M- Just a little something I thought up after reading the manga, which I completely loved. If you haven't read it, go to onemanga(dot)com, I highly recommend that you do ;]


The wolf smiled as it stood amidst the rabbits, disguised as one of their own. Oh how foolish they were, they didn't even know how close they were to Death's door. The wolf, eyes glowing red looked around the group. Who would be the first to die? Would it be the loud-mouthed rabbit who was accusing people left and right? Or the quiet one that everyone expected to be first? Or maybe it would be the weakest of the group, the one who was trembling in the corner, fearing for their own worthless life.

"You're the wolf? Aren't you?" The wolf disguised as a rabbit would whisper when no one was sure what to believe. It would be towards the one with the shady background, the one with the fewest alibis, the one who seemed the smartest out of the group. After all, the smart, cunning rabbit was a threat. What if they figured it out? But the wolf would be sure to kill them before that happened.

The wolf grinned while walking through pools of blood. The smartest of rabbits was hanging from the rafters above him, though not by the wolf's own hand had that rabbit been put up there. The wolf's red eyes locked onto the remaining, trembling, cowering rabbits as they backed away into a wall. And always, they would always ask the same question before the wolf ripped their throats out.

"Why are you doing this?"

The wolf would laugh while answering.

"I was bored, so I wanted to play a little game."

Always, always the wolf would win.