Title: Aragorn the Evil

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Aranel

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Rate: T

Warning: Angst, violence, abuse, OOC of Aragorn, Evil!Aragorn AU.

Summary: Something changes everyone could feel it as the air was heavy. King Elessar was not as he was before.

Characters: King Elessar a.k.a. Aragorn, Queen Arwen, Prince Eldarion, Legolas, Gimli and possibly other guests…

A/N: This story is dedicated to rosethorn59, because she is to blame for throwing me bunnies (and this is one of them). *grins* Love you, sweetie.

Things do not change; we change.

~Henry David Thoreau

Chapter 1: Alone in the Dark

4th Age


Lord Legolas from Ithilien was worried.

It had been a quite long time since he heard from his dear friend and his family and that fact concerned him so deeply that he took off in a hurry, leaving Gimli to supervise his elves and help them. The dwarf would rather have followed him but Legolas had insisted that he stayed in Ithilien just in case something went wrong.

He had heard rumors about the condition of the royal family and he was upset. Why had he only heard about all this now? He was starting to blame himself for being so selfish and being with the elves at the expense of his friend. Perhaps, after all these years, Aragorn had forgotten about him.

He rode on his white horse at a steady pace, respecting Arod just as the stallion respected him and helped him from time to time even at war, and Legolas was proud of his horse.

But when he reached the tall wooden gates, he saw no guards at the wall, and he grew worried? Why were they not in position to see who was approaching the city?

Legolas called out for the guards and yet none of them appeared.

Why? His senses were alert now, fear filling his mind and heart, as he worried if the king had been held captive or if something had happened to the royal family. In this uncertainty, he could only hope for the best.

Eldarion's smiling face surfaced in his mind. The thought of how quickly he had grown attached to the boy almost frightened him but the child certainly held a piece of his heart, just like his father. They were Legolas' family.

"Hello? The gates!" he called, hoping that someone might open the gates and let him in – or even just respond in any way.

But there was no answer. Then, there in the wind… He could have sworn by the Valar that he heard Eldarion's voice calling for him.

"Eldarion!" he called, hoping that the boy would reply, "Elessar, Arwen…"


Legolas felt that despite the blinding sun, he was truly in the dark, alone. He stared at the gates helplessly. There was no one around, no sign of life. He could feel the waves of despair soaring in his body as he walked back toward Arod. Perhaps he ought to find some other means and call for help.

As he mounted Arod, something drifted over from the castle. He watched it with keen eyes, waiting till it landed on the ground, and seeing no sign of danger, Legolas dismounted and walked to it.

He picked up the parchment and his heart gripped. It was stained with blood with a lone word.


End of Chapter 1.