"You know, I feel kinda stupid now" Toph said, her tiny voice cutting through the silence.

Toph, Katara, and Suki sat in their metal cell, Katara leaning over Suki and Toph in the corner. The only light was from a small torch suspended from the ceiling.

Katara ran her hand over Suki's broken leg, and Suki whimpered in pain.

"I hope that Sokka murders whoever did this" Suki gasped, tears pricking the corners of her eyes.

"I'm sure he will" Katara said, pulling some water from her pouch.

"I can only heal this part way, i'll need the rest of the water for getting out of here"

Suki nodded.

"If we get out of here" Toph said darkly from her corner.

"Do you think that the guys will let us stay here forever?" Katara said.

"No, but we're buried under a ton of earth...And last I checked, none of them could earth bend"

"Not unless Aang had a bending stroke of genius"

"How about just a stroke?"

The three of them laughed until their sides hurt.

"I'm telling him" Katara said, wiping the tears of laughter off of her face.

"Go ahead" Toph said, a devilish grin lighting up her features.

Even Suki smiled through the pain.

Meanwhile On the surface, Zuko was pacing furiously.

Aang looked up from his seat at the base of the wall.

"Keep that up Zuko, and you're gonna dig a trench deep enough to reach them"

Zuko looked at him as if he were nuts, while Sokka have a sarcastic laugh.

"Yeaaaaah...Right after I grow a mustache and ride on a flying pig dressed like a girl"

The three boys looked at each other for a few seconds, blinking.

Then they all burst out laughing.

It was a few minutes before they could breathe again, but when they did, Zuko sat up and wiped his eyes.

"That...Conjures an...interesting image Sokka..."

Aang fell over laughing again.

"Particularly...if the pig was dressed too!" He said between gasps.

Everyone let out another chuckle.

Then it went deadly silent.

"You know...I feel guilty for laughing up here, when the girls are down there...hurt, cold... alone" Aang said, his face falling.

Sokka's head plopped into his hands.

"Suki...God, she could be dead, she got hit pretty bad by that firebender"

Aang reached out and put a hand on Sokka's shoulder.

"Don't worry Sokka, Katara's down there, she's probably healing Suki as we speak"

"Not if they're separated"

The look on Sokka's face was heart rending.

"We all miss our girls, you're not the only one"

Sokka turned his head away.

"Yeah, but your girl isn't hurt or dead"

Aang's brows knit together and he looked around at the other two boys.

"Hopefully we can prevent that from happening"

Little did the boys know, 500 feet below them, their girls were thinking the exact same thing.

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