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"Thank you." Akana said looking at Alex as they walked out of the doctor's office. "I'm getting tired of them asking me why I keep coming alone and where is the baby's father." She added.

"Not a problem Aka, I'll buy lunch my treat." Alex said as they got into the camaro.

Akana looked at the photo she was holding and rubbing her stomach gently that was nice a small beach ball.

"If I ever have a kid I hope I'm like you." Alex said causing Akana to break away from her day dream. "The perfect round stomach no swollen feet no anything. Minus the weird cravings you get." She added.

Akana laughed at the comment her sister made and just shook her head as she looked out the driver side window.

"I know it's a touchy subject Akana, but have you heard from Sam?" Alex asked as she pulled to a stop at a red light.

"I haven't heard from Sam in almost six months." Akana said turning her head and looking at her. "Every day I'm left wondering if I will speak to him again." She added.

Alex bit her bottom lip on the inside as she turned at the redlight and looked in the rear view mirror then quickly turned around causing Akana to look quickly.

"What?" asked Akana looking at her.

"Nothing, I thought that I never mind." Alex said as she returned her attention back to the road in front of her.

"Oh ok then." Akana said nodding her head as she watched as Alex pulled into a parking lot of a local diner in town.

Alex got out and looked around quickly as Akana watched her sister with a curious eye.

"Mind telling me what you are looking for?" asked Akana as she closed the door.

"Nothing." Alex said as she closed the door to the driver side.

Akana just nodded at her as they walked into the diner and smiled brightly at the waitress.

"Hey Girls, how is the lovely bundle of joys?"

"They are doing great Chelsea." Akana said with a grin. "Both very active and just very hungry." She added.

The older waitress smiled at the twins and laughed.

"So that means you want a hamburger with no mustard with extra pickles with some fries and a big tall glass of sweet tea?" Chelsea asked with a grin as Akana nodded. "Alright, what about you Alex? Want the normal for you? The hamburger with everything minus tomato with fries and a large glass of cherry lemon sundrop?" She added.

Alex just stared out the window causing Chelsea to look at Akana with a raised eye brow.

"She has been super busy at work no time to rest." Akana said with a smile. "But yea she'll have that normal stuff for her." Shea dded.

Chelsea nodded at her as she walked with the orders, Akana kicked her sister in the leg causing her to let out a small yelp.

"What in the hell is your problem Alex?" Akana asked looking at her sister. "Since we turned at that stop light you've been acting weird, what's up?" She added.

"It's nothing, well I think it was nothing." Alex said looking at her sister. "I could have swore that I saw the Impala." She added.

Akana raised an eye brow and looked at her sister with a raised eye brow.

"Really? Alex, they don't even know where the hell we are." Akana replied shaking her head. "They left us at Bobby's house. We threw a dart at the map and when it was here we are. We are in a small ass town in North Carolina I highly doubt they will find us here." She added.

"Well you never know, I mean they could be here." Alex said looking at her.

Akana went to say something but stopped when Chelsea returned with their drinks. She gave them a small smile.

"Thanks Chelsea, sorry about earlier I was just thinking about something." Alex said nodding at her.

"Not a problem dear, just remember if you need anything you just yell my name." Chelsea said nodding at her.

Both girls smiled and nodded as she walked off leaving them sitting there in silence.

"Look, I'm the one who is pregnant shouldn't I be the one who sees them?" Akana asked taking a sip of her tea. "I'm the one who is carrying the spawn of a Winchester." She added.

Alex let out a small laugh as she took sip of her drink.

"Look, let's just forget about it ok?" Alex said putting her cup down on the table. "Let's just pretend that I never did anything or think I saw something." She added.

"It won't go away Alex." Akana said looking at her. "Just like the memories won't go away either." Shea dded.

Alex quickly shot a glare at her younger sister before stopping her self from saying as Chelsea returned with their orders.

"Need anything else?" Chelsea asked as she put the ketchup bottle on the table.

"This is it." Akana replied with a smile.

Chelsea walked off leaving the sisters alone once more as Akana quickly put a fry in her mouth. Alex just stared at her sister.

"I told you I didn't want that brought up again Aka." Alex said just staring at her.

"Well Alexandra if you would speak about them maybe they would disappear and you won't have to think about them." Akana said taking a small bite of the burger.

Alex just shook her head at her sister as she watched her eat.

"It isn't that simple." Alex said looking at her. "You don't know what it's like to be the one who remembers or sees what happens Akana. I'm having to watch something over and over in my head. It will never disappear. There aren't words that I can tell you to make you see or know what I see." She added.

"I am sorry but Alex, I am your sister." Akana said looking at her once more. "You need to talk to somebody." She added.

Alex swallowed the food in her mouth and looked at her sister.

"How in the hell can I talk to somebody when in my head I'm seeing Dean being tortured?" Alex said looking at her sister who stopped moving. "You see Aka, I'm the one who has to deal with the fact that I dont know if they are memories when I was Jezebeth and I did it or I am seeing something that is going on now or went on. I don't know what to do or say about these damn memories or thoughts Akana." She added.

Akana put her food down back on it's plate and looked at her sister with a blank expression on her face.

"What would you do Alex if I told you that since I found out I was pregnant with the twins I have been seeing things about Sam?" Akana said looking at Alex who was now watching her closely. "I've been getting like flashes of light or what ever and then I see Sam on the ground. It is always the same thing. Dean standing over him crying. It's like I'm there and I can't stop it." She added.

Alex looked down at her plate of food then looked up at her sister.

"Hey Chelsea, can we get two boxes to go along with some cups please?" Alex asked as Chelsea just nodded at her.

Akana took a sip of her drink as she looked at her with a raised eye brow.

"What are you doing?" Akana asked putting a fry in her mouth.

"Well my darling sister, since you are having your little visions and I'm having mine I believe it's time that we pay a visit to Bobby to see if we can make sense with what is going on." Alex said with a little smile. "We are going on a road trip." She added as Chelsea put the take out boxes on the table.

Akana smiled brightly at her sister as she put the remains of her food in the box. Alex paid for the meals as Akana waited by the door.

"We are going to go home and pack we will leave tonight." Alex said looking at Akana who just stared at her. "Don't worry I'll call Brittany and explain something. Maybe a family issue we have to deal with. Something I dont know but I will make sure it's taken care of." She added.

Right as Akana went to say something she mouth just fell open as she stared past Alex who was staring at her. Alex turned around quickly only to lose her balance just as she saw what was behind her.