Title: Sneaking Around Konoha

Author: enchanted nightingale

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Naruto, or the characters from them and I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Summary: Loneliness was not for him, Harry knew that. Then he met Kakashi and he found a solution to his problem.

Pair: Harry Potter/ Kakashi Hatake

A/N: Time Skip 10 years after the last chapter

CHAPTER 39 – The Next Generation



"I think I found an actual white hair. Not grey, but white. I think I'm getting older."

The green-eyed wizard finished putting on his trousers and turned to look at his lover and partner of near twenty years.

"If anyone will ever get white hairs in this relationship, it's going to be me," the man replied. "Now finish dressing. Teddy said that Sorano's graduation is at twelve. We will not be late Kakashi."

"I think I'm having a middle life crisis," Kakashi told him.

Harry huffed and walked over to the man, pulling his head down for a passionate kiss, one the Jonin easily returned.

"We are going to finish getting dressed. Then we will go to the Academy, where you will clap and cheer for our girl. Then you will also congratulate Sasuke's son. We will be nice and civil. Then we will get back home and will not leave this bed. Not even if Konoha's under siege. Do you understand me, Kakashi?"

"Yes, Sir!"

A pause.

"I really hate Sasuke's brat, though."

Harry groaned. "Sorano having a puppy crush on him is not a big deal!"

"But he has a crush on her! It's mutual!" Kakashi complained. "What if they end up on the same team? Harry?"

"Just… Please get dressed," the wizard ordered.

"Is the offer for not leaving the bed still on?"

"If you get us to the Academy, fully dressed, in the next fifteen minutes, then yes."

Teddy was standing with Kenjin and Akihiko, the three comrades and friends in very good spirits. Near them, Sasuke stood, with Sakura engaging him in conversation. Kurenai and Iruka were standing with the rest of the Academy teachers and the newest batch of students. Teddy could spot his daughter.

The girl, tall for her age, in her early teens. Her hair was kept in its natural lavender hue. Her eyes had settled in a warm amber colour years ago, and she usually circled between that and her grandfather's uniquely green shade. She was dressed in pants and a shirt, and sensible shinobi sandals, her clothes in darker blue, almost black shades. Next to Sorano stood her oldest friend, her best friend since they wore both diapers (as Harry loved to point out). Kuichi was a typical Uchiha, with dark hair, pale skin and dark eyes. The two of them were thick as thieves and happy to graduate together.

Teddy looked around again, for Harry and Kakashi. He felt the air displace next to him, and the two men appeared, in blatant abuse of the Body Flicker technique, both looking harried and rumpled.

"You were almost late," the Metamorphmagus scolded. "Were you having sex again?"

"One, we are right on time," Harry said. "Despite Kakashi's best efforts."

"Harry, love, you would not like my best efforts. Well… You would," Kakashi stated. "But we would then miss the graduation."

"You are still a great pervert," Kenji accused his former Jonin instructor. "You are almost an old man; shouldn't you be more adult like?"

"You are all brats," Kakashi responded.

Harry elbowed him and pointed at the stage were Naruto, still a Hokage, was ready to make a speech.

Gaara, the former Kazekage of Suna, stood a bit further away. His sister had ended marrying into the Nara Clan and now his brother was the Kage of Suna. There were rumors around Konoha (rumors that the wizard knew to be true) that Naruto was planning of passing on the Hokage Hat Sarutobi Konohamaru at some point in the next three years.

"I can barely remember his speech from my graduation," Akihino said. "I was so nervous."

"We all were," Teddy said. "And just so happy we got the headband."

"Naruto's speeches have gotten even better," Sakura remarked near them, Sasuke nodding his agreement.

"… proud for the next generation of Shinobi!" Naruto was saying on stage. "Congratulations to our new Genin and future comrades!"

The crowed started clapping and cheering as the speech ended.

Teddy waived at Sorano, who noticed him and beamed. She poked Kuichi and showed him their families, standing close together, and both of them smiled and subtly waived.

"Merlin, she's grew up," Teddy muttered to himself.

"My twins will start the Academy in two years," Akihiko commented, alluding to his twin daughters, who were slotted to start the Shinobi academy in two years. He had married from within his clan, same as Kenji. The Aburame's wife was currently pregnant with a boy.

"I'm going back to the Hospital," Sakura told Sasuke. "Congratulations again for Kuichi. Teddy, congratulations for Sorano. May they have a long carrier ahead of them, and always come home safe."

Sasuke and Teddy thanked her for the wishes and waived at the medic nin as she headed back to her post.

"Ramen at Ichiraku's to celebrate?" Harry suggested to those remaining. "Kakashi's treat, since he was almost late."

There was agreement from anyone present, and quite a bit of teasing towards the oldest Jonin in the group.

"Are you stalling love?" Kakashi whispered in Harry's ear.

"We've got all the time in the world," the wizard replied.



End of Story


This is the end for this one. Thank you all for reading and following the story.