Title: Bart Saves the Day

Type: Smallville Fan Fiction

Pairing: Chloe Sullivan/Bart

Written by: Angelbsb

Disclaimer: I do not own they belong to Almiles, The CW and DC Comics.

Rating: Pg

Summary: Bart cheers up Chloe (friendship). This is my first attempt at writing Chloe and Bart, so enjoy. Short little ficlet

Chloe Sullivan was down and out. Why you ask? Her best friend Clark Kent left for his training, Lois was gone looking for Lucy again. She has broken up with Jimmy Olsen but that did not bother her to much. Soon Chloe hears a knock on her front door.

Chloe let's out a sigh as she is heading to the door. When she opens the door she sees a huge bouquet of tulips. Soon the tulips where moved to the side Chloe sees Bart standing there. "Hey Chloeluscious, Long time no see. Heard from the Boss Man you were down. So here I am to cheer you up" Bart says with a huge grin at Chloe.

"Bart, Hey it has been awhile. It's so great to see you. Yeah I was big time but I'm feeling better now .Are those for me?" Chloe says with a bright smile feeling better already. Bart hands her the tulips with a huge smile. Chloe moves out of the way to let Bart in the apartment. Bart speeds the tulips into a vase full of water and is now sitting down smiling.

Chloe just smiles at Bart before going to sit down beside him. "So Chloeluscious, What do you want to do now?" Bart says.

"Well Bart, Could we just sit here and talk" Chloe says.

"I could run us anywhere you want to go" Says Bart.

"Not right now but I will cash it in one day ok" Chloe says softly.

"Sure thing Chloeluscious. I will take you anywhere you want when your ready" Bart says softly also.

Chloe and Bart just sit their talking and eating sandwiches that he got them. Bart was happy that he got Chloe out of her sad mood. Chloe was thrilled that Bart was here and that he cared.