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Much later in time...

Dark Forest...

"So...what's going on?" Cinderpaw asked again.

"Stop asking," Tigerstar growled.

"I forgot."

"Just like me!" Spottedpaw13 grinned. "High-three!"

The two cats exchanged high-threes.

"Okay...well, we're going to our border with StarClan and attack. Meanwhile, Breezepelt and Ivypaw will lead the living forces against StarClan's people until our 'champion' gets there. Got it?" Tigerstar asked.

"Oooh...an attack?" Cinderpaw pulled out her contract. "My contract specifically states that no OCs are allowed to fight in any major battles unless they are THAT important...Spottedpaw13 and I are out."

"My contract says I can do whatever I feel like," Spottedpaw13 told her.

"Your contract is no longer void, silly. THIS contract says you can't fight in any battles at all."

"That's my contract from five years ago!"

"We weren't around five years ago! In fact, we're celebrating our second birthdays in four months!"


"SILENCE!" Brokenstar spat. "If you can't fight, then don't fight. We'll fight by ourselves, while you sit and watch like the LAZY, SPOILED CROW-FOOD YOU ARE!"

"Okay." Spottedpaw13 exchanged glances with Cinderpaw. "Shall we?"

"We shall," Cinderpaw agreed. The two then disappeared to the location of the battle.

"Let's get going," Tigerstar ordered the Dark Forest cats. "Let's get this going."


"I see a giant land mass approaching the border with the Dark Forest!" Silverstream announced.

Bluestar padded over to the border and narrowed her eyes. "It's the Dark Forest, alright. I didn't think they'd attack so early, but then again, I'm surprised they haven't attacked yet." She turned to a white tom nearby. "Round everyone up, Whitestorm. Tonight will be the night of our lives."

"...We're dead," Whitestorm pointed out.

"ROUND THEM UP!" Bluestar hissed.

"Okay, okay, I'm going. Geez. Don't throw a hissy fit. I'm going."

"I AM NOT HAVING A HISSY FIT!" Bluestar continued to hiss as she went into a hissy fit. "LEAVE ME ALONE! I HATE YOU ANYWAY!"

"Hate you too, Bluestar!" Whitestorm called back as he left.


Sheeptail nodded. "So, we are to attack now?"

"Yes," Bubblepaw told him. "Attack now. They're focused on that little war. Focused on the future of the Clans. Not focusing on any other threats. They're unprepared. Now is the time to turn the tables in your favor!"

"What exactly do you get out of this?" Copperpaw demanded.

"Revenge," Bubblepaw mewed. "Revenge on the living, revenge on the dead. None of them will take me, as I've said. I myself they decided to ignore, and for that they will pay dearly, forevermore."

"A cat will do anything for revenge..." Copperpaw mused. She then smiled. "I like you. I like your style. If they don't pay attention, you'll make them. I like that in a cat. I have a feeling we'll be great friends after this."

"Thanks," Bubblepaw replied. "I think we'll be good friends as well."

"Very well." Sheeptail shifted his glance from Bubblepaw to Copperpaw. "If Copperpaw takes to you, I will too. She trusts very few cats, and even then, extremely little are trusted this quickly. We shall proceed with your plan. We will attack...in 28 days."

"Very funny." Bubblepaw strained herself against smacking the tom in the head. "Attack it is."


Lionblaze glared at the cats across from him.

"It's finally come to this," Breezepelt commented. Tigerheart, Ivypaw, and other unconfirmed cats stood by his side as he faced off Lionblaze.

"So it has," Lionblaze agreed. Frostwind, Jayfeather, and Dovepaw stood with him as he faced off the evil forces.

"I sense a spiritual presence among us..." Frostwind muttered.

"I hope that's StarClan," Jayfeather mewed.

"StarClan?" Breezepelt snorted. "StarClan can't save you now, mouse-brain. All they've ever done us is wrong, and they're not going to stand with us now."

"Ivypaw..." Dovepaw stared at her sister in dismay.

"So you finally recognize me?" Ivypaw growled. "You used to be so special, didn't you? The best apprentice anyone had ever seen. Well, I finally got that too, but StarClan didn't help me, like they did for you. Hawkfrost was the only one who realized my potential, and now I'm just as good as you are. Maybe I'm a threat to you, but I'm still your equal."

"I'm so sorry..." Dovepaw whispered.

"Don't be," Ivypaw snapped. "In fact, I should be thanking you. You're the only reason I've gotten this far. All I wanted was to be good like you, and now I'm even more than that. So thanks, Dovepaw. Thanks for heightening my goals."

"Enough!" Breezepelt yowled. Frostwind could smell an awful stench as a grin formed on Breezepelt's face. "We're not fighting you alone. Allow me to introduce you four to your match: The Crow-food She-cat!"

"Crow-food, my paw," Lionblaze muttered. "That thing is about twenty times more foul."

"The Crow-food She-cat?" Frostwind muttered, almost not noticing the stench. "Sounds like the Croghan Balogna Man to me."

"Who's that?" Dovepaw asked.

"Her Twoleg parallel, only HE helps people." Frostwind stared directly into the awful smelling cat's eyes. "Hey there, sister. Long time no see."

Dark Forest- StarClan border...

"Tigerstar," Bluestar growled.

"Greetings, Bluestar." Tigerstar smiled with a flick of his tail. "How's luxury going for you?"

"What do you want, Tigerstar?" Bluestar demanded.

"What did you ever do that was so great that you deserve this?" Tigerstar asked. "Let a kittypet lead our Clan? Lose your mind so that you couldn't even think straight? You've gone soft from having anything you desire at the tips of your claws. But us? We've gotten the bad end of the deal. No food, eternal darkness, but maybe that's the good end. We've kept our claws sharp while you sit around and do nothing. You don't stand a chance to us!"

Bluestar chuckled. "Don't take me for the fool I once was, Tigerstar. I'm not that naive. I knew you were planning something, and we've prepared accordingly. I believe you don't stand a chance against us."

"Arguing, as always, I see," a yellow she-cat mewed as she stepped into the clearing. "Bluestar, Tigerstar. I see you're well."

"Spottedpaw?" Tigerstar's eyes widened in surprise. "I thought you were dead."

"Surprised?" Spottedpaw inquired. "I am dead. But I didn't go to StarClan OR to the Dark Forest. Instead, I got sent to join the cats no one remembers."

"SunClan?" Bluestar and Tigerstar asked in unison.

"We've left them in peace, to do as they wish," Bluestar pointed out. "What do you want?"

"We got peace alright," Sheeptail agreed as he stepped forward beside Spottedpaw, the rest of SunClan following. "Peace and quiet. We get to watch the Clans look up to you to see what they should do. Us? We barely scratched a surface in the Clans. We aren't remembered for anything."

"We want revenge," Copperpaw growled. "We have no impact on anything. We didn't get to do anything in life, and were unfairly sentenced to do so, even in death. They all look up to you, but they can't see far enough to look to an unbiased group for answers because they don't KNOW about that group!"

"Whose fault is that?" Tigerstar asked.

"Not ours. We can't visit their dreams." Sneezepaw sneezed. "Sorry. I have a bit of a-" He sneezed again. "That."

Meanwhile, in the middle of the three groups, a blue-gray cat tried in vain to catch everyone's attention. "Why can no one hear me?"

"I can hear you." Cinderpaw smirked at her former comrade.

The blue-gray cat scowled. "How can I get everyone's- That's it!" She raised her voice up to a yowl. "FIRST POST!"

All conversation stopped.

"FIRST POST!" The blue-gray cat repeated.

Spottedpaw13 gasped in mock astonishment. "No way!"

"Second post!" Spottedpaw added.

"Go away!" Cinderpaw spat.

The other cats joined in as well.

"Stupid picture."

"Simpsons did it."

"South Park did it too."

"Can I have everyone's attention?" The blue-gray she-cat yowled.

All side conversation stopped.

"Now then, let's try to solve the situation before it gets out of hand."

"How?" Spottedpaw13 asked. "I'm pretty sure it's out of hand."

"Pretty soon I'm going to start up a little game show. You three groups will be in it as separate teams, each with a certain number of representatives. Each team will be slowly weeded out until there is one clear winner."

"That works," Bluestar agreed.

"Is this the game show I'm thinking of?" Tigerstar asked.

"A little different...but yes."

"I'm in."

"I'll go for it too, I suppose," Sheeptail agreed. "It's something to do."

"Aren't we a democracy?" Copperpaw asked. "We need to vote."

"Ah, yes." Sheeptail turned around to face LostClan. "Any opposition? None? Good." He turned back around. "We're in."

"Good. Further details will be given later on. Ta-ta, for now." The blue-gray cat disappeared.


"Hang on! Hold back!" Breezpelt yowled. "I'm getting the feeling that this conflict will be resolved later on."

"I agree," Jayfeather agreed. "This is not the right time."

"Well then." Breezpelt smirked. "Smell ya later!" He then turned and left the Island, his comrades following him.

"That went well," Frostwind commented.

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