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"All right, Bella just a few more pushes." Carlisle's calm voice washed over me and I would have smiled had my insides not been coming out. I swear that's what was happening to me!

"Can someone remind me why I said no to the drugs again?" I asked for the thirtieth time.

"Come on, babe, suck it up. It's just a little baby. How bad can it really hurt?" I glared at Paul. He had spent my entire labor pissing me off… intentionally. Bastard.

"Alice, Rose, will one of you handle that for me?" I cringed as another contraction hit.

"Ow! Bitches!" Paul was rubbing the back of his head and Alice and Rose were both grinning.

"All right, Bella, here's the head. Now push as hard as you can!" Carlisle was encouraging and I felt a wave of determination wash over me. Thank God for Jasper standing outside the door.

"Holy shit! That's a lot of fucking hair!" Paul wheezed before he hit the floor. I couldn't help but laugh as I pushed. He deserved that. Asshole.

"Jasper is telling Jake about that as we speak," Alice chirped.

I cried out with relief as Carlisle informed me it was over. Then cried with happiness when I heard that first cry. Alice was lifting Paul off the floor but I couldn't be bothered to watch. I wanted to see my son. Rosalie was cleaning him off and cooing to him softly before finally placing him in my arms.

"Hey there little man," I whispered as I placed a finger in his tiny hand. His eyes were squinted as they continued to adjust to the light and all the new things going on around him.

"He's gorgeous, Bella!" Rose exclaimed as Alice snapped picture after picture, with both her cell phone and her camera.

"I still can't believe Paul lost that bet! The last thing this world needs is another Emmett!" Rose and I both rolled our eyes. Paul and Emmett had become close and often spent hours upon hours playing video games and wrestling. The bets they made were scandalous, and for the most part evened out. But the final straw was betting on my child's name. Upon losing, Paul knew that he was in trouble and after giving both him and Emmett a good tongue lashing an agreement was reached. If we had a boy, his middle name would be Emmett and Paul had no say in the first name, so Charles Emmett it was. I thought my dad would burst into tears when we told him what we had decided on, but he just covered it up with a twitch of his mustache and a cough. Then he smiled before taking a sip of his beer and asking Paul about how he thought the Seahawks were going to do that season. Men.

"Ugh," Paul groaned as he started really coming to.

"It's about damn time, jackass!" I chuckled at his slightly green face. "Now, come look at our son."

Paul's face was lit up in awe of the little bundle I held in my arms.

"Fuck, he's tiny!" Paul breathed.

"I swear to crack, if you say one word about pain I will kill you," I warned. He smiled but nodded his acceptance.

"Can I hold him? I mean, do you think it'll be okay? I don't want to drop him." Paul looked so unsure, and very unlike his normal self.

"It will be fine. It's all instinct." I kissed Little Charlie and gently placed him in Paul's bulky arms. I was very surprised to see an actual tear fall from Paul's right eye. Everyone left the room to give us a moment.

"Damn, little man, I can't believe you're actually here," Paul whispered. "Your mom is the greatest, kid, and I love her so much for giving you to me. I guess I'll have to be a little nicer now." I rolled my eyes and he grinned at me. We both knew that would never happen. Paul was Paul, and I loved him for it.

"And, kiddo, I have so much to teach you! Video games, sports, how to get all the hot girls to let you…" I coughed and raised an eyebrow before he could finish the sentence.

"Where's my nephew?" Emmett barreled through the door, followed closely by a beaming Charlie, and then the rest of the Cullens shortly after.

Without asking, my dad took Charlie from Paul and began speaking to him in hushed tones. I wasn't sure what he was saying but it must have been sweet since Esme sighed, longingly.

"Edward and Maggie send their love. They said that their present should be at your house by the time you all go home." Alice smiled, knowingly as she spoke.

Edward. He had a difficult time of things for a while. Even though there was a pull to Maggie, he was reluctant to let me go. I understood to a certain extent. I was in love with Paul, but you never forget that feeling of first love. With Edward's… issues, it was slightly more difficult for him. But after some time he finally began to come around. Now, five years later, he and Maggie were happily traveling the world and making plans to marry. After months of pleading, I began speaking to Edward on the phone, trying to help him move past us. Once he gave in to the persistent Maggie, we became what we should have been all along; wonderful friends. It didn't hurt that Maggie was such a wonderful addition to our crazy, blended family. She was perfect for Edward, and never took any of his shit. I loved her!

"Did you send them a picture?" I asked her.

"Sure did! Edward thinks he will look more like you, minus the pale skin. Maggie said that Edward better watch his back because he might have some competition when Charlie grows up." Maggie loved to tease Edward about losing his woman to a dog.

"I bet he loved that," I rolled my eyes and smiled.

Little Charlie was passed around until Carlisle finally had to go into doctor mode and remind everyone that I needed rest. They were all reluctant to go, but swore they would be back. And they were. Just like always, my family was there.

"Baby, I can't believe we have a kid," Paul whispered. "Me and Chuck are going to have so much fun when he gets older."

"Chuck?" I questioned.

"Yeah, calling him Charlie is confusing." He shrugged.

"Um, no, we are not calling him Chuck."

"But…" He whined.

"No! You'll have to think of another nickname for him, then 'cause you're not calling him Chuck."

"Jake is already calling him Chucky," Paul mumbled and I knew that I was going to talk to Angela about her crazy ass husband. He was not calling my kid a demented doll.

"I don't care what Jake says. If Angela wouldn't let them call Vanessa, Nessie, what makes him think I would go for that?" I was surrounded by annoying men.

"You're no fun," Paul pouted and I laughed.

"You weren't saying that when we were making that little guy that you're holding," I retorted.

"Or when we were trying to make you go into labor," he winked and I giggled.

"Perv!" I smacked his arm.

"But you love me," He smirked.

"That I do, baby. That I do." I looked at my husband holding our sleeping son and wondered how I had gotten so lucky.

"So, how quick can we get to work on making another one?" He waggled his eyebrows and bent over to softly kiss my lips. That was my Paul, a walking contradiction; sweet and sour all rolled into one. And he was all mine, forever.

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