrance behind us.

The first one we knew: Ikuto Tsukiyomi. Utau's older brother.

The second one was a sporty looking guy with reddish-brown hair. He had a friendly vibe; like he could get along with anybody.

The third one had blonde hair and piercing reddish-purple eyes. He looked like a prince.

The fourth one was really tall, but was clearly younger than the others. He was probably a student in the middle school section of this school. He pushed up his glasses with his index finger; the serious type.

The last boy made me stop breathing for a second.

He was very tall, just like the fourth one, and had long violet hair. His eyes were the color of honey and he had a smile that made me get butterflies in my stomach.

After the last boy walked through the entrance, Amu ran up to him.

"Nadeshiko?" She asked, dazed. "No... Nagihiko?"

He nodded shyly.

Amu hugged him. "Oh my god! I haven't seen you in forever!"

The boy smiled and said, "I'm surprised you remember me, Amu. We only met once."

I walked up to the two of them.

"Sorry to interrupt the mush-fest, but how the hell do you two know each other?" I asked.

Amu turned to me and said, "Don't be rude. Before I met you, I was best friends with his twin sister."

"Oh, great. There's two of him?" I asked, turning to the boy.

I did like him for a millisecond, but now I was focused on how this intruder was stealing my friend.

"They were friends a long time ago." He said, speaking to me for the first time. "Anyways, it's nice to meet you."

"Charmed, I'm sure." I said bitterly. "What's your name?"

"Nagihiko Fujisaki. What's yours?" He asked.

"First name: Noneofyour. Last name: Fuckingbusiness." I replied.

"Fucking business? I didn't know teen prostitution still went on." He said, though his smile told me he didn't mean it.

"Both of you stop." Amu said, then turned to Nagihiko. "Her name is Rima."

"Rima? That's a nice name." He commented.

I couldn't help but blush, but then returned to my anger. "Thanks, but personally, I don't care about your opinion."

"I'd never expect a beautiful girl to care what my opinion is." He said, walking off to catch up with the rest of his group who were far ahead of him.

Oh my god... did he call me beautiful?

No. He wouldn't dare.

That bastard! How dare he call me beautiful while I'm mad at him!

Utau and Yaya came to Amu and I.

"Was that Nade-chan's twin brother?" Yaya asked Amu.

Amu nodded. "Nagihiko."

"Um... who's 'Nade-chan'?" Utau asked.

"Nadeshiko; she was Yaya and I's best friend before Rima moved to town." Amu replied.

"And before we met you." Yaya added to Utau.

"Hey, Utau, Ikuto tells you a lot about this place right?" Amu asked.

"Yes. Why?" She replied.

"Well, he was a part of that group... did he ever tell you anything about it?" Amu asked reluctantly.

Utau sighed. "Yes. They're a group dedicated to being the biggest playboys in school."

"Who are they?" Yaya asked.

"Ikuto, Kukai Souma, Tadase Hotori, Kairi Sanjo, and Nagihiko Fujisaki. They flirt with girls and get them to have sex, then they dump them." Utau replied.

"That's awful." Amu said. "They're such players."

"I know you've always had a thing for Ikuto, Amu, but I'm warning you." She said strictly.

"It's not only that; I just can't believe that all of those boys are like that. Isn't at least one of them sincere?" Amu asked.

"Rumor has it that one of them's just a shameless flirt who doesn't have sex, but I don't know."

"Still not sincere." She sighed. "What's wrong with people these days; just using others?"

That pissed me off.

They're all playboys; which means that not only did Nagi call me beautiful while I was mad, but he did it because he thought I was a stupid girl he could sleep with!

He. Will. Be. Slapped.

"Oh well. That's too bad." Yaya said. "Let's just settle into our dorms."

"About that..." Utau said guiltily.

"What?" I asked.

"The dorms are coed."

"WHAT?" Amu, Yaya, and I screamed in unison.

"Did I forget to mention that? My bad..." Utau apologized, chuckling nervously.

"UTAU! Why didn't you tell us we'd have to share rooms with boys?" I asked.

"Sorry, Rima... I just thought you guys wouldn't apply if you knew that." She said.

"Of course we wouldn't." Yaya protested. "Why- why would we want to share rooms with boys? They have cooties."

"Yaya." I scolded. "Don't be ridiculous. But, sharing a room with boys puts us at risk for things much worse than cooties."

"Like what?" She asked.

"Actual things you can get from boys: STDs."

"That's only if you have sex." Yaya said. "Which I'd never do."

"Of course you'd never plan on it, but you never know what could happen if you got caught up in the moment." Amu clarified.

"Ok, let's not talk about sex." I said.

"You're just mad 'cuz you're a virgin." Utau said, smirking.

"Yeah. Totally. Boo hoo I'm not a slut; my life is over." I replied, rolling my eyes.

"Being a virgin isn't something to be ashamed of." Yaya whispered, defending herself more than me.

"Let's face it; Amu and I are the only ones who went all the way before. Catch up, will ya?" Utau said.

"Amu?" I asked. "No way."

I looked at Amu and her face turned as pink as her hair

"I caught her and Ikuto." Utau said.

"Utau! You swore you wouldn't tell!"" Amu yelled.

"Sorry, but I'm making a point. Them being virgins at this age is embarassing." Utau said.

"I'm only a Freshman." Yaya said. "Leave me out of it; I still have a childish character."

"What's Rima's excuse?" Utau-chan asked.

"... I'm not interested in sex." I said.

To be honest, it scared me. It seemed painful and I wasn't ready.

"More like nobody will have sex with you. You're gorgeous, hun, but you're mean to boys." Utau replied.

"I could get somebody to have sex with me if I wanted." I protested.

"Why don't you and Utau make a bet: Rima, you have to lose your virginity before Christmas break or you owe Utau... a footrub." Amu said.

Give Utau a footrub? Ewwwww...

She was a popstar, and being on stage, performing all the time in her ungodly high heels made her feet disgusting. Her feet had more corns on them than a cob.

"Deal." I said, shuddering. "Anyone in particular?"

Amu nodded and backed up a little, as if preparing to protect herself. "Nagihiko."

"HELL NO!" I yelled. "I refuse to talk to him, much less fuck him!"

"Then pay up." Utau said, pointing to her foot.

I considered my options: I had to choose the lesser of two evils.

"Fine. I'll convince him to have sex with me; but not any time soon. I'll show you I can get laid!" I said, very badass-ly.

"Are you sure a bet is worth your values and sexual innocence?" Yaya asked.

"Not quite. But, anything that gets me out of rubbing Utau's feet is worth doing." I replied.

God. This whole bet was like comic-relief.

No way it was serious. Right?

"Rima, you're not really going to have sex are you?" Kusukusu, my guardian character, whispered.

"If this bet's not a complete joke, I kinda have to."

"No you don't."

"Have you seen Utau's feet before?"

"...OK, you do."


I walked to the doors, where a woman was waiting with a clipboard.

"Name?" She asked.

"Rima Mashiro." I replied.

"Rima...Mashiro..." She said as she checked off my name from the clipboard and looked in a basket.

The woman pulled out a roomkey with a keychain that had my name and room number on it.

"Here you go, sweetie." She said, handing it to me.

"Thank you." I replied.

Rima Mashiro. Room 307.

I walked through the campus until I found the Sophomore dorms.

Room 307... where's Room 307? I thought to myself.

Another important question popped into my mind; who would my roommates be?

I looked around and saw a door with the numbers 307 engraved in a gold plaque.

"I guess this is it." I whispered to Kusukusu.

"Ooooooh! I'm so excited." She said, giggling. "Kushikushikushikushu!"

I turned the knob and the first thing I saw was tall, violet-haired, and obnoxious.

"Rima?" He asked, staring at me.

"Nagi, get the hell out of my room." I hissed.

"If this is Room 307, then it's my room, too." Nagihiko told me.

He stared at me for a moment longer, and then looked slightly off. As if he was gazing past my shoulder.

"What are you looking at?" I asked.

"I didn't notice your guardian character earlier." He explained.

This boy can see guardian characters?

"Wait, how can you see her?" I queried.

He opened up his schoolbag and I saw a pink and blue egg, though he only pulled out the blue. It seemed as though he was trying to hide the pink one.

He held the egg up and said, "Rhythm, come out."

Out from the egg came a chara with long, blue hair and baggy clothes. He looked like a mini-Nagihiko.

"Yo! Nice to meet you. I'm Rhythm." Rhythm said.

"Uh...nice to meet you. I'm Rima." I said.

Rhythm then made his way past me and over to Kusukusu.

"Yo." He said, hugging Kusukusu as she blushed.

Oh no!

"Kusukusu, don't betray me by falling for the enemy!" I exclaimed.

Kusukusu backed away. "Gomen."

"Sorry." Nagiiko apologized. "Rhythm's a bit of a flirt."

"Like bearer like chara." I whispered.

"Oh. So you heard, huh?" He asked.

"That you're nothing but a big, stupid, womanizing jerk? Yeah, I heard." I snapped.

"That's partially true; I won't deny it. But, I don't take advantage of the girls I flirt with like my friends do."

"Is that your excuse for not being able to get some?"

He glared at me for a moment. "I could 'get some' if I wanted, but sex is special and I haven't met a girl I want to have it with yet."

"How noble of you." I muttered, rolling my eyes. "I'm a virgin, too, but I don't make excuses like that."

His expression softened. "Rima, think what you want but I'm being honest."

"I simply don't believe that someone who's literally in a playboy club would think that way, Nagihiko."

"Like, I said; think what you want. By the way, you can call me Nagi."

I sighed. "Fine. Nagi. Whatever."

This boy gets more and more annoying.

And if he wasn't lying about that "sex is special" crap, then there was only one solution:

I have to make him fall in love with me.

"Also, I'd appreciate if you'd keep that a secret. It'd ruin my rep if anyone else found out." Nagi said.

"What? Is that, like, your biggest secret or something?" I asked, using a less harsh tone than earlier.

Be nice. I reminded myself. Unless you want to end up rubbing Utau's nasty feet.

He smiled at me and started laughing. "Not by a long shot."

Damn. Uh, did he kill someone or something? If that's not his biggest secret by a long shot...

"Well, what is your biggest secret? Now I'm curious." I asked.

His chara, Rhythm, butted it. "Ever since he was young, he's been a -"

Nagi quickly covered Rhythm's mouth and whispered angrily. "This is why I don't let you out of your egg more often. Get back in."

Rhythm pouted and got back in his egg.

Nagi put Rhythm's egg back in his schoobag and, once again, I saw the pink egg.

"Are you going to show me the pink egg?" I asked.

He zipped up his schoolbag quickly and said, "There's no pink egg."

"But I saw-"

"Your eyes are deceiving you."

"I'm not an idiot! Why don't you want me to see it?"

"You can't."

"Let me guess; it has to do with your biggest secret right?"

"How'd you guess?" He asked, a bit astonished.

Admittedly, his confused and shocked face was kinda cute.

... Did I just say that?

"Will you just tell me?" I asked.

"I can't, Rima. Maybe someday." Nagi muttered.

"Will you give me a hint?" I pleaded. "It's going to drive me crazy!"

"Fine." He gave in. "Here's the hint: Amu thinks that we've only met once, but we've actually met many times before."

What the hell? How is that hint suppose to help?

"How does that hint make sense?" I asked.

"You're a smart girl if you made it into this school; I'm sure you can figure it out."

I narrowed my eyes. "I hate you."

He sighed. "I know."

A silence filled the air, and I used this opportunity to take a look around the dorm.

It was huge. It looked more like an upscale apartment than a boarding school dorm.

There was a bathroom, laundryroom, kitchen, spare bedroom...

Is this really a school for smart kids, or a school for rich kids?

"Isn't there a third roommate?" I asked, still shocked at the dorm.

"My friend Tadase is in this room, too... but he's, uh, helping a girl settle in." Nagi replied.

It didn't take Einstein to figure out what Nagi really meant: He's taking advantage of a poor, stupid girl.

What have I gotten myself into?

At least I have until Christmas Break.