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The school attic was a cluttered, dusty place. Bastian felt he was surely alone in the school with the exception of the janitors. The sky was getting dark, and it was windy. Shadows from the swaying trees danced across the walls and forgotten items of the attic. Bastian remembered a time like this when he was at home with his father. The power had gone out, and he was trying to sleep.

***"Dad," Bastian remembered calling his father that night. He tiptoed down the hall to his dad's room. He leaned over the bed and shook his Dad's shoulder to awake him.

"What is it Bastian?" His father asked wearily. "It's past midnight, get to bed."

"No! Dad there's a ghost in my room…!" Bastian cried.

"Silly boy, there are no ghosts. Our house is pretty new. Why would ghosts be hanging around here?" His dad asked.

"Maybe it's Mom." Bastian said. His glasses were dangling from the bridge of his nose, and his hear was all sitting up in one direction. His eyes were wild with fear behind the thick glass of his spectacles.

Bastian's dad softened. "You think it's Mom?"
Bastian nodded. "It's Mom. I'm sure of it…. Just come see for yourself." He pulled his father out of bed.

Bastian's dad followed him into his son's room.

"There," Bastian said, pointing to the shadow of a branch on his wall.

"Oh son," Bastian's dad said with a smile. "Get in bed,"


"See?" Bastian's dad said, tracing the shadow with his finger. "It's from the branch." He pointed out of the window at the branch that was making the shadow, clarifying.

His son smiled and climbed in bed. "Hmm, I kind of wish it was mom. I miss her."

"I know son," Bastian's dad said. "I miss her too." ***

Thinking of the story helped Bastian feel better about being alone in the attic. Maybe he should go home to his dad… Maybe he didn't have to stay in the attic. But then he saw the book. He couldn't take it home, his dad might see it! So he pulled the book open again and continued his journey.

It was getting pretty intense. Atreyu just lost his horse, and as he struggled through the swamp, a wolf came after him. But the luck dragon saved him from the wolf just in time!

Bastian closed the book and fell back with a sigh.

"Wow," he said. "What an adventure."

He was really starting to grow on this story, and the character of Atreyu. Atreyu was so brave and smart… On those thoughts, the reader began to grow tired. He closed his eyes. Just a short nap, Bastian thought. Then I'll get back to reading… I promise Atreyu.

***Bastian dreamed he was in a peaceful forest. exotic flowers and bright green grasses grew around a clear, sparkling pond that sat in the center of the magnificent scene. Strange animals hid in the bushes and in the treetops. It reminded Bastian a lot of something from Fantasia… Something from The Never Ending Story!

Bastian was lying deep in the tall grass, supposedly resting from a long journey to find water. He shielded his eyes from the blazing sunlight with his arm, which he folded over his face. He didn't have any glasses, and his hair was grown out and messy in all directions. This was why his Dad made him get a haircut all the time! Either that or he just didn't want him looking like a girl.

There was a faint crackling of the twigs.

Bastian sat up abruptly though his rest. "Who's there? Hello?" He turned around to see Atreyu of the plains people and his loving horse, Artax.

Atreyu sat on Artax, looking down on Bastian curiously. His dark eyes glittered and his long, dark hair flowing free, almost touching his shoulders. His skin was tanned from long days in the sun, and his chest was slightly revealed only from his tunic. Lying upon his chest was the Auryn. Atreyu slowed his horse and demounted it. Artax rummaged though the vegetation, looking for a snack.

The other boy wandered over to Bastian, who only stared at him, consumed by wonder.

"A-are you…?" Bastian stuttered.

Atreyu bent over next to Bastian and held out his hand. "Yes, I am Atreyu of the plains people. I am out seeking a cure for the Empress."

"The Empress of what…?" Bastian asked.

Atreyu cocked his head to the side. "Don't you know? Fantasia of course!" he extended his arm to the lovely scene around them.

Bastian just stared at the other boy, taking in the moment he had to do so. Atreyu of the plains people was actually quite handsome, and he seemed very outgoing as well. It was a good contrast to Bastian's own shy, vulnerability.

"Come," Atreyu said, standing. He held out his hand to help Bastian to his feet.

Bastian took the other boy's surprisingly soft hands.

"Thanks," Bastian mumbled.

"Follow me," Atreyu said. "Maybe we can find some food in this forest somewhere. I'm not used to forest though. There aren't many trees where I'm from."

Bastian followed Atreyu of the plains people deeper into the forest. It was quite a beautiful place in fact, if you looked at it through the eyes of a smart ass like Atreyu.

"I think this tree grows berries," Atreyu said, crouching down beside the roots of a tall, thick tree. "Ah! Found some!" He picked up a few dark berries and handed them to Bastian.

Bastian tasted some. "Wow, these are pretty good."

Atreyu picks up a few berries for himself. "My father used to bring these home to my mother. I was too young to eat them though."

"Do you miss your parents? They must be worried since you're off alone like this." Bastian said, toying with a berry on his tongue.

"Not anymore," said Atreyu, leaning on the tree and looking up into the sky. "They've been dead for a while. I never really did miss them I think… I was so young when they left me."

Bastian turned to the other boy slowly. "I'm sorry to hear that…"

Atreyu shrugged. "…Don't have to be, I don't care anymore."
"You don't care?"
"Nope, I don't care. Not anymore I don't. I'm on my own, just me and Artax."

"Not even a little bit?"
"Maybe just a LITTLE…" Atreyu finally gave in, with a smirk. "How about you…"

"Bastian," the other boy said. "My name is Bastian."
"Where are you from?" Atreyu asked.

Suddenly, all the memories of the world he once lived in washed away. "I... Don't… Know…"

Atreyu knitted his dark eyebrows together. "That's odd, I suppose."

"It is," Bastian said. "I have a father though. My mother is dead. Where I'm from, there aren't many trees either… I can just hardly imagine it…"

"These berries were good," Atreyu said, changing the subject. Artax came up behind his boy, snorting and nuzzling Atreyu's back with his nose. He giggled. Bastian blushed. Atreyu offered his last berry to Artax, who licked it up quickly. He giggled again. "That tickles!"

Artax wandered away toward the pond for a drink. Atreyu turned back to me.

"I've always wanted to fall in love," he said, catching Bastian off guard.

"Where on earth did that come from?" Bastian asked, his blush increasing slowly.

Atreyu sighed and shook his head. "I don't know… Well, when I saw Artax I thought of how much I truly love him. Then I got to thinking of how much I wanted to fall in love. One day I'll meet the right guy."

Bastian cleared his throat and blinked. "Excuse me?"
Atreyu was blushing now too. "N-nothing, I didn't say anything."

"Are you sure?" Bastian asked, shifting his weight to his right leg. "…Positive?"

Atreyu covered his face with his hands. "OK." he peeked through his fingers. "I said something."

Bastian chuckled. "Yes, you did."

"I have one love already though," Atreyu said.

Bastian's heart sank. "Who is it?"
"No one really, just nature…." Atreyu turned to the tree that grew the berries and hugged its round trunk. His arms didn't even reach all the way around. His head was nestled against the bark. He turned to Bastian and smiled, showing all his teeth.

Bastian practically melted. He was absolutely and indescribably gorgeous at that moment.

Atreyu motioned with his forefinger for Bastian to come closer. "Come 'ere."

Bastian's eyes grew wide, and he inched over to the other boy.

"A little closer,"

Bastian got closer.


Then Atreyu bent in to Bastian and whispered. "I'm gonna kiss the tree."

Bastian giggled. He covered his mouth instantly, realizing how flirtatious it sounded. Maybe that wasn't such a bad thing. Atreyu was looking pretty good just then…Good enough to eat…

Then Atreyu did just what he said he would. He turned to the tree. He held the front of it in his hands, as if it was a human head. He closed his eyes and puckered his lips, leaning into the tree slowly. He connected to the bark with a satisfying smack. He let his lips sit there, slightly puckered. His eyes were still closed.

"That was hot." Atreyu said quietly to himself.

Bastian burst out laughing. "Wow, oh. My. Gosh. It was a tree."

"A tree that was my true love," the other boy said, opening his eyes slowly.

The two boys stared at each other for the longest time, and Bastian erupted in laughter again. Atreyu joined in this time, leaning his head back and laughing. Sunlight danced over his hair, bringing out his auburn highlights. It trickled down his smooth brown neck and over his perfect chest.

Bastian couldn't help himself. He reached out and touched Atreyu's dark hair. So soft…

The boy snatched his head out instantly and snatched up Bastian's hand from his hair instinctively.

Bastian gasped.

Atreyu's eyes grew wide. "It was just… Instincts…" he mumbled. His mouth was half open.

Bastian searched Atreyu's eyes for emotion; there was nothing… Like The Nothing itself.

Bastian suddenly smiled. "You have some berry juice on your…"
"…My what?" Atreyu asked.


Bastian stepped in closer to the plains boy. He smelled like pine and berries; also a bit of animal hides, which his tunic was made out of.

"I'll get that for you," Bastian said, leaning in. His eyes seemed to close themselves.

Atreyu leaned in forward, and pulled Bastian in closer by his wrist. He closed his eyes too. The two boy's lips met for the briefest moment, and Bastian pulled away quickly.

Atreyu licked his lips and smiled. Her grasped Bastian's head in his hands and kissed him hard on the mouth. Bastian was surprised at first, but he gave in and kissed back. He ran his hands down Atreyu's pretty, smooth neck. Atreyu grabbed onto the tree for support and moaned slightly into Bastian's mouth.

They both pulled back at that instant. Atreyu's eyes sparkled with adventure and he opened his mouth slightly more and leaned into Bastian's neck. He let out a breathy moan. Bastian wished he could conceal the reaction to his arousal. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

"Wait," he said. "Stop, stop."

Atreyu backed off with a pretty frown on his lips. "What's wrong?"

"I… Um…" Bastian had to think of something and something quick. He was too slow however, because Atreyu noticed the other boy's erection. He closed in the space between them and placed his hand over the hard spot. He pushed down his hand slightly. Just before Bastian could moan with satisfaction, everything went black. ***

The scene switched back to the attic. Bastian sat up from his "little nap" just as aroused as he was in the dream. He sighed happily. This was one of the most vivid dreams he'd ever had. And it was about a boy…

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