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I hung up the phone and yawned, now that my plans were set up I could spend a day or two at Yuri's. That would be Christmas eve and Christmas day, hopefully I could make those days the best for her sake. Afterall I would have to runoff after words, I was sure that I would worry her to death after all this was done. There were lots of things to worry about these two days were the only break I would truly have, I especially was worried about the talk with Megumi.

I could barely recall our conversation, so I guessed that my borg took over after being repressed this whole day. He was as much a threat as was everything else, I could only control it so long and predict his behavior only so much. Both of us were such logical beings, but the defining point was that I had emotions outside of borg instinct. I slumped against a wall and slid down to a balled up position, wondering how this would turn out. Would she even want me if she knew?

I just sat and ran random thoughts in my head just to make sure it was `me` and not `borg` , I got up after double checking for an hour and crept back into Yuri's room. I stood at the doorway and looked at her borg, it was funny that thing was more like me than Yuri was, it wanted what I wanted, It thought like how I thought, and It was a Drill just like me. Both of us, just symbiotes, just competeing for the same host,...Looks like he knew the whole checking procedure and snuck up on me anyway.

I walked softly and stopped again infront of Yuri's bed, I looked down at her cute sleeping face. She still believed that I had been holding her securely the whole time,... I could feel some wet droplets fall from my face. I had been crying the whole time, I tilted my head and cried silently in my head letting the tears drip drop on to Yuri's carpet. It was so quiet I could hear each tear fall... Drip..Drop..Drip...Drop... It was pretty rhythmic much like a heart beat, but mine felt so disconnected I wonder if it would beat once and give two more in succession.

She was so different since I had met her months ago, she could never realize just how blessed she was. She had the freedom to fly outside, while I was stuck in this lonely cage admiring her. She was the only one that came out with only a few scratches, unlike me or Kasumi who were aliens who could never be human again. She was so lovely, but she was also a reminder of something I could never be, She could move without having to check everything out with someone else, she could feel and touch what I would never be able to fully could love me and never have to control herself, while I was on guard against myself constantly trying to restrict my actions, thinking of all this I never felt more alone even with her next to me.

Her Borg stirred and woke up, getting cross-eyed and glaring at me, I imitated him with the same cross eyes glare.

"What is it Kumi? What are you planning? or is it your Borg I'm talking to?" He asked almost in a convincing concerned voice.

"You know your talking to both of us, are you jealous? That we're so close to her... Ugh... That's getting annoying, any way you don't have to worry I actually have feelings for her." I replied.

"As long as I'm with her I will stop you if you try anything... Just know that Kumi."

" Just know that I trust you to do that much if need be..."

He fell back to sleep and I crawled back under the sheets, and held Yuri again. These borgs were getting on my nerves, both spoke so monotonely it drove me crazy.I eventually fell asleep.

When I woke up it was still pretty early, even when it was the holidays I woke up at ungodly hours, I yawned and turned to see Yuri still sleeping cutely and her borg who was also still asleep. Like host , like borg I guess. I got up and walked to the kitchen to cook breakfest,its a habit, but saw that Yuri's mom , Satoko, was already doing that.

"Good *yawn*Morning, ." I yawned.

"Oh good morning Kumi, How did you sleep last night?"

"I slept well, thanks for asking."

"That's nice, there's a call for you from a `Kasumi`."

"Oh...Borg.." I said picking up the phone, knowing that doom was on the other end.

"Uh...Hello...Kasumi." I said sounding almost like Yuri.

"YOU LITTLE BRAT!" She screeched from the other end.



"I'm Sorry I forgot to call her!"


I hung the phone up and rubbed my temples, if you've never heard a Yellow Knife scream at you it feels like a thousand heavy metal concerts plus the fans in your ears. Yuri woke up and yawned,before walking up to me and falling back to sleep in my arms, I sighed it should be romantic but it was more of a hassle then anything else.

I laid her down on the couch and started to watch some television, which only had christmas specials playing ticking me off, I sighed. Why was my life so god darn awkward! Oh that's right I'm a stoic,independent,clandestine alien preteen girl dating a helpless, dependent, melancholy preteen girl, if any of that made sense it just showed how use to it I was.

I called Kasumi and asked her to stay over so we could celebrate christmas together, as well as make up for not telling her I was staying here, she agreed and came over as fast as she could. Yuri eventually woke up and wanted to cuddle with me, I gave and let her out of boredom.

We chatted and all had fun talking about random things,the borgs both sat apathetically and questioned why we celebrated christmas. we tried to explain but it just ended up more confusing then helpful so we gave up and settled for `just because`. As it got dark Yuri got tired and fell to sleep on my lap leaving me and Kasumi to talk.

"So it seems you've got Yuri in the palm of your hand and you've already started these plans of yours, What next wondergirl? Gonna get your wedding planned 9 years in advance?" Kasumi asked sarcastically.

"No...But I will keep her safe and happy."

"You can only have things go your way for so long...Your afraid aren't you."

"...Yes, I can only do so much to protect her."

"But that's why I allied myself with you Yellow Knife as a reassurance just in case I can't protect her...then again your just a disposable shield, I know all that's left in there or all that will remain is a cold,distant Yellow Knife...almost like a disease killing each cell in the body till there is nothing left." I said in a cold, monotone voice with no expression.

"Your excatly the same way Drill Borg..."

...Tommorrow Yuri would wake up early and wake us up jumping up and down in hyper excitment, I jumped up with her just for today because it was Christmas, we would open gifts and have fun enjoying each others company. I enjoyed today as my last day at Yuri's tommorrow I would have to slip out and meet with Megumi to talk about my `situation`. I felt a little guilty for leaving her hanging but it had to be done for her own safety.