Silver The Hedgehog and Vector The Crocodile were in the middle of the lush and very peaceful grassy Green Greens, having set up their personal camp within the middle of the stage as they were right under Whispy Woods, who blew cool breezes at every particular moment, as they did their best to tame Baby Waluigi, who was wailing his eyes out. The two adult characters looked at each other as they tried wondering what was wrong with little Baby Waluigi.

"What's wrong with him now?" Silver asked as he rubbed his right arm, frowning.

Vector scratched his head as he, too, had a concerned look on his reptilian face. "Ever since we took him in, he's been pooping and such..."

Silver sighed as he stood up, looking over Baby Waluigi as he turned to Vector. "You want to change it, or will I do it?"

Vector's eyes widened as he spat out, flailing his long, skinny green arms at Silver in protest. "Me? Change HIM!? Are you out of your mind?"

"Well, I guess I have to be the one..." Silver groaned as he closed his eyes, opening up Baby Waluigi's diaper. Poop splattered all over his face, much to Silver's dismay as Vector fell on the grass, laughing his head off.

"Well, I gotta hand it to ya, Silver. Ya sure can blend with different colors!" Vector laughed as he grabbed a wipe, cleaning Silver's face off.

Silver growled as he glared at Vector, only to burst into laughter as Baby Waluigi splattered poop over the anthropomorphic crocodile's face. Vector, however, did not take this kindly, as he grabbed Baby Waluigi and started punching him in the head several times. Silver noticed this, and screamed in horror as he tried to stop Vector.

"Are you fucking insane!?" Silver snapped as he took Baby Waluigi, rubbing his forehead as he glared at Vector, "He's only a baby! You can't punch the crap out of him!"

Vector scoffed as he narrowed his eyes, folding his arms crossed. "Not my fault that he took a shit over me. Fucking bandicoot."

Before either could say anything, Baby Waluigi pissed all over both Silver and Vector, laughing as he pointed at them. For a brief moment, Silver and Vector agreed to work with each other as they laid the beat down on Baby Waluigi, who regardless of the pain continued peeing all over them. And then a giant red Landmaster landed on top of the entire stage, crushing all the characters and Whipsy Woods in the process.

"I didn't want it anyway." Wolf O' Donnell admitted as he and the other members of Star Wolf drove into outer space, leaving Popstar behind.