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Chapter 4: Run... Eldarion... Run...

As soon as the king had left, a guard stepped into the room to secure the prisoners.

Though what the king did not know was that this guard would do anything to save his queen and prince, and hopefully to find out what had caused his king to act like this.

Much as the guard knew that he could be found guilty of high treason, he needed to help as much as Queen Arwen and the little prince needed his aid. Among the most loyal guards, they had come up with a plan, and it was time to set it into motion.

All they had to do was to ensure that King Elessar would not visit Queen Arwen, Prince Eldarion or Lord Legolas.

Manny, the guard watched the wounded royal family and a very injured Lord Legolas, still lying face-down with his back so marred by the lashes.

"Nana..." Eldarion sobbed quietly.

The guard's heart broke to see the boy hurt so cruelly by his father.

"What is it, my son?" Arwen asked. She wanted nothing more than to take her son in her arms and never ever let go of him. She had to protect her frail child from the husband she could neither understand nor recognize.

"I miss ada... I hate ada like this..." Eldarion cried in the cold. The chains must have hurt him but the boy did not complain. It was more than enough for him to see his beloved uncle beaten and yet not say a word of the pain that he endured.

For Eldarion, Legolas was his hero.

But as for Legolas. He could only suffer quietly. The tears of pain caressed his cheeks, his blood burned his skin. What made it hurt much more than he could have imagined was that it had been his best friend. There, the hand that had held the dagger. No, not a friend. A...a monster.

"E… l… dar… ion…" he called weakly.

Arwen heard her friend calling her son, and urged Eldarion to move as close as the chains would let him.

"Can you reach him, son?" Arwen asked Eldarion.

"Barely, nana," Eldarion replied. He could only see all the blood. Was the elf alive? His chest did not move up and down.

"Go… run… for… your… life…" Legolas weak voice was clear enough for Arwen.

"He cannot go anywhere; he is chained to the wall just as I am," Arwen told her friend.

"No, he is not." A voice interrupted softly. The guard then bent over and released her bonds as well. "You are free to go, my queen."

"Will he not search for us?" Arwen asked in fear, shifting over to her son and holding him tightly.

"He will, but if we are going to meet any danger, at least we should free your son from his evil mind," the guard suggested.

Arwen nodded, enveloping Eldarion in a close embrace. If she wanted him to be safe, her only hope was to set him free and look forward to seeing him again, alive.

Arwen lifted her son's chin, looking intently at him.

"Do you understand what you have to do?" Arwen asked him.

Eldarion nodded and then he turned toward the unmoving elf on the floor, "Is he not coming with us?"

"He cannot, but you are his hope, if you will run when you have to. Do you remember the shortcut that Legolas showed you? The shortcut to Ithilien?"

Eldarion nodded, he pulled his mother close. Arwen wrapped him warmly in her arms and kissed his forehead.

"I love you, nana," Eldarion told her, and then he looked at his injured uncle whom he loved so much. "Tell Uncle Legolas that I love him… Gimli will help him."

With that, he followed the guard out of the room. He heard the door close behind him and gave a heavy sigh. He knew that, once the gates were locked, he would have to find his courage and run till he reached Gimli.