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Chapter 4

"This place is too creepy," Brianna replied looking around as the fog made it look even more so.

"OOOowwwww!" went a howl that made everyone look up

"I'm tired of these owls and wolves," Brianna whined

"It's alright, no animals are going to harm you," Kiki said as Brianna held on to her arm

"Looks like someone forgot to clean up their front yard," Ron replied as he noticed leaves everywhere

"Yea look at the dust on those tombstones," Charice said as she passed by some

"Okay kids, this is it…the Mansion," The mayor replied as he stopped in his tracks and pointed to it

"OOooohhhhhhh!" Everyone said as they followed him and looked up

"This place looks centuries old," Liza replied

"It seems like nobody has touched it," Brandon said

"This place needs a serious makeover," Brianna replied

Everyone stood and stared at the 200 foot tall stone mansion that seemed over a thousand acres wide.

"Wow this place is big!" Steve said as he looked up

" I wonder who lives in there," Liz said

" Maybe Frankenstein," Brianna replied

"A monster," Steve said

"or the ghost," Brandon replied

"Or werewolf," Charice said

"Maybe its P. Diddy," Ron said

"Seriously in this house?" Liz asked

"What…the man owns houses all over the country," Ron said

"Or maybe it's the Kardashians," Brianna replied, "In their reality show!"

"Or maybe its Snooki who wants to get a tan," Brandon replied mockingly

"Snooki…this could be Snooki's house. I get to meet her!" Brianna replied

"Brianna…please don't be naïve," Kiki said

"I get to be a star and-"

"Brianna….we are not in the Jersey Shore or Kardashians reality show!" Kiki replied

"But…oh well," Brianna scoffed

"Maybe its that creature we have been talking about," Steve said

"Yeah and he wants to meet us," Brandon replied

"Quiet kids, this a serious matter and we have to be stern and brisk about it," The Mayor said as he prepared to knock on the door

"Are we sure that anybody's home?" Brianna asked

Suddenly when he lifted his fist to knock the door began to creak.

"Whoa…" Steve said as the door slowly opened all the way

"What just happened?" Brianna asked

"The door opened by itself," Liz replied

"Why do these doors and gates open by themselves?" Brianna asked

"It's the ghost," Steve said

"No because-" Kiki said

"No, I don't need your explanation on why doors open and blah!" Brianna replied

"But I was just-" Kiki said

"Yea…I already know," Brianna said

"There are no ghosts here kid and I am going to prove it to you," The Mayor replied

"This is too awesome!" Brandon replied with an excited look in his eyes

"Now be careful so don't make any sudden moves. We don't know who we are dealing with and something seems strange about this place," The Mayor said

"Yeah the same can be said about that wig," Brianna whispered

"What? Brianna!" Kiki replied as she nudged her

"Kidding!" Brianna said

The Mayor took one step inside the door which revealed a dark, empty hallway.

"Hello?" He asked as he looked around.

"That's odd, no one was at the door when we came in," Liz said

"I knew I should have stayed home and IM'd my buddies on Twitter," Brianna whined

"Oh stop whining Brianna, we are here so deal with it!" Kiki said

"Let me get my flashlight out before I fall on my face in the dark," Brandon said as he reached in his pocket

"Yeah my MP3 has the coolest lights on it," Steve replied as he took it out, "See?"

"Oohhh cool!" Brandon said as the lights flashed like a disco ball

"You think your phone is hot, look at my Blackberry Storm," Brianna replied as she flipped out her custom made phone

"Oh be quiet Brianna, your Blackberry is whack, we all know the Droid is the best," Ron said as he pulled out his shiny blue phone

"Are we really going to have a "Whose phone is better than who's contest"? Kiki asked

"Well I do have a great GPS system on mines," Brianna replied

"Oh please, your GPS is so 2002, mines is way more updated," Ron said

"Guys, none of your GPS's are better," Brandon said, "Look at my Iphone!"

"OOohhh pretty!" Brianna replied

"The reasons why I hang out with them I will never know," Kiki thought to herself

"You all keep the noise down or-!" The Mayor snapped when suddenly a gust of wind blew over them.

"What was that?" Ron asked

"It's the ghost," Steve said

"There is no such thing as gho-" Kiki replied

The gust of wind was cold and made everyone shiver

"Brrrrr…its cold," Brianna said

"Why is this place so dark?" Liz asked as she looked around with her phone flashlight

"Look at those cobwebs," Steve said as he pointed to his left to see a flight of stairs that led up to what looked like another floor.

"Look at those stairs, so antique," said Charice as she examined them

"Where is that wind coming from?" Liza asked as she shivered a little when the lightning flashed again. Suddenly the Mayor's torch went out.

"That's not good," Brianna replied as the thunder rolled

"Its alright kids, just a minor setback, looks like we arrived in a storm," The Mayor said

"Or we came…uninvited," Brianna whispered

The thunder rumbled again as the group huddled together for safety

"At least we got our phones which never go out during thunderstorms," Ron said as he shined the light of his phone around

"Yeah, Thank goodness for my extra powered battery system that doesn't go out," Brianna replied as she stared at herself through her phone mirror.

"Hey sis, say Cheese!" Brandon said as he held up his I Phone and clicked a button

"What-" Kiki replied when a sudden flash made her blink, "Are you taking pictures of me?"

"This is totally going on Facebook," Brandon said as he clicked "Save"

"You are going to pay for that. Wait until I get home!" Kiki growled as her brother laughed

"Why is this place so dark? I feel like I am in a scary movie," Brianna whimpered

"Well maybe somebody forgot to pay the light bill," Brandon replied

"Or they are asleep," Brianna said when the lightning flashed. They walked past the cobweb stairs and found a few statues that stood around.

"Why does this hallway feel like it doesn't end?" Brianna asked

"Because we are constantly tip toeing down it," Ron replied

"Okay everyone stay quiet" The Mayor replied, "Something about this place feels odd,"

"Didn't he say that like 10 minutes ago?" Brianna asked

"Yes so stop texting on your Blackberry," Kiki said

"What? I am just telling Mariah she needs to email me the picture of those cute shoes from the JcPenney catalog a.s.a.p.," Brianna said as she looked at her phone

"Sure," Kiki said as she rolled her eyes

Suddenly the lights on everyone's phone shut off

"What! Come on BlackBerry you cant do this. I got you for too much money!" Brianna said as she hit the buttons on her phone

"Seriously right when I am playing my NBA game?" Ron asked

"I think we upset somebody," Steve replied

"Yea I am upset because my phone is not working!" Brianna said

"No…we upset the people who live here," Steve said

"Well they better help me fix my phone because I am no-"Brianna snapped when the thunder rolled

"See what you did Brianna!" Ron replied

"I did nothing!" Brianna said

"Now the phones are cutting out because of your big mouth!" He replied

"I did not cause this-" Brianna yelled when suddenly

"BAM!" everybody turned around to see the front door shut behind them

"Okay, who shut the door?" Brianna asked

"It wasn't me," Liz said

"It wasn't me," Steve replied

"Who was the last one to enter through the door" The Mayor asked as he turned around

"It wasn't me!" Brandon said

"I'm innocent!" Charice replied as the thunder rolled louder and shrieked. The mayor turned back around and continued towards the open door on his right.

"Come on keep up!" The mayor said as he noticed a portrait against the wall.

"Where are we going?" Brianna asked

"Just stop asking questions Brianna," Kiki replied as she watched the Mayor

"How are we gonna see without our flashlight?" Brandon asked when suddenly a gust of wind blew and the door that led to the hallway of the portrait started to creak

"Okay the door sound is starting to creep me out," Ron said as the Mayor headed towards the hallway

"This place gets weirder," Brianna replied

Suddenly the door shut and another creaking sound echoed through the hallway

"This place is freaky," Charice said as the Mayor turned his head to face the sound. He saw that another door began to open and it was bigger than the last one.

"What is with these doors?" Brianna asked as she faced the creaking sound and saw a bright light

"OOooHhhhh!" Brandon and Steve replied together

"What is that?" Liza asked

The Mayor began to walk towards the opening doors to see something unique. There was a light emitting from the doors that led to the hallway.

"SHHH!" The Mayor said "everyone quiet,"

The group obeyed as the Mayor got closer and closer to the doors

"Oh wow, look at those statues in the corner," Liz said as she pointed to the two statues that stood by the door, "So antique,"

"They look like knights," Charice said as she stared at the dust covered objects when she walked by. The Mayor stepped by the doors on what looked like a black and white tiled floor. He looked up and the floor seemed to go on for miles.

"What is this?"

"Whoa!" Brandon and Steve said as they followed the Mayor into the open space

"It's a room," Liz said as she walked inside

"A huge one," Charice said

"Look at those windows!" Brandon pointed to his left to see the 30 foot tall windows

"Cool!" Steve said

"This place is like a ballroom," Liz said

"It is a ballroom," Kiki replied

"Hey check out the fireplace!" Steve said when he pointed across the room as he tried to walk towards it

"Nuh uh Steve," The Mayor said as he stopped Steve in his tracks, "You are staying here like the rest of us,"

"Oh man," Steve grumbled

"Why does this place feel like we are in the 1800's?" Ron asked looking around

"I don't know, but why does it feel like somebody is watching us?" Brianna asked as she held arms around her

"Oh please nobody is watching us, we are going to be fine," Kiki said when suddenly

"Ding!" everyone looked up startled

"Okay, that creeped me out," Liz replied as she looked up

"What was that?" Charice asked when she noticed a tall clock covered in dust on her right side with a small bird that stood on top

"Is that a bird?" Brianna asked as she saw the bird flap its wings

"Caw!" the bird went as it flew off the clock

Everybody watched as the bird flew across the room towards the window when the lightning flashed again

"Why does it feel like that bird came out of nowhere?" Charice asked

The lightning flashed again when everybody turned their eyes to the right side of the room. With the quickness of the flash a door flew wide open on thier right side where they saw a black sheet moving on the floor.

"What was that?" Brianna asked as she hid behind Kiki

The black sheet suddenly disappeared through the door as everyone stared

"Okay that really freaked me out!" Charice said

The mayor took one step towards the area where he saw the black sheet and didn't see anything.

"What do you think happens if he walks all the way in there?" Brianna asked

"I don't know but this place doesn't feel right," Charice said

The lightning continued to flash when the mayor got closer

"Why would he go somewhere that doesn't look safe?" Brianna asked

" Maybe you should go so we can have some peace and quiet!" Ron replied

"Don't you start with me again!" Brianna snapped

"Shush!" Everybody else replied when they turned to the two

Nothing seemed to come out of the open space where the black sheet went and everyone watched intently

"What if the monster jumps out there?" Brianna asked

"What if it's the ghost?" Steve asked

"What if its that girl from Celebrity Apprentice?" Ron asked when everyone looked at him

"You really watch too much television," Kiki replied as the thunder rumbled and Brianna grabbed on tighter to her

"Its alright kids, I don't see anything," The Mayor said when the lightning revealed a tall black figure that quickly disappeared

*GASP* everyone went as they stepped back

"I dont like this place," Brianna said as she shivered

"What was that?" Ron asked

"Its the-"

"No its not Brandon, its probably a reflex from the lightning," Kara replied as she watched the Mayor go closer to the door

Everyone whispered behind him as he made one step closer to the empty space when suddenly something appeared right before his eyes

"AAAHHHHHH!" The crowd screamed when the Mayor stood face to face with a skeleton covered figure.

To Be Continued...