So We Meet Again?

A SarahxEliot love story

Ok, so this is my first time writing fanfiction, so work with me! I fell in love with a silly small movie romance (yet again!) in Cheaper by the Dozen 2- Sarah and Eliot. What will happen when 6 years later, Sarah and Eliot meet again back at Lake Winnetka? Ages: Sarah-19 Eliot:20

I do not own Cheaper by the Dozen or any of the characters!

Sarah's POV

I was on my morning jog, once again. It helps me get away and clear my head to get ready for the crazy day that would be coming up.

About a week ago, my dad, trying to make everybody happy and all, had decided to rally up the family and go on a trip to Lake Winnetka. At first, it was hectic. See, our family has 12 kids and 1 dog. So we weren't surprised when we heard the first answers. There were a lot of, well; I've got this to do….. and No, I can't make it right now! But in the end, everyone knew this was important to Dad, so we all agreed to come.

I didn't remember a lot from the last trip to Lake Winnetka, except there was this whole Baker vs. Murtaugh thing going on with my dad and this other guy he knew from his childhood. It was always, I'm better than you are, my family's better, look what my kid can do! And other things like that. Plus, even though the timing was really bad, I got my first boyfriend. Timing wasn't the only thing bad, because he just wasn't any guy. He was Eliot Murtaugh. Or as my dad had called him; The Enemy's Son.

But Eliot and I really liked each other, and the big competition was split because my oldest sister, Nora, started having her baby in the middle of the final canoe race. We stuck through it for a couple of years, but after a while, we stopped emailing, then we stopped texting, and then we just stopped contacting each other all together.

I was older now, and more "girly" I guess you could put it. Sure, I still skated and hung out with the guys, but I didn't mind wearing a dress or even make up now and again.

I was almost to the Lake House when I bumped into another person.

"OUCH!" I gasped, as he hit me square in the chest. I wasn't looking, and I bet he wasn't either. My ipod clattered on the sidewalk and so did my earphones. I sighed and slowly bent down and tried to pick them up, only to find that there were already two tan, muscular hands scooping them up.

"I'm so sorry," he said. He was the one who hit me. As much as I wanted to yell at him, I couldn't. His voice was like honey and it sent butterflies through my stomach. I knew him from somewhere. But where?

"I should have been looking," he continued, his voice deep but chocolate sweet. "Here," he said, as he handed me my dropped items.

"Thanks," I said, and as soon as I did, a bit of red crept into my cheeks. Darn pale complexion!

I was too scared to look into his eyes, though this tiny voice in the back of my head kept urging me to. I was pretty sure he hadn't looked at me either. Just do it, idiot! Maybe you'll remember him!

It took all of my strength to lift my head and push the bangs out of my eyes. As soon as I did, the little voice had proved right.

I gasped, amazed at how much he had grown up. He had on a gray tank and black shorts, but those clothes didn't do him justice. He was darker than I remembered him, but he still had those chocolate, puppy dog brown eyes. His hair was jet black and sticking up randomly from the collision. He had gotten a lot of muscle, but I always knew he would have. He still had those slightly pink lips, and those soft, soft hands. I missed him.

When I gasped, he looked over at me. For a second, he was puzzled, but in a split that was gone. He smiled that same warm smile with his still pearly white teeth that I always loved.

He said my name at the same time I said his, and we both laughed, giving me butterflies again.

"Eliot Murtaugh," I said, letting his name roll of my tongue and through my lips. "I've missed you," I blurted out, before I could stop myself.

"Sarah Baker," he breathed, making me want to stop right there and throw myself on him. "I've missed you too."

And with that, he scooped me up into his strong arms and engulfed me into a warm hug. Oh, how I had missed him.

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