"It's getting close to night..." R.O.B. remarked as he passed by various Nintendo related landmarks, noting the dark starry night sky full of stars as they were reflected in the waters below him, managing to rocket in the air with his modified jetpack for a long while. "I hope that Pikachu and Popo aren't having too much trouble..."

Back in Nintendo City, with it also being night there, Pikachu, Popo, and Sonic The Hedgehog all ran towards the gigantic toaster together, willing to kick its metallic butt. The toaster bellowed as it zapped at Popo, but Popo reflected it using his magical wooden mallet. Sonic grabbed Pikachu, tossing the mouse Pokemon at the tip of the toaster's front, allowing Pikachu to use his Iron Tail attack, breaking a piece of the toaster. The toaster wailed in pain as it tipped over, shaking the entire area. Sonic grinned as he began circling the toaster, using Sonic Wind as it carried the toaster into the air.

Popo aimed upwards, firing several blocks of ice at the toaster as it froze. Pikachu followed by using his electricity to send him spiraling upwards, using another Iron Tail to shatter the toaster into several pieces. Pikachu then finished off with a Thunder attack, zapping the toaster pieces into ashes as Sonic caught Pikachu, the two mammal Smashers making their way back down as Popo ran to them. The three looked on as fire engulfed the entirety of Nintendo City and the meadows.

"Well... it's not perfect, but..." Popo admitted as he rubbed the back of his head with his right hand, smiling. "We did it. We saved the city."

Pikachu turned to Sonic, winking at him. "How about a kiss? For luck?"

Sonic smirked as he folded his arms, shaking his head in response. "You've got to be kidding."

The three male Smashers all heartily laughed as they wrapped their arms around each other, basking in their fresh, excellent victory. Because you all know what they say about all toasters...