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Hello livinlife20 is back. But I'm here with a different story. This time its about Michael Jackson the gone but not really gone King of POP. I decided to write a funnier and lighter version of Mj's Ghosts Movie and thought you'd like it. It helps to beat the heat wave going on in America. As you read the story, the plot might be a little different and the characters are different than the movie itself. Thats because I wanted it to be more fun. Some of the original characters are there including Michael but I wanted to mix it up a bit. I hope you all like it and let me know how I did afterwards. Enjoy your day and story!

Disclaimer: I do not own Michael Jackson EVER and I do not plan on it. I am just here to entertain and have fun!

Chapter 1

On one stormy night in the town of Normal Ville there was a group of young kids from the ages of 16-19 who were all good friends. Their names were Brandon, Charice, Liza, Kiki, Brianna, Ron, and Steven. They all met up at a girl name Kiki's house with her friend Liza.

"So, when are we going to do this thing cause I want some extra points for school," Said Brandon

"This is not a school trip and its NOT a thing Brandon," Kiki replied

"Yes and I wanna see what Monster or Crazy man whatever in that house," Steven replied

"I heard it was a Ghost and he doesn't like guests," Brandon replied

"Well he is gonna have to meet me cause I dont play, " Brianna said with her attitude

"Do you always got to show off?" Ron asked

"Listen, I don't have to answer you and no I don't got to show off I am just hot," Brianna said flashing her hair as Ron rolled his eyes.

"So listen guys, we have to get back by midnight cause I got a course to study for," Kiki replied

"Oh hush it kiki, you always got to study, even when you dont have a test you study, when school doesn't open until September you study!" Charice said

"Excuse me but I like to study because I am a straight A student and-"

"Whatever!" The rest of the group said sighing

"Okay gees," Kiki said

"So we get to this house by 10pm and we leave at 12, no excuses!' Liza said

"Yea I got my flashlight!" Brandon said

"I got my Blackberry Storm, Touch screen!" Brianna said waving her phone

"I got my Droid," Ron said flashing its light

"I got my I phone!" said Charice

"I got my MP3 player," Steven said with his headphones on

"Okay I got my phone and flashlight, what about you Kiki," Liza asked

"Uh..." Kiki said when she pulled a small phone out of her pocket, "Yea i got mines too,"

"You still got that Samsung phone girl, when are you going to get a touch screen phone like the rest of us?" Brianna asked

"When I saved enough money for Med School and pay for books," Kiki said when her friends laughed

"Yea you and med school kiki, keep hoping, right now we tryna get you to keep up with us, Miss top class genius!" Brianna said

"Yes, try living with her," Brandon laughed when Kiki looked at him dangerously, "Okay that was a joke,"

"It better be Mr. Brandon Jr. or I will send you back home to play your Wii games!" Kiki said teasingly

"I would love to but Ill pass big sis, lemme go pair up with Steve, He's got an Iphone too!" Brandon said when Kiki rolled her eyes

"Well, uh, speaking of pairing up, kiki...How about me and you Buddy-buddy?" Ron asked as he walked over to Kiki in a flirtatious way.

"Uh...ha-ha, I'm okay actually, we dont need partners cause we will all be together...but thanks anyway," Kiki replied trying to sound nice but she was slightly annoyed by his flirting.

"Okay Miss Kiki, but when you need a friend or a shoulder to cry on, Ill be There, " Ron said as he winked and Kiki looked frightened

"Sure Ron," She said backing away towards her friend Liza.

"So when are we gonna go! Times ticking!" Brianna said, "I gotta finish my manicure and pedicure for Prom next week!"

"Um Brianna, Proms not until the Spring and you already did your Mani-Pedi last week!" Charice replied

"Oh...well it doesn't hurt to try!" Brianna pouted her lips Just then Liza looked at her watch,

"Okay we should go meet Mayor Edwards at the bottom of the hill and we go from there,"

"Why we gotta go with him, he is just gonna tell us,"Oh watch your step, don't talk back to me like that Mister...blah blah blah!" Brandon said as him and Steve laughed

"Oh is that why you got sent to the principals office on the last day of school, little brother?" Kiki batted her eyelashes

"Uh...lets leave the past behind us shall we?" Brandon replied when KIki laughed

"Okay lets go I'm dying to see this man or whatever, I heard he's creepy," Brianna said

"Yea not creepier than you in the morning," Ron mumbled

"Excuuuseeee me!" Brianna replied turning to Ron

"Nothing Miss Braids R-us!" Ron said

"Okay that's it!" Brianna said as he flashed her hair and ran after Ron who picked up his feet ahead of time but Kiki held her back.

"Now now Bri- it was just a joke you know how Ron is," Liza said

"Yea hes a bum...wait til I get him, I hope that monster eats him," Brianna said

"Come on lets go," Kiki said as they walked from the house into the woods with their flashlights. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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