Two weeks.

Bruno was two weeks old.

At least, that's how long it had been since he was found washed up on the beach with no memory but his name, his love for machines, and knowledge of technology.

He had been left in the custody of a group of three friends who were friends with the security officer who had found him on the beach.

Their names were Yusei Fudo, Jack Atlus, and Crow Hogan.

Bruno and Yusei shared the same love for mechanics and technology, and quickly formed a strong bond of friendship.

But to Bruno, it was more than that.

He was in love.

His feelings for the crab-headed duelist grew stronger every day, but he kept them to himself.

If it was meant to be, it would happen on its own.

However, little did the blue haired grey eyed amnesiac know that someone else had his eyes on him from the moment he had arrived.

This person did not take "no" for an answer.

This person liked to take things by force.

This person was strong and dangerous.

This person was Jack Atlus.