The next day I saw Tracy every now and then without talking to her. In the lessons we had together she came to late and it seemed she didn't care.

Though I had found other friend for example Sarah I missed Tracy. It was just not the same as with Tracy who I've known for so long.

First I thought it would be just take a short time til Tracy would recognize that she and Evie were such different persons. So I tried my best to ignore that I was getting on Tracy's nerves. As usual I called her in the afternoons. Either no one hang up or her brother Mason or her mom were saying Tracy wouldn't be at home. I mean, where was she all the time? Did she forget that I was her best friend instead of Evie Zamora?

I know in that moment it was clear that Tracy and I weren't friends anymore but though I still missed her and, however, I went to her.

Actually, I thought she wouldn't be at home anyway but when I was arriving in her street I saw her- she sat on a blancket outside in front of the house eating pizza with her new best friend Evie.

A short moment I wanted to walk away again but then Evie saw me. She whispered something to Tracy who looked at me and rolled her eyes. I tried my best emphasizing I hadn't see it and took a seat besides them.

Tracy didn't look at me but at boys who were standing opposite to us. I didn't know what to do next but then Evie said: "Do you want some pizza?"

I smiled shyly to her and answered: "Thanks." while taking a piece of pizza.

"I'm Evie Zamora."

"Yeah, I know. I'm Noel."

Maybe I had felt wrong about Evie and in real she was a nice person?

All of a sudden Evie got up and said: "Come on, Tracy. We're going to the Park."

It was the first time, Tracy said something to me: "Well, Noel, I guess you must not going to the Park. Bye."

"You either!", I responded, but she didn't listen to me.

She and Tracy were following the guys who had been skating for a moment.