Harry Potter Sleeping Beauty

By: Matrix Taylor & AMG

Type: AU/ Romance/ Humor/ Fantasy

Rated: T (Because Harry Potter's gay, there's still no hanky panky, Voldemort bashing, and some idiot complained about Snape being a fairy)

Crossover: Harry Potter/ Disney's Sleeping Beauty

AUTHOR'S NOTE: To those whose been reading my fanfics, showed love, & simply egged us on, we thank you. We couldn't have done this without you.

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Chapter 8:Defeating Evil & Happily Ever After

"The road to true love may be barriered by still many dangers, which you have to face. So arm thyself with this enchanted shield of virtue & this mighty sword of truth. For with these weapons of righteousness, it will conquer evil." Snape informed the young man as the fairy used his wand to arm the blonde.

Just outside of the dungeon, Nagini waits. The snake was not as dumb as some may think. She thought she heard something in the dungeon, but she could not see it. It was nearby when it spotted Prince Draco and those pesty faries coming out of the dungeon. The serpent slithered off to warn both the guards and her master before they got too far.

Prince Draco, Dumbledore, Snape, Molly, and Alice was halfway up the stairs when a stream of guards began running downstairs. Prince Draco did not hesitate as he pulled out his sword and began fighting his way past guards and up the stairs.

"Prince Draco!" Mary called as rocks were dropped towards Draco.

"I got it!" Dumbledore says, using his wand to turn the rocks into bubbles.

As Prince Draco continued fighting, a stream of arrows was shot his way. Thinking quickly, Molly turned the stream of arrows into a bunch of flying flowers. While Molly and Dumbledore were busy help defending the prince, Snape and Alice freed Hylios, the prince's steed. The prince found his steed waiting for him just as he was close to the front gate and quickly mount him. Prince Draco, now on his trusy steed,rides off towards the gate.


Molly hurried after Nagini, who quickly slithered off in order to awake Voldemort, her master. She threw blast after blast after the snake, but she continued to miss. Although big, she had to admit that the snake was rather fast.

"Oooo...Just you wait! I"m going to turn you into a pair of snake-skinned boots!" Molly tells it as she continued chasing it.

Just as it entered the door, Molly finally manage to hit it with a blast of her wand. Instantly, the snake was turned into stone.

"It's not what I had in mind, but that'll do." Molly says.

But, it did not matter. The loud commotion outside, including the vase by the door Nagini broke when it tried hurrying through the door to warn its master. awoke Voldemort from his slumber. By the expressin on his face, he was not happy...

"Which one of you bumbling twits..." Voldemort began as he turned to the door and then stop mid-sentence at the sight of his pet turned into stone. "No! My pet!"

Voldemort then turned to his window and saw Prince Draco escaping on his steed.

"NO!" He yelled, his eyes turning a dark yellow with slitted pupils.

(Back With The Prince)

After taking care of Nagini, Molly hurried back to the prince, who was still fighting his way out. As the prince got near the gate, someone threw hot oil. Seeing this, Alice turned the hot oil into a rainbow. The angry cry coming from Voldemort within his room could automatically be heard.

"Sounds like that old codger's got his knickers in a twist." Molly says.

"I think it's best we get out of here! Voldemort does not sound too happy." Says Dumbledore.

"I agree!" Says Alice.

Trying to keep the prince and company from escaping unless he faced his master's wrath, Peter Pettigrew quickly began raising the drawbridge.

"Oh no! Prince Draco look out!" Cried Molly.

Prince Draco did not even hesitate. He picked up speed and with one swift motion jumped over it, before it was raised all the way up, making it to the other side safe and sound. Voldemort throws two spells at him, but, it misses the intended target.

"We must hurry Prince Malfoy!" Dumbledore tells him as they continued on their way.

Ticked off and determined, Voldemort casts a spell in order to block his path and also make it the end of him. He gives an evil cackle as he watched his handy work unfold.

"A thorn of doom shall be his tomb. Born through the skies of a fog of doom. Now go with the curse and serve me well. Round King Jame's castle cast by spell!"

Instantly, a black cloud appears over the King James and Queen Lily's castle. The bolts of lightning striking everywhere caused the growth of thick thorny bushes to appear. Prince Malfoy had not choice but to stop in front of them. But, this did not dampen his determination. Instead, the prince began hacking his way through using the magic sword the fairies gave to him. Both the horse and four fairies follow. Soon enough, the prince was through.

"No!" Voldemort yelled as he watched the prince get through the thorns that was to be the Prince's undoing. The dark fey used his abilities to suddenly appear in front of the Prince, taking him a little bit off guard. "Now dear prince, you shall deal with me!"

Voldemort turns himself into a giant snake. It was huge, with fangs larger then any normal snake. His size alone was over twenty feet long. Courageously, Prince Draco steps up to him, his only concern being to get to Prince Harry. But it was clear that the task proved harder then he already knew it would be. The prince found himself retreating after a short fight. It did not help that the snake could also breath fire the color of night. Soon enough, the prince was trapped against a wall.

"Hurry your highness! Up hear!" Dumbledore says pulling on him to get his attention and pointing up.

With nowhere else to go, the Prince started climbing, the snake dogging his every step. Once up, he realized that he was now trapped on a cliff. He quickly tried to come up with a plan, bu the had no time. The snake was already on him again. With a swipe of the evil fairy's tale, Prince Draco lost his shield. The only thing he had left was the sword in his hand. But Prince Draco refused to give up. He continued to fight. But while avoiding the snake's fangs, Voldemort was able to wrap himself around the young blonde, causing the prince to drop his sword.

Voldemort give a triumphant, evil laugh.

"Foolish prince! You will die and you will never see Prince Harry again!"

"We have to do something!" Alice exclaimed as they watched the fight between the prince and Voldemort.

It was Snape who spotted the discarded sword and quickly formulated a plan.

"The magic sword! Let's combine our magic on the sword to help the prince!" Snape suggests.

Without hesitation, all four fairies combined their magic on the sword.

"Sword of truth fly swift and sure that evil dies and good endure!"

On its own accord, the sword flies up and with one swipe takes off Voldemort's head, killing the evil fairy. The body of the huge snake collapses. Once the snake was dead, Prince Draco, with the fairies as his guide, hurried inside of the tower, where Prince Harry lie asleep on his bed. Rushing to his side, Prince Draco placed a faint kiss on his lips awakening the dark haired prince from his slumber. When he awakens and see Draco, Prince Harry smiles...

Upon Prince Harry awakening from the spell, everyone else the fairies put to sleep awakes as well. The kingdom rejoiced in finally having their prince back home as well as finally being free of Voldemort and his spell. Prince Malfoy and Prince Harry was married that same day.

And they lived happily ever after!