"You're going down, rat boy!"

"Are you ever going to stop?"


"Children, stop fighting. The lovely housewife has made us lunch."

"She's not a housewife!"

"Now, now. Everyone please sit down."

Tohru smiled. It was a normal day at the Sohma house. Ayame was visiting, and Kyo and Yuki were fighting as usual. Tohru sat down at the table, and served everyone their food.

"So Yuki, are you and Tohru going to stop by my shop again?" Ayame asked.

"I don't think so." Yuki said. He sipped his tea, and tried not to lose his temper with his much older brother.

"Whhhyyyy Yuuuukkkiiiii?" Ayame whined. "I have another dress for Tohru-"

"NOOOO!" Yuki shouted. Everyone turned to look at him. Tohru blushed. Yuki quickly stood, and left the room.

"Jeez, what's eatin' him?" Kyo said.

"I have no idea why he could be so upset." Ayame pondered. Tohru stood and excused herself. She followed Yuki into the other room.

"Yuki?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, Miss Honda." Yuki apologized.

"It's okay, Yuki. If you don't want to come to the shop, that's okay." Tohru smiled.

"I should've asked if you wanted to go." Yuki said. He turned to face her. "Did you want to go again?"

Tohru blushed.

"If you don't want to go, there's no reason for me to, I mean unless you want me to go, I could go, or someone else could come with me-" Tohru rambled.

"I'll go with you. I don't want to leave you alone with him for too long." Yuki smiled. Tohru smiled back.

"Tohru, could you go into town and pick up some milk, please?" Shigure yelled from the kitchen. Tohru spun around.

"Sure! Is there anything else we need?" she yelled back.

"I'm not sure." Shigure walked into the room.

"I'll make a list." Tohru said. "Yuki, do you want to go with me?"

"I can't. I have student council things to attend to." Yuki said.

"Do you like being the President? Is it fun?" Tohru asked. Yuki laughed.

"Being President is okay. I'm still getting used to it."

"Okay. Well, I should get going." Tohru said.

"You shouldn't go alone. There are all kinds of weirdoes running around." Shigure said.

"I'll go!" Ayame shouted. There was a loud whack, and Ayame was massaging the lump on his head.

"NO WAY! You're the weirdest of them all!" Kyo shouted. He motioned toward the door. "Come on, let's go."

Tohru ran after him, and went out the door.

"Damn, it's cold." Kyo said. He looked at Tohru.

"I'm f-f-f-fine." Tohru shivered. Kyo scoffed and took off his sweater. He put it around Tohru's shoulders.

"But, won't you be cold?"

"I'll be fine. You're freezing." Kyo pointed out.

"Okay, but just for a little while." Tohru said. They continued their walk home, Tohru carrying the bag of groceries. Something cold and wet landed on Tohru's nose. She looked up at the sky.

"Look, it's snowing!" Tohru exclaimed. She stuck out her tongue. She caught little snowflakes on it.

"What are you doing?" Kyo asked. Tohru jumped. Kyo was ahead of her at the crosswalk, waiting for her. The light changed to 'Don't Walk' just as a little girl was making her way across.

"Kyo, look!" Tohru pointed. A truck was coming straight for the little girl.

"Hey, look out!" Kyo ran and pulled her out of the way just as the truck passed. Tohru ran over to them.

"Are you both all right?" Tohru asked. The little girl nodded.

"What do you think you're doing? This is a busy street-"

Kyo continued his rant, and Tohru looked at the little girl. She noticed something wasn't quite right with her. She was wearing a large coat, and her hair was covered by the hood. She looked about Kisa's age. Her eyes were reddish, but there was something different about them. Her eyes were pointed straight at the ground, unblinking. The little girl's hood blew back, and she reached up to keep it on. Tohru gasped. Kyo stopped scolding the little girl.

"Tohru! What is it? What's wrong?" Kyo questioned. Tohru stared at the little girl, then looked at Kyo. Kyo grabbed her shoulder. "What is it?"

"She-She looks just like you." Tohru said.

"No she doesn't-" Kyo looked closer at the little girl. He backed away.

"She looks just like you, Kyo!" Tohru said. The little girl turned toward them.

"Kyo?" the little girl whispered. He looked at the little girl. She walked towards him. He backed away. Her hood flew back, revealing her long, orange-colored hair.


"I'm not your dad!" Kyo yelled. The little girl stopped.

"Daddy sent me here to find you." she said.

"Why? I don't know him!" Kyo yelled.

"He died. He told me to come find you." she said. "It's nice to meet you, Brother."

"Welcome back, did you get the milk?" Shigure asked. "Ayame left thanks to Yuki…"

Tohru put the groceries away, and Kyo ran into the living room. The little girl walked inside, and found a floor cushion to sit on. Shigure looked at her. He dropped his coffee. "Kyo-"

"I know!" he shouted. Yuki walked into the room. Yuki couldn't help but look at the girl, and look and Kyo, and go back to the little girl. The little girl just stared at the wall.

Yuki and Kyo sat down. Tohru came in and sat down. Shigure regained his composure.

"Well, this is unusual. What's your name?" he asked the little girl.

"I am Niji Sohma. I am Kyo's sister." she replied.


"I don't know her!"

"She says her father sent her to find Kyo." Tohru explained.

"Yes. You are correct." Niji said.

"Where did you find her?" Yuki asked.

"She was crossing the street when Kyo saved her from an oncoming truck!" Tohru exclaimed. She thought for a minute. "The light had already changed…"

"Kyo, she does have a resemblance." Shigure pointed out.

"That's because I'm his sister. We have the same father."

"My father walked out on me a long time ago." Kyo said, gritting his teeth.

"He told me everything about you. The only thing I don't know is what you look like."

Tohru gasped. "You're blind?"

"Yes. I was born blind in both eyes." Niji said. "It's quite ironic actually. My name means rainbow, yet I have never seen any color."

Tohru's eyes teared up. Yuki looked at her.

"Miss Honda?"

"That's so sad. You've never seen anything?" Tohru cried.

"No. It's quite all right." Niji said. "There are some things in the world that are terrible, and people are scarred for life because of the things they've seen. I'm lucky. I can't seen anything, I will never be scarred; I will never be afraid of anything."

Tohru tried to contain her tears.

"Yeah, yeah, so what? There's no way you're my sister!" Kyo said heatedly.

"According to your friend, I look just like you." Niji stated.

"Kyo, this little girl looks just like you in every way. How could she not be your sister?" Yuki said.

"Stay outta this ya damn rat!" Kyo yelled.

"That line is getting old." Yuki flipped his gray hair.

"That's it!" Kyo shouted. He jumped at Yuki and they began to fight. Shigure and Tohru stood up. Shigure grabbed Niji just as Yuki punched Kyo in their direction. Niji just stared into space.

"What is Brother doing?" Niji asked.

"I'm not your brother!" Kyo yelled as he threw a punch a Yuki. Tohru sighed.

"Kyo and Yuki are fighting." Tohru explained.

"Yuki?" Niji asked. "Who is Yuki?"

"Yuki is Kyo's cousin. Oh, and Shigure is Yuki's cousin, too. It's a big family of cousins!" Tohru exclaimed.

"Oh." Niji whispered. "Do they always fight?"

"Yes. It's been a while since they fought, though. Not since last week." Shigure added. Tohru looked at Shigure, then turned her gaze back to the fight.

"What is Yuki?" Niji asked. Shigure looked over at Niji.

"What do you mean?" Tohru asked.

"Is he one of the Zodiac animals?" Niji asked. Shigure's eyes widened.

"Yes. Can you guess which one he is?" Shigure asked. Niji walked forward. Tohru reached out to save her from the falling Kyo, but was too late. Kyo and Niji collided, and Kyo transformed. Niji held a cat in her arms.

"This is not Yuki. This is Brother." she said. She squeezed Kyo. "He is a soft kitty."

"Can't…breathe." Kyo gasped for air. Niji released him.

"Yuki?" Niji stood up. She turned in his direction. Yuki backed up a bit.

"How did you know I was over here?"

"You breathe slower than Brother." Niji said. She walked toward him. "I can hear you."

Niji reached him and hugged Yuki unexpectedly. He transformed. She held him in her hands.

"The rat. You are so small. So delicate." Niji said. She got onto her knees, and put the tiny gray rat on the table.

"I would like to meet the others." Niji said. "I want to learn about all of you."

At this moment, Kyo and Yuki transformed back into humans. Tohru and Shigure turned away. Niji simply stared. She walked over to Shigure.

"I'm the dog. There's no need for me to transform after all that." he said. There was a loud growl. Niji covered her stomach. Shigure laughed. "Sounds like someone's a little hungry."

"Yes." Niji said. She turned to Tohru. "Do you make food?"

Tohru laughed. She took Niji's hand, and pulled her towards the kitchen.

"I can make whatever you like! So, what do you like?" Tohru's voice faded away into the other room. Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure all stood in the living room.

"Does Akito know?" Yuki asked.

"Probably." Shigure said. Kyo turned away and walked upstairs to his room.

"I have a sister…" Kyo thought out loud. A tear escaped his eye. He quickly reached up to get rid of it.

"Kyo! Dinner!" Tohru called upstairs. "Kyo?"

It had been a whole week since Niji had begun to live with them. Tohru made her way up the stairs, and walked down the hall to Kyo's room. She knocked, then opened the door. Kyo was fast asleep in his bed. He hadn't even undressed. He laid there with his clothes on, peacefully. Tohru smiled, and let him sleep. She walked back downstairs.

"Where is Brother?" Niji asked.

"He's asleep." Tohru replied. Niji stood up.

"Where are you going?" Shigure asked. "Niji?"

"Brother needs to eat." Niji answered. She held out her hand and felt the wall, until she reached the stairs. She slowly walked up, and felt the door of every room.

"Brother!" Niji called. She stumbled into Kyo's room. "Brother! Are you in here?"

Kyo turned over in his sleep. Niji walked over to the window, and opened it. A huge gust of wind hit Kyo. He instantly jumped out of bed.

"It's freezing!" Kyo said. Niji walked towards the door.

"It's time to eat." Niji said. She turned and walked into the hall. Kyo ran out after he closed the window. Niji had overestimated where the stairs began, and Kyo watched his sister trip and fall.

"Niji!" Kyo shouted, he ran and grabbed her hand before she had a chance to injure herself. He pulled her back, and she fell into his arms. Niji grasped the orange cat in her arms and squeezed it.

"Thank you, Brother." she said quietly. He jumped out of her arms.

"You idiot! You could've really gotten hurt! Watch where you step next time!" Kyo wished the words had never left his lips. Niji turned away, and walked carefully down the stairs, and ran into the kitchen. Kyo ran down after her. "Niji, wait! I didn't mean to-"

WHOOSH! Kyo was doused with water. He looked up, and saw Niji with an empty bucket. She put the bucket down.

"Bad kitty."

"I suppose you don't need a bath tonight." Shigure chuckled. Kyo gritted his teeth. He had changed back into his normal form, and was drying his hair with a towel. Niji, Yuki, and Tohru had walked out to the secret base.

"Is anything ready to pick, Yuki?" Tohru asked. Yuki gave the garden a once-over. He smiled at Tohru.

"Nothing yet." he replied. Tohru smiled back. Niji felt a strawberry plant.

"Do you like strawberries?" Yuki asked. Niji nodded. She stood.

"Where is Brother? Why didn't he come with us?" Niji asked.

"Yuki and Kyo don't always get along…" Tohru explained.

"They must truly hate each other." Niji said. "What did one ever do to the other? Who started all this?"

Yuki was dumbfounded. He thought long and hard. The wind picked up.

"I…I don't know. We've always just fought because the cat and the rat are enemies." Yuki said. "The rat tricked the cat-"

"I know the story." Niji said. "But why do you fight? Just because the story says you have to?"

"I don't know…"

"Tohru! Yuki! Niji!" called a voice. They looked up. By now the wind began to gust. A figure walked toward them.

"Shigure." Niji said. Tohru looked at Niji, then back at the figure. It was indeed Shigure. Niji ran out to him. Tohru and Yuki ran after her. The wind was getting even worse.

"Get back to the house now!" Shigure yelled in his serious voice.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Tohru shouted back.

"There's a bad storm coming!" Shigure shouted. A huge gust of wind hit them.

"It's already here!" Yuki yelled. Another gust of wind hit them. Tohru screamed as she was pulled away from them. Yuki and Shigure grabbed her hands.

"Let's go!" Shigure yelled. Everyone ran back to the house.

When they got inside, Kyo was making himself a rice ball. He turned his head.

"Hey, where's Niji?" he asked. Everyone started looking around frantically for her.

"She was next to us the whole time!" Tohru said.

"She must've gotten separated from us." Yuki said. Kyo ran out the door as fast as his legs could carry him.

"I can't believe they left her!" Kyo shouted. He searched all over the woods, but found no sign of her. He found Yuki's secret base, and looked for Niji around that area. He found her near a tree, sitting on the ground, hugging her knees to her chest. He breathed a sigh of relief.

"Niji, are you all right?" he asked. She shook her head.

"I am afraid. I am so afraid, Brother." she said. Tears began to flow out of her eyes. This was the first real emotion he had seen in her face since they met. She reached out and clung to him. He transformed into a cat. Niji held him close to her. He was so glad she wasn't hurt, but how were they going to get home when he was in this form? He squirmed out of her arms.

"Niji, we have to get home!" he shouted. Niji wiped her tears away. She felt for his clothes, and grabbed them. She grabbed her brother, and began to run. Kyo shouted at her to go the other way, and Niji turned around.

"Are you sure this is the way home? The ground feels different." Niji pointed out. Kyo wasn't really sure.

"Put me down!" Kyo yelled. He transformed back into a human, and threw on his clothes. He grabbed his sister's hand, and ran through the trees. He kept running, and changing direction. There was a huge noise behind them. Kyo looked behind them in time to see the cliff collapsing behind them in a mud slide. "Run Niji!"

They ran as fast as they could, and Niji tripped in a hole. Kyo ran back, and threw her out of the way.

"Kyo!" Niji cried. The mud quickly overcame Kyo, and he was buried. Niji cried, and dug through the mud, but it was hard, and she couldn't find him anywhere.

"Niji!" Yuki called. She turned in the direction of his voice. He ran over to her.

"Where's Kyo?" he yelled over the wind. Niji sobbed and pointed in the direction of the mudslide. The wind was rapidly drying the mud, and there was no way Yuki could dig him out.

"Help him!" Niji cried. Yuki knelt down to Niji.

"I need you to come back to the house with me." Yuki yelled.

"No! I have to help Kyo!" Niji said. Yuki noticed she didn't say 'brother.'

"We have to get help!" Yuki explained. Niji nodded, and they ran back to the house. Yuki explained what happened to everyone.

"Call Hatori now!" Shigure instructed. Tohru ran to the phone and dialed Hatori's number. He answered after the second ring.


"Hatori?" Tohru asked nervously.

"Yes, Tohru, what's the matter?"

"Kyo was trapped in a mudslide, and we need help!" Tohru said frantically.

"I'll be right there." Hatori said calmly. Tohru thanked him, and ran back out to the others.

"Tohru, you and Niji stay here and wait for Hatori." Shigure said. She nodded. Shigure and Yuki ran out to dig Kyo out. Niji's tears hadn't stopped. Tohru wiped Niji's face with a cloth.

"It's going to be all right." Tohru said. Niji stopped crying. Tohru walked her over to the futon, and she laid down. Niji's crying had made her tired, and she slept. Tohru sat, and worried about Kyo. Hatori arrived and found Tohru in the living room. Hatori stared at Niji. They moved out to the kitchen.

"Who was the girl?" Hatori asked.

"Her name is Niji. She's Kyo's younger sister." Tohru explained.

"I see." Hatori said. A pair of arms appeared around his waist. He transformed with a poof! Niji held Hatori in her hands.

"A seahorse?" Niji questioned. She went to the sink, and plugged it. She filled it with warm water.

"What in the world was that?" Hatori asked.

"I'm so sorry, Hatori! Niji, you shouldn't do that." Tohru said.

"A seahorse?" Niji repeated.

"She knows about the curse, I take it." Hatori sighed. "I'm the dragon."

"Oh." Niji said. She turned away, and accidentally walked into the door frame. She backed up and continued on her way. Hatori transformed back, and got dressed.

"I see that she's blind." Hatori said. Tohru nodded. "That's quite a shame."

Shigure and Yuki burst through the door, Shigure carrying an unconscious Kyo in his arms. Hatori and Tohru ran out to the living room, where Niji had begun crying again. Shigure laid Kyo on the futon. Hatori ran over with his doctor bag, and assessed Kyo's injuries. Everyone except Niji left the room. Tohru pulled her away. Shigure and Yuki sat down and panted heavily.

"Well, we got him out." Shigure huffed. Yuki took in big gulps of air.

"Stupid cat." Yuki mumbled. Hatori entered the kitchen where everyone had gathered. Niji ran over to him.

"Is Kyo all right?" she pleaded. Hatori knelt down to her level.

"He's going to be just fine." he announced. She cried tears of joy, and refrained herself from hugging Hatori again.

"I carried him up to his room so he could sleep. He's got a broken arm, but that's the extent of his injuries. I'll put his arm in a cast tomorrow." Hatori explained. He turned to Niji. "He's probably awake by now, if you want to go and check."

Tohru grabbed Niji's hand, and they ran upstairs together. They burst into Kyo's room. He was still asleep, and his left arm was in a splint. Niji ran over to his side. Tohru sat in Kyo's desk chair, and waited.

Kyo slowly opened his eyes. Niji's hand was on his left arm, feeling the splint. He smiled and put his other hand on top of his sisters'. She gasped.

"Kyo!" she said, with tears in her eyes. Tohru got up from the chair, and walked downstairs to tell Shigure and Yuki. Niji stayed by her brother's side.

"Niji, I'm so glad you're not hurt." Kyo said. He pulled his sister close to him, and he changed into a cat. Niji petted him slowly. He transformed, and got dressed. Everyone ran into the room, including a face he didn't want to see.

"KAGURA!" Kyo shouted in fear. He dove for the window, but Kagura had him by his legs. She pulled him up, and began kissing his cheeks.

"Oh, my poor Kyo! You're broken! What happened?" Kagura cried. Kyo tried to push her off, but hurt his arm in the process.

"Ow! Kagura, get off of me!" he shouted. "OW!"

"I'm so sorry, Kyo!" Kagura said. Niji pulled on Kagura's sleeve. Kagura turned around. Her eyes widened.

"Kyo? Why is there a girl here who looks just like you?"

"I am his sister. My name is Niji. Your name is Kagura. Are you Kyo's girlfriend?" Niji asked.


"You're so adorable! I just want to hug you and squeeze you, and love you forever and ever!" Kagura drowned out Kyo's shouting. Niji was in her arms, being loved. Tohru laughed, and was happy everything was back to normal.