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Chapter 1

Hinata woke up and got ready for the academy. After she was done washing she got dressed in a black tank top and put her oversized coat. She then put on her Capri pants and her sandals. Giving her room a once over a nine year old Hinata. She sighed before she left her room. She had tingling sensation at the back of her mind that felt familiar yet she couldn't describe it. She left her room and went to the dining room where she saw her father, her sister, and her cousin Neji. When she entered the room she stops dead in her track when all eyes were on her. She mentally sighed and sat down in her seat.

"Hinata your late, be on time for breakfast next time", Hiashi said to his eldest daughter. Hinata look at him and nodded.

"Y-yes oto-sama", Hinata stuttered. Hiashi nodded.

"Also your stance is sloppy work on it", he said. Hinata nodded again.

"Y-yes oto-sama", she repeated.

"And your grades in school you are a Hyuuga you should be the top of your class you got that", he once again berated her. Hinata nodded yet again.

"Y-yes oto-sama", she said again. Hiashi nodded and went back to eating. Hinata seeing as he was done did the same. At the end of breakfast Hiashi look back at Hinata.

"Hinata, you are to go to the dojo right after school okay", he told her.

"Y-yes oto-sama", she replied then left for school. While she was walking to school the familiar sensation at the back of her mind was back. A few seconds later a girl the same age as Hinata. She looks just like Hinata but instead of gentle eyes like Hinata has her eyes were fierce and daring.

"What a broken recorded", the girl said. Hinata stared at her with wide eyes. She then put her hand together like she always did when she was nerves. She covered her mouth as she did this so it wouldn't look like she was talking as continued walking towards the school.

"What are you doing here Nata-chan and what do you mean about being a broken recorded", Hinata whispered without stuttering. The girl known as Nata smirked at Hinata.

"Why can't I visit you every now and then Hinata-chan", she answered. She then disappeared and reappeared in front of Hinata and would continue doing so every time Hinata would get to far ahead of her. Hinata spared a glance at her.

"I thought I got rid of you when you left a year ago", Hinata replied in a whispered. The smirk on the girl face fell.

"Well I thought you would have made a friend by then and you wouldn't need me anymore", Nata said. Hinata spared another glance at her.

"And that's the reason my you left", she asks. Nata smirk came back.

"No that's not the only reason but it is the only one I'm gonna tell you", she said. Hinata smiled at her.


Naruto had one of his rare days when he woke up earlier. He lazily got out of his bed and made his way to his bathroom. He washed up and put on a black shirt then he put on his orange jumpsuit. He then went into the kitchen to making him some ramen. After waiting three very long minutes he took his ramen and sat down. Once he was done with his ramen he sighed and made his way to school.

He was running to the academy. He was almost at the academy when he notices that someone was in his way. Not having enough time to shout or stop he ran into the person.


Hinata wasn't paying attention to where she was walking trusting herself to get there subconsciously. She was currently listening to Nata rant about how the Hyuugas, beside her, were a bunch of stuck up pricks. She had to smile at her. When Nata had left she was devastated. She had cried for weeks, but now that Nata was back everything would be fine. Hinata smiled a bright smile. She was almost at the academy when someone had run into her. Hinata closed her eyes before she hit the ground and wheezed when she did and the person landed on top of her. Hinata opened her only to meet blue eyes. It's safe to say her face turned red. Nata who was over in the corner watching the whole thing smirked and decided to poke some fun at Hinata.

"Ah Hinata-chan, is this your boyfriend", she asks. Hinata blush turned redder as she stared into Naruto's eyes.

"Na-Naruto-kun", she stuttered. Naruto recognized who he was on and smiled.

"Hey Hinata", he said. Nata smirked grew.

"Aw your on first name bases", she said and got her desired results. Hinata was cherry red.

"Na-Naruto-kun", Hinata said again. Naruto look at her with a questioning look. Hinata look down and he followed her gaze.

"Oh sorry", he said as he got up. He put his hand out towards her and she took it. He then pulled her up.

"T-that's okay", she replied with a small smile. God she wanted to fain right now. Naruto smiled at her.

"Ah well we better get inside of Iruka-sensei is going to yell at us", Naruto said. He then grabbed Hinata by the hand and dragged her inside as he ran. Nata was silently following behind even though no one beside Hinata could see her let alone sense her presence. Naruto entered the classroom by swinging the door opened and every eyes landed on them.

"You're lucky Naruto you were just a minute before being late", Iruka said then his eyes landed on Hinata.

"Hinata you too I thought you were in here already", he said. Nata growled at him not that he could hear.

"Wow how could he not know you're in the room just because you're quiet gives him no reason to forget you; you're his student for god sake", she ranted while glaring at him. Hinata shook her head discreetly.

"Actually Hinata would have been here earlier if I didn't run into her", Naruto said rubbing the back of his head with a sheepish smile on his face.

"So you guys stop to talk", Iruka said growing a tick mark.

"No I actually ran into her we fell to the ground and everything", Naruto replied. Iruka shook his head and told them to sit down. Naruto dragged her to the back of the room forgetting that he was still holding her hand.

"Uh Na-Naruto-kun", Hinata quietly said. Naruto look back at her.

"What is it Hinata", he asks smiling at her. Hinata blushed.

"Um w-well um", she stuttered trailing off and opted to look down at their intertwined hands. Naruto followed her gaze and his smile turned into a sheepish one.

"Oh sorry about that", he said and let go of her hand. Hinata nodded and continued to her seat. Naruto let out a small sigh. He had liked the way Hinata hand fit into his. Shrugging his shoulder he went to sit by sakura who gave him an evil look.

"Sakura-chan do you want to go out with me after school", he asks her. She hit him on his head.

"No you baka now leave me alone", she said and went back to staring at Sasuke the last Uchiha. Naruto shrugged his shoulder and sat by her.

Hinata made it to her seat that was at the back for the room on by the window on her right. She looks to the left where Nata was sitting. Hinata then put her fingers together again to cover her mouth and look ahead.

"Why are you really here Nata", she whispered. Nata look at her.

"If I tell you, you better not do anything stupid", she replied. Hinata nodded discreetly.

"Okay now spill", she said. Nata grew a smirk.

"Well if you must know I was going though some of the Hyuugas file…stop facing me… now then as I said I was look at some of the Hyuugas file when I came across your mother file", she said. Hinata eyes went wide but she quickly schooled her shock.

"What about my mother", she whispered. Nata look at her with a serious expression on her face.

"It turns out your mother is still alive", she said. Hinata was about to protest when Nata stop her, "I know the Main family including your father said she was dead", she said, "But she's not".

"Well if she isn't dead then where is she", Hinata whispered. Nata let out a sigh.

"It turns out that you mother was from a clan with a Kekkei genkai and the Hyuuga elders didn't want to taint their precious Byakugan so after you were born they had planned to kill her", she paused to take a deep breath, "And since your mom is totally awesome she figured out their plans and ran away", she finished. Hinata had tears in her eyes threatening to fall. She wipes them from her eyes and raised her hand.

"Yes Hinata", Iruka called. Once he said that everyone turned to look at her. She blushed.

"Um c-can I g-go to the restroom", she asks quietly. Iruka nodded and Hinata left the room. Outside in the hall Hinata look over to Nata who was leaning on the wall.

"How come she didn't take me with her", she asks letting the tears fall. Nata moved from the wall and gave her a hug.

"She couldn't the day she learned that they were planning to kill her off was the day they were going to do it. She didn't have time to get you or anything else she probably didn't have any money on her either", Nata explained. Hinata nodded and made her way to the restroom so she could clean herself up a little.

"So how does this tie into you leaving for a year", Hinata asks. Nata had a smile on her face.

"Well when I learned about this I started looking for your mother so she could take you away from those white eyed bastards and guess what…I found her", she said her smile growing bigger and bigger. Hinata smiled and entered the restroom. She looks around and saw no one was in there with her.

"You did where", she asks. Nata face scrunches up.

"Um I don't really know where exactly but I do know the area", she said while looking down. Hinata sighed.

"That's okay I don't think you really could have done anything even if you did know the exact place", Hinata said. She cleaned up and left. Hinata went inside the classroom and sat down in her seat with Nata following. Once in her seat Hinata took down notes on what the teacher was saying. Every now and then she would look at Nata who was strangely quiet.

"Okay", Iruka started, "Its lunch time I expect you all back here on time", he said directing the last part at Naruto. Naruto smiled sheepishly then turned to look at Sakura.

"Hey Sakura-chan do you want to eat lunch at me", he asks. Sakura turned to face him.

"No", she shouted while hitting him on the head, "And don't call me chan". She then turned to face Sasuke, "Sasuke do you want to eat lunch with me", she asks him. Sasuke turned to face her.

"Hn", he said and got up to leave. Sakura squealed and followed him with the rest of his fan girls. Naruto sighed and left to sit by the tree with a swing on it. He then looks over to Hinata with a confused look on his face. He always had good hearing and all throughout the class he heard her talking.

'Was she talking to herself', he mentally asks.

'But it sounded like she was talking to someone, and she even said the person name was Nata", he thought. Deciding he wanted to know what was going on her discreetly left his spot and move closer to Hinata so he could hear her.

Hinata got up from her seat and went over to a different tree that was farther from everybody else and sat down. She pulled out her lunch and started eating when Nata appeared. Hinata ate some of her food then turned to face her.

"What are you thinking about Nata-chan", she asks. Nata turned to face her with a smile on her face.

"I was thinking that you should leave those white eyes bastards and go to your mother", she said, "I mean she's still alive and I'm pretty sure she'll treat you better than those pricks", she finished. Hinata eyes went wide.

"You're asking me to runaway", she asks higher than whisper thinking no one was around to hear her. Nata look around to see if anyone heard her. Not seeing anyone she faces Hinata again with a serious look.

"Oh come don't tell me you never thought about running away", she said. Hinata was about to protest when Nata covered her mouth and everything came out muffled. "Don't forget Hinata I know everything about you and I know that staying in that house with all those pricks isn't good for your health physical, mental, and emotional", she said. Hinata was quiet for a second then let out a sigh. She then moved Nata hand from her mouth.

"Okay I agree staying in that house isn't good from my health physical, mental, and emotional wise but what if we couldn't find mother then what I'm pretty sure they won't take me back if I leave", Hinata said. Nata sighed. She was going to get Hinata in trouble and she and she knew it. The only reason Hinata is considering running away is because she was the one who suggested it and Hinata always consider anything she says.

"If they don't take you back then good", she said with a shrug.

"But Nata I have the Byakugan they're not just going to let me go", Hinata said, "They're going to put the cage bird seal on me then toss me in the branch family". Nata sighed and ran a hand through her hair.

"Hinata you are also a part of your mother clan and without the consent of her clan they can't do anything to you that will mess with you if not then don't you think you would already be a part of the branch family", she said and Hinata winced. Nata sighed again.

"Look you have to face the fact the only reason you don't have the cage bird seal on you is because of you mother and if she finds out about it, it could lead to a war your mother is the head of her clan and to mess with the head's daughter is a big no-no", she said. Hinata nodded.

"Okay I'll runaway and your right I did try to runaway before I got so far as to make a whole in the village wall somewhere in the forest I just need to the compound first and get some things", Hinata whispered. Nata-chan smiled and nodded. She then felt some people coming over to them and look up. Her eyes landed on a group of girls and one with pink hair. She had to do a double take.

"What the fuck", she said, "Is that her natural color', she asks. Hinata stifled a giggle.

"That's what she says", Hinata answered in a whisper. The girls came over to Hinata and smile at her.

"Hey Hinata", the pink haired girl said with fake sweetness in her voice. Hinata look up at her.

"Y-yes", she stuttered. The other girls all started crackling. Sakura was standing in front of her and look down at her food.

"Aw Hinata you didn't eat all your food you should really get rid of it", she said in a mocking voice. She then pick up her food and dumped it on her. "Now that's better don't you think", she said while crackling with the other girls. Once they were done they turned around to leave. Nata stared at them with disbelief.

"Oh that pink hair bitch if I get my hands on her I'll…I'll", Nata said angrily. Hinata turned to face her wiping the tears from her eyes.

"It's okay Nata really it is", Hinata said in a whisper. Nata then turned to her.

"Okay you think this shit is okay they just dump some food on you", she said angrily while putting her hands on her shoulder only to go inside her. Nata took a few seconds moving Hinata's hands around and looking around in Hinata's body before she smirk.

"Oi pink hair bitch get back here", Nata 'Hinata', said. Sakura turned around to face Hinata only to be hit in the face by a fist.

"Cotton candy head, you just yearned my hatred and guess what it's not good being in that group now apologies before I wipe the floor with your face", 'Hinata' spat at her. Sakura look like she just wet her pants.

"Oh yeah you think you could take me", Sakura said. Nata just snorted.

"Think oh no baby I don't think I know and I also know that you have no talent what's so ever in taijutsu and ninjutsu so yes I can take you", she said leaning towards Sakura making her take a step back. Sakura started pleading with 'Hinata' asking her not to hurt her. 'Hinata' just stared at her.

"I'm not going to mess with you because it'll be a waste of time", Nata said then she spit on the ground right in front of Sakura. She then moved over to Naruto who came out of hiding when Sakura dumped the food on Hinata.

"Stay right here", she said. She then pulled his arms out and stood right in front of him. A second later she fell backwards. Hinata who was surrounded by blackness opened her eyes to see that she were in Naruto arms. She blushed.

"Na-Naruto-kun", she said sounding surprised. Naruto was about to say something when Iruka came over to her.

"Hinata I just got a complaint from Sakura saying you threatened her", he said in a strict tone. Hinata look at him with confusion.

"Wha-what are y-you t-talking about", she asks confused. Iruka stared at her.

"Sakura said you threatened to wipe the floor with her face", he said. Hinata still stared at him with confusion in her eyes. Naruto look at both of them.

"Iruka-sensei did Sakura tell you she dumped food on Hinata", Naruto said dropping the chan from her name. Iruka then look at her appearance.

"No", he said slowly, "She didn't tell me", he added.

"Hinata you're off the hook now go clean up", he said then headed towards Sakura. Hinata look at Naruto and stuttered out a quiet thank you.

"Ah don't worry about it", he said sheepishly. Hinata nodded and went to clean up. Naruto watch her go. He then thought over what she said.

'She's going to runaway', he thought as he went over to the swing.

Hinata after she was done washing up and changing into some different cloths turned to Nata who wouldn't look her in the eyes. After making sure no one was around she glared at Nata.

"Nata-chan what did you do", Hinata said. Nata look at her and shrugged.

"All I know is that I was really angry and when I touch you I must have took over", she said. Hinata nodded slowly at that.

"What did you do", she asks.

"You couldn't see… let me see if I could give you the memory", she said. She then concentrated a little while and Hinata gasped.

"You… you threatened Sakura… and you swore", she asks. Nata nodded. Hinata sighed, "Its okay as just try not to take over again okay", Hinata said and Nata nodded with a smile on her face.

"Okay I'll try…oh you should hurry or you're going to be late for class", Nata said. Hinata nodded and left to class.

Once in the classroom Iruka told every one of them to line of in a straight line and they headed out of the classroom. They were at the back of the academy were they train.

"Okay", Iruka said, "Today were working on our taijutsu", he said. He then called everyone one by one to come up to face either him of his assent Mizuki. Once the academy was over with Hinata went back to her compound and straight to the dojo. She entered the dojo to see that Neji and her father was already there with her little sister one the sidelines.

"Alright now that were all her you can began", Hiashi said from the sidelines. Hinata dropped in the Gentle Fist stance and Neji did the same. Hinata once she was ready charged at Neji and he did the same. Hinata attacked one of his chakra points only to have him move and attack hers. Hinata was quickly put on the defense and after a while she lost.

"Alright that's enough", Hiashi said, "You can leave now", he adds. Hinata quickly went to her room while she made a list of things she was taking with her and packing everything she could at the moment.

"You know you shouldn't pack a whole lot of clothes", Nata said, "It'll take up a lot of space so just take two pairs of clothes". Hinata nodded seeing the logic in her sentence. Nata went over to her closet and told Hinata what clothes to put in the bag. Hinata put the things Nata suggested in the bag.

"Okay don't forget about food", Nata said. Hinata nodded. Hinata sunk out of her room and traveled to the kitchen. She stops a few feet away from the kitchen and motioned for Nata to go in there. Nata went inside the kitchen and look around. Seeing nobody she left the kitchen and told Hinata. Hinata went inside the kittened and pack canned food and some pots to cook it in. once she was done she made her way back to her room quickly and stealthily. Once inside her room she placed the bag under her bed and sat down on it.

"You know it would be better if I knew any sealing jutsu", she said and Nata nodded in agreement. A few minutes later Hinata was called down for dinner. She entered the dining room and sat at her seat. She put food on her plate and started eating. Once she was done she put more food on her plate and started eating again. When everyone was done Hiashi cleared his throat and stared at Hinata.

"Hinata I am greatly disappointed in you", he said, "You are of the main branch yet you cannot defeat a branch member and your form is sloppy", he added. Hinata nodded trying her best not to laugh. The reason why well Nata was making faces at Hiashi and mimicking him.

"You have a week to get better", he said. Hinata yet again nodded her head then left the dining room to go to her own.

"What a prick", Nata said to Hinata when she entered the room, "I mean you're his daughter and he's treating you like that", she added. Hinata let out a sigh. She agreed with Nata.

"Just because you're the white sheep doesn't mean they could be mean to you", Nata exclaimed. Hinata stared at her.

"What", she asks. Hinata countered to stare at her.

"White sheep", she asks. Nata nodded.

"Yeah you're a white sheep in a clan full of black ones", she said. Hinata shook her head.

"Whatever you say Nata whatever you say", Hinata said. They waited until they knew that the clan was asleep before they left.

"Hinata", Nata said as Hinata got ready to leave, "You should sing the mission impossible theme while sneaking out the compound", she exclaimed.

"No", Hinata said.

"Oh come on please", Nata pleaded. Hinata shook her head, "Fine then if you don't sing it I'll keep screaming in your ear until you do", she threatened. Hinata sighed and nodded.

Hinata started humming the theme song as she walks out of her room. She crouched to the ground as she walked looking both ways without her Byakugan active. Nata was in front of her humming the theme song too as she walk carelessly around, not that she needed to be careful since no one else can see her, she walk around the corner and told Hinata to stop.

"Some ones there", she said. Hinata stop humming as she waited for Nata to say she could go. She waited a good two minutes before Nata said she could move again. Hinata started back humming the theme song and walk around the corner following Nata.

They continued walking passing the kitchen and the dining room. They were currently by the dojo when Nata told Hinata to hurry up and hide. Hinata ran into the dojo and stayed pressed up on the darkest corner in there. Her breath hitches when she saw two of the elders walk by. They stop for a minutes and look around. Not seeing anything they continued walking. Nata told Hinata to stay as she followed them. A few minutes later Nata came back and told Hinata to follow her.

They walk without anymore near counters with any other Hyuugas and they made it outside. Once outside Hinata went over to the trees and traveled behind them until she got to one tree with flowers in the back. She walks over to the flowers and dropped to the ground. She crawled through the flowers until she came up to the Hyuugas wall. She moved some of the flowers away from the wall and crawled through the hidden whole in the wall. Once she was out of the Hyuuga compound she ran towards the forest unknown to her someone was following her.


When Naruto made it home he went through his cabinet and took out three packs of ramen after cooking each pack he ate them. Once he was done he thought about what Hinata said.

'She's going to run away', he thought as he went over to his living room and sat down. 'She's planning to leave the village', he thought. It was growing dark out when Naruto decided to follow her. Once he took a shower and put on his orange jumpsuit and left his house. He made his way over to the Hyuuga compound without being seen. Once outside the Hyuuga compound he hid and waited for Hinata to come out. He waited for a good fifteen minutes when he heard someone humming the mission impossible theme song. He look at the source of the sound and saw Hinata running away from the Hyuuga compound singing the mission impossible theme song.

Shaking his head he followed her. He ran into the forest on the side farthest away from the Hokage tower. They ran until they came up the Konoha walls.

"Hinata", Naruto called out when she stop. Hinata turned around and faced him with a look of alarm on her face.

"Na-Naruto-kun", she squeaked out. Naruto stop right in front of her.

"Why", he asks. Hinata didn't look at him but opted to look at the ground beside him. She then turned to face Nata who was looking at her with a smirk on her face.

"Just tell him the truth…you can even tell him about me", she said, "I'll be on the lookout I'm pretty sure someone might have seen you two come in here", she added then left. Naruto waved his hand in front of Hinata eyes and called her name.

"Y-yes", she answered.

"You were staring off into space", he said. Hinata shook her head.

"Actually I wasn't", she said without stuttering. Seeing the confused look on his face she continued. "Well to other people it might look like that but I was staring at my imaginary friend Nata", she explained then look down with her face was as red as an apple from her embarrassment "I know it sounds strange but it's true". Naruto nodded his head.

"Okay I believe you", he said. Hinata head shot towards him.

"You do", she asks quietly. Naruto nodded.

"Yeah… so why are you leaving", he asks. Hinata sighed.

"Well to start it off my mother who was deemed dead by the Hyuugas elders and my father is alive", she started, "Nata wanted me to leave so last year she left to look for my mother when she found out she was still alive", she paused to take a breath, "You see my mother has a kekkei genkai and the Hyuuga elders didn't like that so they planned to have her killed so after she had me. I was three when she figured out they was planning to kill her so she ran away, she couldn't take me with her because the day she found out was the day they were going through with the plan", she stop again, "Because of that the Hyuuga elders would treat me bad and when my father saw I could use the Gentle Fist like a main branch should he started treating me bad too", she stop again to sigh "So Nata told me I should leave and find my mother and that's what I'm doing". Naruto nodded at that.

"Okay", he said, "But promise me you'll come back", he added. Hinata smiled.

"Of course I'll come back… but you have to promise me something too", she said. Naruto nodded.

"What", he asks.

"You have to pay attention at the academy and get good grades", she said. She then took out a piece of paper and a pencil and started writing something on it."I'm not stupid Naruto I see the way the villagers look at you and I know the only reason you suck so much is because no one every helped in the things you need helped with", she said then handed him the paper, "I want you to work on your chakra control because you have a lot of chakra, also I want you to meditate more and work on your taijutsu Nata told me about a style that could benefit you I wrote it down on the paper", she said. She then gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek "I admire you a lot Naruto now don't let me down also if you could not tell anybody about this and Nata-chan that'll be appreciated", she said. Naruto nodded fighting a blush that about to show.

"Okay", Naruto said. Hinata smiled and let go of him she was about to turn around when Naruto grabbed her and gave her a hug. "You better be safe", he whispered in her ear. Hinata blushed and nodded.

"I-I w-will", she stuttered. Naruto let her go with a smile on his face.

"Aw Hinata your stuttering again", he said. Hinata blush turned apple red. A few seconds later Nata came back.

"Okay I have bad news someone is searching the woods for something not you or Naruto here but if he finds you it could be bad so you guys have to leave now", she said. Hinata nodded.

"Nata is back and she says someone is in the forest searching for something and it'll be bad if he finds us so this is good bye for now Naruto I'll try to come back before you graduate", she said. Naruto nodded.

"Okay", Naruto said. Hinata smiled and moved towards the wall. "Just tell me when you fainted during lunch what happened", he asks. Hinata turned back to him.

"Oh that was Nata-chan doing she took over me for awhile", Hinata said then slip through the whole in the wall. Naruto sighed and left the forested. Once he was home he went to sleep. Tomorrow was another day of school.

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