Yoshizilla-Rheodsaurus: I got nothing. Again

Disclaimer: Everything in this story belongs to Nintendo.

It was a boring day in the realm of Super Smash Bros. Popo and Pikachu were bored out of their minds, both of them being in the grassy meadows of Smashville as they were outside the Super Smash Brothers Mansion, with it being the morning.

"I'm kinda hungry." Popo muttered as his stomach rumbled, causing him to rub it. He turned to Pikachu. "Hey Pikachu, do we have any food nearby?"

Pikachu rubbed the back of his head as he shrugged. "I'm sorry, Popo. I have no idea what-" A gigantic toaster suddenly fell on the yellow-colored electric mouse Pokemon, crushing him.

Popo squealed as he jumped for joy, hopping up and down like a happy little elf. "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! My Christmas present!"

Pikachu growled as he crawled from under the toaster, glaring at Popo. "It's not a Christmas present... it's a stupid toaster," He told Popo, who did not care as he was still getting excited over the toaster.

Meanwhile at the mansion, R.O.B. was patrolling the hallways like he usually did, pausing for a moment as he tilted his metal head up, blinking.

"Hmmm... I feel as if something strange is going to occur..." R.O.B. muttered to himself as he headed towards the security room, to get a good view of the entire mansion.