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Bella POV

Me and Jake were at the beach talking and holding hands. Until suddendly he lets go. "Jake what's wrong"

"I'm sorry Bella, but you're no fun anymore and I needed to get away from your annoying ways". What up, did he just say that. I looked into his almost black eyes and they were filled with nothing but hate. Pure evil hate.

"Jake do you really mean that". I wanted to cry and scream how selfish he was after all I was the one who really was making this relationship work.


"Bella, Bella, oh honey wake up".


"Bella it was just a nightmare it wasn't real" said the voice that only belonged to Alice.

"What are you doing here Alice it's the middle of the night for God's sake".

"Uh, no it's not sleepy head, it's 6am".

"Damn it Alice, why in the world would you wake me at 6 am", I already knew the answer why. The two words I hated in the whole world... Bella Barbie.

"Oh, Bella you know exactly why, and don't you love that special attention Jacob gives you. Well it was true Jake treated me differently when Alice gave me a makeover. Like he actually wanted to be seen with me. He is so mean and cruel to me sometimes. Alice doesn't approve of my relationship with him. She said she could find me a 'real' man not some douche like Jake. Hey, her words not mine.

"Hey, Bella get up so you can take a shower or else I'll get the bucket and let you have a shower in your bed".

"You wouldn't", I said.

"Try me Bella, you know when I say something you should know I'm dead serious".

"Fine, I'm up happy, great pixie one."

"Finally, and why were you screaming. I know you have nightmares, but I never thought they could get that vivid."

"Oh, it was nothing."

"Fine, I'll drop it for know because we need to get started, but you better spill later."

"Sure, sure", I said.

I got off my bed and into my bathroom. I didn't even bother looking in the mirror. I knew I looked hideous anyway. And Alice in true Alice nature left my clothes in a neat pile waiting for me to put on. I got in and let the hot water sooth me. I knew I better hurry up or else Alice won't be to happy. So I hurried did what I had to do and got out. I looked at my outfit that Alice set out. Was she serious. "Yeah, I'm serious", she yelled. I swear that girl can read my mind or something. It was a gray dress that went above my knees and had an orange/brown belt. A/N link of the dress on my profile. Great, if I fall the whole school is going to see my underwear. This so like Alice, maybe I can plead with her to not let me wear this. "That ain't gonna work, and hurry up and get out of the bathroom", said Alice. Dang. Well I guess I'll wear it.

"See you look so beautiful", said Alice.

"Sure, sure".

"Let's do your hair and make-up".


"Okay I'm done".

"For real Alice, are you sure".

"Yes, Bella. Come on lets get going".

At School

"Alice is it me or are we getting strange looks at us", I said unsure. People were staring at Alice and I like if they felt sorry for us.

"Gee, I don't why they're staring. Oh look here comes your poor excuse of a boyfriend'.

"Stop it Alice, he came be really sweet sometimes", I said defending Jake.

"Yeah sure when was the last time he did something sweet to you. I don't even know why you stay with him Bella. He treats you like crap everyday. You need to be treated like a princess.", Alice ranted.

"Whatever Alice".

"Hey Jake", I said. He didn't say anything, he just walking right past me. Maybe something's up.

"See Bella, he wouldn't even look at you", Alice said.

"Alice, stop I'm going to class".

''Fine, Bella but think about what I said", she shouted.

I had a feeling she was right, but I brushed it off. Jake could be really sweet if he wanted to. I'll talk to him later. I had a feeling that a bombshell is going to be unveiled.

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