Me: I'm back

Nata: we can see that.

Haru: …

Naruto: Hello everybody

Kurenai: why am I here?

Anko: Where are my dango?

Kakashi: *Giggle*

Me: Well than since this is a waste of time lets get on with the chapter. I don't own Naruto only Haru Nata and Hinata's crazy non Hyuuga family.

Chapter 16

"Hinata get a plate or two of food and follow us", Nata ordered as she popped into existence by Hinata. Hinata had just finished eating dinner with Naruto and was now walking home when Nata and Haru showed up. Hinata cocked her head to the side as she let the weird request of Nata process through her head. See as she didn't understand why she asks.

"Why I already ate", the lavender eyed girl replied and questioned. Nata and Haru shook their heads.

"The food isn't for you", Nata replied seeing as Haru still wasn't talking. She was still making the death threats only this time she upgraded to a notepad instead of mumbling them out loud. How she got the notepad no one will ever find out. Hinata shrugged her shoulders and did as she was requested. The younger girl went into the nearest restaurant and got some food to go. She then followed the two alter egos….well Nata since Haru was lagging behind, to Sakura place.

"Want to explain to me why we are going back to her house", Hinata ask ignoring the looks she was getting by the people who were around her. They act like they never seen a girl talk to her Alter before. Nata nodded her head.

"Well it seems Sakura acts the way she does because her mother makes her act that way", Nata said then showed her memory with Hinata. Hinata nodded her head and picked up her pace to the pink haired girl house.

"Well I guess I will just have to save the day", she said as she went to Sakura window. The two Alter Egos shook their heads as they instructed Hinata how to enter Sakura room undetected. Hinata went over to Sakura and started to wake her up…by poking her.

"Hey Sakura", Hinata whispered. Poke, poke, poke.

"Come one Sakura wake up", Hinata said. Poke, poke, poke, poke. Needless to say it didn't work.

"Sakura", Hinata said while throwing her off of her bed. Sakura landed on the floor with a thud and looked up at Hinata in alarm. Hinata shrugged her shoulders.

"You wouldn't wake up as I called you", the girl answered. Sakura nodded her head then frowned.

"What the hell are you doing in my room", Sakura questioned. Hinata looked up in mock surprise.

"This is your room I thought I thought I was… I thought I was somewhere else", Hinata said. Sakura punch her.

"Ouch you do have a mean left hook Sakura-chan", Hinata said rubbing her head, "And to think I came here to give you this", she said while giving her a bowel of ramen. Sakura took one look at it and pushed it away.

"I'm not hungry", she said. And right then and there her stomach took that moment to growl. Hinata gave her a 'Yeah right' looked and handed her the bowel. Sakura sat down and started eating it. When she was done eating it she sat back on her bed and stared at Hinata. Hinata not caring that she was being watched continued to look around the room, then again after a while being stared at starts to get annoying.

"What Sakura", Hinata answered louder than necessary.

"How did you know I was hungry", the girl questioned. Hinata shrugged her shoulders.

"I'm physic", she answered with a serious face. Though the questioning tone she used messed her up.

"Serious Hinata how did you know", Sakura questioned. Hinata sighed.

"Okay Sakura what I have to tell you never leaves this room okay", Hinata said serious. Sakura nodded her head. "Okay. You see my mother was from another clan right and that clan had a kekkie genkai. Well the kekkie genkai was called Alter ego because they're different from how we usually act. Now another assets of and alter ego is that it could be used to spy on people without anyone noticing. Although some people have notice them but that's beside the point", Hinata explained.

"You… you used your alter ego to spy on me", Sakura stated.

"Alter egos I have two of them", Hinata said. Sakura nodded her head.

"That still doesn't explain why you were spying on me", Sakura said. Hinata shrugged her shoulders.

"Believe me you're not the only one", Hinata said then a smile appeared on her face, "Hey why don't we sell the CDs now", Hinata said. Sakura looked at her like she was crazy.

"It's dark out Hinata why would you want to do it now", Sakura ask. Hinata shrugged her shoulders with the CDs in her hands.

"Well think of it this way there are a lot of drunks who we could rip off", Hinata said and wet over to the window.

"Hell yeah I say we go", Inner Sakura said. Sakura sighed and followed Hinata. They reached the black market spot. They had put a henge on their selves and went over to people. They had sold twenty CDs for the price of twenty dollars. Agreeing to split the money half and half Sakura had to go back home so she wouldn't get in trouble. She trusted Hinata to give her the money at the academy. Hinata nodding her head left to go back to Kurenai apartment as well to get some much needed rest.


Naruto had woken up two hours before the academy started. He washed up and started doing his stretches. When that was done he started going through his taijutsu form. When he had finished it was thirty minute before the academy started. He washed up again, ate him some ramen, and ran towards the school.

"Hey Naruto", Kiba said giving him a high five. Naruto nodded his head at the dog boy and went to sit down in his seat. It started getting noisier in the class as more and more people entered. Once the Uchiha entered the room all of his fan girls all shouted and ran up to him. Shouts of will you go out with me ranged throughout the whole room. Sadly one pink haired fan girl sat in her seat all alone with an I-just-saw-a-ghost expression on her face.

And in walk the ex Hyuuga girl in all her glory. A smile on her face and her eyes closed in mischief. Everybody stopped what they were doing since Hinata entered the room opening the door so hard that it hit the wall. They watched as Hinata made her way up where Sakura was sitting and stand in front of the pink haired girl. Half of the people were wondering why Sakura wasn't fanning over Sasuke and the other half was wounding what Hinata wanted with the pink haired girl. If possible the smile on Hinata face got bigger. Sakura, throughout the whole thing, was scared of what Hinata might do. Would she tell everybody how she didn't follow the fan girl law? If Hinata tell then she would be kicked out of the fan club. More sweat started to form on Sakura forehead. Hinata turned sideways so she can see everyone reactions and opened her mouth.

"Did you know", Hinata started pausing for dramatic effects, "Haru has the gift of gap." It's safe to say that Nata fell to the floor, Naruto hit his head on his desk, Sakura slapped her forehead while secretly letting out a sigh of relief, and all the other people in the class sweat dropped as they looked on confused. All throughout that Haru looked at them as images flashed through her mind. A smile appeared on her face and if anybody besides Hinata were to see her they would say one thing about Haru smile. That it was pure evil. Hinata shrugged her shoulder at the replies she was getting, while secretly enjoying them, and turned back to Sakura.

"Anyway Sakura-chan like we agreed on", Hinata said while handing the girl a bag, "You get forty percent while I keep sixty." Sakura sweat dropped and looked at the bag of money.

"I thought we promised on fifty, fifty", Sakura said as she looked at the bag. When she finished she looked up at Hinata. Hinata closed her eyes and smiled.

"We did" she said then bounced back down to her seat. Sakura shook her head and put the bag down next to her feet. Once lunch comes she would go home and put it away only to find that she indeed got fifty percent of it.

How did she know?

Hinata gave her a note telling her so.

Once lunch was over and everybody was back into the class. Iruka started talking about Genjutsu. He told them how to spot one and how to get rid of one. He then told them how to make one. He also told them that the clone jutsu they have is a simple genjutsu. They took in the information like a sponge take in water. When the bell ranged and everybody left. Naruto walked with Hinata to Kurenai place.

"So what was that about?" He asks. Hinata gave him a look.

"What was what about?" She questioned.

"The whole thing with Sakura and the Haru has the gift of gap."

"Oh that. Well Sakura helped me out with something and Haru does have the gift of gap. Maybe I'll tell you about it someday." Naruto nodded his head. They entered the apartment to find that Anko and Kurenai weren't there anymore.

"Hey you want to have a sparring match." Naruto nodded his head and followed Hinata to the backyard. Hinata had a smile on her face as she stood in front of Naruto.

"You never saw Haru fight before have you?" Hinata questioned as she slowly switch into Haru personality. Naruto watch with a little nervousness as Hinata changed. He could feel the air around her change as she slowly slipped into Haru. Once Haru was out Haru went inside her battle stance and stared at Naruto with unfocused eyes.

"Get…Ready…because Hinata…say I'm as…quick as a snake." A small smile appeared on her face as she said this.

Omaka = Haru gift of gap

Hinata stood in front of Sakura with a smile on her face. Sakura watched the girl with an irritated look on her face. She felt like she was about to kill the girl. For the last pass six hours Hinata has been telling her about how Haru has the gift of gap. And she has been telling Hinata for the last six hour about how she wants to go home. As you can clearly infer that didn't happen. Instead Hinata started talking about how she was going to show her some of the ways how Haru really had the gift of gap. Was there something about her that made Hinata want to talk about this? Hinata then started to bring a big screen out of nowhere.

She wasn't even going to ask how that was possible.

"Okay Sakura just sit back and watch you will see what I mean soon." Hinata said turning the screen on. Sakura sighed and watch the movie that Hinata had somehow made of Haru.

In the Movie

Haru smiled a non noticeable smile as she walked around in Hinata body. Oh how the little girl loved the feel of the wind running though hair and the warmth from the sun beating down on her. But with all the sensing of nature Haru was doing she started to get hunger. Looking around the area of the town she was in her never focusing gaze landed in a small bakery shop. Getting rid of her small no one probably notice smile Haru went inside the bakery shop. It wasn't everyday Hinata allowed her to roam free in her body and Haru was going to make the most of it.

Haru looked around the bakery shop searching for something sweet to eat and something she wouldn't want to get food sickness of. Her never-interested-in-anything eyes landed on a small table that held boxes of poky. Haru went over to the table and narrowed her eyes a little as she thought about which one to get.

Strawberry or chocolate, strawberry or chocolate, she thought as she looked back and forth between them. Shrugging her shoulders Haru picked up both boxes and went to the counter.

As Haru walked in a way that clearly showed she was somewhere else she realized she didn't have enough money to for both the items. With a small grin that was there one second and gone the next, Haru picked up her pace to get to the counter. Once there she handed the man her items. And he told her how much they cost.

"One…second I'll…have to …look for …it." She said then went into her pouch. She pulled out three kunais and put them on the counter. Following that she put five shurikens, ten senbon, a demon wind shurikens, and a few things she just made up and froze them to look deadly. All throughout this the man behind the counter started to freak out. It didn't help that Haru had on a wicked smile with her unfocused gaze. When she finished she looked up at him with the same look.

"I…can't seem to…find my money." She said. The man shook his head as he pushed the pokey towards her.

"That's okay you can have them for free." With that said Haru put everything back and picked both boxes of pokey. As she walked out the store she opened the box of strawberry cream poky and ate one of them. As she closed her eyes a looked of satisfaction appeared on her face as she continued to eat the rest of them.

End of Movie

Sakura stared at the blank screen with a look of pure confusion. And anger. There was lots of anger there. You can see that from the twitching of her left eyes as she clenched and unclenched her hand. Oh how she would like to ring Hinata neck at the moment.

"You see now how Haru has the gift of gap?" Hinata asks. Sakura blinked. Twice.

"No she doesn't." She shouted. Hinata turned to her with a frown.

"Oh if she doesn't then how come she persuaded that guy to give her both boxes of poky?" Hinata asks with a huff. Sakura eye was twitching again.

"That only show how good she is at frightening people." She screamed. Hinata shook her head.

"You're just jealous." Hinata said. Sakura let out another scream as she pulled on her hair. Even her inner voice was screaming. When she stopped screaming though, she got up to leave only to be stopped by a smiling Hinata.

"You're not going anywhere yet Sakura you haven't watch the others one yet." Hinata said as she pushed Hinata down. Sakura started to cry tears as the next one started.

Omake end

ME: What do you think.

Haru: I get to fight…Naruto.

Nata: Just don't kill him.

Haru: I won't…kill him…he is…precious to…Hinata.

Hinata: *Glare* How dare you guys do this without me.

Nata: Shut up and end this.

Hinata:*Shrugs shoulders* okay. See you late everyone and have a nice life.