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Warning: Language, Gender bending, Violence, Mentions of Child Abuse

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Life and Royalty Chapter Six: Germinate

"Gwen! Gwen wake up, please!" Su begged as everyone else hovered around the young princess.

Lin took a deep breath and the bracelet on her arm glowed softly.

"I told you she wasn't dead." Julie sneered looking smug.

Su helped Lin sit up.

"What happened?" She mumbled in confusion.

"A dementor came in very slowly and attacked you. You could have possibly just moved out of the way…" Julie smirked.

"Shut up jerk-off. Weren't you supposed to be protecting Gwen anyway?" Su snarled. Julie shrugged.

"Here, eat this it'll help." Lupin cut in, holding out a piece of chocolate to Lin. Su took it for her and the princess shook her head when she was offered it.

"I can't believe that they're letting the dementors run wild!" Hermione fretted.

"I need to go have a word with the train conductor." Lupin slipped out of the room and no one seemed to notice.

A wave of sleepiness fell over Lin and she nodded off for the rest of the train ride.

Hermione gently shook Lin as the train stopped. Groggily, Lin followed after her and Julie out onto the platform.

"First years o'er this way!" Hagrid called before noticing them and staring at Lin a little warily.

"Alright there Hermione?" He asked nervously. Hermione smiled at him but couldn't respond as they were swept up into the mass of students headed for the carriages that took them to the school.

Climbing into the first one she saw, a pair of wide silver eyes that had a distinct far off look to them stared back at her.

"You look like you were attacked by feddlewomps. You're awfully pale and they tend to suck the color out of you if you aren't wearing yellow and they catch you." The blonde girl said in a dreamy voice.

Hermione scowled.

"Gwen this is Loony– I mean Luna Lovegood." She flushed at insulting the girl to her face but Luna didn't seem to notice.

"We've been introduced before." Luna hummed before lifting up the magazine that she was holding in her lap – the Quibbler – and proceeded to become engrossed in it.

Julie watched her with a completely blank look on her face before leaning over to Lin and hissing in her ear.

"How does she know about feddlewomps? They are a very reclusive species." The fae girl wondered, her eyes narrowed at this new suspicious character.

Lin shrugged and Julie sniffed, muttering about how uncaring the princess was about her own safety.

When the carriage stopped, Lin saw the very last person she wanted to see after she stepped out.

"Is it true Potter, what Weasley said?" Malfoy crowed as the other Slytherins jeered. "Did you really faint because of the dementors?"

"Shove off Malfoy." Hermione snapped as she took Lin's arm and practically dragged the girl into the entrance chamber of the school.

"Potter! Granger!" Professor McGonagall called as they approached the door to the great hall.

"Who is this?" She frowned at Julie, who gave her an unfriendly look back.

"This is Juliette Grodenwell. She is a new transfer here." Hermione spoke up.

"Oh yes right. Well you'll have to wait for the first years to arrive so you can be sorted. Professor Flitwick should be here shortly to escort you all where you need to be. Potter, Granger, come with me to my office." The Transfiguration teacher told them primly.

Upon reaching the office, they settled down into the seats by the professor's desk.

"Professor Lupin told me about what happened on the train and I assure you that what happened will never happen again." McGonagall told Lin seriously who snorted.

"You can't be with me twenty-four seven Professor. Please don't make promises you can't keep." Lin sneered. The woman frowned but didn't reprimand her for her tone.

"Do you feel alright? You look pale." McGonagall said eyeing her.

"I'm always pale. I'm fine." Lin told her confidently. Nodding slowly, the transfiguration teacher grabbed a note on her desk and handed it to her.

"Read that." The woman told her. "Would you mind stepping out so I may discuss Miss Granger's schedule with her?"

Lin got up and walked out the door, closing it sharply behind her. Opening the letter, her eyes darkened as she saw a familiar, unmistakable loopy script upon the paper.

Dear Miss Potter,

It has come to my attention that several miscarriages of justice have befallen you and I intend to rectify them immediately.

I hope you have had a safe and productive summer.

-Albus Dumbledore

She frowned as she saw this but had no time to contemplate this as Hermione came out of the room, eyes shining with happiness. McGonagall stepped out a moment later and they made their way back to the feast only to see the sorting had ended as Flitwick took away the sorting hat and stool.

Lin and Hermione parted ways to their respective tables, in which Lin noticed that Julie had been sorted into Gryffindor of all houses, and sat just as Dumbledore stood up for his welcoming speech.

"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts!" The elderly headmaster beamed at them all as if it were his greatest wish for them to be before him, which Lin found to be very creepy.

"Yes, now I only have a few announcements before you digging in and engorge yourselves on our wonderful feast." Dumbledore continued. "First off as I am sure you have already noticed is the dementors of Azkaban, who are here for ministry business. Dementors are unforgiving creatures who do not respond to pleas or regrets and will not hesitate to harm you. I ask you not to do anything promote such an action. They cannot be fooled by spells or invisibility cloaks. I look to my head boy and girl to make sure none of the other students come to harm." Lin could see Ron's brother, the nerd with the glasses, puff up at that.

"It is also my painful duty to inform you that that the Quidditch Cup will not take place this year." Horror met this announcement but he continued regardless.

"This is due to an event taking place this school year, beginning in October and continuing throughout the year. It is my pleasure to announce that –"

His words were cut off when the doors of the great hall slammed open, revealing the ugliest person next to Voldemort that Lin had ever seen. He had mismatched eyes, one bright blue and large, whizzing awkwardly in its socket, the other was small and beady. He had scars all over his face and a chunk of his nose was obviously gone. He walked with a very distinct limp, and Lin caught sight of a peg leg under his voluminous cloak.

"On that note I would like to introduce three new teachers." Dumbledore went from serious to cheerful in an instant as the weird man sat down at the head table.

"First off is Professors Lupin and Moody, who have agreed to fill the defense against the dark arts teaching posts. They will be working together to teach the class, Professor Moody will be primarily handling the upper classmen and Professor Lupin the lower ones." The man who sent Lin her mother's necklace and those other gifts stood up and gave a little bow. His robe was frayed and patched up in several places and he just looked plain tired. Moody just gave a short curt nod.

"The next would be Professor Hagrid, who will be taking over in Care of Magical Creatures for Professor Kettleburn, who has retired, as well as continuing his grounds keeping duties." The large men that had greeted them on the train platform beamed and seemed to be having a slight break down as Professor McGonagall handed him a conjured hankie.

"As I was saying," Dumbledore continued with a smile on his face. "We have the honor of hosting the Triwizard Tournament this year! The competition will be between three largest schools in Europe: Hogwarts, Beauxbatons lead by Madam Maxime, and Durmstrang lead by Headmaster Karkaroff, both of which will be joining at the end of October…" Someone shouted in disbelief and the whole room laughed but Lin ignored this and the rest of Dumbledore's speech as a surge of anger hit her that was entirely not her own.

"Now I believe that's everything, let the feast commence!" Dumbledore called before sitting down.

Lin watched and wondered just what the old man wanted from her and why Edmond was so mad.

The next day shortly after breakfast, Lin, Padma, and Su walked into their first class of the day, Divination.

"Who thought up this ridiculous subject anyway?" Su grumbled as she sank into one of the plush chairs in the back of the room.

Professor Trelawney had to be one of the strangest characters that Lin had ever seen and, having met Yahiya, that is saying something. She had on these big thick glasses that only served to magnify her bug eyes and a very bushy curl fro that Lin would never recommend anyone wear. She wore what appeared to be a multi-colored jumpsuit with many different colored shawls hanging from her shoulders.

"My name is professor Trelawney." The woman whispered loudly in what she thought was a dramatic inspiring voice. "I am here to try to teach you the art of divination. However I must warn you that not everyone has the talent or 'inner-eye' necessary to fully grasp divination…"

The woman went on this fashion, reminding Lin of Snape's little attempt to intimidate them in their first year.

Lin fell asleep shortly afterwards, bored to tears.

Su, Padma, and Lin walked into their next class, Defense Against the dark arts, not expecting much of it despite the praises the Gryffindors sung about Professor Lupin.

Indeed Lin was less than impressed with the boggart, but it was Lupin's response to the foul creature that nearly set her off.

Jumping in front of the Fae princess, Lupin started to call the boggart's attention to himself only to be kicked sharply in the back of his shins and shoved roughly to the left by said princess.

The boggart, now once again clearly in front of Lin, shook violently before settling on a single form.

Lin herself.

The entire room was confused. How could she be afraid of herself? Padma shot Su a bemused look, which was returned.

Only it wasn't herself really, it was a version that Lin knew quite clearly, with big doe eyes and a dopey love filled smile etched across its mockery of a face.

An abomination if she ever saw one. It was her biggest fear. An ignorant, trusting, non-masked, and emotional version of her. The version that didn't lie, that loved without barriers or hesitation, that didn't have a darker side that consumed more of her every day.

It was everything she feared, and everything she wanted.

Lin's face twisted into a scowl as she gazed at everything she could never be. White flames exploded from her wand, consuming the screaming boggart until there was not even ash left.

The class was silent for a long minute.

"Class dismissed." Lupin mumbled lowly before retreating to his office.

After nearly a month and a half of boring classes and random bursts of anger that Lin could feel through her bond, some excitement finally entered her boredom filled school year and not in a good way.

It was in divination class that everything went downhill.

Lin was lightly dosing off as she always did when Padma's hand shot up, cutting of Trelawney as she built up steam about the 'inner-eye'. Even Lin was surprised with what happened next.

"Yes Miss… uh…?" Trelawney blinked at the girl vapidly.

"You should know all of our names." Padma said coldly, her eyes narrowed at the woman. "After all you are supposed to be a seer. I mean if you weren't, you would not be qualified to teach this class. So what is my name?"

Trelawney blinked at the anger on Padma's face.

"My dear, my inner eye does not focus on such insignificant things–" Padma cut her off by upending the table, the tea set that was sitting on it crashed to ground, sending scalding hot tea and shards of glass everywhere.

"It's because you're a FAKE!" Padma snapped before charging out of the room, knocking a crystal ball out of the room in her rage.

"Well…" Lin said into the stunned silence. "Usually I'm the one to charge angrily out of a room. Nice to see what it looks like from the other side, for once."

And with that she and Su packed up and left the silent room.

"Paddy! Yo Pad! Wait up!" Su yelled out after Padma as she and Lin ran after her.

"What's wrong?" Su asked after Padma stopped and they caught up to her.

"'What's wrong?' What do you mean? You know, all this stuff about 'life-mates' and prophecies, why should I believe any of it? And what about all that stuff about Lin's marriage? Why did she get forced into it? Because some ritual said that she and Edmond were right for each other!" Padma seethed. Lin tilted her head.

"Let's go somewhere more private. The walls do have listening spells on them." Lin told them lightly.

Stepping down into Lin's trunk, she led the two girls into the tea room, after making sure that the trunk's top was closed and sealed.

After settling down on the large flower chairs Lin turned to Padma.

"What ever happened to 'you don't take your anger out on others'? And what do you have against my marriage?" She quirked a curious eyebrow at the silent Indian girl.

Padma sighed, most of her anger spent now.

"I mean it's not just you, Su has Jack because of that ritual and all that prophecy/future telling and stargazing just sits wrong with me. I mean how do you know that Edmond is your soul mate? Or did you just believe what they said and not even challenge it?" Padma asked, looking at Lin's suddenly blank, cold face.

"I don't know if Edmond is really my soul mate. Maybe you are right, maybe someone else is right for me. That doesn't change the fact we're married." Lin told her flatly.

Padma shook her head.

"I mean come on. You can't sit there and tell me that you're happy about being forced into this. No one has the right to tell you who to love and who to be with." She said strongly, looking into Lin's cold green eyes unflinchingly.

"That's where you are wrong." A voice said curtly from behind. Lin flicked her eyes to meet Hermione's and then Julie's, who regarded her with cool indifference before sitting across from Su.

"What are you doing in here?" Padma demanded.

"Well, you insignificant being, I, like you can come and go through the main part of this trunk space as I please as long as I am invited." Julie flicked her hair in a bored fashion.

"No one invited you here." Padma countered. Lin snorted.

"She can be in here if she wants." The thirteen year old princess said firmly. Julie smirked.

"Now as I was saying, as forgetful and inferior your feeble minds are, you seem to forget that Gwendelin lives under the rule of the King and Queen, like everyone else. Therefore if they judge that she and my brother are to wed and love each other, no one has the right to protest because that is what it means to live under a monarchy." Padma scowled at the smug look on the Lesra girl's face before turning to Lin.

"There is no way you, of all people could be okay with this!" She pleaded.

"Padma, I lived under the tyranny of the Dursleys for around 11 years. Sometimes arguing with adults gets you nowhere. I know there are points where you just have to suck up how you feel about whatever is happening around you, and go with it." Lin told her lightly.

"So you don't want to be with Edmond?" Su asked quietly. Juliette's eyes widened as she leaned forward to hear this new piece of info.

"I do now sure, but in the beginning? No, not at all. To me then, he was just someone else I needed to be careful and not draw any attention to myself around. Act like any love starved orphan would when confronted with the chance to be cared for. I have never, nor do I believe that I will ever completely trust anyone enough to permanently bond like the ritual suggests."

For some reason, hearing that did not make Padma feel any better about the subject, merely making her feel worse than before.

Lin was highly amused the next day when she saw that Malfoy had been injured during his Care of Magical Creatures class and subtly sent a bone breaker hex right at his arm, causing him to scream loudly and pass out in the middle of the Great Hall.

Had he not been pretending to swoon all day, she was sure that someone would have taken this seriously, which Madam Pomfrey did not, merely instructing Pansy to place him on a bed before leaving back to her office.

Draco would spend the next eight weeks recovering from a broken wrist only Pansy believed he had.

The rest of Lin's week was surprisingly nice. She managed to get some personal research done and finished all her homework weeks before it was due.

She knew it was too good to be true.

Between Padma's odd attitude about her marriage, Edmonds more frequent bursts of anger, and Julie's sudden buddy-buddy relationship that she had arranged with Hermione, Ron, and that boy Neville (which Lin was quite surprised about given the girl's aversion to all things human), and that weird Luna girl following her everywhere, all of which Lin ignored dutifully, the worst was when the kids from the two other Triwizard schools came.

The stoic Ravenclaw had been reading a book about myths of magic, ignoring the over the top entrances of the two school and was quite intent to just ignore the tournament as a whole, when someone asked in a soft deep tenor to sit where the girl who was beside Lin was sitting. The girl stuttered out an acceptant and Lin felt the air shift and a weird feeling settle over her momentarily.

"Excuse me?" The boy who sat next to her asked quietly in a light French accent. Lin looked up and was inwardly surprised at how beautiful the boy was, with light blue eyes and slightly messy platinum blonde hair. He could easily go toe-to-toe with Edmond in the handsome category.

He smiled at her warmly, and Lin felt something in her flip flop.

"My name is Laurence Delacour; I'm part of the Beauxbatons delegation." He took her hand and kissed it softly. Su's eyes narrowed.

A girl across from Padma, who was sitting on Lin's other side, fluttered her eyelashes and simpered,

"You hardly have an accent! Your English is so good!" She gushed.

"I've spent most of my life traveling between France and England for business deals with my father." Laurence said still looking at Lin, almost lovingly, ignoring the other girl completely.

"I'm Lin Potter." She muttered back. The boy's smile widened.

"It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, my dear."

Lin tore her eyes away from him, listening to Dumbledore explain about the goblet of fire, how to sign up using the goblet, and the age line that he set up to ensure that no one under 17 would be allowed to compete in the tournament because of the dangers involved. Also that the champions would be decided the next night on Halloween, and he introduced Ludo Bagman and Bartemius Crouch, both of whom were sitting at the head table and happened to be coordinating the tournament.

After the feast, Su practically dragged Lin back up to their room, with Padma and Luna hot on their heels.

Lin could feel Laurence's eyes staring after her just before she left the hall and resisted the urge to shudder in Su's firm angry grip.

It would seem that the Ravenclaw table would play permanent host to the Beauxbatons students because the next day, mere moments after Lin sat down to breakfast, Laurence and a few other cute boys planted themselves in the seats surrounding Lin and her friends.

"Good morning Lin." Laurence practically purred. Su glared at him and Padma looked purely amused.

"It's no use Laurence." She sniggered. "Lin doesn't speak to people in the morning. She is not a morning person."

"Oh…" The boy looked vaguely disappointed.

Determined however, Laurence sat next to Lin at lunch that day and dinner as well.

After the dinner feast, just before Dumbledore was to announce the champions, Laurence leaned over to whisper in Lin's ear.

"I will win this tournament just for you, my dear." He told her warmly.

Annoyed, she was about show him just how uninterested she was in him when the Headmaster stood up and addressed the three student bodies.

"All champions who are selected will go into the chamber behind me." He told them as the first piece of paper shot out of the Goblet of Fire.

"The champion for Durmstrang is… Victor Krum!" The room burst into cheers as a burly looking boy whom Lin vaguely remembered Ron blabbering about being a big Quidditch star shuffled back into the room Dumbledore mentioned.

"Next, the champion for Beauxbatons is… Laurence Delacour!" The boy stood up and that weird feeling that Lin had the first time she saw the boy settled over her as the girls in the room seemed to swoon as one. He walked into the chamber confidently after winking at a very suddenly annoyed Lin.

"And now for the Hogwarts champion, which is… Cedric Diggory!" The Hufflepuff table seemed to explode in cheers, the noise was so deafening. Lin remembered the boy as that annoying kid that liked to turn up at the portrait hole in Ravenclaw tower and ask for that weird Chinese girl, Chain or whatever her name was.

Dumbledore smiled and was about to say something else when the Goblet lit up again and another piece of paper shot out of it. Confused the man took the scrap of paper and read the name with a grim look on his face.

"Gwendelin Potter…?"

Lin was in the back room of the great hall, with all of the adults involved in the tournament surrounding her with disapproving looks on their faces. Having already been questioned by Dumbledore and the man having told the people of the room that Lin was bound to compete Snape decided to add his two cents.

"Headmaster, why is Potter not being punished? Surely such a clear disregard for rules deserves some sort of reprimand." The greasy man sneered.

"Being in your presence is punishment enough." Lin said coldly.

"What was that?" The potions professor's lips pulled back into a cold mockery of a smile.

"Well the way I figure it, regardless of the fact I did not in fact put my name in the goblet I am magically bound to be in the Triwizard tournament as a student competing correct?" Lin asked Dumbledore who frowned but nodded.

"But… If I wasn't a student representing a school anymore I wouldn't have to do it anymore would I?" She muttered mostly to herself but loud enough that everyone in the room could hear.

"What's your point girl?" Moody growled out, eye spinning wildly.

"I plan on making professor Snape's life a living hell." She said simply.

"Miss Potter please, this is serious." Dumbledore told her in a reprimanding voice.

"Oh, I'm dead fucking serious old man. I'm not gonna stop terrorizing this school until you expel me. I mean, now that I'm magically bound as a student there are two options that I have. One is I blow off school work and watch as you try to rein me in with detentions I won't go to, or two you can expel me right here and now and break the magic oath that I did not sign up for, like any good headmaster would. However, knowing you and your total disregard for the lives and safety of your students, you won't do that so I only have one thing left to say: I will see this school burned to the ground, hopefully with you in it." Lin said smugly before sweeping out of the room and past all the gaping, angry faces of her peers in the great hall before making her way back to Ravenclaw tower.

Over the next week Lin was still basking in the glow of deciding to forgo schoolwork for more fun activities like sleeping or her own research, when the biggest bombshell that Dumbledore had to drop on her happened.

At breakfast that day, her Transfiguration teacher handed her a note that the headmaster had written, with instructions for her to come to his office and the password to the stone monstrosity that guarded it.

After finishing eating, Lin walked up to the gargoyle that sat in front of the office and looked down at the paper McGonagall had given her.

"Uh… Skittles?" The stone thing moved aside when she said this aloud and Lin rode the moving staircase all the way up to the top and knocked on the door.

"Enter." A male voice called.

"You wanted to see me sir?" Lin asked as she opened the door.

"Yes, please have a seat." Dumbledore smiled, eyes twinkling in barely suppressed glee.

Sitting down she frowned and shook her head as the Headmaster offered her a Lemon drop.

"Now Gwendelin, some disturbing news came to me at the end of last year and I have taken steps to reverse the situation." Dumbledore paused, staring at the Lin over his half-moon glasses.

"I looked into something that apparently the ministry has missed and had it annulled…" The old man drifted off and Lin's handle on her patience snapped.

"Which would be?" She ground out. Dumbledore's smile stretched wider.

"Your marriage of course."

Lin curled up on her bed that night, wishing that Edmond were with her.

"You can't do that! My mum and dad signed those papers and Edmond's mum and dad!" Lin shouted standing up, rage bubbling up in her. The nerve of that man!

"There is no one in the ministry records by the name of Elena and Rylis Grodenwell, nor an Edmond. You will be going to be at a house of my choosing this summer. I cannot allow you to run around without a protection. As Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot I can do as I find necessary, for the greater good." Dumbledore told her evenly, twinkle fully ablaze.

"He isn't a wizard!" Lin argued, even as a little part of her admitted that it was hopeless.

"Ah, I checked the muggle archives as well, which leads me my next point, or question rather. Who is Edmond Grodenwell? I need to know this for your safety." He told her in a soothing voice.

"None of your business!" Lin spat before turning to the door to leave.

"Ah, have a good night Gwendelin." Dumbledore smiled after her.

Lin hugged her pillow and fell into an uneasy sleep.

"You have done well, my servant." A voice crowed triumphantly behind Dumbledore. He turned to see Gellert Grindelwald.

"I have done what you asked, when will I have as I wished?" The elderly headmaster frowned at the man.

"As soon as I get what I want. We are closer now, my friend." Grindelwald smirked before stepping into a shadow in the office.

Fawkes eyed the scene critically as Dumbledore headed off to his chambers to sleep.

'I will protect you young princess.' The bird vowed before tucking its head under its wing.

A week passed before the notice for a Hogsmead weekend went up.

Deciding she wasn't very fond of the idea of wasting her time going down to the village and the fact she hadn't remembered to get her grandparents to sign the permission slip she spent most of the day finishing up all the homework she'd been assigned.

Having missed lunch her stomach growled loudly.

"Well, well, well, someone…" A voice said.

"…sounds hungry." Another voice finished. Lin looked up and saw two trouble making smirks on the faces of the Weasley twins, Fred and George.

"I missed lunch." Lin shrugged, eyeing them both. The boys looked at each other and grinned.

"It just so happens we were…" Fred said cheerfully.

"On our way to the kitchens. Care to join us?" George chimed in.

"The kitchens?" Lin quirked an eyebrow. Instead of answering, Fred grabbed her arm and dragged her from the room as George packed all her things back in her backpack and followed close behind.

For some reason, the sight of all those eager to please elves disgusted something deep inside her and made her completely miss the sight of all the elves that had an ornate 'P' on their uniforms.

She went to sleep that night feeling very troubled.

Inside Lin's trunk space as she slept, the stuffed bunny that Edmond had given her on her birthday, which she named Flori, shuddered lightly. The source of said shuddering was a large egg, the size of a football that she had received from Myrddin, that was leaning on the plush grey furred, green button eyed, teddy bear shaped toy.

A crack split down the middle of the egg and a ball of slimy furry tentacles slid out onto the large shelf it sat on. It let out a loud squeak and its large orange eyes opened up. Seeing the plush toy, it twitched before seemingly melting and slithering over to the toy and let itself be absorbed.

The now possessed Flori stood shakily on its soft round feet before walking around for a few minutes to get the feel of it. Feeling secure its ability to be mobile, the plush monster jumped from the shelf onto the floor, made its way over to the stairs and to the trapdoor that lead to the outside of the trunk space.

Using a strength that was completely disproportionate to its small size, Flori silently opened the door and wiggled out of the trunk completely unnoticed.

The next day Lin's natural grumpiness returned with a vengeance.

She was walking from the library to Ravenclaw tower a long while after curfew when a big shaggy dog slid into her and they both tumbled to the ground.

"Merlin be damned! Stupid dog!" Lin snared, shoving the dog off and then standing back up.

"Where the hell did you come from?" She snapped at the large black mutt, who gazed at her with big grey eyes. The dog let out a whine and butted her hand to be pet.

Before Lin could do so the dog was flung rather violently into the stone wall across from it.

The excruciating pain that this tossing caused the dog shocked it back into its original state of being, before passing out.

Not that Lin noticed mind you.

She was staring at what flung the dog in the first place.

"Flori?" The girl gaped at the innocent looking bunny.

"Is that my name?" the plush toy asked tilting its head. Lin nodded, still in shock.

"Um… why did you throw that dog?" Lin asked hearing her voice change to match the strange whimpery language that her plush seemed to possess.

"It hurt you, I saw it. And my host's memories show that you are my new humdinek." Flori told her.

"I'm your what? And what do you mean… host?" Lin questioned, puzzled.

"Humdinek, it means… companion, master, and owner. I am a vimperk, and we need nonliving hosts to possess in order to live. I hatched from my egg and saw this strange corpse was beside me so I decided to use it, and in doing so I saw all its memories in life." Lin decided not to tell Flori that the plush it was possessing wasn't ever alive and she wondered if stuff animals did have memories before shaking her head.

"Okay but the dog didn't hurt me, it just knocked me over." She pointed out. Flori shook its head.

"What dog? That was a man in dog form, that's why I threw it away from you." Lin's eyes widened and she whipped around to see a man in the dog's previous space.

"Shit! That's Sirius Black!" Lin walked over to the ex-con, squatted down and poked him with her wand to which he groaned and turned over.

"Hey Flori, can you pick him up for me?" She asked the bunny, who nodded before waddling over and lifting the man over its head effortlessly.

Lin made her way back to the deserted Ravenclaw tower and into her room without anyone seeing them.

She ordered Flori to drop Sirius and told him to guard the man before going to wake up Su and Padma.

"…Wait so let me get this straight. Your stuffed animal was possessed by the monster that was in the egg your uncle gave you. Then Sirius Black, who is for all appearances is an illegal Animagus crashed into as a dog and your over protective plushy threw him into the wall?" Padma asked exasperatedly. Lin nodded.

"Su would you mind going to get my family for me? And his name is Flori and he's cute!" The girl smirked as Su got up and walked into the trunk space.

"Murderously so." Padma muttered.

"I can understand everything you all are saying and the dog-Myrna is waking up." Flori told Lin who looked over as Sirius sat up.

"Where…?" The man asked before seeing Lin and gaping.

"Lily…?" He asked before shaking his head.

"No… Linny! You – you've gotten so big…" He whispered. Lin quirked an eyebrow.

"Yes, unlike my parents that you betrayed, I am not dead and therefore have grown up." She said coldly.

Alavorsa and Hiram appeared in the room suddenly. Her grandmother frowned deeply.

"Lin take your friend and go home." The beautiful blonde Queen told her firmly. Lin scowled.

"No way, I'll take Padma home but he betrayed my parents, I want to know why straight from the mutt's mouth." Lin shot back. Before his mate could say anything, Hiram nodded.

Disappearing with Padma, she dropped the girl off at a very confused Edmond's house and popped quickly back into her dorm room.

Flori wobbled over to her and climbed up her body to hang off her shoulder.

"Why…?" Lin asked staring expressionlessly at the man.

After hearing the full story of Pettigrew and his frame up from the man and having her grandfather confirm that the man spoke nothing but the truth Lin asked her grandparents to wait and stepped into the hall way and out the common room.

Making her way through the corridors, she headed toward the teacher's sleeping wing. 3 corridors near her destination she ran into the last person she wanted to see.

Snape's lips curled as he swept down the hallway looking just as greasy as ever.

"And just what are you doing walking around at 4 in the morning near the teacher's wing Miss Potter?" The man sneered at her suspiciously.

"None of your damn business. Now if you would step your bony ass out of my way sir, I'll be on my way." Lin said in a flat voice.

The man's wand was suddenly in her face. He didn't notice the small twitch of plush arms hanging innocently off her shoulder.

"No one's here right now Potter… If you were to be suddenly horribly maimed no one would have a clue who did it… and I could always just blame it on Black…" He snarled at her quietly.

"Sir, are you threatening me?" Lin smiled brightly at the man's response.

"I never liked you Potter, so doing bodily harm to you right now will be an experience I savor for the rest of my life…" The potions master said silkily.


Five minutes later, Lin walked up to Lupin's room having left Flori behind to have fun beating Snape senseless.

It was taking for too much to convince Lupin of Sirius' innocence and in the end Lin had to stun the man and make Flori carry the man's body back to her room in Ravenclaw tower, leaving a note in Lupin's hand writing stating that he quit.

Having successfully snuck Remus and Sirius out of the castle to the safety of Lesra-nrina for her grandparents to deal with, Lin had a relatively good night's sleep at her grandparents' house with her two best friends. Sirius had even given Lin and her grandparents a pair of two-way magic mirrors to speak to each other in case of emergencies, stating that he himself had one and that Lin could call him anytime she needed, which she really didn't know how he acquired and decided not to ask.

The next day was a mix of good and bad.

During breakfast, halfway through, Dumbledore stood up and made an announcement.

"Students, in has come to my attention that Professor Lupin has quit his position as DADA professor so Professor Moody will be taking over as instructor for all years. Also Professor Snape has taken temporary leave and classes have been canceled until another instructor can be found." The entire student body of Hogwarts let out a cheer that was reportedly heard from Hogsmead.

Lin's first class, Transfiguration however was a complete test of her patience.

Shortly after walking into the nearly packed class room and sitting down Flori climbed from inside the expanded messenger bag Lin had taken to wearing to keep whatever book she was reading at that moment and sat at the corner of her desk motionless.

Then who else but Laurence decides to attend their class that day and sit beside Lin, gawking at her.

McGonagall came into the room and ignored the French boy, intent on starting the lesson when she spied Flori and frowned.

"Miss Potter, please take your stuffed animal off the table during class time." She said flatly. The Slytherin half of the class giggled quietly.

"Flori does what he wants ma'am and I would suggest not calling him out on it unless you want to wind up like Snape." Lin told her coolly.

McGonagall's eyes widened.

"That was you?" She asked outraged.

"No I just told you it was him. Right Flori?" Lin smirked as the stuffed animal nodded vigorously.

"However I think that watching as a vimperk beats up on a teacher is grounds for expulsion right?" Lin asked hopefully.

McGonagall sniffed and continued her lesson as if nothing had happened.

Her next class Charms, in which Flitwick complimented her charm skills that she obviously used to animate Flori, Lin decided that continuing to inform people that Flori was a real creature and not an animated doll was a waste of time and that she would rather them figure it out on their own, which was much worse for them and amusing for her.

After pretending to do the work for a few minutes a kid came in announce that Lin had to go to the photo shoot for the champions.

Upon stepping out of the room, with Flori hanging out in her bag, Lin had to listen to the small boy that come to get her babble while they were walking to the place she had been summoned to.

"Hey kid?" Lin piped up cutting him off in the middle of a sentence.

"Yeah?" The boy beamed at her.

"What room do I have to go to?" She asked innocently.

"The class room next to the old transfiguration hall." The boy said helpfully.

"Thanks! Flori, attack."

Lin walked away whistling, ignoring the pained scream behind her cheerfully.

Lin entered the fairly small classroom taking in the people within.

A woman with tightly coiled blonde locks and a very bad fashion sense, considering the fact that she dared to were a crocodile purse that had gone out of style nearly twenty years ago with sharp acrylic bright red nails, zeroed in on her.

"Ah Gwendelin there you are!" Ludo Bagman crowed cheerfully, gripping her arm in a tight vice and dragged her over to where the three other champions stood.

Lin's foot snapped out and caught Bagman squarely in the shin.

"First, its Potter to you. Second, don't touch me." She snarled at the injured man. The silence was broken by a very snide voice.

"Very crude Miss Potter. Violent too. I'm sure that the readers will enjoy the real personality of… the-girl-who-lived…" The woman with the croc bag simpered, the look in her eyes showing just how corrupt the blonde was.

She walked up to the girl and stuck out her hand.

"Rita Skeeter, The Daily Prophet journalist." Lin looked at her outstretched hand for a moment before lightly shaking it.

"She smells as the Myrna-dog smelled!" Flori crowed from his reclaimed spot hanging off her shoulder quietly.

'She's an Animagus? Hmmm…' Lin tucked that information into the back of her mind as the woman continued speaking, aiming her words at Bagman this time.

"Perhaps I might have a moment alone with Miss Potter before we begin? It'll only be a moment, really."

Bagman mumbled some sort of affirmation and Rita clapped her long crimson nailed hands together before motioning to Lin and walked out, not touching her, having remembered the kick Bagman received.

After Lin and Rita had settled into the broom cupboard that the older woman had brought them to, Rita pounced.

Or tried to at least.

"Now dearie…" Rita started. Lin frowned, not appreciating endearments from people she didn't know.

"Look lady, I don't know how sexual harassment works in the wizarding world but dragging a thirteen year old girl into a broom cupboard is highly suspicious. I've seen your little articles and even seen a few of me and I'll tell you that you won't like what happens if you slander me."

"I've had far more powerful and older people then you threaten me. What makes you think I'm scared of a little chit like you?" Rita sneered back.

"I could convince you through some sort of action on my part but now that I think about it… people really believe the bullshit that you write right?" Lin asked sitting up a little straighter.

"Of course, I'm one of the most respected journalists in Europe." The woman started smugly. Lin waved her hand to silence the woman's further boasting.

"How would you like one of the biggest stories of your career?" The younger girl grinned broadly at the suddenly all ears reporter.

"I'm listening…"

Lin and Rita walked back into the room grinning for completely different reasons.

Lin could see that Dumbledore and Ollivander had come into the room sometime after she had left.

The headmaster proceeded to inform them that Ollivander was going to inspect their wand to make sure they were in working order.

After the old wand maker had finished looking over the other champions wands he moved to stand before Lin, looking very expectant.

She reluctantly handed over the fairywood wand she had become so attached to.

"Yes yes." Ollivander muttered gazing at the wand carefully. "Fairywood and freely given unicorn blood, 12 inches. Very good for charms work, powerful combination. One of my best works."

"Humdinek, he is a elder!" Flori started in an excited voice. Ollivander smiled at the very alert plush toy.

"A vimperk? My, it has been many a millennia since I last saw one of your kind." He spoke in the creature's language kindly. Lin's eyes widened.

"I wasn't kidding when I spoke of you doing great things your highness. Vimperk only appear before and protect a specific type of people." Ollivander told her quietly. The whole room seemed confused except the three vimperk speakers.

"And what type of people would that be?" Lin asked, wondering why people who knew about her seemed to be everywhere in this world.

"People who will change the world." He told her.

"Who are you?" Lin muttered, staring into the man's big silver eyes.

"Merely a servant, my lady. But if you must place labels please madam, call me Aelian."

Dumbledore cleared his throat loudly.

"Ah yes, here you are miss Potter." Ollivander smiled at girl before passing her wand back.

"Thanks." She took the wand before being ushered by Bagman over to where the other champions were waiting to take pictures.

In the Hogwarts kitchen the next morning, Lin grinned gleefully at the paper in her hand, ignoring the platters full of food in front of her and Juliette, who had invited herself to the kitchen, stating she didn't want to deal with the crowd of the Great Hall.



Editorial by: Rita Skeeter

Albus Dumbledore is many things to many people. His official capacities are Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, and Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot. However this reporter begs the question:

Has all this power gone to Dumbledore's head?

I have had the opportunity to speak with a very well know victim of his abuse of power, our very own girl-who-lived, Gwendelin Potter-Grodenwell.

"When my parents died, Albus Dumbledore took it upon himself to map out my life. He went against the law and did what he wanted to do with me. As an infant I couldn't exactly protest." Our young heroin mutters, her arms crossed, expression one of resignation.

One of several laws that Mrs. Potter-Grodenwell was speaking about was the "Godfather/mother clause of 1906" in which, if the parents of a lone heir/heiress of a family die and the heir(ess) has a godmother or godfather living and officially assigned then the child is to be immediately turned over to the godmother or godfather, of which Mrs. Potter-Grodenwell has, her godfather being Sirius Black, Heir to the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black, whom Mrs. Potter-Grodenwell claims to be innocent of all charges, and her godmother being Livea Wyllt, Heiress of the Most Regal and Resplendent House of Wyllt, a family rumored to have been direct descendents of Merlin himself.

"There's also the little fact that my parents entered into a contract with a very powerful family which involved me marrying their heir, which Dumbledore has apparently nullified, just because it doesn't go with his plans for me." The young witch, who is married to a young man by the name of Edmond Grodenwell, whose family was close friends of her family, revealed.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, as our young heroin would point out to me, Dumbledore has broken one of the most basic Pureblood Entitlement laws of our society: year 904, Rosmen's 3rd Rule of Family Governing states that, pertaining to families that have a lineage of at least two generations of magic in their family, no man or woman of power shall interfere with agreements of marriage that is not of his or her's immediate family nor shall he or she attempt to break up any agreed upon marriage between two families unless one or more of the two parties involved files a complaint and asked for the contract between the two families to be severed.

"He's also stolen from my family! I found out that after my parents died that he took one of my father's possession without asking and gave it back to me claiming my father loaned it to him but my father never left any evidence substantiating the claim, which would have been the logical thing to do considering it was an heirloom. And don't get me started on the dangers I've faced in this god forsaken school, even now I'm participating in the Triwizard Tournament, which I didn't sign up for. If the headmaster would just expel me, like I asked him to on several occasions, I wouldn't have to abide by the rules to compete, considering that I'd have no school to represent in the tournament." She paused briefly before starting again.

"I was attacked by dementors on the train here, nearly got my soul sucked out! I was attacked by my first year defense against the dark arts teacher and the one from my second year obliviated himself with a faulty wand when he tried to obliviate me and my friend Ron Weasley and is in Permanent Spell Damage Ward in St Mungo's today. I also had to kill the basilisk that was petrifying the students my second year and was stabbed by one of its fangs. If it wasn't for the phoenix that helped me by crying on the wound, I would be dead. Then just a couple days ago, Professor Snape threatened to harm me, stating he was going to blame it on my Godfather Sirius Black. He has a grudge against my dead father and takes it out on me every class period and whenever he sees me, calling me names and mocking my family and the fact they're dead and lets other kids do the same in his presence." The girl recalled, eyes squeezed shut at the injustice of it all.

"And then where I grew up! Merlin, my mother's sister hated me and made no secret of it. I grew up in a cupboard under the stairs of my house and was lucky to be fed and not beaten each day. Then I had to work every day, cooking every meal, doing all the housework, garden work and wore overly large hand-me-downs full of holes, while my fat lard of a cousin lazed around and got everything she wanted. I was placed there by Dumbledore too! And I could have gone anywhere else! Hell, I don't like being praised for the fact that my family died to save me when [he-who-must-not-be-named] attacked us but plenty of people would have raised me! I was married then too so my husband's family could have taken care of me! The headmaster has never cared about me or my family and frankly from this point on, any one person of the name Dumbledore is an enemy of my family and any ties or favors from that family will be called forth immediately. There will be no overtures of kindness or acceptance of pleas for help, nor will any mixing of blood happen without my consent. So said, so bound." Mrs. Potter-Grodenwell swore firmly, stunning this humble reporter as the magic took effect.

With an "Enemy of Family" oath preformed against he and his family, along with all these negative tallies and laws broken in a candid plot against someone as loved and celebrated as the-girl-who-lived, who is to say what Dumbledore has been doing to all the students that have been in his care?

For the real story of Sirius Black, go to pg 2.

For more information on The-Girl-Who-Lived's lack of proper upbringing go to pg 3.

For Rosmen's Rules of Family Governing, go to pg 6.

Lin cackled to herself at the damage that this article would do to the wizarding world before looking down to see a small old elf tugging on her shirt.

"Yes, what is it?" She asked kindly. She kind of liked the ugly little creatures. Juliette watched the interaction quietly, which was very unlike the usually loud opinionated girl.

"Miss is needing to eat. Otherwise you will not be getting healthy and strong." The elf told her, far more articulate then the other elves she had associated with had been.

Lin blinked at the house elf before spotting a symbol she knew rather well, the Potter Crest, sitting on the elf's small shirt.

"Why are you wearing the Potter crest?" She asked curtly. The elf flinched.

"Buddy is very sorry miss but Buddy is a Potter house elf!" The newly dubbed Buddy told her frantically.

"What!" Lin snarled loudly, making all the house elves in the room stop. The young Ravenclaw visibly calmed herself and called out to the room in general.

"All of you that belong to the Potter family step over here immediately." Lin watched as twelve elves scrambled over, looking at her with hopeful wide eyes.

"Why are you all here?" She asked the collective creatures, who in turn looked at Buddy, their apparent leader, to speak.

"Professor Dumbledore is the one that brought us Miss. After Master Charlus and Madam Dorea were attacked he took us after Master James stated that he would not go back to Potter Manor. We were not allowed to tell you unless you asked Miss." Buddy told her hesitantly. Juliette narrowed her eyes, having noticed something Lin didn't.

"When were my grandparents killed?" Lin asked curiously, pushing aside the all too familiar spike of anger at Dumbledore, too tired to deal with it that early in the morning.

"Master and Madam were not killed Miss. They were attacked in Master James' last year of Hogwarts and the Manor was closed after that." Buddy told her.

Lin froze before looking at the elf very closely and asked slowly,

"Where are my grandparents now Buddy?"

Lin and Juliette stepped into the rather spacious entrance hall of Potter manor.

It was covered in over fifteen years of dust and dirt and the house elves that had brought her to the house, besides Buddy, all scrambled to clean it up now that they had permission do so.

"Take me to them." Lin told the elf calmly, despite the rage and slight fear she was feeling.

Buddy led them through a couple of dusty but opulent rooms, down two flights of stairs and into a large storage room.

"Buddy will cancel the notice-me-not and invisibility charms on Madam and Master but Miss is needing to cancel the other charms that need human magic okay?" Buddy told her as she nodded mutely. The small elf snapped its fingers and the unmoving bodies of black haired, pale skinned Charlus and brown haired, lightly tanned Dorea Potter, incased in glass coffins, appeared. Juliette gasped, clapping a hand over her mouth in horror.

Lin's hands trembled as she touched her locket to retrieve the two-way mirror from it.

"Granny Ala?" She murmured, staring into the mirror. Her grandmother's face appeared after a beat.

"Gwen? What's wrong now sweetie?" Alavorsa asked worriedly.

"Can you and granddad come here right now, I need help and I don't know what to do." Lin begged, feeling very much the thirteen year old orphan she was.

Her grandmother looked alarmed for a second hearing her very strong willed granddaughter so scared before nodding.

The connection cut off and after a few moments her grandparents and Uncle Myrddin appeared. Hiram looked her and Juliette over for any injury before asking her what was the problem.

She just pointed behind them to her entombed other grandparents.

"Oh my!" Alavorsa exclaimed before she and her husband walked over to the Potters.

"They are in suspended animation. They seem to be in perfect health otherwise. Who are they dear?" Hiram asked Lin curiously, waving a hand over both bodies slowly.

"Charlus and Dorea Potter, my dad's parents." She told the three adults, who stared at her in shock.

"How long have they been down here?" Myrddin asked shaking off his surprise.

"Uh my dad was in his last year of Hogwarts around sixteen years ago and that's the timeframe they were supposedly killed in so, yeah, sixteen years." Lin said quietly, staring at them steadily.

"Let's go home, we can wake them up there and get the story from them okay?" Hiram suggested.

"Alright, Buddy," Lin looked at the small house elf, which had gone wide eyed at the sight of her Lesra grandparents. The elf turned to her attentively. "Clean up the house, I want it to be spotless when my grandparents come back and don't, under any circumstance, let anyone into this house unless it's me or my uncle and grandparents. Got it?" She told him firmly. Buddy nodded vigorously before casting a small glance at her grandparents and disapparating with a sharp crack.

Myrddin and Hiram each placed a hand on one of the coffins and Alavorsa pulled Lin and Juliette to her, disappearing back home.

Edmond, Elena, and Rylis were waiting for them in their living room when they arrived.

Elena blinked at the sight of the bodies.

"Who…?" She asked curiously as Myrddin opened both caskets.

"James' parents." Alavorsa explained quietly.

Hiram placed a hand on both Potter's foreheads and murmured quietly, his hands lighting up with a soft purple color.

Dorea's hazel eyes opened first followed quickly by Charlus' sharp dark blue ones.

"Where…?" Dorea choked. Elena quickly offered them both cups of water, which they took cautiously but drank anyway.

"Where are we?" The Potter matriarch tried asking again.

"This is Lesra-nrina. Home of the Lesra Fae." Lin supplied quietly.

"Fae? As in Fairies?" Charlus asked standing slowly and stepping out of the coffin, watching his wife do the same. "And, who are you for that matter?"

Lin flinched, but answered none the less. All the fae watched the girl cautiously, willing to let her explain unless she needed help.

"My name is Gwendelin Lily Demoria Faunas Potter-Grodenwell –" She started. Dorea cut in.

"Potter? There are no Potters beside myself, my husband, and my son. Try again." The brunette told her firmly.

"I was getting there; if you'd shut up and listen I'd explain! Don't forget the fact you all have no wands and no one knows where you are." Lin snapped, seeming more like herself now that she had someone to take her anger out on. Myrddin smacked his forehead as the two Potters stiffened.

"As I was saying, I'm Gwen Potter, Princess of Lesra-nrina and your son, James is my dad. You two," Lin pointed to the two Potters "have been in an enchanted sleep of some sort for the last sixteen years and everyone thought you both died."

Dorea's eyes widened in disbelief.

"Where is our son then?" Charlus asked eyeing her skeptically.

"He's dead." Lin said bluntly. Dorea gasped. "He and my mother died twelve years ago, Voldemort came to our house in Godric's Hollow and killed them."

"What? How…" The older Potter woman took a deep shuddering breath. "How did he die?"

"Voldemort cast the killing curse as far as I know. I can't confirm it because I didn't see it." Lin told them emotionlessly.

Dorea and Charlus looked at each other silently.

"Maybe we should all have a seat?" Hiram suggested, motion to the three large couches lightly. They all sat down, the Potters reluctantly, and Charlus began asking more questions.

"Who is your mother?" He asked Lin.

"Lily Evans." She supplied

"Evans? That girl James was obsessed with? Oh you do have red hair and green eyes…" Dorea trailed off, staring at the young princess.

"Yeah…" Lin said awkwardly. Edmond, who was sitting beside her, put an arm over her shoulder comfortingly.

"What I think everyone wants to know is what happened to you two?" Alavorsa asked staring at the Potters.

"Who are you?" Dorea asked rudely, showing exactly where Lin got her attitude from, which all the adults noted.

"That's right, we haven't all introduced ourselves." Hiram spoke up. He motioned to himself, "My name is Hiram Faunus, King of Lesra, and this is my wife Queen Alavorsa Demoria Selene Faunus, beside her is our son Prince Myrddin Ffamran Wynn Faunus." Lin let out a small giggle, causing her mother's father to pause and gaze at her with a quirked eyebrow.

"Um… Granddad I'm surprised you don't have a million names like we all do." Lin blurted out. He smiled at her in amusement.

"No just a first and last I'm afraid. Your grandmother was always the big name assigner." Hiram told her.

"Ah, cool." Lin looked at her dad's parents and then at Edmond and his family before looking back at her grandfather with a grin.

"I'll go on then?" Hiram asked, receiving nods all around. "The man beside me is Rylis Grodenwell, my first guard, leader of the city of Mjrn –" Lin interrupted.

"What's Me-urn?" She asked confused.

"Mjrn is the city we live in." Edmond told her quietly. "Lesra-nrina is the name of our world, remember?"

"Ah okay, go on granddad." Lin waved her hand airily. The King smiled and nodded, not upset in the least about being cut off.

"The woman to Gwen's right is Elena Grodenwell, Alavorsa's midwife, and Lily's godmother. Beside Elena is her daughter, Juliette Adeline Grodenwell, Gwendelin's first guard and Lady-In-Waiting." Hiram continued, only for Lin's hand to shoot up out of habit.

"Yes my precious treasure?" The King asked warmly, making her flush.

"What's a Lady-In-Waiting?" Lin asked. Dorea made an outraged noise. The thirteen year old looked at her curiously.

"For all accounts that I am putting together, you two," Dorea nodded to Hiram and Alavorsa, "Are Gwendelin's grandparents right?"

"That's correct." Alavorsa said, a little annoyed by the informal way the other woman was talking to her.

"Then why doesn't she know any of this? She's a princess right? Why wouldn't she know about the people of her court?" Dorea asked looking frustrated and confused.

Lin sniffed.

"Once again, if you'd shut up and let us explain we'll get to that." She told the brunette woman, who bristled and glared at her.

"Do not speak to my wife in that fashion, little girl." Charlus said coldly. Lin narrowed her eyes and was clearly about to lay into the man when Edmond's firm but polite voice cut in.

"Well sir, I'd suggest that you temper your wife. She is in the presence of royalty and it is neither her's or anyone else's place to question the actions of the King and Queen. Furthermore I would appreciate if you would refrain from speaking in that tone of voice or calling names to my wife." He told Charlus, staring in his eyes and looking every inch the nobleman Julie had claimed him to be.

"WIFE? You can't be any older than twelve!" Dorea sputtered. Lin smirked.

"I'm thirteen thanks, but we were married the day I was born." She told her grandmother, who paled.

"James would never agree to such a thing." She whispered in a horrified voice. Hiram cleared his throat lightly making everyone turn and look at him.

"Gwendelin was married to Edmond by an agreement between James, Lily, and my wife. James objected but in the end it happened." The King told them bluntly.

"Now what?" Charlus asked scowling. Lin's lips twitched.

"Now you should read this." She told her grandfather, giving him the article of the Daily Prophet that she had stored in her pocket.

Dorea leaned over Charlus' shoulder and they read through the article, both getting paler and paler as they went along.

"I don't… I don't understand…" Dorea looked up at Lin with hazel eyes full of tears.

"No need to cry grandmother." Lin told her, sitting up straight and looking the elder Potter right in the eye. "I stopped crying about how unfair my life was when I was four…"

Upon explaining to her newly revived grandparents, plus Black and Lupin, whom she had Juliette get from one of the rooms in her family's house, just how much her life sucked Lin decided to go back to school.

Honestly she didn't want to spend any time with James' parents.

Why? Because they, like everyone else who had known her parents in some way, hated her for living when her parents died. Really at that moment, all they really cared about was that their son wasn't there anymore.

And she saw and acknowledged it.

Even if they didn't.