Ch 1: The Hell Hounds

Storms surged just off the coast of the small island Chika. Rain began to slowly come down on Chika; the people boarded up their homes and prepared for the oncoming hurricane. The small streetlamps casted a blurry glow through the rain; only lighting up a radius of five feet, however, the abundance of them equaled in well-lit streets and alleys.

Many bars and pubs were opening up their spare rooms to travelers who happened to be stranded on the island with no place to stay. Because storms like these were common on Chika the islanders were well prepared. They had built underground caverns where ships could be stored and no harm would be done to them. Many pirates' ships were also docked here, however, finding a place to stay was difficult for pirates or marauders for many of the islanders were inhumane to their kind.

Nami slapped Luffy on the back of his head. He flinched and rubbed the bump. He looked over his shoulder and whined.

"What'd I do?"

"It's a warning." She said, glaring down at him. "This was only the place that offered us rooms so don't mess this up." He gave her puppy dog eyes but her cold heart simply condoned them. The bar was filled with warm, bright lights and hordes of laughing, drinking people.

"I don't even see empty seats." Sanji said surprised.

"All of these people must be taking refuge from the storm." Robin commented.

"Yeah, but we get rooms to stay in." Chopper said delighted.

"All cause I paid extra." Nami admonished everyone of the great sacrifice she had to take. The bar tender looked up at them and finished drying off the glass before talking. He was a big black man with a bleach white apron on.

"I don't want any trouble from y'all; we got ourselves a full-house tonight. If I do see yea startn' anything just forget about the deal we had and I throw your asses into the streets. Got it?" He lifted an eyebrow.

"Don't worry, we won't harm a fly." Nami said wearing a fake smile. He pointed over to an empty table, one over in the corner to their right. It had booth cushions and a round table in the middle. Everyone walked away from the door. Right away more customers came in. A couple both drenched.

"Welcome," The bartender said warmly. Everyone sat down at the table. Luffy began sniffing the air.

"Something smells good." He drooled. Nami prepared to slap him again.

"Remember, I paid extra. Don't go getting anything too expensive."

"Got it." Luffy said; half-listening. A waitress came over and took everyone's orders.

"It'll be right out." She bowed and walked away. While she walked by a table full of delinquents, with ripped shirts and baggy pants, one of them decided to smack her in the butt. She flinched and blushed. They laughed while she ran away. Sanji stood up raging. The men at the table notice him.

"What are yea gonna do? Huh?" They jeered.

"Easy," Zoro garbed his shoulder and pulled him back down to his seat. "They're not worth it, besides you don't want Nami to throw a fit, do you?" He sighed leaning on his elbow. The men at the table looked away until one elbowed the bald one sitting next to him.

"Huh?" The bald guy turned around and looked at the Straw Hats again. A smile grew on his face. "Well, well, well," He stood and walked over slowly. "Looks like we got ourselves a Hound." He chuckled and held out his arms. Other people in the bar quieted down and the people from his table got up and joined him.

"Who are you?" Luffy asked innocently once the bald man reached their table.

"Me, I'm Supaiku. You guys must be new here." He leaned down on the booth. "What's a Hound doin' here?" He said turning towards Zoro who was on the end.

"We're not dogs." Luffy said as if it wasn't already obvious. Supaiku broke out in laughter.

"You're not very bright, are yea?" He laughed some more. Zoro glared at him. Nami whispered in his ear, reminding him of the 'no-fight' rule. He took his hand off of his katana. "So," He said taking a deep breath and whipping his nose. "I'll ask again…what's a Hound doin' here?" Zoro didn't say anything. Supaiku leaned in closer; the stench of his alcohol breath was rancid. "That's uh—a nice collar you got there." He pointed to Zoro's neck. He was no longer laughing or having fun, but now he was serious and something venomous and malign seemed to hide in his gaze.

"I think this guy's pretty drunk." Usopp whispered to Chopper, who nodded in agreement.

"Would you look at that?" He tilted his head.

"What's up?" One of the other men asked curious. Supaiku seemed to grab something invisible in front of Zoro's neck and he yanked on it, pulling Zoro up with it. Holding him up by the unseen object he looked closer. "Fancy…Look here boys, he even signed it himself." The men looked closer in awe.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Sanji said confused. He knew Zoro wanted to slit this guy's throat but was doing well in hiding his rage.

"You must be one of his favorite little puppies, huh?" Supaiku raised his eyebrows and paused. "What'd you do to get his autograph?" Zoro clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. "Did you do every little thing he asked, kill everyone he wanted dead?" Supaiku and his men began laughing again. "Tell me, how much did yea beg?"

"SHUT UP!" Zoro punched him in the face. Supaiku went flying through the air, breaking through three tables and finally crashing into the wall on the other side. Glaring at his unconscious body Zoro's eyes had become a crimson red. Blood dripped from Supaiku's nose and mouth; his fingers slightly twitched. People in the bar stared in both awe and fear, silence hung in the air. The only thing that could be heard was Zoro's deep breaths.

"Hey hey hey," The bartender came running over, Zoro now glared at him. When the man caught the gaze of Zoro's crimson eyes he stumbled backwards. "What-what did I say about fighting?" He stuttered.

"They started it." Nami gasped, pointing at the delinquents.

"I don't care who started it," The bartender said calming down. "I'm gonna throw all of your asses out if you don't explain."

"We're going anyway." The delinquents said hastily, picking up Supaiku's unconscious body and running out of the bar.

"It's fine now, right?" Nami said desperate. She looked at his name tag. "Right, Percy?" She put on her fake smile.

"Why'd he punch him?" Percy said motioning to Zoro.

"They harassed us!" She gasped standing up.

"It doesn't matter." Zoro mumbled walking past Percy towards the door.

"Zoro," Luffy tried getting him to sit down.

"Shut up!" He snapped, slamming the door behind him.

"What are you going to do with him?" Nami sighed, slumping back down.