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Author's Note: For prompt 96, Youtube, for the 100 word challenge by HoLlIwOoDbOuNd13.

I haven't done very good humor fics, but I think this is actually one of my best! :)



To understand this, routine, you must think of one of the most distracting things of all.

Youtube videos.

Chad was someone who simply... got distracted. So these hilarious and addicting videos didn't really help him and his short-term memory. And it especially didn't help his relationship with Sonny.

Damn youtube and their distracting videos. Damn them all to video hell.


"Sonny," Chad begged on the phone, "Please listen, I just got distracted. I'm coming to pick you up."

Sonny huffed, "Well Chad, this isn't the first time that you've been late. I can't keep letting you be late."

"Please Sonny?"

He could hear her smile through the phone, "Fine. But this is the LAST time."

"Thanks babe. I'm coming inside now."


"Chad! Where the hell are you?"

"Look babe, I was just talking with my manager, please, I'll come and pick you up and we'll go to the movies."

"No Chad. I always let you get away with it! I'm sick of skipping pizza night!" She hangs up.


"Sonny, please, I just need to see you."

She sighed, "Fine Chad."

He grinned, "Good, can you come to my dressing room at 7? We can go to dinner from there."

"Okay Chad, see you later."

He grins as he hangs up.


"Sonny? Where the hell are you?"

"Look Chad... I... I just got really distracted."

Chad's eyes widened as he realized something.

"Sonny, are you watching Youtube?"

She stuttered, "H-How'd you know?"

He laughed as he said, "I'll pick you up babe."