By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: No more fucking requests... I'm serious. Writing about girls farting is one thing, but this...I HOPE YOUR HAPPY. NOW I GOTTA SAVE THE YOUTUBE POOP REFERENCES FOR LATER. ...A-herm. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Everything in this stiry belong to Nintendo and SEGA.

Silver The Hedgehog and Vector The Crocodile sighed as they sat on the curb of an unknown street in Earthbound's modern metropolis of the metaphorical named Fourside, sighing as they had nothing better to do, with plenty of various Nintendo creatures walking by them. Silver yawned as he stretched his arms, while Vector scratched his chin with his left hand, wondering if there was anything to make them interested in doing anything productive that would justify an otherwise completely unneeded.

"The Pizza Hut in Sonic Adventure's Station Square had to close down for repairs, so we're reduced to just being here," Vector explained to Silver as he looked at his stop watch, "They sure can take their sweet time..."

Silver groaned as he nodded in agreement. "Yeah. It's a shame, too, because I'm really bored." Silver placed both of his hands on his face. "Crazy Hand would think of some inane shit to make us feel better..."

A flashback triggered to the Super Smash Brothers Mansion as Crazy Hand unleashed the insane cuccos on everyone, with the chickens from the Zelda universe destroying the various rooms of the mansion as they attacked the Smashers, the Assist Trophies, and even the Pokeball Pokemon. Jigglypuff and Ganondorf tried warding them off with donuts, while Falco Lombardi chucked several dated bottles of alcohol at them from behind his bar within his tavern. Silver was caught in the middle of the mess as Crazy Hand then turned him into a cucco, making him panic as the chicken loving Ike grabbed him and headed right for the kitchen, much to Silver's dismay.

Anyway, back to our unlikely heroes. As Silver and Vector admitted to being bored out of their minds, a baby carriage that was colored purple suddenly rolled right up to them. Vector and Silver looked at each other as they got up, approaching the carriage and looking inside, much to their disbelief, to see the cutest baby of them all...

...Baby Waluigi?

"...Eh? What the hell happened to Waluigi?" Vector exclaimed as he placed his huge hands on his head, shaking his head in disbelief as his jaw was open wide.

Silver nervously rubbed the back of his head as his eyes widened. "Well...this is... peculiar... and something out of the ordinary..."

"Wah." Baby Waluigi remarked as he looked at Vector and Silver. "Expecting any sense in this story? Too bad, baby Waluigi time!"

Silver and Vector looked at each other oddly.

"I think Crazy Hand might have been behind this." Silver stated, with Vector nodding his head in agreement.

Suddenly, Baby Waluigi started crying, and the crying was so loud, it caused the entire city to shake. Silver and Vector screamed as they grabbed the carriage and headed towards the western direction, leaving Fourside behind as they decided to try to cure Waluigi back to his regular self somehow.