Athena's Point of View

I thought it had been too late, that he did not want to try anymore, but with that kiss he showed me otherwise.

"I love you Athena," He whispered sweetly.

"And I love you Jacob Black."

Bella walked in and stared at us as if upset, but then a wide smile spread across her face.

"Jacob.." Then she turned to me "Athena.. I am happy for you both. Just know if you hurt Jacob in any why. You will have to deal with me." Her voice was serious.

I laughed happily. "Thank-you Bella." Her approval for some reason did matter to me a lot.

Everything would be okay from now on, Tristan was writing a letter to our family explaining to them we had both imprinted on other wolves and had nothing to worry about.

Henry was heading off to Alaska to some Denali clan, where a female vampire Tanya was the leader, and he would write a letter to the vampire coven that was chasing us, that nothing of what we had planned would be occurring.

Jacob brushed his hand on my shoulder lovingly. "You have made me the happiest person in this entire world."

I smiled adoringly at him and laid by his side, while Bella walked out to find her husband.

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul."- Judy Garland

"And do you Tristan Isolde take Leah Clearwater as your lawfully wedded wife?" The judge asked the pair.

Athena and I sat at a small reception on La Plush beach watching our friends wedding ceremony. We had been together six months and things were going along perfectly.

Unfortunately, Bella and Edward couldn't make the ceremony because one, he was a vampire and wasn't allowed on our beach and two, he had recently just turned Bella and the pair were in Alaska while she adjusted to her new diet.

They wrote to us last week, Bella had told us that Henry was doing fine and that he and the vampire Tanya were in love. We were incredibly happy for them.

"I do," Tristan said.

Leah kissed her imprint ferociously. Times like these when watching how Leah was I was almost glad that wolf females couldn't have children. Her kids would be scary.

Thank-god though, she had finally found her imprint!

I wrapped my arms around my fiancés chair, Athena had just turned seventeen last week, which is when I had proposed.

She had accepted, but we had yet to share the news with anyone, considering we were so young. Besides that we could live forever if we wanted to, and everyone would say what was the rush? Billy,my dad wouldn't have disapproved, but we were trying to take things slow.

After the ceremony, Athena and I headed home.

The pack and I had built us a small cabin on our land, making my father our next door neighbor but still giving us privacy. We didn't have electricity yet, but the cabin was perfect for us. I had made sure the kitchen was the largest room, Athena loved cooking. And I even added on a little room as library space to hold all her books.

She had convinced me to go back to high-school. It was strange going to school as a senior, with your fiance.

"Jake," My beautiful imprint turned to me as we laid next to each other on our bed.

Her voice made me smile. "Yes?"

Athena leaned in kissed my cheek then whispered in my ear.

"I'm pregnant."

My mouth dropped…

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