Chapter Two

"Usagi-san, I hope you don't mind, but I'm using your kitchen to make some coffee." shyly admitted Takahiro from the kitchen, boiling a small pot of water.

"I don't mind." responded Usagi, entering the kitchen and strolling to a specific cabinet and pulled out two coffee cups that were labeled "heat-resistant" in a permanent marker.

Takahiro glanced at the cups and whispered, asking, "Why is it labeled as 'heat-resistant'? It's obvious what type of cup that is even without it being labeled."

Usagi stayed quiet for three seconds and then answered, "I couldn't tell the heat-resistant cup apart from the regular cups. They all looked the same to me. In fact, if it wasn't for Misaki, I still wouldn't be able to tell them apart. If these cups weren't labeled right now, I would just pick a random cup again, pour coffee into it, end up breaking the cup again and my fingers would bleed like the last time. Then, Misaki would scold me, call me an idiot and then insult me, probably tell me that even a child would be able to tell the cups apart."

"What? Misaki would never say that!" Takahiro was so sure about it, but then again, there probably would be a lot of things that he did not know about his baby brother. Just thinking about this made Takahiro sad, only causing him to want to take Misaki home and teach him not to keep secrets.

Then, for a ridiculous awkward while, Usagi and Takahiro listened to the sound of water boiling and watched as the water turn into water vapor. There were a few times when Takahiro wanted to say something, but he decided against it. Takahiro was still having a hard time registering the fact that his younger brother and best friend have been in a sexual relationship ever since they the days that Misaki had been preparing to enter college.

"Takahiro, listen, I know that you're having a hard time dealing with this and you're mad that we've kept it a secret from you, but there was a good reason." Usagi started.

"Is that so? Then, what is it?" Takahiro asked, taking the two cups that Usagi settled on the counter next to him and poured the hot water, watching the steaming water fill the cup and the steam fogging up the rest of the cup that was not filled by water.

"First of all, it was because Misaki did not want to cause you any trouble and he did not want to be a burden to me. I still don't understand why he does that, but I've been trying to break that insecurity and try to make him selfish."

"Oh, and how is that working out for you guys?" questioned Takahiro, his face no longer the cheerful, clueless, idiotic look. Instead, the expression was rock hard and emotionless.

Takahiro really did not like the relationship Usagi and Misaki were in, but he had been worrying about Misaki's dating world. Yes, Takahiro recalled that Misaki never took in interest in girls and none of the girls ever treated him like a boy. Instead, the girls treated him as if he were one of them, causing Misaki to be a little uncomfortable for the longest of time. Then, he was finally okay with girls treating him like a girl, but it did not mean he liked it. Sure, there were advantages of being one of the "girls", but Misaki did not find anything that proved that he was a man. For all he knew, Misaki's little "friend" could have been a fake; some type of prototype, but dismissed that idea as foolish and childish.

Misaki never talked about a girl that he liked. No, the only time little Misaki ever talked about a girl was when girls compared him to other girls and concluded that Misaki was too cute be a guy, questioning if Misaki was either a girl dressing like a tomboy or if Misaki was gay.

Takahiro could recall the way Misaki would come home and start complaining and whining. Misaki even asked Takahiro if he thought that he resembled a girl. Misaki soon regretted asking because his older brother's answer was, "Well, you do look a lot like a girl. Maybe your soul is a female, but is currently living in a male body. I doubt that you're gay. You're only 16 and you haven't been having any weird feeling for guy . . . have you?"

Misaki's blushed in anger or in embarrassment . . . or both, but he shouted, at the top of his lungs, "No! I'm not gay and I haven't been having weird feeling about any guys! How could you ask such a question, brother? No, no, no, no, no," and that was what Misaki honestly believed. It even made Takahiro think that it was impossible for Misaki to fall in love with a man and he still continued to believe that even after Misaki moved in with Usagi. Then, he found out. Misaki was gay.

"Tell me, Usagi, how is your relationship with my younger brother going?" Takahiro's voice was ice cold and this made Usagi want to say nothing, but he had to say something good, otherwise Takahiro would take it the wrong way and have Misaki move out.

Usagi gulped and then he took a deep breath to calm his nerves. "At first, it wasn't going well. He thought many things that he believed that I was betraying him or made him believe that he really was a substitute; a replacement for somebody I've been in love with for over ten years. He even was kidnapped by my older brother and, I'm not sure, but he keeps on telling me that he wasn't raped by my older brother." Usagi tried to avoid eye contact with Takahiro, but kept on looking at him in the corners of his eyes.

"K-kidnapped? R-raped? What the hell, Akihiko? Misaki . . . He's not safe here. He never has been!" Takahiro was now using Usagi's first name instead of Usagi's nickname, prove that Takahiro was angry. "Akihiko, you should have called me or sent him home! Why the hell did you keep him here with you? That's it! I'm taking him home where it's safer!" Takahiro declared, throwing his arms up into the air in anger and forgetting about the half way done coffee.

"He is home, Takahiro! Besides, what good would you be? You'd just be putting your wife and child in danger! My older brother does not know about you, but if he finds out that Misaki has moved back with you, he will do something!" Usagi growled, unable to tell if he was angry at Takahiro's threat of taking Misaki away or just talking about his older brother, Haruhiko, boiled his blood. Whatever the reason, Usagi was determine to keep Misaki here by his side. "There are far worse things that could happen to Misaki."

"Like what? What in the world could be more dangerous than having my little brother kidnapped and raped? Exactly, what, Akihiko?" Hissed Takahiro.

Usagi fell silent, no longer wanting to fight with Takahiro. He was tired of fighting everyone to keep Misaki, but it did not mean he was stopping. However, this was his lover's older brother and this man would decide if Misaki could stay or not. Usagi would have to willingly give Misaki up if Takahiro demanded it, but Usagi was not worried. Misaki would speak up and speak his heart out. For now, Usagi had to put up a resistant up to protect what he loves.

"My brother . . . That bastard would . . ." Usagi started, but then his throat became dry, making it hard for him to continue to talk.

"Haruhiko might kidnap Manami or your child, brother. Then, I'll have no choice, but to become his lover. And if I refuse . . . There's no telling what might happen." said a rather tired and groggy voice.

Both Usagi and Takahiro looked at the entrance of the kitchen to see an exhausted Misaki with bedhead, his hear sticking in many different directions, slumping against the kitchen door. Misaki was even wearing one of Usagi's bleach-white working shirts and using the sleeve of the shirt to rub away the sleepiness from his eyes.

"Misaki, what are you doing here and . . ." Takahiro started to ask, but then he examined the clothes Misaki was wearing and noticed that his little brother was wearing his boxer shorts and socks while wearing Usagi's clothes. "Why are you dressed like that, Misaki?"

"Because I couldn't find my clothes anywhere upstairs in Usagi-san's bedroom and besides . . . I like wearing Usagi-san's clothes after we've had sex. It's soothing." truthfully answered Misaki, but he sounded and looked like he was tipsy, his face flushed lightly, but it was barely noticeable.

Usagi looked hungrily at Misaki, smirking. "Misaki, love, your clothes are hidden underneath Suzuki-san."

"I know. I saw my clothes, but I didn't want to wear my clothes. I wanted something that belonged to Usagi-san. I wanted something that had Usagi-san's scent. So I picked this shirt. It smells like him." happily stated Misaki, breathing in Usagi-san's scent of cigarettes, shampoo and coffee, shocking Takahiro, but then Misaki eyed Takahiro through his dazed eyes. "Takahiro, I'm not going back with you. I can't go back because of many reasons.. Usagi-san's the only one who can protect me. I'm the only one he really cares about, but you, if I move with you, your family will be in danger. I'm staying here. I'm sorry, Takahiro, but I'm staying and that's final."

Takahiro sighed, rubbing the back of his head. Then, Takahiro stared at his little brother with soft eyes – believing that Misaki must be tipsy, but was not sure how he got tipsy – before he said, "No, I don't want you here. I won't have you live with me, but I'll find a small apartment by my house and you can live there. Until then . . ." Takahiro paused and glared at Usagi. Then, he continued speaking. "I need you to stay here. Make sure to pack everything you need. I'll come back in three days to pick you up, Misaki."

"I won't be ready. I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying right here with Usagi-san and you can't tell me what to do anymore." softly replied Misaki, his chocolate brown locks of hair hiding his face as he spoke.

" . . ." Takahiro stayed quiet, but not because he was changing his mind. No, he was making his thought finally. "Three days, Misaki. If you're not ready, then I will pack the things you need."

Misaki gasped, and then soft tears of regret followed behind that heart-breaking gasped. It's not fair, Takahiro. I just wanted to stay here . . . with Usagi-san, but I'm being forced to say goodbye? It's not fair! Misaki thought, suppressing his anger for his brother deep inside his soul while he wept. So you're allowed to be in love then get married and then you get to have a child? But I'm not even allowed to be in love with Usagi-san?

"Misaki, I think we should start packing your stuff. We only have three days to pack all your stuff." Usagi was by Misaki's side this whole time the brothers were talking. And finally, he was able to talk, but the only sentences he was able to say at the moment were related to packing. He wanted Takahiro out of his house as soon as possible, but he did have a right to stay and help.

"Misaki, look, I'm sorry I'm forcing you to move out, but it's for the good of your future and Usagi can't be part of your future. Not the way you guys have been going about, it's bad for your future. I don't want Usagi to be a burden to you."

That was the last straw. Takahiro had already passed the warning line that people were not suppose to cross, but he had passed the cautious line seconds ago. And as if Usagi was able to read Misaki's mind, he yelled, with all his anger, "Get out now! Don't come back until three days from now!"

"Usagi, I was not speaking to you." harshly said Takahiro, but he was not as mad as he was before, knowing that his brother would be out of the penthouse in exactly three days, but that did not matter to Usagi.

"Get out before I call the police on you!" threatened Usagi, taking one of his arms, lacing around Misaki waist and bring him closer to his chest.

"You wouldn't do that to your best friend." Takahiro was testing Usagi's nerves, challenging the silver-haired man who could easily have someone thrown in jail or chased out of the country even if the person said nothing, but insult him. That was how serious Usagi was.

"Just watch me, Takahiro." Usagi's lavender eyes were narrowed, but then they softened in a pitiful way. "I don't get what I saw in you, Takahiro. I can't believe I was in love with you. In fact, just remembering that I used to be in love with you forms knots and ties in my stomach. And it doesn't feel pleasant."

Takahiro eyes became relatively broad, his eyes popping out a little bit when Usagi admitted that he used to be in love with him. "You . . . l-love . . . me? M-more than a f-friend?" Takahiro asked, stumbling on his words.

Usagi growled at how Takahiro was using present tense instead of using past tense. "I used to be in love with you, Takahiro, but now I just see you as I friend. Scratch that. I don't even see you as a friend. I see you as a threat to our relationship." Usagi tightened his grip around Misaki's waist. "Just get out. I don't need to explain myself to you."

The shocked Takahiro obeyed and left the penthouse without saying anything else. Takahiro left his little brother crying in the arms of his best friend – that is if he was even allowed to call Usagi is best friend from this point. However, Takahiro felt bad about forcing them to break up and say goodbye. Do I even have the right to do that? I know Misaki will hate me, but . . . I just wanted what's best for him. Simply thought Takahiro, pressing the buttons of the elevator. Maybe what I did was a bad idea. . .?

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