"Crap", I muttered when my book I wanted to put in my bag fell down. Just my luck! I sighed and compensated for my book.

Today it was going to be my first day in my new school and I was very nervous! All the new and foreign faces I was going to meet!

I really hoped my first school day wouldn't be that bad!

But at least my best friend Tracy will be there, too. We got to know each othere when we had been in the kindergarten and since then we've been the best friends all the time and I like her a lot!

In front of the school I waited for Tracy. We had arranged that we would wait for the other one because both of us didn't want to go on her own in the new high school.

While waiting Tracy's brother Mason, who is two years older than his sister, came around and I greeted him. I think he's very cute.

"Hey, Noel!", I heard suddenly a voice behind me. The voice belonged to Tracy.

"Are you ready?", she wanted to know.

"No", I responded, "but I guess we have to."

"Yeah, I think so."

Together we entered the school, happy there was at least one face we knew for sure.

In the lunchtime Tracy and I sat together with a few girls we knew by sight from lessons and who were really nice. We had a lot to talk about, because they told us a few things about the school and about the people there. For example: Eve, who was one class above us. She was the main topic of the lunchtime.

In the opinion of most boys, she was the hottest and most famous girl of the school, but one girl who ate with us, Sarah, suggested that Eve was a terrible person: she would drink a lot of alcohol, take drugs and her hobby would be playing with cute boys. However, she looked very pretty and smart.

"Hey, Tracy, do we meet us after school?"

"Yeah, that'd great. Well, I have to go, see you.", Tracy muttered shortly afterwards and went away.

I know it sounds stupid, but it looked like she pursued Eve, who was gone a few minutes ago.