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Characters from Houses not chosen in challenges 2, 4 and 5 (or least chosen). Write a missing moment that we know happened but couldn't see in the books in first person.
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Title: Sneak
Characters: Marietta Edgecombe & Dolores Umbridge
Rating: G
Prompt: Missing moment that we know happened but we didn't see written in first person.
Word Count: 1331
Beta: alexa_black (at LiveJournal)
Warnings: None.
Summary: Missing moment of OotP; Marietta tells Umbridge about the DA.
A/N: Originally written for the sixth challenge on the forum "Harry Potter Fanfiction Challenges".


I stood there, facing the wooden door for a long time. Minutes that felt like hours had passed and I was possitive I could now recall each and every line that interrupted the smoothness of the dark oak wood. I had made my decision, so I didn't know exactly why I was hesitating. My gaze dropped to my hands as they shook uncontrollably.

Who was I kidding? I knew exactly why I hadn't already entered to Umbridge's office, telling her everything about the DA. Cho's face wouldn't leave my mind. Could I be selfish enough to betray my best friend? My mother's career was at a risk and I could save it if I collaborated with the Ministry. Professor Umbridge was not a person I would care to help at all, but my mother's job...

Times were more difficult since Cedric's death. A sense of darkness and fear constantly surrounded every member of the Wizarding community. My mum kept telling me everything would be alright if I played by the rules and I knew I hadn't been doing that the last few months. Dumbledore's Army is not really something I particularly enjoy, but I do care for Cho and her insistance that I remain in those classes coached by Potter was the only thing holding me back from telling all to that Ministry toad.

"Cho...Mum...Cho...Mum..." I muttered under my breath. Maybe making a list with the pros and cons? "Ugh...why is it so hard to decide?" I hissed softly, staring at the tall ceiling of the castle and trying to avoid the tears that burned at the corner of my eyes.

"Decide what?" I heard a high-pitched voice whisper.

It took all my will power to not scream with surprise. I turned around and saw Peeves eyeing me curiously with that evil grin he wore each time he played pranks on people.

"Get lost, Peeves," I spat, turning to face the door again. I had to remind myself to keep quiet. Umbridge was on the other side of the door and I still hadn't made a decision.

"Can't. I know Hogwarts too well to get lost," Peeves said in his annoying, singsong tone.

I took a deep breath, clutching my hands into fits, trying to calm down. Shouting at the poltergeist wasn't an option...at least this time.

"Decide what? Decide what? Decide what?" the little bugger repeated over and over again, floating around me.

"Would you knock it off?" I huffed irritably.

Something in my tone must have worked because the next minute Peeves was floating backwards down the hall. His appalled expression was emphasized by his arms crossed over his chest. I decided to ignore him when I heard him mutter, "Humans have a knack for choosing precisely the things that are worst for them".

My raised fist lingered a few inches from the door when I heard that. I remembered my great-grandmother's elf saying something like that once. Was it true? And if it was...which was the wost thing for me in this situation? Making Cho upset or betraying my family?

Sighing, I nodded to myself. Cho didn't have to know it was me... Umbridge wouldn't expose me in front of everybody in the Great Hall, would she?

Suddenly, the door opened, revealing Dolores Umbridge, clad in a purple outfit with a matching hat. Her nauseating perfume revolted my stomach a bit but I blamed it on my nerves, trying not to be distracted from my reason for being here.

"What are you doing here?" she spat. Her bitter tone was a nice change from that sickeningly sweet voice she generally used. It sounded so fake...

"I- I needed to talk to you, Professor."

I saw her frowning as she looked me from head to toes. "You're a sixth year, right?" I nodded. "I will not discuss grading with students. If you came here to discuss the last essay, I cannot-"

"No, no. It has nothing to do with the essay. I'm- I'm here to-" I swallowed hard. I fought the sudden urge to run like a chicken. "I have information," I said looking pointedly into her tiny brown eyes.

Her eyes widened briefly, shining with malice as she offered me a broad smile and pulled me into her office. The overwhelmingly tacky decorations were an insult to anyone with the slightest sense of style, but I couldn't focus much on that because the minute I sat in the chair in front of Umbridge's desk, she started firing questions my way.

"What do you know, girl? You can tell me, I won't tell a soul," she said, winking at me.

I pursed my lips at being called "girl". Not taking into account the fact that I've been her student for months now, she could have chosen another word, instead of the one that makes my skin crawl. "My name is Marietta Edgecombe," I said curtly.

"Oh, yes, yes. Of course! Rosemary Edgecombe's daughter," Umbridge said with a smile that showed too many teeth to make it believable. "So, Marietta, tell me, what do you know?"

"Well... there are some... students that have a study group... sort of."

Umbridge's eyes narrowed and I wondered if I would be punished or praised for actually knowing this. "Continue," she said as her eyes flickered quickly from me to an empty portrait.

Where would the other one be? At the Ministry? Yeah, most probably.

"They've been having weekly meetings for months now. In- in...not in a classroom."

"Not in a classroom?"

I nodded. Should I tell her where exactly?

"Where exactly?"

"It's...ermm...in a room that is not always there. It- it comes and goes," I said. Maybe it was best not to spill it all out, just give the woman a hint and let her sort this out by herself...

"Comes and goes... The Room of Requirement?" Umbridge grinned like a kid who had just been told Christmas had come early.

I closed my eyes briefly and quickly said, "Yes."

Umbridge's expression was frightening. Her fat fingers were clutching at the ends of her desk as she leaned forward.

"Who are 'they'?" she asked really slowly, almost savouring the words, and I fidgeted in my seat as I thought of Cho. Maybe Umbridge would make an exception for the informer and her friend considering how juicy my secret is. It was known that Umbridge loathed Potter...almost as much as I did. I was sure I could avoid any punishment for myself and Cho if I asked her nicely.

I opened my mouth to start listing the names of DA members, one by one, when the old clock placed in the right corner of her office chimed loudly. I looked at it and caught my reflection in an antique mirror that was almost unnoticed by the hedious decor of the room. And that was the first time I saw them. Huge pimples started growing across my face at an alarming speed. I shrieked loudly and got up from my seat, running closer to the mirror. My eyes widened as the disgusting pimples formed the word "SNEAK" across my face.

Breathing heavily, I couldn't hold back the tears. The horrible things seemed like they were about to burst but they didn't. They just stayed there, marking my face and making me look like a monster. In the back of my mind, I could hear Umbridge's high-pitched voice asking more questions and trying to make me tell her who those students were.

My head was spinning and my vision suddenly got blurry. Was I going to die? I really wouldn't mind that very much. Better that than being seen with these horrible things in public. And suddenly, it all went blank. The next thing I remembered was Umbridge casting spells on my face and some Slytherins laughing at me from the corner of Umbridge's office. Like my looks weren't punishment enough...