The lump in my stomach grew. I had been terrified after that night. I stripped Chris and myself down. Our costumes would be a dead give away. As I undressed myself I didn't even give all the broken bones and bright neon purple bruises a passing thought. I slipped on some underwear, a sports bra, and a white tank top. I turned my attention to Chris. I pulled of the torn costume. The slashed leather was coated in dried blood and sweat.

I looked in his eyes, they were ready to die. I could see the light, that glint of life slowly filter out of him. It scared me to see him so helpless. Somehow I pulled a pair of pants on him, that's all he needed. The blood was staining my shirt and underwear now. As I realized this, I felt my body growing more and more weak.

I was shaking as I dragged him from the penthouse into the elevator. In my adrenaline fueled state I was able to pick myself off of that bathroom, hooked Chris's arm around me, and drag him home. Thank god they didn't take us far, I would have collapsed in the middle of the street and both would have died.

I got him in the car, my shaking hands could barely steer. We made it to the hospital, I pulled Chris out, and pulled him to the hospital doors. Just as I made my way to the white light my body finally quit. I collapsed half way through the emergency room doors.

When I woke I way laying in a hospital bed, they had so many things attached to me that I couldn't even move. Before I knew it, there were nurses and doctors at my side. They were checking me, giving me the once over, I felt like a fucking child.

"We need to talk." a man in scrubs said to me.

I nodded, I couldn't talk.

"There's something I need to tell you...your-" I stopped him.

"I know..." I squeaked out.

The funerals were held together. Closed casket. White roses cut into my corneas. Purity. Everyone was crying when they shouldn't be. No one cried over me, no one cried for me when I was beaten an inch from death. They got off easy, it was harder to live with the memory, than to die.

I walked into the funeral home, pushing Chris's wheelchair. His legs were still healing. The doctors said that the cuts would heal, and so would the broken bones, but the scars would resonate through his life. I wheeled him to the back, the funeral service was just starting, we sat through boo-hoo's, and passages from the bible. Two boys got up, and told everyone how good 'Dave' was, he was such a great person, a kind heart. I didn't have the courage to get up and yell that he had raped me, and then days later tried to kill me. I held my tongue, after all...I had done so much already.

After the service there was a brunch, everyone was mingling, and chatting up about Dave and 'Mindy'. Chris and I walked into the room, everyone looked to us, Chris called to the boys that had spoken earlier. I leaned their names were Marty and Todd. Marty introduced me to his girlfriend, Erica. We were chatting nicely until a girl walked up. Her mascara was running. Her tender brown curls draped over her shoulder just so. She was perfect...I hated her already.

"Oh, Niki, let me introduce Katie Deauxma, this was Dave's...girlfriend." Marty spoke to me.

My heart stopped.

"I-it's nice to meet you..." she coughed out under tears.

"You as well. I'm...sorry for your loss..." I willed out between my teeth.

"How did you know Dave?" her words were full of sorrow.

I wanted to vomit on her.

"Through Chris, they went to school together I believe." I said.

She looked down to Chris. Her sad eyes sweeping over him.

"I'm sorry about that mugging, it was all over the papers you know?" Katie said,

"Yes, I saw the story." I said.

We continued talking, much to my dismay.

"So Niki, you, and Chris, how did you meet?" her words cut me, I could feel Dave's hands on me...

"Through a friend." I said with a smile, and took a sip of my sprite.

She seemed confused about something as she looked me over.

"Niki, forgive me...but...are you...pregnant?" she asked

I stopped, and looked to my stomach, I was showing now.

Chris looked up at us.

In those moments in the bathroom, when I felt the urge to kill myself after I had brutally murdered two people, the only thing I could think of was seeing my children, mine and Chris's children. They would have his beautiful brown eyes. They would grow up with parents that loved, them, they would grow up privileged. They would be happy...I couldn't kill myself...I loved Chris, and I loved my unborn children...

"Well yes Katie, Chris and I are pregnant," I said with a huge spiteful smile, "We are going to be having twins..."

Her smile faded, shock devoured her.

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