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Chapter 8- Spain Part One

It was like a scene from the middle ages. The aged and jagged cliff faces jutted from the sea, glowing formidably in the setting sun. The beach stretched eternally, for miles and miles, so empty it made me seem like I was the first person ever to step foot on it. Everything was so remote, so isolated, and I was having a hard time figuring out how the Host Club had picked something so out-of-the-way from their usual hustle and bustle, as well as their love of grandeur.

Perhaps it was the idea of the man whom I was currently avoiding like the plague. It seemed like his idea. He probably thought it was romantic and mysterious. And as usual, wherever they went I followed... for the most part.

Only at that precise moment in time, I was sitting huddled on the remote O Rostro beach in Cape Finisterre, Spain, watching the sun go down and trying to forget what had happened a few hours before. The beautiful blue Bay of Biscay lay flat as a disc in front of me, apart from the tiny breaking waves the came crashing into the shore. The tide was coming in, taunting me, telling me to go back and fix what had happened. I stubbornly denied the seas request.

'Well.' A voice came from behind me, causing me to leap out of my seating position with about as much grace as a startled kitten. 'I take it that went well.'

I didn't need to turn around to recognise the gentle sarcasm in my interrupters voice, so I stayed put.

The youngest Hitachiin twin sat next to me, I could feel his eyes on me but I didn't look back, continuing to hug my knees and bury the lower half of my face into my arms. I was fully aware that I was pretty much sulking, but I didn't want to do a thing about it. Kaoru's presence was already making the heat rush back to my face whilst I relieved the day's events.

'Wow, this has got to be the most childish I've ever seen you look.' He said after a brief silence. I bristled at that.

'And who are you to call me childish? Anyway I'm embarrassed, is there a law against being embarrassed?' I shot back.

'Hooray she speaks!' Kaoru replied and there was another moment of silence as I glared at him and turned back to look at the ocean once I thought enough about it. 'Seriously though, do you want to talk about it?'

'Not really.' I mumbled.

'You know Kyoya would tell me if I asked, considering he was there to witness it. But I decided to come here and ask you directly, considering I sorta feel responsible.' He goaded gently and I felt rather than saw him shrug sheepishly. I sighed.

'It's not your fault. You were just trying to give me the courage to do something I already knew I wanted to try.' I sighed again, rubbing my temples. 'Though I don't know why I bothered, I clearly don't have a romantic bone in my body.' I buried my head in my arms with a groan of frustration. I'd never tried my hardest at something and yet failed so miserably, normally I succeeded in things I put my all into- but this...this was completely new to me.

It all started about an hour before we were due to leave France. I'd slowly been coming to the conclusion that Tamaki and I were so different when it came to matters of romance that he'd probably get fed up if I didn't do something on roughly the same level. I needed to do something to show that I appreciated the things he did for me, even if I didn't necessarily like all of them (some of his more over the top plans came to mind).

That was when Kaoru caught me at an internet cafe researching how to be more romantic on the internet. After he'd picked himself off the floor from laughing so hard, and nursing a bruise from where I hit him with my carry-on bag, he'd actually encouraged me to stop approaching it in my usual studious way. Instead he explained rather astutely that I had to think about who Tamaki is as a person, if I wanted to do something to make him happy. So after hours and hours of painful deliberation I'd finally decided on what to do.

How was I to know that I would fail so utterly and completely?

'That's not true; your version of romance is just different.' Kaoru replied and I could tell he was rolling his eyes. I huffed. 'Haruhi I never thought you were someone that needed things spelt out for you, you're lucky you got the more patient twin with you right now. Hikaru would be calling you a dumbass.'

'I am NOT a dumbass.' I cried getting more and more irritated as the conversation continued.

'No you're not, but you are acting like one.' He reasoned fairly. I huffed. 'Seriously though, you may not realise it, but when you don't think about it so hard, you can be romantic. Like remember the time you went back to how you looked before you met us? So that it would be easier for Tamaki to put us to one side and deal with his family problems? You may not realise it but that was romantic. If you've told our guests about that, they would've been totally moe.'

For the first time, I stretched out of my huddled position. I looked over at his face to see if I could detect the usual mischievous glint in his eyes when he was teasing me. But there was nothing to be found.

'I never thought about it like that.' I stated with a surprise tone.

'That's my point. You really get in your head too much Haruhi, stop thinking so much and just do what you think. After all, he knows you; he's already fallen in love with you. If you want to do more romantic things just do them in a way you'd feel comfortable, in a way that's more you. And stop being so neurotic.'

'I'm not being neurotic, I'm just...I mean I was just worried. But, you've made me feel a little bit better. I guess I was being a little stupid.'

'Well look who you have for a boyfriend. The idiotness must be infectious.' Kaoru replied chuckling at that. I rolled my eyes.

'You're one to talk, idiotness isn't even a real word.'

'Blah blah blah, so come on- I've cheered you up, tell me what happened! If you don't I'll just ask Kyoya.' Kaoru replied with a wave of his and I came to the conclusion that the younger Hitachiin twin is very much a gossip monger.

'Ugh fine, fine I'll tell you. But afterwards will you leave me alone? I just want to forget it ever happened ok?' I conceded with a massive sigh that rivalled my earlier ones.

'Fine I promise, just tell me, is it really that bad?'

'You could sound less eager.' I rolled my eyes. 'But, in my opinion, yes it is that bad.' I took a deep breath and began to prepare for the onslaught of laughter. 'Well my idea to do something romantic and spontaneous for Tamaki was to... to get dressed up and go for a stroll on the beach at sunset. I know that's something he always wanted to do with me, so that's what I decided.'

'Ah.' Kaoru nodded. 'So that explains the makeup and the dress. You're getting better at that by the way. I'm so proud of you; you could actually pass for a girl nowadays.'

I stared at him for five seconds before getting up. The wind picked up the skirts of my rose-white coloured dress and I pressed it down with a casual flip of my hands.

'Right. I'm leaving.' I replied and began walking away.

'Wait Haruhi I'm sorry! That was insensitive, come on tell me what happened after you got all dressed up!'

'No you know what? Go ask Kyoya.' I shot back turning my head away with a stubborn tilt. 'I don't care anymore I-'

I stopped mid-sentence as I turned around and came face to face with the very source of my embarrassment. He stood before me, panting slightly as if he'd run right from the hotel to where I was, his white shirt was un-tucked and the bottom few buttons were undone, his collar was ruffled- his hair was a mess and there were still a few tiny specks of blood around his nose, although they were now dry. Despite the last part, it felt like I was choking on my own heart and an involuntary shiver went up my spine. Apart from when he was sick, I'd never seen him look so unkempt and the effect on me was strange and new and- well- kinda exhilarating. A jumble of emotions really, but all of them good. He was normally so well dressed, so elegant, that seeing him look all flustered was kind of fun and thrilling. I wanted to see that look more often, I wanted to be the cause of him having that look (woah where is this coming from, since when do I think like this?)

Somewhere in my peripheral vision, I noticed Kaoru sneaking off with a wide grin on his face. As he passed us by however, he turned around and called out,

'You know you're both perfect for each other, as you're both completely scarily smart, and yet terrifyingly dense at the same time!' And with that he headed back to the hotel, with a flick of his wrist in salute.

At that time, neither of us heard him.

'How's your head?' I asked, eventually breaking the silence. I had gestured for him to sit by me in my previous sulking spot.

'Oh, that? Yeah it's- it's fine.' He replied reaching up to the back of the aforementioned sore spot.

'Good, but here you still have a bit of blood on your nose' I replied reaching up with a handkerchief and wiping away the last tiny remnants of his earlier nose bleed. He blushed as my fingers brushed against his cheek and I felt a flutter in my chest. It was odd, having the ability to make someone feel the exact same way they make you feel. It gives you a weird sense of power- but not in an egotistical way, it's like it's a gift that you have to protect and not squander or take advantage of. It makes you feel- for lack of a less cheesy word- special.

Ugh this whole love stuff makes me think the most ridiculous things...
Just as I was off on another of my mental tangents, Tamaki took the hand I was using to wipe his face and gently caressed it. The sun was starting to really set now, and it made his eyes a deeper shade of purple. It was here that I felt the need I had to speak up.

'I'm sorry.' The both of us said at the same time.

'For what?' Again- both of us.

'For earlier.' I groaned as we once again copied each other at the exact same time, but Tamaki began to laugh, his laugh that he saved just for me, the one where he completely shakes from head to toe in mirth- and throws his head back as he chuckles. I poked his side.

'Seriously, you don't have to apologize, I'm the one that showed up at your door dressed like an idiot and wanting to do some stupid spontaneous sunset walk.' I replied cringing at the memory.

'Hey! That's my girlfriend you're talking about, you look beautiful, and that sunset idea was amazing, I ruined it by passing out with a nosebleed!' He replied blushing again. The memory of the whole scene flashed in front of me, Tamaki's face frozen in shock, Kyoya's eyebrow raised in mild interest, before he just fell backwards like a plank of wood- blood spurting out of his nose on the way down, me running the hell away from the scene of my crime.
'I can't believe Kyoya saw it, and had to wake you up.' I replied burying my face in my hands. 'That's blackmail material for life- and just when I became debt free of the Host Club too.'
'If anything he'd blackmail me, what kind of a man passes out by their girlfriend making a romantic proposition?' Tamaki sulked, looking on the verge of setting up a mushroom-growing station.

'The kind of man who has a girlfriend that's so incompetent with this whole love stuff that she's kind of...freaked out that her boyfriend is gonna get bored of her, or fed up with her, because I'm...I'm not...well, I'm not' I hated how vulnerable I suddenly sounded 'well, good enough.'

And suddenly a blanket of silence swooped over the fire of our conversation, making it go ka-put. The wind picked up, the sea continued to heave- in and out- a random seagull cawed. I half expected crickets and tumbleweed to join the scenario. It took me about 0.00001 seconds to realise I'd opened my big fat stupid mouth and now he was just staring out to sea with a frown on his face. I sighed, hating my vulnerability.

After what felt like an eternity, Tamaki began to speak.

'You know it's ok to talk to me if you're worried about things like this, it's ok to open up to me, I'm not going to bite or think you're stupid- although what you just said is probably the stupidest thing I've ever hear you say- but that doesn't make you stupid.'

I scrunched my nose up, not really knowing how to feel about his calm voice or what he meant when he said that, so I let him continue. Suddenly he turned and looked at me, in that sharp way he did sometimes that always caught me off guard and made my stomach twist in knots.

'Haruhi I want you to promise me you'll never think that I'll get bored of you, EVER. Or fed up. I'm sure we'll have disagreement sometimes, but on the soap operas I watch- couples that make up after are fight are even more in love than before, so I don't really care about that, as long as we talk to each other, as long as we don't keep things bottled up. I love you Haruhi, and that won't ever change, no matter what you do. I just want you to say what you feel, and do what you want to do. If you want to walk on the beach with me at sunset than we can, if you think it's too cheesy then we can just do something else. Truth is I was getting a bit worried that you'd get fed up with me and my love of big grand gestures, but I've been trying to tone it down, as you've seen.'

'You don't have to do that.' I said as I rested my head on his shoulder, and I instantly felt him relax against me. Although I'd probably live to regret those words, I went on 'I want you to be yourself and much as you want me to be myself. Yeah ok sometimes you can go over the top, and sometimes I can be a bit too down to earth, but those are part of the reasons why we fell in love with each other right? Opposites attract and all that.'

'Yeah, opposites attract.' He agreed and I could feel, and hear, rather than see him smile- as he turned and kissed the top of my head.

'But I will make more of an effort to talk to you if anything bothers me. Ok?'
'Good, although I don't know about you, but I'm done with the talking portion of the evening.' He said in that cheeky tone of voice he gets when he's half teasing me and half serious. He leaned over and tilted my chin up to kiss me- just as the last ray of light sunk below the horizon.

Funnily enough, I agreed with him.

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