During Sasori's senior prom, he had pulled Deidara out onto the dance floor and held him close. Whilst they danced, his thoughts were wheeling, starting a debate within himself. He wondered if he should ask then or wait. For once he felt nervous about a love interest. He worried and sweated, but he finally managed to come to a decision. They went back to the table so he could finally ask the big question.

"Danna, are you okay, un?" The blond inquired, placing a hand on Sasori's cheek, reading his expressions like an open book.

"What does danna mean…?" Sasori had always wondered that. "I know it means master, but Itachi said it meant more than that."

"Well…" Deidara paused as the song stopped, "it means husband too, un."

"I see…" Sasori glanced around the dance floor as another song started. "Would you like to make that official?"

"What do you mean, Sasori?" Deidara blushed.

"Will you marry me? When you're out of school, of course." Sasori said quickly, blushing as much as his partner.

"Danna…" Deidara pulled away, seemingly in shock.

"But… we don't have to rush things." Sasori stuttered, afraid he had scared his lover away. "It can be in twenty years if you want."

"No." Deidara said calmly.

"No?" He repeated, extremely deflated; he could feel tears threatening to spill over.

"Danna, let's make it right after I graduate." Deidara said softly, wiping his tears.

"Really?" Sasori was feeling literally ill from how Deidara was playing his heartstrings, yanking them this way and that.

"Really, really." Deidara repeated with a giggle. "I love you very much, danna."

"And I love you, my brat." He laughed while nuzzling the short blond hair.

"Where are you going, Deidara?" Hidan inquired, watching Deidara run about his room to pack a variety of things.

"Oh!" Deidara jumped, dropping a little clay figure. "Hidan, I didn't hear you wake up, hm." He fumbled to clean up the pieces.

"It's three in the afternoon. I just woke up an hour early." He said. "Now answer my question."

"Wait, it's three, hm?" Deidara squeaked, crawling around to look for his phone.

"What are you doing?" Hidan grumbled, getting frustrated about being ignored.

"Fuck, the battery died, hm." The blond groaned, putting the phone on its charger.

"DEIDARA!" Hidan shouted.

"What?" Deidara huffed.

"What the fuck is going on?" He demanded.

"I'm leaving for a few months, hm." He consigned. "With Sasori."

"What for?" His brother prodded.

"I can't tell you, un." He said quietly, hearing the phone beep.

They both dived for the phone but Hidan was the first to snatch it. He kept Deidara at arm's length, seeing he had four new voice mails on the phone. He smirked and began to play them on speaker phone. Deidara continued to fight for the phone while Hidan had his fun teasing and listening to a frantic Sasori. His grin vanished when the third voice mail started to play.

"Look, Dei… I'll come and pick you up after I visit Pain. He has an early wedding gift for us. Hope you're ready around four, before your brother wakes up." Sasori's voice said with a quieter and less frantic tone than the previous two messages.

Deidara easily grabbed the phone before the last message played. Hidan appeared to be in shock. He took advantage of that, zipping his suitcase. As his hand touched the knob of the bedroom door, the young actor snapped out of his stupor. He had a wide range of emotions playing out on his face.

"You're already getting married? And you weren't going to tell me?" He shouted.

"Hidan—" Deidara started.

"I thought we were friends. Brothers." He glowered.

"You're overreacting!" Deidara snapped.

"And you're being a bitch!" Hidan huffed. "Why the hell didn't you invite me?"

"Come again, hm? I didn't think you would have wanted to go." Deidara looked away. "We thought you would be against it since you're… you know…"

"No. I don't know." Hidan growled, pushing past him to go up to his room. "Bitch."

Deidara slumped and sighed then he heard someone at the front door. He hurried downstairs, putting his suitcase down in order to let him in. Sasori was frowning; clearly he had been waiting for a while. Deidara apologized and explained what had happened with Hidan and why he had not received his calls. Sasori gave him a somewhat understanding look then led him to the car.

"Do you think we should have invited them, danna?" He murmured once the redhead had started the car.

"I don't know, Dei." He replied. "Don't worry about it. After all, we're finally getting married."

"You're right, un. I'm sorry." He smiled, cuddling up to Sasori.

The car ride lasted for a few hours before they reached the first hotel in their journey. Once they had arrived, Deidara finally answered his mother's calls. He smiled as she yelled and scolded him, watching Sasori undress for a shower. Once the redhead was actually in the bathroom Deidara sighed and calmed his mother. He said that she could throw a wedding party when they returned. The conversation from there was pleasant and standard for a mother about to have her baby married.

As soon as Deidara hung up, his phone rang again. He answered, seeing that it was Itachi. He was unprepared for whatever the Uchiha's reaction would be to the announcement of their Vegas-style wedding. He had not yet heard of it though.

"Wait, you mean you and Sasori are eloping? And I was not informed?" Itachi said with a slightly appalled tone.

"Well, I didn't think you would care, hm." Deidara blinked.

"Are you kidding? I want to know everything about your and Hidan's relationships. I am writing a romance book after all."

"One based off our actual lives, un?" Deidara squeaked. "I don't think-"

"Don't worry, I'm not planning that for a while. But I would have loved to accompany you guys for research… don't you need a witness?" Itachi said, hopeful.

"Oh shit. I forgot about that…" Deidara frowned. "He wants to get married in Canada for some reason so I don't think you would be able to come up…"

"Probably not in time." Itachi sighed sadly. "Wait, get Kakuzu to go with you guys."

"I guess... he is pretty close and on the way if we take a longer route, hm." Deidara considered, "But I don't see why he would want to."

"I'll pay him if he records it." Itachi said quickly.

"Okay…" Deidara sighed. "I'll talk to danna."

"I have to go, Haku needs my help with a summer school project."

After Itachi hung up, Deidara saw that he had missed a call from Hidan. He decided to avoid that voice message for now and looked at Sasori's abandoned phone. It was vibrating to the point of falling off the bedside table. He grabbed it and, naturally, answered it. There was no response for a while then finally Deidara heard a familiar voice.

"Sasori?" It was Gaara.

"Deidara, hm. Sasori is in the shower." Deidara replied.

"Oh. So are you guys in a civil union yet or whatever?" Gaara inquired.

"Not yet but well on our way, hm." He informed him.

''Could you have Sasori answer our call tomorrow? Your mom is coming to visit Chiyo tomorrow morning… to tell her about your guys' eloping." This time it was Temari's voice speaking.

"Um, sure." Deidara agreed. "Are you guys okay over with Chiyo and her brother?" He asked.

"Yeah, it's okay. Gaara hasn't been looking to good though." Kankuro answered.

"I don't want everyone to shun me like they did with Sasori…" Gaara said quietly.

"We know, Gaara. Don't worry about it." Temari said before ending the call.

"Who was it?" Sasori asked, stepping out of the shower.

"It was your cousins. They want to talk to you tomorrow, hm." Deidara passed the message, staring at his fiancé's nude body.

Sasori nodded and noticed the blond's eyes were drifting south. He gave him a handsome smirk and went to straddle Deidara. Deidara blushed, leaning back on the bed as Sasori leaned closer to him. They met with a kiss and wrapped their arms around each other. Sasori plopped down on the bed and then pulled Deidara on top of him. They kissed again, letting the passion swell. Soon Deidara's shirt was on the floor with Sasori's towel and the lovers were heading under the covers.

"I love you, danna."

"I love you too."

"I love you three." An extra voice said from the doorway.

"Hidan! What the hell are you doing here, hm?" Deidara demanded with a blush, pulling the covers to his neck.

"How did you get in our hotel room?" Sasori asked, also covering himself.

"Pain and mom leant you their credit cards. Kakuzu was able to get everything we needed from that." Hidan scoffed, arks crossed.

"'Kakuzu'?" The duo echoed.

"On break." The young man grumbled, entering the hotel room with a briefcase which held his laptop and paperwork.

"... Looks like we have witnesses, danna." Deidara blinked.

"Ugh." Sasori huffed, flopping back on the bed. "Fine."

"Oi Deidara, you better be a virgin still." Hidan drawled, sitting at the foot of their bed.

"Hidan, un!" Deidara flushed, whacking his brother with his pillow.

"Where are you two sleeping?" Sasori inquired.
"We were thinking of sleeping out in the van." Kakuzu shrugged.

"Cheap ass!" Hidan pouted. "I wanted to sleep here!"

"Give them some privacy."

Kakuzu rolled his eyes, dragging his boyfriend off the bed. Sasori mouthed a thank you while Deidara giggled. Outside the room, Hidan was still pouting while Kakuzu scolded him. Afterwards he gave a sigh and grabbed the Jashinist's hand, leading him out to the van. The pair had taken a taxi to get to the hotel after getting off the plane which Kakuzu's sister paid for with Hidan's paycheck. Hidan pulled some blankets out from a storage bin in the old day care van while Kakuzu pulled down the headrest of one of the seats to meet another, forming a bed.

"How'd Itachi know about this?" Hidan smirked suspiciously.

"Now, now Hidan. None of that." The older sighed, laying down a sheet and some pillows.

"Bet Kisame knew about it too." He snickered, earning a smack to the back of the head.

"Lay down. I'll lock the van."

Hidan rubbed his head, grumbling as he lay down on the makeshift bed, pulling the blanket over himself. Kakuzu went about locking the door and a few windows then took off his shoes, tie, and blazer to join his boyfriend under the covers. Hidan yawned loudly and Kakuzu unbuttoned his shirt until Hidan stopped him, nuzzling his exposed tan chest. Kakuzu smiled, wrapping his legs around his and then put his arms around him, drifting off into a peaceful slumber.

Inside the hotel room, Sasori was sitting up in bed, looking under his covers, face flushed and lips parted. Deidara rested between his legs, almost finished with his job. A hand made its way up Sasori's torso, letting the tongue play with his neck and collarbone. Sasori's panting became more pronounced and he groaned with pleasure. Deidara blushed and sat up, wiping his mouth. The redhead smiled at him, stroking his cheek. They whispered their loving words then curled up together under the sheets and blanket.

The next morning, Sasori and Deidara packed up their things and got into the van, waking Kakuzu and Hidan. They continued their drive to Canada with an occasional stop. Elsewhere, Kisame and Zabuza were gettimg off a ship, bags in hand and swords on their back. Itachi smiled, waiting for them at the end of the dock. He held open the truck door and was squished between them after they threw their bags in the back.

"How was it?" Itachi inquired as Kisame started the car.

"Eh. Tiresome." Zabuza sighed. "How were you and Haku?"

"Same as usual. I'm almost finished rewriting my novel." Itachi smiled.

"That's great, angel." Kisame kissed Itachi's cheek once they had finished the short drive to Haku's school.

"We'll walk home, guys." Zabuza informed them, sliding out of the truck as Haku approached.

"Zabuza!" The young boy collided with the older, giving him a tight hug. "You're home."

"Yeah. I am." Zabuza tossed Haku's backpack in the back and then walked down the sidewalk.

Itachi smiled, grabbing Kisame's free hand for the ride home. He could not wait to tell Kisame about their friends' elopement. Kisame stroked his boyfriend's hand with his thumb, trying to focus on the road rather than his passenger's beauty. They made it home safely and entered the lovely beach house. Zabuza and Haku entered shortly after.

"Okay you two... We have some news about Sasori and Deidara." Itachi began, pulling Kisame onto the couch.

"Really? Did they break up or something?" Zabuza sat on a recliner, Haku nestled in his lap.

"No, quite the opposite, Zabuza." Haku giggled.

"They've eloped."

"They what now?" The two marines were clearly confused.

"You know, they ran off to get married." Haku explained.

"Seriously?" They exclaimed.

"Yep. I'm having Kakuzu record their wedding though. They caught up with the elopers last night." Itachi smirked.

"'They'?" Zabuza echoed.

"Hidan was near Kakuzu, shooting a commercial. I called and told them." Itachi explained. "Hidan seemed happy."

"Achoo!" Hidan sneezed, shivering as they stopped at their hotel in Canada. "It's chilly..."

"Mmhm." Kakuzu murmured, putting his arm around his boyfriend, rubbing his shoulder to smooth the goosebumps.

"It's beautiful here, danna." Deidara sighed blissfully, staring at some water displays.

"Not as beautiful as you." Sasori replied, hand on the blond's waist.

"Still corny as ever." Kakuzu murmured to Hidan, earning a snicker.

"Hey, at least I know he loves me, hm." Deidara puffed, sticking his tongue out at them.

"What's that supposed to mean, bitch?" Hidan snapped.

"Nothing." Deidara smiled, nuzzling his beloved.

"I got a room with two beds so you won't freeze in the van." Sasori hinted, wanting to be alone.

Kakuzu acknowledged this and dragged Hidan into the hotel. The two elopers were finally alone to take in the scenery, pressed close together. It was a pleasant silence between the two and then they started to think back to their not-so-distant childhood.

"Danna..." Sasori smiled at Deidara.

"What would you like to know, my dear?" He inquired charmingly.

"How... Did you lose your parents and limbs... Hm?" He asked quietly.

"Oh." Sasori's smile faded slightly. "Well, it was a tragic vehicle accident..."


Sasori was on the school bus, heading for an art museum with his class. His parents were chaperones, driving their own car behind the bus. Children were singing, laughing, and playing. There were a variety of ages on the bus, all younger than the redhead. One of these kids sat in front of him. He looked very much like Hidan though back then Sasori knew nothing of him.

He was clearly nervous, even a little teary eyed. Sasori sighed and poked him, trying to get his attention. The boy with pink eyes looked up, glaring. He asked the boy what was wrong but the boy was quiet.

"Well kid? You look real down…" Sasori frowned.

"Shove off, asshole, it's none of your business!" He shouted.

"Oi, keep quiet back there." The bus driver snapped.
"Jeez, I was just trying to help." Sasori scoffed and rolled his eyes, sitting back down.

"Well I don't need it." The boy scowled, crossing his arms.

Sasori fumed silently, pulling out his puppet that his grandmother had made for his birthday. In front of him the boy was pulling out a photograph. It was a pregnant woman and a man, both with a little girl between them. A kid seated next to him snatched the framed photo, sneering. The troubled child laughed, making a face as the boy tried desperately to get the picture back. The driver felt her eye twitch and glared at her mirror.

"Cut it out." Sasori finally shouted. "If you don't sit down, something bad will happen."

"Like what, doll-boy?" The bully sneered, punching the first grader.

"Don't hit him." Sasori snapped, snatching the photo.

"Stay out of this…" The boy coughed.

"I said to quiet down, you brats!"

"Ms. Ter-!" A teacher gasped as her warning was cut off when the bus met head-on into an eighteen wheeler.

Sasori and the other two kids were thrown back, gasping in pain. Sasori tried to stay calm amongst the screaming children as the bus finally came to a screeching halt. He saw his parents in the car behind them, slamming on their brakes. Unfortunately, their car was old and they rammed into the bus, sending their son and some of his classmates jolting forward. Sasori felt more bumps as more cars crashed into them.

Sasori finally screamed as his mother landed near him, clearly dead. He backed up into a student, whirling around to see who it was. The student was bleeding heavily. Then Sasori realized it wasn't just his blood. He couldn't feel his legs or arms. He began to panic, looking around frantically for his missing limb. He noticed the first grader from earlier sitting perfectly unharmed on a body of their schoolmates. That angel of death was the last thing Sasori saw before he finally blacked out.

~End Flashback~

"After that I woke up in the hospital. I had to have my limbs amputated and my grandmother was sobbing on the chair…" Sasori said, voice breaking.

"Oh Sasori…" Deidara teared up, putting a hand on his prosthetic arm. "I'm so sorry, un."

"Now that I think about it… that kid really was Hidan, wasn't it?" Sasori sighed. "The few survivors were all badly injured though I read in a newspaper later that there was one perfect survivor… It was him…"

"You don't blame him, do you?" Deidara asked quietly.

"No… it was that bully's fault…" Sasori replied, putting his hand over his fiancé's.

"He and his sister told us about that bus accident, hm." The blond whispered. "They said that a redhead had saved the picture of their parents but Hidan hated himself because that redhead died…"

"I see." The redhead sighed and laid back, "Perhaps we should tell him some day…"

"It would be nice, hm."

"I told you! He's not wearing a dress, damnit!"

"It's our wedding and we say he is!"

"Guys, stop fighting, hm!"

"This doesn't concern you, brat. I said he's wearing a dress, Hidan and that's final!"

"Fuck no, he won't wear a dress to please you with your sick fetishes!"

"Kakuzu, do something, hm!"

"Like what?"

"I don't know, anything, hm!"


Kakuzu got up from his seat, shutting his text book and setting it aside. Nearby, Hidan and Sasori were growling and glaring, trying to plan the wedding without Deidara. The blond had been watching helplessly from the bed. A tuxedo and a dress both lay beside him and he had planned on wearing both but then Hidan protested the dress. This got Sasori fired up to argue and demanded his fiancé wear the dress.

Kakuzu hit both of his friends hard on the head, getting their attention. He told Hidan to stay out of everything and then told Sasori to take Deidara's feelings into account. He then promptly left, dragging Hidan out by his hair. Sasori gave Hidan a raspberry then looked to his pouting fiancé.

"… So you don't want to wear a dress?" He asked quietly.

"No, I do… but I also want to wear a tux, hm." He sighed heavily, looking at the beautiful dress his mother had lent him.

"Is there a way you can wear both…?" Sasori inquired.

"Yeah. Wear one during vows and another during the reception but I can't decide which one to wear when, un." Deidara sighed, fingering his wedding dress.

"Well... Let's exchange vows in the tux then you can wear that dress for the reception. I think you would look beautiful dancing in that with me." Sasori stroked his cheek, placing a kiss on his forehead. "Now, so long as you don't get cold feet, you could go to the altar naked for all I care."

"You'd like that, un." Deidara giggled, kissing his cheek.

Kakuzu stood next to Sasori at the altar, completely comfortable in his business suit. Sasori, on the other hand, was sweating heavily, fiddling with his tuxedo. The music started up and he snapped to attention. Deidara came down the aisle, Hidan latched onto his arm. Kakuzu and Hidan's laptop webcams sat in different locations, recording and hosting live.

All their friends watched from their homes as Hidan glared hard at Sasori, giving him his brother's hand. Deidara was blushing, trying to be calm. Hidan grumbled lightly under his breath, grabbing a bible with his church's symbol. He had gotten a certificate through his church for marrying others under their god, Jashin. Kakuzu only encouraged Sasori to allow it because it was cheaper than hiring a minister or other 'professional'.

"Alright, fuckers, we're all gathered here today to celebrate a union of two heathen bastards." Already Kakuzu was regretting this decision. "Sasori 'asshole' Akasuna and Deidara Katsu."

The two lovers rolled their eyes, listening to Hidan's reading of the vows. The profanities made some of their friends laugh, especially Kankuro. He and his siblings were watching for Sasori but Chiyo had still disowned Sasori. She did not even know about their elopement. But today was a happy day because Aoi and Pain were watching, clearly proud of their children. Pain was like a father to all the kids that had been part of the Akatsuki daycare.

"So, do you, asshole, take my beloved brother to be your partner for all eternity-"

"Of course. Eternal beauty is my specialty." Sasori smirked.

"Danna, beauty is meant to be fleeting, un." Deidara corrected.

"So you don't want your marriage to last forever?" Kakuzu grumbled in annoyance, growing impatient as the ceremony dragged on.

"True..." Deidara trailed.

"Look, just say 'I fucking Do', alright?" Hidan huffed before a fight could be started.

"I do?" Sasori said.

"I do~." Deidara smiled.

"Good." Hidan shut his bible and the young couple stared at him.

"Aren't you forgetting something, Hidan?" Kakuzu elbowed his boyfriend.

"No?" Hidan blinked.

"Aren't we supposed to kiss, un?"

"Fuck no I'm not letting you two kiss." Hidan snapped.

"Hidan." Kakuzu warned.

"Fine. Fuck each others' brains out." He grumbled.

Deidara giggled while the other two rolled their eyes. The newly wed couples leaned in, giving a loving, passionate kiss. After the fifth minute Hidan finally broke it up by smacking Sasori's head with his bible. The group finished everything they were intended to do and headed back to the van. The reception would be back in Illinois where Aoi and even Deidara's father had helped rent a place. In order to reach home in a day rather than a week, Kakuzu and Sasori drove and slept in shifts.

Meanwhile, all their friends had canceled any and all plans they had and attempted to return to Illinois to celebrate their friends' wedding. Even Sasuke, Gaara and their dates were invited to the reception. Everyone gathered at the old daycare and waited for the newlyweds, some reminiscing about Deidara and Sasori and their past.

"I must admit, I liked Deidara a little more than I probably should have." Madara was saying to Kisame and Zabuza, "That kid is hot."

"Excuse me?" Zetsu grumbled moodily.

"You're excused." Madara replied coolly.

"Jerk." He huffed, "This is why we like Tobi more than you."

"Ouch." Kisame and Zabuza laughed.

"Yeah well Tobi can't screw you into the mattress like I can." Madara snapped back.

"Too much information…" Zabuza said, covering Haku's ears.

"I'm thirsty." Zetsu mumbled, blushing.

"I'll get you a drink." Madara smiled, leading his lover away.

"Itachi, that's a beautiful kimono." Aoi said, admiring the Uchiha's outfit.

"Thank you… it was the most formal attire I could find that would fit." Itachi replied.

"It's fine." She smiled. "Your little brother is wearing a darker one."

"He's here?" Itachi looked around, searching for his beloved brother.

"Naruto, why won't you be upset when I leave?" The younger Uchiha was demanding of his date.

"Not really. You'll finally be back with your brother." The blond replied dully.

"But what about you?" Sasuke urged.

"I suppose I'll be a little upset for Sakura." Naruto said.

"But you?" Sasuke sighed, giving up.

"The newlyweds are here!" Kisame shouted, startling most of the guests.

The friends closest to Sasori and Deidara both rushed to the windows, watching Sasori help Deidara out of the vehicle. Behind them, Hidan stumbled out on sleeping limps, a few bags in his hands. Kakuzu followed with the remaining suitcases on his shoulders and in his hands. Aoi and Pain both rushed out to greet the couple, arms open. They were finally ready to go to the reception hall in town. People piled into the van and their cars, heading for the building. It was a decent size with plenty of room for a small party like theirs.

They received a big surprise to find Atari and Suki there with their manager and Hidan's manager. Kakuzu greeted his sister casually then helped unpack the stars for their live performance. Hidan had arranged it so that his costars would perform at the reception as they had started getting an interest in music before Hidan graduated. However no one expected Hidan to join them on the stage and tap his finger on the top.

"Alright assholes, let's give our congratulations for the newlywed artists. In about thirty minutes we're gonna start up the music." He announced.

"I didn't know Hidan was in the band, hm... Did you, Kakuzu?" Deidara asked his brother's boyfriend.

"No... Sister?" He blinked.

"Of course, I am his manager, brother." She replied, picking her son up.

Kakuzu blushed faintly, upset that his sister seemed to know Hidan better than he did. However Deidara had lost interest in his brother's manager, going to take his husband's arm. Sasori smiled, turning away from Kankuro and Temari to place a loving kiss on Deidara's forehead. They both walked around, accepting their friends' congratulations and looked to their table of gifts and their food table, keeping their eyes trained on the wedding cake.

"Hidan made that before he went out to meet you guys…" Aoi informed them, placing a hand on her son's shoulder. "I can't believe you went and got married without me." She pouted, nuzzling her son. "But I'm happy my beautiful boy found his handsome prince." She then rested a hand on the redhead's cheek before moving aside for other guests.

"Congratulations, Sasori." Pain greeted with Kisame and Kakuzu at his side. "Konan is probably smiling down from heaven as we speak."

"Thank you, Pain." Sasori smiled, shaking his hand. "How are the triplets?"

"It's a little easier with Itachi back home. I'll miss him when he goes back to Hawaii." He replied.

"I wish we could stay here but I still need to finish college." Kisame sighed, "I know he's worried about little Sasuke-kun."

"Gaara says that Naruto never really liked Sasuke…" Sasori murmured, "That Sakura girl is drawing attention from both him and Lee but she likes Sasuke. Kind of a mess."

"Makes her a mary sue…" Itachi appeared in place of Deidara. "It's a term used for a bitch that essentially has nothing that's really attractive yet everyone finds her attractive."

"That's not nice, Itachi." Kisame laughed halfheartedly.

"And that's only part of what can make a mary sue." A new voice laughed.

"Ashley, Bobby!" Kisame and Kakuzu gaped, surprised to find their old teacher there with his sister.

"Congratulations, Sasori." They said together.

"Thanks." The redhead smiled.

"We can't stay too long. Just wanted to see Tobi and Zetsu." Bobby said.

"Ungrateful bastards stopped contacting us after moving to Japan." Ashley growled.

"They're over there talking to those managers, hm." Deidara returned to his husband's side with a snack.

"Thank you." The two siblings left, going towards their former 'children'.

The thirty minutes ended and Hidan drew the party's attention. Suki and Atari were behind him, the latter with a guitar. Suki was on keyboard and a drumset sat behind them. Hidan cleared his throat then prepared his speech.

"Alright, first dance goes to uhm... The newlyweds, right?" Suki shrugged, "Well, alright then. Asshole and my brother get the first minutes alone." Hidan withdrew from the microphone, sitting behind the drumset.

"Oi, Chi-Chi, can Hidan actually play those?" Kakuzu motioned to the drumset.

"Yep. I found out it was a great way to lessen his stress." She smiled. "I didn't even really have to pay for lessons. He just studied a few books and movies. Apparently he took a few music classes in high school and lessons back when he was in Japan." She explained as Hidan started slapping the sticks together.

Instead of the sound of a drum and guitar, Hidan hit his symbol once and let Suki have a gentle solo on a piano setting for the keyboard. When everyone gave them looks, he explained.

"What? Mom and Sasori said they wanted some of this shit to be traditional." He huffed, hopping off the stage. "Got you guys going though, didn't I? After the mother-son dance or whatever then we'll get to the good music."

"You're an idiot..." Kakuzu grumbled, grasping for some kind of last minute insult.

"Thank you, Hidan."

Sasori rolled his eyes at his new brother-in-law and pulled Deidara to the dance floor. Aoi sighed in awe, loving how her wedding dress fit her son almost perfectly. She had it tweaked back when she had gotten divorced, dreaming to see it on her only child despite his gender. She had been training him to wear dresses ever since he could crawl so he had no problems dancing in them. While she beamed though, Hidan was brooding, glaring at how the redhead's hand was resting below Deidara's hip, a perverted smirk on his face.

He was successfully distracted as Kakuzu grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the floor as other couples joined in. Hidan sighed and rested his head on his boyfriend's shoulder, forcing thoughts of his brother away. Deidara was happy and that was all that mattered. Plus, he could feel Kakuzu was growing a bit forgotten. He smiled, standing on,his toes to place a chaste kiss on his lips.

"I love you, Kakuzu." He smiled, nuzzling closer to him.

"I love you too." Kakuzu smirks, placing his own strong hands on the Jashinist's posterior.

"Aw, look at them all." Itachi sighed somewhat blissfully, sitting with Kisame at a table. "They're all so happy."

"And you're happy too, right?" Kisame said.

"Well yeah but I would be happier if we were dancing out there with them." Itachi grumbled.

"Sorry I was born with two left feet." Kisame pouted.

"It's fine, love." Itachi smiled, stroking his cheek.

"Why don't you dance with Sasuke? Naruto doesn't look like he's interested in dancing." Kisame nudged him, pointing to his little brother sitting alone in the corner.

"Where'd that blond asshole go?" Itachi growled.

"He's over with Lee and Gaara."

Itachi got up, going towards his brother, offering him a dance. Sasuke was hesitant but accepted, following him to the dance floor. Kakuzu's nephew had joined on the floor now, dancing with his mother and then Hidan. Kisame took the freedom to go and interrogate Naruto.

"Naruto, can I ask you something?" He tapped the boy's shoukder.

"Uh, sure." He shrugged.

"Why aren't you dancing with Sasuke?"

"I didn't think he was the kind that liked this kinda stuff." Naruto scratched the back of his head.

"He likes it as much as he likes you." Kisame sighed.

"Sasuke doesn't love, he hates." Naruto grumbled.

"What makes you think that?" The blue man scowled.

"Only a heartless bastard could break Sakura's heart." The blond replied with a huff.

"That's your boyfriend, you're talking about." Kisame twitched angrily.

"He's not my boyfriend. I only agreed to be his friend with benefits so Sakura wouldn't be embarrassed when she sees Sasuke would rather kiss a guy than her." He explained hotly.

"You are an idiot that makes no sense." Kisame growled but walked away when he saw Itachi approach with his little brother.

A few feet away, Pain sat with his triplets at the table. He smiled as he watched the kids he had raised dance and smile, enjoying life despite all their hardships growing up. He smiled again, this time at his daughter.

"They've all grown up, Konan."

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