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Sailor Cresselia


In the time of legends, it is said that another civilization of humans lived away from Earth, and away from war. This time was known as the Silver Millennium, and these humans lived on the Moon.

The culture on Earth was budding and it was a difficult era. Those who would use the mysterious Pokémon who shared the Earth for personal gain were many.

At the same time, the people of the Moon were thriving. Their culture was more technologically advanced. They knew of other worlds beyond those of humans, worlds where species similar to the Pokémon of Earth were dominant. Each of these had taken different jumps in the development of their species. Many had human appearances, save for telltale features that distinguished them. Some could assume a full Pokémon form, such as the Meowth-like inhabitants of Mau. Rather than use the Earth paranormal term of 'alien', these humanoid Pokémon were known collectively as Gaijinka.

Those of the Moon kingdom, as well as the Gaijinka of the closer worlds, believed that much known life may have originated from Earth, sprung forth by the Great Deity Arceus. Those seen as Legendary on Earth were said to be the embodiment of the planets, and it was thought that many legends had been lost to time, leaving planets to have guardians no longer spoken of on Earth.

The humans of Earth, so frequently driven for power, were not told of these other worlds. They knew only of the Moon Kingdom, and of their space faring technology. Many were envious.

The Moon Kingdom's society was matriarchal, led by Queen Serenity. Her daughter of the same name was to one day inherit her mothers throne. Four warriors of noble birth guarded princess Serenity.

These warriors had been born to the nobility of different planets, and each had been gifted different from those among their people, or even their own relatives. They showed a glowing mark representing their planet upon their forehead, and as they grew older they developed the ability to wield great powers. Each warrior derived her power from the guardian deity of their homeworld, and assumed that Legendary's name as a title. Dressed in a skirted armor with a collar resembling those of sailors, and with a borrowed Earth term for 'warrior', they became collectively known as the Sailor Senshi.

Princess Serenity was fifteen when the peace of the Moon Kingdom shattered. Her secret lover, Prince Endymion of Earth, was betrayed by his trusted advisor, Wataru. Wataru won Endymion's four primary generals over to his side, and used them and their armies of humans and Pokémon to lay siege to the Earth castle.

Endymion, believing the attack to be a play for power on Earth, had already escaped. He had his own army, alongside his father's, but their numbers were diminished without the soldiers under the four generals. Knowing that he did not stand a chance on Earth, he used an ambassadorial transporter to escape to the Moon Kingdom. He needed to alert Queen Serenity of what was occurring. But by having these links in the castle, he made things much, much worse.

Wataru had planned on Endymion getting away, and used a large-scale cargo transporter to send his army of dragon users and their Pokémon to attack the Moon Kingdom's palace. Before his betrayal, he had learned from Endymion of the secrets the Moon Kingdom had kept, which the Earth Royalty had learned through being trusted by Queen Serenity. Wataru now knew of the other worlds beyond those of humans, and, seeing Pokémon as tools to be taken advantage of, believed that by taking control of Earth and the Moon, he could thereafter take control of these other beings.

Endymion ran for the Queen's audience chamber, hoping against hope that she would be there. He would never make it. Endymion ran through the interior of the castle, where the battle had yet to reach. One hall away from the chamber, as he reached a junction, he ran into Princess Serenity. She was distraught, her four guardians having been sent to assist what senshi were in the palace to defend the castle from Wataru's onslaught.

From just outside, Wataru smiled menacingly. The two lovers did not notice him, both focusing on reaching the audience chamber. He savored the moment, and waited to attack until the pair turned towards the battle. Seeing him, the Princess froze, while Endymion stepped in front of her, his sword drawn. The Queen, just exiting her chamber, was able to see as Wataru ordered his Dragonite to unleash a Hyper Beam. The couple never stood a chance.

There was no possibility for the Moon Kingdom to remain intact. Queen Serenity, seeing the imperial city being destroyed, seeing both kingdoms without heir, without hope, knew she had no choice. She had to take the step that she could only take once; she had to unleash the full power of the Silver Crystal, her aura in crystal form.

She knew that in doing this, she would perish, but with no hope for victory, the best she could do for all the worlds would be to destroy her own kingdom, and with it, Wataru and his army.

A tear flowing down her cheek, she begged the power within the Crystal to help create a new future: a future where her daughter could live again. She begged it to send the princess's dearest friends, the Sailor Senshi, and all who sacrificed their lives in this battle, to live anew. To lock away Wataru, so that he could no longer endanger the worlds. As Wataru fired a Hyper Beam towards the queen, madness colored his eyes. Only sorrow colored the Queen's as the Crystal responded.

When the light dimmed, three remained. Two were the Queen's advisors, a pair of Mauran Meowth, and the third was the dying Queen. With what remained of her power, she locked the two into stasis, and had the Silver Crystal send them safely to the future. With that, the last of her Aura, her life force, faded, and she faded with it.


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