Excuse OOC for the following reasons: They're still kids and this is alternate universe. I also apologize in advance if it is not realistic enough. I barely remember my own childhood.

Sasori kicked his legs out, trying to get higher on the swing. Besides him swung another boy with copper skin and long, dark brown hair. They were trying to see who would land farther from the swing set. Soon they began their countdown and flung themselves from the swings. Sasori landed a few inches ahead of the older boy. He stood and brushed himself off looking smug.

"Beat that, Kakuzu." He sneered.

"How about I beat you..." The other grumbled in response, also brushing himself off.

"Ha-ha. Funny." The redhead bit back sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

He followed Kakuzu into the Akatsuki Daycare. Sasori was eight years old while his friend was nine and they had been attending the daycare for a few years now; they knew the place rather well. Konan and Pain, the pair that ran the place, were more like parents than their actual guardians. Kakuzu had only a father and Sasori a grandmother to care for them. They would stay from after school to eight thirty at night when Sasori's grandmother comes to collect them.

Today, however, was supposed to be a special day for the Akatsuki. Some new kids were moving in and would be attending their daycare. It took on a lot of kids with talents that would often get them in trouble at other places. Sasori and Kakuzu were soon waved over by another boy with blue, you read it, iblue/i skin. His hair was spiky, dark blue, and stood up at an angle and showed his face which was also quite intriguing with small, beady, pale eyes. He smiled revealing a row of sharp, shark-like teeth.

"Hey, Kisame, do you see the newbies?" Kakuzu asked, pulling down the sleeve that had rode up along the way. He would new clothes soon; oh the horror of wasted money...

Kisame was not the only one with an odd appearance. Kakuzu wore long clothes to hide numerous cuts and scars that were carelessly sewn shut. Whenever Konan or Pain asked about them Kakuzu would say he was just clumsy or that it was an accident. He told everyone this and they eventually stopped questioning him. That tended to save him from getting another the next day. Sasori also had some injuries, but they were old and permanent from an accident that killed his parents and left him limbless in quite a few areas.

Konan and Pain soon joined them by the main entrance, peering out the door for the arrival of their latest 'bundles of joy.' They didn't have long to wait as a little blonde girl was led from a limousine to their porch. The daycare run by Pain and Konan was their very own two-story house with three bedrooms upstairs and a bathroom on each floor, basement included. Their backyard would be any kid's dream with the in-ground pool, swing set, seesaw, slide, sandbox, and much more. However it was still pretty simple and therefore a shock to the three kids that a limousine would drop off one of their new victims-er... friends.

"Good afternoon; this wouldn't happen to be Deidara, would it?" Konan cooed when the child and its driver arrived.

"Yes... excuse the clothes... Mrs. Aoi wanted a daughter quite badly and her husband is away." The man mumbled in apology.

"That's quite alright. I'm sure these three will be nice." She smiled sweetly while Pain turned to the three with a warning glare.

"Then I will be back to collect him at nine." He tipped his hat then left without another word.

"Sasori, why don't you show Deidara around?" Konan asked, motioning towards the redhead.

Sasori nodded, smirking when he had turned away. Kakuzu and Kisame snickered in silence, watching them head out back. Sasori showed the blonde the 'clubhouse' and then followed inside.

"Hey blondie, you look pretty cute." He slid over to her side.

"Um... thanks, un?" Deidara blinked her blue eyes but then frowned, "I'm sorry to say I'm a guy though, un."

"What?" Sasori's jaw dropped and he reached for his skirt.

"Hey, un! Don't do that!" Deidara slapped the hand away with one of his own while he used the other to hold his skirt down and close to him.

"I was just curious." Sasori scoffed, grabbing the wrist of the offending hand. "Why are you wearing gloves?"

"B-because, un! Now release me before I call my daddy." He sniffed, tugging his hand free before shoving past the other.

Sasori scowled at not having been able to control the child. He was even more upset with the fact he had hit on a guy. He stuck up his nose and followed Deidara back to the house. He noticed another car in the driveway which meant a new kid had arrived. He hurried past the crossdresser, eager to meet the newcomer.

The new kid was pretty pale and thin with white, somewhat silver, hair that went to his chin. It was unstyled but also neat. As he got closer he was able to see his eyes were pink and he snorted. This drew attention from Konan and the boy. Nobody expected the child to stick up his hand, giving Sasori the finger. His guardian seemed to notice this and jumped, grabbing the finger and forcing it back down.

"Hidan! How many times do I have to tell you; 'That isn't nice!'" She cried in exasperation.

"But that stinky jackass does it all the time!" Hidan whined back.

"... It's okay... Miss, we'll try and get him to break that habit." Konan smiled her sweet smile.

"I'd be happy to break something, that's for sure." Kakuzu whispered darkly so only Kisame and Sasori could hear. Deidara had already went to greet the new boy that looked younger than Sasori.

"Hiya, my name's Deidara, un." The blonde held out his hand shyly.

"Tch. Whatever." Hidan crossed his arms and stuck up his nose.

"Hidan, play nice." The girl, Sara, sighed. "Well, I'll try to pick him up as early as I can. Hopefully by eight thirty."

Konan stared at her curiously. She looked too young to have a child, younger than herself and Konan was twenty-four. However she showed respect and did not pry, instead motioning for Kakuzu to show Hidan around once the woman had left. He rolled his odd-colored eyes but obeyed, marching off to the backyard. Hidan soon trailed after when Pain nudged him. Kakuzu stopped him at the pool and turned to face him.

"Listen up, punk. My name's Kakuzu and if you want to survive I advise you leave me alone unless instructed to do otherwise."

"Who the hell do you think you are, anyways?" Hidan scoffed, glaring at the older boy.

"I believe I am who I told you I am." Kakuzu growled, temper already beginning to show.

"Ooo. Someone's touchy." Hidan smirked.

Kakuzu clenched his fist but before he could lash out, Sasori arrived. Deidara was somewhere close behind, an eyebrow raised in Kakuzu's direction. Sasori approached Kakuzu and gave his shoulder a squeeze, shaking his head slightly. Kakuzu took a deep breath and slowly unclenched his fist. He shot one last glare in Hidan's direction before storming back inside. Hidan stayed behind with Sasori and Deidara.

"What's that kid's problem?" Hidan asked the redhead.

"It's nothing, go ahead and play on the equipment. You though, Deidara, have to follow me." he answered, smirking as he dragged the blonde off.

"Hey, un, stop pulling! It hurts." Hidan listened to Deidara's protests until they died away as he was pulled back inside.

Hidan showed no expression as he followed them in. He spotted Kakuzu in a corner, facing the wall. His shoulders moved in a way that showed he was doing something. He looked over to where the kitchen was, directly across from the main door, and found Konan chopping up a carrot. He brightened up at this then hurried to her side, tugging on her pant leg.

"Whatchya cookin', lady?" He pointed at the boiling pot of water.

"Please, call me Konan. I am making stew."

"Can I help?" He asked.

"Um... I suppose you could set the table." She didn't want him to hurt himself in her kitchen. He was far too young to cook.

"... Okay, I guess. But y'know, I can cook some damn good soup!" He exclaimed, marching off to the nearby dining room.

Kisame came up from the basement's playroom where Sasori was busy bossing the rich kid around moments later. He snickered when he saw Hidan setting the table. There were no more new kids coming for now and tomorrow the new school year would start. He decided to go outside with Kakuzu so they could play for the remainder of time before dinner. He tapped his friend on the shoulder and jerked his head to the back door.

"Let's go play outside, Kakuzu." He grinned lopsidedly, showing off the sharp chompers once again.

"Don't want to, can't you see I'm counting? Besides, the new kid's out there." Kakuzu pocketed his fake money; he had no real money on him for his father would be quick to steal it. He had learned his lesson the hard way.

"He's actually setting the table. As for the counting... give it a rest and be a kid for a change." He saw Kakuzu brighten up then added, "And I didn't mean I would give you change for it."

"Can't we just go downstairs?" Kakuzu gave a slight, hardly noticeable pout.

"I just got back up here but okay... not like Konan would let me go swimming so close to dinner anyways."

Hidan helped Konan dish out the beef stew while Pain went downstairs to fetch the other kids for dinner. He reached the bottom of the stairs only to find Deidara backed against the wall by Sasori and Kakuzu while Kisame was picking up various play things. A majority of those were costumes and puppets. He waved at Pain as though their newest kid wasn't being threatened.

"Sasori, Kakuzu, how many times have I told you to be nice to the others?" He groaned.

"Once because Kisame is the only kid that came after us until this brat." Sasori replied smartly.

"Well, step away from him and let's go eat. Konan made stew." The children groaned save Deidara whom hadn't been subjected to Konan's pitiful attempt at cooking.

"It's better than starving." Pain leered, pointing to the stairs.

He watched the two boys trump up the stairs and Deidara scurry after them. He looked over at Kisame whom was still putting things away. Once he put the last toy away he retreated after them, giving a slight bow in Pain's direction. He was the politest kid in the bunch when he wanted to be; something he was grateful for.

The kitchen table they had was big enough to seat a party of ten. A lot of the seats required some form of booster seat though when it came to the children. Sasori was the shortest of the bunch and required two phone books while the other two used one. He frowned when his gray eyes fell upon Hidan and Deidara. They were sitting on their knees. He would need to find some more phone books for the eight year-olds. He took his seat across from Konan. Hidan was sitting next to Deidara and across from Kakuzu whom was sitting with Sasori facing Deidara and Kisame at Sasori's side.

Hidan looked down at his food and stuck a thumb in his mouth. Kakuzu watched in mild curiosity and then confusion when Hidan withdrew the slightly bloody finger and his lips moved in wordless, foreign prayer before he dug in. Kakuzu scoffed; he was sitting across from a weirdo – just what he needed. Konan kept her eyes trained on Pain while he looked at the new kids to see their reaction to his wife's cooking. Deidara looked disgusted but had the manners to finish it all while Hidan scarfed it down, trying to ignore the taste or lack thereof. Kisame ate as he usually did, not really caring while Sasori only took his usual two spoonfuls before excusing himself from the table. Kakuzu ate it with an indifferent expression; after all, the food costs valuable money and... he had eaten far worse.

Soon the table was abandoned save Hidan, Konan, and Pain. They decided not to question why he took the liberty of clearing the table and was about to do the dishes when Konan stopped him. She told him to go play and he gave a hesitant nod before joining the others in the yard. He looked around to find Sasori in the sandbox with a clearly reluctant Deidara and Kakuzu sitting on top of the clubhouse. He spotted Kisame alone with his feet in the pool and decided to join.

"Hey Fish-sticks, why so blue?" He snickered, plopping down nearby.

"..." He answered with a glare and Hidan merely shrugged it off.

"Why you by yourself?" He poked the nine year old.

"Why not?" Kisame replied.

"Isn't the big guy your bud?" He pointed at Kakuzu.

"He's not my enemy." Kisame shrugged.

"The redhead then?" He looked over to see Deidara sitting besides him.

"Hey Deidara." Kisame suddenly grinned, "So did Sasori hit on ya?"

"I'm a guy, un." He huffed in obvious offense.

"Really? Damn..." Hidan shook his head with a light laugh.

"What's so funny, un!" Deidara hopped to his feet to jab a finger in Hidan's face.

"You don't sound like one with all those, 'un's." Hidan scoffed, snapping playfully at the finger.

"I can't help it, un!" Deidara fumed.

"Heh, you're funny. Let's be friends." Hidan offered his hand with a smirk.

"... Tch, whatever, un." Deidara repeated Hidan's earlier refusal and stuck up his nose with a smug look on his face.

Kisame burst out laughing and Hidan soon joined. Unfortunately, Kisame fell into the pool due to the laughs. This earned more laughter from all the kids save Kakuzu whom only forced a smile. He slid off the roof to the clubhouse and joined his friend on the ground. Pain's call alerted them to come back in once Kisame had dragged himself from the pool.

It was eight at night when a car pulled into the driveway. Sasori exchanged a look with Kisame; it wasn't his mother's car. Konan answered the door to reveal a tall man with black hair and green eyes. They locked onto Kakuzu and the latter kept his own green eyes trained to the floor as he made his way over. He waved a brief good-bye then followed his father back to the car.

"That's a first." Sasori mumbled.

"How so? He got picked up just like the rest of us will be." Deidara exchanged a look with Hidan.

"Usually Sasori's granny has to drop him off at his place. Kakuzu's pop never picks him up except maybe once or twice." Kisame explained as another car pulled up. It was his ride. "Well, I gotta go. See you at school tomorrow, Sasori."

"See ya later, Fish-sticks!" Hidan cackled until Sasori whacked him on the head then added, "Jackass."

Around eight thirty, another car brought forth Sasori's grandmother. Sasori smirked his goodbye and met her at the door. Deidara stuck his tongue out and then followed behind when he saw his transportation pull up behind. Hidan rolled his eyes when his new friend got into the limousine. He had befriended a rich brat.

An hour passed and there was no sign of Sara. He yawned, looking around. Pain had sent Konan up to bed and stayed to watch him. Finally a car pulled up but a man stepped out. Hidan growled his goodbye to Pain before running to the car. The 'jackass' had picked him up. To make it worse, school would be starting tomorrow.

This is the reworked prologue. Hope you like it!