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Genre: Action/Adventure, Humor, Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Chapter Word Count: 6,874

Rating: M

Warning: Language, Gender bending, Violence, Mentions of Child Abuse

Summary: When you're princess of the world, married without a say in it, and it's all your dead mom's fault, who you hate, life sucks. Especially for Lin Potter. Creature!Fem!Harry. Years 1-7. (Years are subject to change.)

Life and Royalty Chapter One: Blooming

Rosemary Evans cried silently as the doctors held up their stillborn daughter Lily.

"I'm sorry." The doctor said softly as he walked out of the room to give the grieving parents some time alone.

"Oh Charles," Rosemary said softly. "It isn't fair! Lily was so healthy through my pregnancy. Why? And Petunia, she'll be heartbroken…"

"I know, I'm sorry Rosy." Her husband said hugging her tightly.

A soft cry went through the room and Lily glowed softly, taking her first breath.

"It's a miracle!" Rosemary gasped as Charles left to get a doctor.

Petunia Dursley was a simple house wife. She enjoyed shopping with her daughter Delilah and gossiping with the other wives of the neighborhood. Everything in her life was perfect.

Well, almost everything.

The singular blemish on an otherwise perfect existence was Lily's daughter.

It had always been Lily's fault. Petunia had been perfectly fine being an only child, until she was 4 and Lily came along. Then it was Lily that had magic, was accepted into that school, who was the apple of their parent's, Rosemary and Charles's, eyes.

Lily had come along and ruined her life.

And just like her mother, Lily's daughterhad come into their lives, unwanted, too.

Green eyes and red hair like her retched mother. A freak, just like her mother.

Petunia refused to be the one to suffer this time.

6 year old Gwendelin wasn't stupid by any stretch of the word. She knew her family hated her, as if the endless beatings weren't enough of a clue.

She was also knowledgeable of the fact that her Aunt hated magic with a fury nearly equal to the hatred she felt for her niece.

One day, with nothing but constant chores and the darkness of the cupboard to look forward to, Lin began to think of the sheer similarity of the Aunt's unending loathing.

'Maybe,' She thought that fateful day, 'I have magic.'

These thoughts spiraled inside her head until she huddled into her cupboard, hungry as she hadn't eaten that day. Another one of Delilah's lies, that got Lin's arm a nasty bruise for that week.

Beyond caring about her 'family' thought of what she was about to do, Lin took out the single rose seed she had stolen from her aunt's garden during her chores that day.

She wanted something, anything, to happen. To prove she wasn't just a "waste of space" like her aunt often said.

The small seed grew in the palm of her hand, sprouting into a long thorny vine.

A single flower bloomed from it.

Five years later on July 31, summer dawned just as dull and hot as any other day in Surrey.

As usual the mail came, bringing about a change that Petunia had conveniently forgotten.

"Delilah, get the mail." Vernon grunted from behind his newspaper.

"Make the freak get it! She isn't doing anything." Delilah's piggly face sneered from in between bites.

Uncle Vernon's face turned purple as Lin turned off the oven where she had just finished cooking, knowing instinctively she wasn't getting any breakfast that day.

"I'll get it." She said softly, inwardly imagining her fat cousin screaming as she was cooked just like the bacon had been moments ago.

"Too right you will, worthless girl." Petunia added her two cents.

Wandering over to the front door Lin picked up the mail and shuffled through it.

'Disciplinary note about the pig, bill, postcard from Vernon's lard filled sister Marge, bill, letter to… me? I'll put it in my cupboard to look at after my chores.' Gwendelin thought to herself as she slipped the letter through the crack of her 'room' and walked back into the kitchen where Vernon promptly blamed Delilah's bullying on her and she was locked in her cupboard for the rest of the day with more bruises to keep her company.

'Hogwarts? Witchcraft?' Lin wondered as she stared down at the letter in her hand late that night. She knew better than to open it with the Dursleys awake. That was just asking for trouble.

Resentment bubbled in her stomach at the injustice she felt. She knew it wasn't right that her bedroom was a cupboard. She had long ago accepted that the people in the neighborhood didn't care about the fact she was abused, despite the fact it was clear as day.

But what kind of person could knowingly invite her to a school and write the address of her cupboard and not check on that? It just wasn't right and Lin didn't want to go to another school that allowed it.

Grabbing the notebook she had stolen from Delilah, she penned a short message.

To whom it may concern,

I don't wish to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Thank you for the invitation. I would, however, like to enquire why adults seem to think that it appropriate that a child sleeps in cupboard? My Aunt and Uncle, I understand, feel anger at the fact I exist but is it natural for kids to be abused at your school?

Lin balled up the paper and decided just not to respond.

'Happy birthday to me.' She thought bitterly.

She burned both letters the next day.

Petunia was having a wonderful day. The garden was perfect as always, due to the manual labor her niece put in, and the house was impeccable, her niece's efforts again.

Sitting at the table enjoying a cup of tea, Petunia's perfect day came to an abrupt end when an owl swooped into the open window, smacking her in the face with a letter.

She screamed.

"I won't have it Petunia!" Vernon snapped as he glanced angrily at the letter sitting on the table between them.

"What do we do Vernon? Those freaks will be coming for her soon. Look at the address – how could they possibly know where she sleeps? You don't think they're watching the house?" Petunia said barely over a whisper.

There was a knock at the front door. They looked at each other before Vernon got up and answered it.

"Yes, how can I help…?" He trailed off seeing a surly looking man in a black robe before him.

"Is this the Dursley residence?" Snape asked in a bored voice. Without listening for a response from the steadily reddening man he continued.

"I'm Severus Snape, Potions Master of Hogwarts. I've come to retrieve Gwendelin Potter to get her supplies."

"We will not have it!" Vernon hissed at the man. "She won't be going to your freak school and that's the end of it."

He slammed the door.

Gwendelin sat in her cupboard, having listened in as Vernon shot the man at the door down.

'I wonder why he came, I didn't send a reply.' Lin thought to herself. A loud crash sounded in the hallway and Petunia shrieked.

Severus Snape was not one to take insult lightly. Especially considering that he had been forced to pick up the Potter brat for her supplies.

Blasting the door down, with much more force then was necessary, Snape made his way into the formerly clean hallway.

Vernon was lying on the floor and Petunia was hovering over him worriedly.

"You!" She gasped in horrified remembrance, "Get out!"

Ignoring her words he spat out, "Where is Potter?"

Both their eyes widened at that and Snape's non-existent patience snapped.

"Where is she?" He hissed narrowing his eyes and pointing his wand menacingly.

Petunia raised a shaking finger towards the cupboard.

Lin eyed her door apprehensively as she listened to the man talk to her family.

"Where is she?" The voice asked coldly.

'Please don't let him know I'm here. If you've ever had a care for me at all, you won't tell that man where I am Petunia…' She thought fruitlessly as the lock on the door clacked and a greasy shallow faced man gazed at her in slight horror for few moments before whirling around and regarding Petunia with all the hatred he could muster.

"This is what you do to your only sister's child?" He asked lowly.

"Lily was nothing more than a filthy freak and her daughter is no different! Magic, I ask? Mother and father always favored her, Lily the pretty one, Lily with her harlot red hair, Lily the witch! The bitch deserved to die for ruining my life!" Petunia snarled.

"The jealousy you feel about Lily has nothing to do with the fact you are abusing her child!" Snape spat back.

"I thought you all knew." A soft voice behind him interrupted.

Snape turned around and regarded the girl curiously.

"What do you mean?" He asked noticing, how much, in the light Gwendelin resembled Lily.

"Well my letter was address to 'Miss G. Potter, Cupboard under the Stairs, number 4 Privet Drive, Surrey.' You seem surprised, that's all." She said calmly as if talking about the weather.

"No I didn't Potter. How long have you been there?" Snape asked in forced calm.

"I've slept in the cupboard since my parents got themselves drunk and died in the car crash I got my scar from." Lin told him.

"Car crash?" Snape asked in a voice barely over a whisper turning to look at Petunia.

"No Potter, your parents didn't die in a car crash…" Snape said before Petunia jumped up furiously.

"NO! Get out, don't you dare say another word." She snarled, glaring at the Potions Master.

"Shut up." The man snapped before turning and lifting Lin up by her arm, who flinched at the contact.

"We're leaving. I'll bring Potter back later tonight. If find that she is still being abused by you two I'll kill you both, without hesitation. Do I make myself clear?" Snape told the two muggles grimly.

"How dare you threaten-!" Vernon started.

"Crucio." Snape said coldly without remorse. The fat man screamed and twitched for a few seconds as Lin and Petunia watched in amazement and horror respectively.

Everyone was silent for an entire minute before Lin spoke up.

"Will you teach me that?" She asked Snape eagerly as her aunt and uncle listened in terror.

"Sure, it's illegal so you should keep it a secret." Severus said smugly ushering the girl out the door.

Getting off the knight bus Lin and Snape wandered into the Leaky Cauldron where she was quickly ushered into the back alley before anyone could stop them.

Snape opened up the portal and stepped aside to let her see.

"Welcome to magic, Potter. This is Diagon Alley." He said to the gaping girl.

"Lin." She said after a moment of staring.

"What?" Snape asked bemused.

"You can call me Lin. I can hear the loathing in your voice when you call me Potter. Did you have a grudge with a Potter or something?" Gwendelin asked in innocent curiosity.

"…Yes, your father was an insufferable bully; He and his little friends." He sneered walking up the Alley with Lin beside him.

"Ah, sounds like my cousin and her little gang. They love chasing me and trying to beat me up. My aunt and uncle encourage it." She said not ashamed in the slightest that she was telling a complete stranger about her hateful family's cruelty.


"What about my mom?" Lin decided to milk the conversation for all its worth. "Did you hate her too?"

"No, Lily was my friend…" He trailed off.

"Is that why you were so angry at Petunia? Cause Lily was your friend and not necessarily the fact that they abuse me?" Snape stopped as Lin finished her questions.

"Let's go, Potter." He said after a heartbeat walking up to the bank at the end of the alley.

'I guess that's a yes.' Lin thought to herself following the surly man into the large white building.

"Gwendelin Potter would like to make withdrawal from her trust vault." Snape said as he stepped up to the teller of the bank.

The goblin sneered at him. "Does Gwendelin Potter have her key?"

After giving the key to the short creature, verifying that she was the person the vault belonged to, then following after another goblin Lin asked Snape more questions.

"Why did you have my key and what is a trust vault?"

"Dumbledore gave it to me and a trust vault is what you withdraw from until you can access your family vault when you come of age." Snape told her shortly.

"Why would a headmaster have my key? What family vault? I've never heard of any of this." The goblin in front of them stopped in the middle of the hallway and turned to regard the Potter heiress.

"You've never been told of any of this or what your standing is in the world?" He asked incredulously.

"Nope, do tell." She said as the goblin led them to an office labeled 'Inheritance'.

"We don't have time for this." Snape told the girl in annoyance.

"I'm sure I could get along just fine without you to guide me if you find this undertaking too time consuming, sir." She told him sitting primly in the seat before the desk of another goblin.

The goblin at the desk smirked before addressing the girl.

"Miss Potter, my name is Turnok. I was told you wish to inquire about some things?"

"Yes, I want to know about a few facts I seem to be inexplicably uninformed of. My parents have been dead for a long time and I'm not naïve enough to believe that, if my parents were well off enough to leave me a trust fund, no one would take advantage of that fact and try to collect on all that money." She took a breath and continued.

"Who is Albus Dumbledore in relation to my money? Who has tried to take it in the past, since my parents passed?"

Turnok grinned horribly at the girl before speaking,

"Very observant and cynical of an 11 year old." He said giving her an acknowledging nod.

"Albus Dumbledore is your magical guardian because your godfather, Sirius Black, is unable to claim you."

"Why is that?" Lin asked not worried for the man at all.

"Black is serving time in Azkaban prison." Turnok told her promptly.

"For what? And how long is the sentence?" Lin pried.

"For what and how long I don't know. There was no trial." The goblin said looking uninterested.

"Whatever. Now my money?" The heiress prodded.

"Various members of the Ministry of Magic and Lucius Malfoy have tried at one point or another to lay claim to the Potter fortune." Turnok read from a file sitting in front of him.

"Ministry of Magic? Nice to know the government is corrupt no matter where you go. Who is Lucius Malfoy? And can I get Dumbledore removed as my guardian?" Lin asked thinking that entire statement over.

"No, you can't get Dumbledore released as your guardian unless he releases the guardianship to another person or you are an emancipated minor. Both of which I doubt he will allow to happen. Lucius Malfoy is the head of the Malfoy family."

"Has anyone gotten anything?" She asked the most significant question.

"No, your parents left no will and because there is a live heiress, which is you, no one is allowed to take any amount without your express consent, key or not." Turnok answered her unasked question.

"Alright then professor, I suppose we can go to my trust now and then you can tell me how my parents really died."

30 minutes later an extremely cross Snape and a chipper Lin made their way back into the alley.

"I'm going to drop you off at the robe shop and go get your potions ingredients for the year. You are not to get yourself killed and behave while I am gone. Understand?" He told her flatly before walking away as she entered said shop.

Lin walked up to the front where a girl was getting her robes fitted.

"Hogwarts dear?" A kindly woman asked as she ushered her to stand on the step to get fitted.

"Yeah." Lin blinked as the measuring tape moved by itself.

The girl who was also being fitted turned to her and Lin mentally scowled. She hated girls her own age.

"First year then?" The girl asked as Lin gave bored nod. Ignoring her obvious disinterest the girl continued on.

"Me too; my name is Blaise Zabini. That's my mom over there." She said nodding to the beautiful woman who was looking at some brightly colored robes.

"I'm probably going to be in Slytherin. What about you?"

"I don't have any idea what the hell you're talking about." Lin said unenthusiastically.

Blaise blinked at her rude tone and told her about the houses.

"So your saying that the school divides us up at a crucial age and forever separates us with these 'houses' hanging over our heads?" Lin snorted.

"Well if you don't like it don't go to Hogwarts." Blaise snapped fed up with the lack luster girl.

"I just might take you up on that." Lin said as Snape walked in.

"Finished yet?" The man asked as she nodded.

"Let's go before I'm lectured again." She said as Snape turned to the counter and paid for the purchase.

"Can we go to the book store next? I wanna see what they've got." Lin asked. Snape nodded in consent.

"You can go there and I'll get your trunk." He said promptly.

"You seem like you want to get away from me." Lin's lips twitched and Snape gave his patented scowl.

After looking in the book shop, where Lin picked up a couple of tomes that looked interesting plus her school books, she and Snape stepped into the dusty old wand shop.

Unfortunately Blaise was there with her mother too.

"You!" She scowled at the red head in annoyance.

"Yeah, whatever." Lin shrugged.

"Ah Miss Potter, I've been expecting you for a long time…" Ollivander's voice said eerily as he stepped out of the shadows.

"Yeah, again whatever. I just want a wand, not a lecture." Lin drawled.

"Wait a minute. You're Gwendelin Potter, the girl-who-lived? But you're so… so…" Blaise sputtered out.

"Sorry to burst your hero bubble." Lin snorted without care. "Can I please get my wand, this place is crowded." She stated pointedly. Snape turned his face and smirked.

"You'll have to wait for Miss Zabini I'm afraid." Ollivander told her.

"Fine, let's go to the pet shop Snape." Lin walked out the door without waiting for a response.

Opening the door to the pet shop, Lin was assaulted by a foul smell that made her eyes water.

"God, don't wizards have a spell for this stuff?" Lin gasped. Snape snorted softly, ushering her in further.

"Look for something you like so we can leave then." He countered.

Walking further into the light lacking shop, a voice sounded in the back.

"That's right, closer little mouse. Let me feast on you…" Intrigued Lin walked over and leaned down to watch the three foot black snake stalk the small mouse in its cage.

Looking around and seeing that the shopkeeper and Snape were engrossed in conversation a ways away Lin started to speak.

"It must be boring in that tank. All the garden snakes I've met like the sunlight of the outdoors." She hissed quietly so it didn't attract any attention besides the snake, which raised its head curiously.

"Yes it is, dreadfully so. Why? Have you come to take me from here?" The snake hissed back.

"Hm, I guess so, why not? Can I reach down and get you from there without you biting me?" Lin asked.

"Yes, but I was just about to eat so I expect some mice for my trouble…" It replied haughtily.

"Sure, whatever. Do you have a name? What gender are you also?" Lin asked as she reached into the tank.

"I don't have name, but I am female. What's yours?"

"My names Lin. Can I name you?" Lin asked her new cohort.

"Whatever floats your boat." The snake told her coiling around her arm.

Lin smirked at the thought of having a snake whose attitude was similar to hers.

Walking over to Snape who was at the counter she cleared her throat.

"Find everything you need?" The clerk at the counter asked her politely. Lin held up her arm, making him gasp sharply. Snape quirked an eyebrow.

"You can't bring a snake to school. Owl, toad, cat, or rat." The man informed her.

"Fine I'll get something else and sneak the snake in." She said simply.

"You are aware I'm a professor, aren't you? You did just incriminate yourself." Snape said secretly amused.

"So? If the school is really gonna make that much of a fuss over a snake I'll go somewhere else. I'm sure that Hogwarts isn't the only magic school in the world." She stated going off to find another pet.

"Is she aware that's a baby black mamba?" The shop's clerk asked anxiously.

"No probably not, but I doubt she cares really…"

"That was so funny." Lin snickered as she and Snape stepped out of the pet shop.

"I don't think the clerk appreciated it." Snape said leading her back to the wand shop.

"Wanda didn't appreciate being touched like that I'm sure." Lin nodded.

"You named the snake Wanda?" Snape asked mentally questioning her sanity.

"It was the only one she liked. I think I'll name my owl Hedwig." Lin shrugged walking into the wand shop once more.

"Welcome back." Ollivander greeted them, blinking owlishly.

"Can I get a wand now?" Lin asked curtly.

"Yes, yes. Try this one, beech-wood and dragon heartstring, nine inches." The man said handing her a wand before snatching it away.

He continued doing so for about 30 more wands until Lin was long past irritated.

"Can we go to another wand shop? Mine obviously isn't here." Lin snapped.

"Now Ms. Potter, I have never failed to find a wand for anyone and you will not be the first." Ollivander said insulted.

"Maybe this one – holly and phoenix feather, eleven inches." The man gave it to her and was disappointed when it did nothing.

"Next." Lin said flatly, shoving the wand back in his hand.

"Just a moment." The man wandered into the back and came back with a gray box in his hand.

"This one then…?" He asked quietly, taking out the ash grey wand.

"Fairywood and freely given unicorn blood, 12 inches." The moment it touched Lin's hand, she felt loved. As if she had found a mother who cared for her unconditionally. It nearly brought tears to her eyes.

"Fascinating…" Ollivander murmured.

"What is it?" Lin asked edgily.

"That wand was made nearly six hundred years ago and is very swishy like your mother's. Fairywood is the oldest and rarest wood in the world and unicorns have very seldom given blood freely. That wand is very powerful and pure. I expect great things from you Miss Potter." He replied softly.

"Whatever. How much?" Lin said feeling uncomfortable.

"No, it's free of charge. Just to see it bond with you was payment enough." Ollivander smiled eerily.

"Fine, can I go back to the Dursleys? I already hate magic…" Lin said to Snape, walking quickly out of the shop.

"It was an honor, my lady." Ollivander whispered after they left.

The next month with the Dursleys was peaceful for Lin, to say the least.

They had moved her into Delilah's second bedroom and left her alone without as much as a word. Lin spent the entire month reading her books or in the garden with Wanda.

On August 31, Lin wandered into the kitchen where the Dursleys were having dinner.

"Uncle Vernon, will you take me to king's cross tomorrow morning?" She asked flatly.

"Whatever, you're lucky I'm going into the city then." He snorted.

Lin shook her head in amusement when she left out of the room. She could practically smell the fear coming off of the pitiful fat man.

Upon arrival at King's Cross, Lin began searching for platforms 9 and 10 like Snape said.

"Packed with Muggles, ofcourse! Goodness me! Now what was that platform again?" A loud voice asked in an exaggerated impatient sort of way.

Lin watched as the blindingly red haired woman craned her neck obviously expecting someone. After a few minutes she started sending her children through and stepped through with the little red haired girl on her arm.

"Note to self: stay far away from crazy red heads." Lin muttered conveniently forgetting she was one.

"What are you whining about now?" Wanda hissed irritably from her place on Lin's arm.

"Quiet you." She whispered stepping through the portal, indifferent of the many muggles who gaped at her disappearance, creating a small uproar.

Stepping through the portal, Lin kept the hat she'd stolen from Delilah, who never wore it, firmly on her head to avoid being identified by anyone via her scar. Settling into an empty compartment at the end of the train, she locked the door fully intending to spend the train ride alone.

Just before the train set off, a knock sounded, interrupting the quiet conversation she was having with Wanda. Glowering at the person before her, Lin twitched.

"I should have known. You always seem to pop up unwanted." She scowled as Blaise forced her way into the compartment.

"Whatever Potter," She huffed as three more girl followed her into the room.

"This is Daphne Greengrass, Su Li, and Tracey Davis. Guys, this is Gwendelin Potter." Blaise said unenthusiastically.

"Someone else would be pleased to meet you, I'm sure." Lin said sitting down and looking out the window as the girls settled in, uninvited.

"I told you she was rude." Blaise said smugly.

"You don't look like a person who could have vanquished a dark lord." Tracey said dubiously.

"Get out, you leech." Lin said frostily. To her annoyance the four girls merely laughed.

"I think we'll get along just fine Gwendelin." Daphne said with a mocking smile.

"Kill yourself." She responded darkly, regretting going to Hogwarts already.

Lin's first experience with Hogwarts was very unpleasant to say the least. Upon arrival at the Hogsmead train station Lin stowed her hat in her trunk and made her way out of the train with the rest of the girls that had stayed, to her annoyance, in her cabin the whole ride.

"First years! First years over here!" A very large man announced to the five girls horror. They, along with about 25 other children were lead to a river bank where several tiny boats sat innocently.

"4 to a boat!" the man called out. Lin quickly separated herself from the other girls and sat in a boat with a pink cheeked blonde pigtailed girl, a nervous looking brunet boy, and a weedy looking boy.

"I'm Hannah, Hannah Abbott. What about you all?" The girl squeaked kindheartedly.

"N-Neville Longbottom." The brown haired boy said holding onto a struggling toad.

"Theodore Nott." The last boy said quietly before they all turned to her. Biting back a rude comment she answered coldly,

"Tracey Davis."

The rest of the boat ride was spent in silence.

Upon hitting the shore Hannah and Neville made themselves scarce. Theodore turned the Lin as they trudged up the short hill.

"I've met Davis before and you're definitely not her. Who are you?" He said lowly so as to not be overheard.

"Why didn't you ask me on the boat?" Lin asked as the boy gave her a pointed look. Her respect for the boy rose a few points with his next words.

"You obviously didn't want anyone to know who you are, duh." He stated displaying an amazing display of maturity and childishness at the same time.

"Lin Potter, nice to meet you." She said as the door before them opened and Professor McGonagall ushered them into a small room. The transfiguration teacher proceeded to tell them about the things that were expected of them and swept away to get the sorting hat.

"I don't believe you Potter! You left us for Nott." Blaise hissed as said boy looked affronted.

Before Theodore could reply a pompous voice spoke up loudly,

"Potter? As in Gwendelin Potter?" A boy's voice sounded, stopping any and all conversations. A blonde haired boy strutted over and Lin resisted the urge to kick him in the shins for announcing her like that.

"I'm Malfoy, Draco Malfoy." Draco said smugly sticking out his hand for Lin to shake.

"Any relation to Lucius Malfoy?" She asked ignoring the hand. Draco blinked and put his hand down before puffing up importantly.

"Yes, I see you've heard of us. I'm his son." The smirk was wiped off his face when Lin didn't resist the urge to kick the annoying boy.

"Good to know." Lin said coolly as McGonagall came back in the room and shuffled them into the great hall to be sorted.

'A singing hat? That's the best thing wizards have come up with?'

After one of the dumbest, most out of tune song Lin had ever heard, McGonagall started the sorting.

"Abbott, Hannah."

"Hufflepuff!" The hat announced.

"That's it?" Lin growled to Su, who giggled at her annoyance.

"What were you expecting?" Theodore quirked an eyebrow.

"Shut it, Nott." Lin snapped.

"Davis, Tracey."


"I know where not to go…" Lin mumbled. More names were called and Su went to Ravenclaw and Malfoy went to Slytherin.

"Potter, Gwendelin." Whispers sprung up as Lin wandered up to the stool.

'Hmm it seems like it was only yesterday that I sorted your mother and father…' The hat murmured to her after it was put on her head.

'Well your life must've been absolutely boring if that felt like yesterday. Also what do I care? Just sort me.' Lin grumbled mentally.

'Alright, let's see. Very little loyalty or trust for others. You've had a very difficult life and you know the meaning of hard work. However Hufflepuff doesn't look like the house for you. Love of learning, Ravenclaw perhaps? Lots of courage I see, not afraid to stand up to others, maybe Gryffindor?"

'Will you please hurry up? Put me in somewhere. Not Slytherin or Hufflepuff. Actually I wanna go where Su is. She seemed the least annoying of the lot.'

'…You need counseling, maybe anger management too. I think you'd fit in fine there but I pray for the sanity of the people in…'


"Stupid hat…" She groused as the blue and bronze table exploded in cheers. Lin sat next to Su and watched as Theodore joined Slytherin along with Blaise who was sorted last.

Albus Dumbledore got to his feet and beamed at all the assembled hall.

"Welcome!" He called. "Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! I only have a few –"

Lin missed the next part of the Headmaster's speech as someone tapped her timidly on the arm.

Glowering at the girl who tapped her she snapped quietly,

"What do you want?"

The girl shrunk back and squeaked slightly at her tone.

"Ah sorry," She said as food appeared suddenly on the table, "I'm Padma Patil, I'm a first year too."

"I know." Lin grunted, not really paying attention as she selected the foods she wanted. "What do you want – to be friends or something?"

"Um, okay?" Padma said in confusion.

"Whatever." Lin mumbled through some chicken as Su giggled.

"You'll get used to her soon enough." Su whispered confidently to the still confused girl.

Padma nodded slowly. "I'm not surprised my sister isn't in Ravenclaw." She told Su and Lin as she picked out her own selection.

"She was always more interested in mother's jewels and makeup. Anything that tickled her fancy and sparkled really, she was never a reader like I am."

Su smiled in response. "I came from a long line of Ravens. My grandmother –"

Lin sat bored listening to the chatter around her until the tables were cleared of food and Dumbledore stood to address the school once more.

"Just a few things start-of-term notices before your all off to bed, then." He told them cheerfully. "First off all students should note that the forbidden forest is, just that, forbidden to all pupils." Dumbledore smiled softly in the direction of the Gryffindor table.

"Mr. Filch, our caretaker, has asked me to remind you all that there is to be no magic used in the corridors, and that a list of forbidden objects can be found on his office door. Quidditch tryouts will be held…"

'What the hell is quid-ditch? It sounds like a bad rash.' Lin snorted quietly at the thought, completely missing Dumbledore's warning about the third floor.

"And thus, before we go, lets us sing the school song…"

The murderous looks on the teachers' faces were priceless.

After being dismissed from the feast, the Ravenclaw prefects gathered all the first years of their house up and lead them to their house's tower.

The entrance to the common room was a large portrait of a rather sarcastic, haughty woman named Cassandra Trelawney, that sneered at them before asking for the password, which was 'wisdom'.

"First years, welcome to Ravenclaw house." The prefect girl told the small group as they all made their way into the common room, a dark blue and bronze accented rectangular room that had book shelves full of books covering ¾ of the walls.

"My name is Fantasia Marigold. This is Alan Wolfe." Fantasia pointed to the sharp eyed brown-haired boy beside her.

"We're both fifth year prefects this year so if you've got any concerns, real ones mind you, we'll be happy to help you or, bar that, bring your problem to Professor Flitwick, our head of house. As representatives of Ravenclaw you are expected to act accordingly, so keep your petty little squabbles to yourselves, got it?" Fantasia got nervous or bored, in Lin's case, responses back.

"Good, boys to the left and girls to the right. Your names are already on the doors, there are three to a room. The rooms you get will be yours all seven years, so get used to it." Alan grunted, speaking for the first time.

Su and Padma latched onto Gwendelin's arms as she walked towards the rooms.

"I hope we're all together." Padma said quietly as they walked. Lin groaned as Padma and Su squealed and hugged each other seeing the room plate read:

G. L. Potter

P. S. Patil

S. A. Li

As they started to settle into their beds, which had their trunks at the end Su spoke up.

"Gwen?" She questioned looking at Lin who blinked owlishly.

"What did you call me?" She sighed as she put on a night shirt.

"Gwen, it's my nickname for you." Su said cheekily dodging the pillow, snatched from Padma's bed that was aimed at her head.

"What does the 'L' stand for in your name?" The girl asked curiously.

"Lenoir." Lin told them in a bored voice.

"Really?" Padma piped up as she caught the pillow Su threw her.

"No its Lily. Why?"

"That surprisingly soft and sweet for such a sour girl." Su teased as Lin snorted.

"Whatever, it's my mum's name. Not mine." Lin responded turning over and falling asleep.

Gwendelin had to seriously resist kicking people in the shins the next day as she, Padma, and Su made their way through the castle to their classes.

"Merlin, you'd think they'd have better things to do then stare." Su grumbled as they made their way to the dungeons for Potions.

"Gwen's famous; people will stop staring after a while." Padma supplied softly as they stopped before the potions room where, oddly enough despite the Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff/Gryffindor-Slytherin traditional classes (which the first years had no idea about), the Slytherin firsties were also waiting.

"Hey Gwendelin, didn't really peg you as a bookworm." Daphne piped up as the girls looked over.

"I had you booked for Slytherin." Tracey added her two cents.

"Yeah, the fact that you two were in Slytherin was enough to convince me that it wasn't the house for me." Lin divulged as Snape walked up to them.

"Get in." He said curtly. Lin wandered to the back right of the room and Theo snagged the seat next to her, all the girls Lin had met mixed in around them.

After he did roll call, Snape gave the class a well rehearsed speech.

"You are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potion-making. As there is little foolish wand-waving here, many of you will hardly believe this is magic. I don't expect you will really understand the beauty…" At that word Lin drifted off, not paying attention to the hooked nosed man till she heard her name being called.

"Potter!" He snapped suddenly. "What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?"

'Draught of Living Death!' Lin heard an urgent voice say as Padma's hand shot up in front of her. She didn't notice Su staring at her, looking like she was concentrating hard on something.

"Draught of living death?" She tried and Snape nodded slowly.

"What is the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane?" He asked her pointedly.

'That's the same plant, also known as aconite.' The voice returned as Padma waved her hand as high as went without standing up.

"There is no difference. They're the same plant, which is also known as aconite." She stated wondering if she was going crazy.

"Correct, two points to Ravenclaw. It seems you know how to crack a book." He said before setting them up to make a simple boil curing potion. Before Lin could become concerned at the voices she was hearing Theodore spoke up.

"How was your first night here Lin?" He asked softly as they got up to collect ingredients from the student supplies cupboard.

Lin blinked at the boy.

"Alright I suppose, I have to room with Padma and Su for the next 7 years though." She grumbled. The Slytherin gave an amused smirk.

"You guys seemed to get along just fine earlier." He said as they sat down.

"Yeah, whatever." Lin grunted.

The rest of the class passed in relative silence.

Friday afternoon Lin thankfully had some free time from class and hid in the shade of a tree by the lake after successfully shaking off her many shadows.

Oddly enough she missed the solitude of her cupboard.

'Being around all these people is so weird.' She sighed, watching the squid raise a lazy tentacle before splashing the water. Wanda poked her head out of the girl's sleeve, tasting the air with her tongue.

"Those girls are gone?" The snake asked hopefully. Padma and Su had met Wanda the morning after they had moved into their room. They seemed to think she was very cute.

"Yup, we're alone finally." Lin whispered back.

"Thank the Queen for that." The snake said contently.

"The queen?" Lin quirked an eyebrow, "I didn't know you were a British snake."

"What are you blathering on about? I meant my Queen. Not your human queen." Wanda told her as if talking to small child.

Before she could respond a voice sounded nearby.

"Lin?" She looked to her right and saw Theo staring at her with a funny expression on his face.

"What? Can't you see I'm relaxing?" Lin demanded stiffly. He slid down next to her and asked her softly,

"You're a Parselmouth?"

"I'm a parlor-what now?" Lin asked annoyed.

"A Parselmouth," Theo explained quietly after making sure there was no one around. "It means you can speak Parseltongue, snake language. It's something that You-Know-Who was famous for."

"No I don't know who," She stated sourly.

"The dark lord." Theo supplied.

"Who? What the hell are you talking about boy?" Lin groused knowing exactly what he was talking about.

"You know, the man who killed your parents." He told her impatiently.

"Oh you mean Voldemort, why do people keep wincing when I say it? It's just a name. If you wanna be scared of a murdering psychopath then be my guest but being afraid of a name is beyond stupid." Lin mocked after Theo jumped at the name.

"Anyway, what I was talking about is that there hasn't been another recorded Parselmouth aside from you-kn–" Lin glared at him.

"V-Vol…demort," He said in a hushed tone looking strained, "It's really rare and is a sign of being a dark wizard, or witch in your case."

"Theodore?" Lin said softly.

"Yes?" He asked as she smiled sweetly at him, making him blush.

"I'm eleven! When have I or any 11 year old found the time to be evil?" She said in an irritated low tone making him shrink back, paling.

"I'm not saying that!" He told her quickly. "I don't think that, it the rest of the world that will if this gets out." Theo said obviously thinking this was reassuring.

"But it won't, will it Theodore?" She whispered menacingly.

"N-Nope, I promise!" He said eying her warily. Lin smirked at the already whipped boy,

"Good boy."