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Part 1

"Angie, hurry up sweetie or we're gonna be late." Alex called from her living room. Rushing her four-year-old was one of the most challenging parts of motherhood.

"So, where was I?"

Alex turned to see her best friend posing nonchalantly on her couch.

"Serena, I don't know how many times I've heard you say that you finally found the love of your life." Alex sipped calmly from her tea. "What makes this enchanted princess so special this time?"

"You know Alex, I don't appreciate the sarcasm," Serena narrowed her eyes threateningly. "Besides this time I'm serious. I've met the most fantastic, beautiful, intelligent and funny woman in the whole world." She ignored the look of discredit that Alex gave her. "And I want you to meet her this weekend."

Alex shook her head while depositing her cup on the coffee table. "Can't do it. Robert will be out of town this weekend. I need to stay with Angie."

"Call your mom." Serena suggested matter-of-factly. "She loves spending time with her granddaughter. Besides with Mr. pain-in-the-ass out of town it will be easier to sneak you into the newest and hottest girl bar in NY."

"I don't go to girl bars anymore. I'm a wife and a mother now." Alex stated firmly.

"You're boring now, that's what you are." Serena sighed exasperatedly. "Come on Lex, Casey told me that she has this single friend that she will bring a long. She said she used to be an ADA here before getting transferred to DC."

"One more reason for me not to come; I probably know her from my old days in the DA's office."

"Alexandra Cabot, would you quit the whining. It doesn't suit you."

"Excuse me?" Alex narrowed her eyes.

"You heard me." Serena sat straight never taking her eyes of Alex who got out of the arm chair. "The Alex Cabot I remember would never let her fears overcome her."

"It's not fear Serena." Alex crossed her arms bracing herself against her friend's accusations. "I'm just saying that I'm married now. I can't just drop everything and run to a girl bar to pick up women with you. I have responsibilities."

"Exactly!" Serena shot from the couch and stood next to Alex. "Your marriage is all about responsibility and not love. You only married Robert because of a stupid promise you made to your dying father."

"It's not a stupid promise—"

"Yes it was. You gave up your whole life to fulfill his dreams." Serena pointed out. "This," Opening her arms she gestured to the classic furniture that decorated the wealthy penthouse. "This is not who you are." She pointed to the million dollars of art on the walls. "This is the life of a princess your father designed for you."

"Serena, I don't—"

"Mommy, mommy how do I look?"

Alex knelt to place her at eye level with a carbon copy of herself and smiled motherningly at her little girl. "You look like the most beautiful snow white in the entire word."

"Aunt Serena, are you coming to the play with us?" Angie looked expectantly to the other grownup blonde.

"Of course I am." Serena nodded enthusiastically. "I would never miss my favorite niece's school play."

"I'm your only niece." Angie giggled at her aunt's antics.

"And that's why you're my favorite. Now come on," Serena winked at her before scooping her up. "Hey, how did you like to spend the whole weekend with Grandma Cabot?"

"Serena," Alex cautioned.

"Alex, I'm not taking no for an answer. We're going out this weekend." She offered over her shoulder. "I have a good feeling about this."

"That's what I'm afraid of." Alex shook her head following the other two blonds to the car.

ADA Casey Novak sat behind her desk rubbing her temples in a desperate attempt to avoid the upcoming headache.

"Look, I'd love to help you but I can't get a warrant based solely on your gut feelings." Casey sighed heavily. She knew she could trust her detectives' instincts, but she also knew that no judge would sign a warrant with so little evidence. "Give me something, anything solid and I'll get a judge to sign it, I promise."

Both detectives shook their heads in exasperation. They had little time before their witness freaked out and sent the case down the drain. They needed the warrant.

"Whatever counselor." Elliot shoved his chair back rather hard causing the back legs to slam into the floor and stormed out of the room without waiting for his partner.

Detective Olivia Benson took a long calming breath while running a nervous hand through her hair. After a few seconds, she nodded silently and stood up to follow her partner.

"Hey Liv," Casey called in a much softer tone.


"Are you busy tomorrow night?"

Olivia lifted a curious eyebrow. "I don't know. I may have to check my agenda," she smirked when Casey rolled her eyes knowingly at her. "Why do you ask, something interesting?"

"Maybe." Casey grinned sheepishly. "I'd promised Serena I would fix up her friend for a double date with us. Abbie told me she'd go, but little Miss Texas changed plans on me," She sighed. "Something about a fine piece of ass and a pair of chaps."

Olivia blushed and rolled her eyes.

"So, you want to set me up with your girlfriend's friend?" Olivia asked with a sly grin on her face as Casey nodded.

Olivia leaned forward at the waist with her arms crossed and whispered "Not a chance." as she shook her head.

"Come on Liv, what've you got to lose?"

"My Saturday night for starters."

"Oh please, so you miss another meal at home and an episode of The Overworked and Brooding?"

Olivia's jaw dropped at her friend's low blow. "Should I be offended by the comment?"

"Nope," Casey shook her head as she walked to the mini bar and grabbed a bottle of water. "It's a win-win situation. Because I'm sure that Serena will be drunk by 9 o'clock and I'm sure you'll be entertained. Plus, your kindness may be recalled when asking for matters of legal issues in the future. What do you say?"

Olivia pretended to think for a minute. "Will you get me my warrant?"

"Sure, as soon as you get me something substantial to ground it."

Olivia turned around closing the door behind her. "So where are you going tomorrow night?"

"Is that a 'yes'?" Casey asked with excitement. She slouched back in her chair when no answer came from the shut the door.

"Great." she muttered to herself.


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