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No Style

Kurt walked across the polished tiled floors of the mall and heard his very expensive designer shoes tap across it despite the loud hum of many different conversations overlapping on one another. He glanced from Quinn on one side and then to Mercedes on the other, each with their own bags that they had gotten help from him from. It was kind of nice giving fashion advice out to people that would actually listen, maybe he could add fashion consultant on his list of what to do after high school. How long were they there again? He took his cell out of his jeans pocket.

"It's quarter to five," he said as he looked at the phone's screen before putting it back in his pocket. "You girls want to keep on shopping or are you ready to get out of here?"

"I vote for getting out of here and getting something to eat," Quinn said. "We've been here since…well I forget when, but it's too long with no food. I forgot to eat lunch."

"Now that you mention it, same here," Kurt said suddenly feeling the hunger pangs through his stomach. "I do get caught up in shopping."

"That goes for all of us," Mercedes said as they rounded a corner. "I say we get outta here. I'm starving," Mercedes said then looked across from Kurt to Quinn. "You got yourself plenty of new clothes to start off the summer. They look awesome."

"You think?" Quinn said, looking at a shopping bag and pursed her lips. "There's not too much in here for the summer, I can't really wear all of what I used to."

"Ah, quit worrying about that. You look awesome, girl."

"Thanks," she said with a small smile. "Thing is I've read online that sometimes the baby weight stays put for keeps which means I'll need to save up money for more clothes if I can't lose it. My closet is full of clothes that are either too big or too small, not exactly what's best to start summer in."

"Oh, c'mon, you sound like you've lost your life. Not like you're not keepin' the baby, you've got plenty of time to have fun this summer and forget about stupid things like that."

"Mercedes is right, you look fabulous as is," Kurt said and Quinn flashed them both a grateful smile. "Although I do recommend not buying any more clothes until you lose all that baby weight." Kurt said quickly. At Mercedes look that told him 'why did you say that you idiot' he added, "Not to say that you look terrible or anything, what I mean is that your body is probably going to lose the weight when you eat normally. No baby in you or with you so there's no reason for it to stay there."

"You sure that's how this works?" Quinn asked.

"Positive. You see the pictures of Heidi Klum? Mother of two and she still looks like she did before."

"Heidi Klum is a millionaire," Mercedes said. "She can probably afford lypo or somethin'."

"I don't know about that-" Kurt said then looked in front of him to see Brittany standing alone with bags full of whatever she had bought in hand, looking rather out of it. How odd. That made him lose his train of thought. She was looking above and below for something, with people moving about her and she didn't seem to notice. "Is that Brittany? Alone?"

"Well that's pretty weird. Maybe something happened," Quinn said before she sped up to get closer to her. "Hey, Brittany."

Brittany didn't seem to notice anything at all, and her eyes kept on moving to the stores around her as she stood in place.

"Hey, blondie!" Mercedes yelled, and that made Brittany literally jump a bit into the air before she turned around to them through wide blue eyes.

"Oh, hey guys," she said as she walked towards them. "I totally didn't see you there."

"We noticed," Kurt said.

"Why are you here alone?" Quinn asked.

"I'm not here alone. I came here with Santana and some other people."

"Other people?"

"Yeah. Forgot their names."

"Somehow that doesn't surprise me," Kurt muttered before he looked about but still didn't see anyone that matched the description of a bunch of teenage girls, or even Santana. "I don't see them."

"Oh, that's `cause I lost them here this place is, like, totally big. I lose them all the time, I think they're used to it."

"Yeah, I remember," Quinn said. "Don't you think you should find them?"

"I can't, I gave up trying. I call but I never know where they are when they say. I still don't know where the food court is."

"How could you not know that?"

"I always just follow them, they know where they're going," she said but brought a plastic bag that was in her hand up. "At least I got some clothes before I got lost. Wanna see?"

"Sure, why not," Kurt said and brought a hand to open the bag that was in her hands. "I think I only ever see you in that Cheerios uniform."

"The uniform is super easy to wear but it's not like I can wear it in the summer. Santana normally helps me shop but this time I wanted to get stuff I liked," she said, and as Kurt peered into the bag he felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. What was this, the 80s? Neon tights and jeans that looked like they were too big. It was too much, he had to take a step back with a hand over his mouth. Quinn and Mercedes looked at him, before they took a look into the bag too.

"I can't believe it," Kurt said completely appalled. "You have no style."

"I do too have style," Brittany said and sounded quite offended. "I've got plenty of style. It's all in my closet."

"Wait, what?" Mercedes said with an annoyed confusion. "You can't keep style in a closet."

"Yes I can," she said then looked at them. "Don't worry, it's totally alright, you guys. Everyone has style in their closets," she paused in thought. "Well, except poor people like Tarzan that live in the jungle and can't wear clothes. Those people have no style at all but that's not me, I don't live in a jungle or anything. I was just buying some style now since it's summer.

"You can't just buy style," Kurt said, finally regaining his composure. "Style doesn't just mean clothes."

"It doesn't?"

"I feel like I'm teaching a second-grader," Kurt muttered as he rolled his eyes and Mercedes grinned at him. "Well, it seems like you've got a lot to learn."

"Learn? You mean like school?" she sounded apprehensive. "I don't like school."

"No, this isn't going to be like school. Just listen to me," he said before he sighed. "Well you can wear whatever clothes you want, but to have style it's much better if it matches your skin tone." he looked at her appraisingly. "You've got it easy. Thin figure, neutral skin tone, blonde hair, blue eyes. You could get away with practically anything."

"So you mean like the stuff I got?"

Kurt put a hand to his forehead. "No, not those. Those are terrible. When I say anything, I mean anything with style."

"And style isn't clothes…but people that wear clothes have style," she tilted her head. "I don't get it."

Kurt sighed. "Looks like I'll have to show you."

"Wait, weren't we going to eat?" Mercedes said. "I don't wanna wait another hour for this, I'm too hungry for that."

"Gotta admit, I agree with Mercedes. I don't want to wait another minute."

"That's, like, totally fine. I'm hungry too," Brittany said. "Can I come? I don't think I can make my way out of this place on my own. I always just wait until some security get me out."

"That's, uh, interesting," Kurt said. How exactly was he supposed to respond to that? "Let's go eat. I'll…show you tomorrow."

"Okay," she said and she turned. Mercedes caught her elbow, and pointed to the way out. Kurt shook his head and kept on walking outside. He didn't know if he was going to enjoy giving fashion advice to Brittany like he did the others but if there was one thing in the world he hated was someone that had bad taste. He had to fix it.